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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Miss World 2004

Ok, it's omost 3am in the morning. And I'm still in the lab. Wat am I doing? Just finish my research work. Atama omoi (head heavy). But thinking of doing a short blogging first before I ciao.

Miss World 2004 grand final goin to be on 4th Dec (hee... on my bd ler :P). Got this info from kimberlycun's blog. And they are having online voting for the contestants.

I myself voted Miss Malaysia.

2 reasons:

1. She is from Malaysia.

2. Gloria Ting from Sibu. Exactly the same name n hometown as my little cousin Gloria Ting from Sibu. Only tat one is 23. Another only 15. ;)

Gloria! Jie Jie voted for ur name wor. :P Heee...

Hey everyone, come on, give a support to her then. :) Oh, btw, her 1st pic looks a bit like one of my favorite Japanese singer Shimatani Hitomi.

Ok, tata nite nite. (Should be tata morning...)


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