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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Kio University Gakuensai (24 Oct, Pt 3)

Been busy submitting my abstract online for an annual meeting in US next year. Finally done. But will do double final check next week before the date line. Now I need to pray hard everyday for the abstract to be accepted. It will mean a lot to me. "Kamisama, onegaishimasu~"

Ok, I need a rest now. Time to finish my final post on Kio Gakuensai. :P

Yesterday was a great list of yatai foods. And today, will be a shorter post about ochakai (tea ceremony) only.

Hee... as u can see, the ochakai this time was not in normal chashitsu (tearoom). Here is a post about Ochakai by Pinkcocoa, she explained nicely bout things in ochakai. Fish Fish not good in that, will just bluff bout her 'unique' ochakai this time.

Yap, we were having ochakai beside a staircase in the school building. Hee... big red umbrellas were used as a roof. With benches covered with red clothes. And in front, was a complete lay out of a simple interior decoration (calligraphy writing and flowers in vase) beside a tea making demonstration.

2 gals in kimono were sitting there demonstrating how to make an ushucha (thin tea). The others were preparating these ushucha inside the covered space. Hee... they were quite shy knowing that I was taking there pics. Sweet smiles.

Each of us hv to pay 300yen for the tea and dessert. But it was a reasonable price. Cheap actually for a tea ceremony. Ok, this was actually the 1st time fish fish pay for a tea ceremony (coupon sponsored by Mori sensei, so actually I'm not paying anything). All these while, the tea ceremonies I've attended all for free. Yah, I know I am counted very lucky indeed.

The teacher of the ochakai taught us how to make a tea when Mori sensei told her 2 of us r foreigners. Ok, in fact, inside there, I'm the only naive of Ochakai (not counted Daichan n Kaochan). The others all learning tea ceremony or hv known ochakai to a certain level. Even Wang Hao has been learning ochakai every weekend. Dun know if she is still continuing.

Anyway, to make a good tea (meaning with good fine bubbles), u hv to do 3 stages. Brisk and powerful shake from the bottom of the tea, medium shake in the middle, and slowly u come to the top part of the well-foamed tea, then finally the tea making ended with a 'no'(の) turning. Hmm... interesting. Yah, if I hv time, I might go to learn tea ceremony, but I dun think I am a good student in tat. :P

See the bamboo brush? The normal one costs 1000yen one. This was how a well done ushucha looked. The dessert this time was great. It is not really based on autumn season for the decoration. Usually, I dun like red bean, but today one was nice. Not too sweet... :) Wat I like the most was a lump of smooth white bean paste covered inside the soft red bean grain. Hmm... a taste of Japan.

The sweet flavour of the dessert really enhanced the nice green tea flavour. Not even felt the bitterness of tea. Nice nice.

Best thing was, I dun hv to do a sit straight as everytime I had to do for an ochakai. :P

This was how the bottom of my bowl looked like. With chrysanthemum motives inside.

It is frequently a practice after one finishes the tea, will try to appreciate the art and shape of the tea bowl.

Outside the bowl oso using chrysanthemum motives. Yap, chrysanthemum is a seasonal flower in autumn. Always u see restaurants like to use red leaves, chrysanthemum or ginkgo leaves for representing 'autumn'.

Heee... it was not a formal ochakai. But I enjoyed it.

Really thanks to Mori sensei for his kind invitation to the Gakuensai. I really enjoyed myself a lot. And yes, I am looking forward to joining it again next year if possible. :P

Ok, next post, new topic. ;) Nani kana~ (Wat will it be?)


At 7:29 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

Interesting ar! Lucky ff. Wish I was there too. hmm. Maybe I should start considering about monving to Japan...:"p

At 6:03 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Pinkcocoa: Hey, if u r really goin to move to Japan, make sure u move into Kansai area. Easy for the 2 chocoholics to hunt for choco in choco wonderland. :P


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