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Sunday, November 28, 2004

No Pain~ No Gain~ (Pt 2)

Minasan omataseshimashita. (Sorry for making u all waiting) :) Went to Kobe for a Raya Celebration. Fish Fish was in formal wear. :P

Ok, here is my part 2 No Pain~ No Gain~.

The Diet

The nite before I started my diet the next day, I recalled back all the humiliations I got, just because I was 'fat'.

When I just went to junior high, where I needed to go back to my primary school for getting a prize for my UPSR good result, a primary school teacher who did not teach me, said something very hurt to me.

"Ah~ I am waiting to see in another 10 years time, u walk like a big kingkong (which means a HUGE GORILLA, with both of ur hands can't even put down perfectly." He even acted like a kingkong when he said that. People around were laughing. I never forgot what he had said. And yes, I dun think that was wat something a teacher supposed to say to a student. I just smiled to him tat time. But deeply inside, I was crying very very hard. Even the next day, I woke up at 5am, just to get myself to do rope jumping, hoping that the jump will magically get rid of all the extra fat in my body. And yes, of course I didn't make it. How I hated myself that time. Very very much.

Ok, from time to time, I got this kind of humiliation. Actually, a lot of people around were saying that I was just overweight, not as huge as some people have quoted. But, keep getting this kind of insulting, definitely making the scar deep inside me bigger and bigger.

It was when I felt the most hurt when the person I was deeply in love saying to me... "I dun want such a fat galfren". And yes, I guess some of u will know how I really felt that time. I wish I die that moment, dun even see the meaning of me coming to this world. (But recalling back now, surprise that I can laugh about my silliness that time.) Ahhh... past, forget bout it.

And yes my battles in getting big and small like a balloon has been continuing for years. I am really greatful now, that now I finally find a suitable way for myself to lose down my weight. And fish fish now slowly gaining her confidence day by day, innerly, towards the meaning of life. I am now realising how much things I can do in this world. Too many things... and yes, I am happy with my grown up these 2 years. Indeed, my terrible pasts have gave me the strength to become wat I will be tomorrow. And now I wish to share my own experience with all of u.

I decided to start my diet based of a modification of Atkins Diet and Biometrics Diet Plan by Konami Sports. Yes, this time, fish fish do her dieting plan based on a more scientific way. A more practical and able to be long running method to suit herself. I was very grateful to Wang Hao, she has made a copy of her own research on dietings thru internet to me. That was indeed a very helpful info for me. And for sport, I was very grateful for able to know about Saraie Duke and his Dukeswalk. And yes, I 'stole' some of his steps to apply into my dieting programme. :P

Ok, I am goin to do a details bout how I combine these all into fish fish's diet. ;)

First... the 5 ELEMENTS in fish fish's diet.


An imbalance in any of these elements will destroy the whole plan. I will elaborate each of this element clearly here. Today, I will only talk on FOOD.


There is one old saying 'You are what you eat!'. It took a long time for Rome to form. It takes a long time as well for a body to become gigantic. Taiwan version of National Geographic in August 2004, made a special issue bout "Why do we become fatter and fatter? Obesity : A new global epidemic illness."

It pointed out, human's biggest reason for the obesity is because of excessive eating. A much more excessive eating habit. For example, in the USA, in 1954, a normal hamburger was only 79gm with 202kCal. But, today, 122gm hamburger with 310kCal is counted as normal size.

McDonald's French Fries becomes a triple fold size up compare to 50 years ago. One pack of french fries only can give you 610kCal! What is the most ridiculous size up is pop-corn in the cineplex. One had a 3 cups size popcorn in 1950 with 174kCal. But today, a 21-cup popcorn with butter is wat people usually consume when u r happily watching ur movie, and without realising it, in 2 hours time, u grab and munch all the popcorn. Wat a satisfaction! But wait... that will provide u with 1700kCal. Enough for a 1-day calories needed for an adult young lady!

Ok, I am not trying to scare you all off with these facts. Neither do I'm telling u to put ur hands off for these favorite foods of urs from now. You still can enjoy all these foods, if you know the limit.

First, try to count your Body Mass Index (BMI). Here is a BMI calculator, either in English or Metric calculation. U can refer to this BMI chart to get a reference regarding ur BMI. A BMI don't really represent ur body condition. Other factors including Body Frame Size and Body Fat Percentage have to be take into account too.

Ok, so, after calculation? Do you have a clearer view of ur body size? I hope u do. :)

Well, I am a vegatarian, as I hv always stated. And yes, for a vegetarian to have a diet programme is more challenging, cause I hv to consider very carefully bout my nutritions intact is in good balance. I dun want to get osteoporosis or other illnesses becoz of a bad diet practice. Neither do I want my skin to become rough or looks old because my body can't get the essential nutritions it wants.

So, I made a rainbow food concept in my dieting meals. Yes, the more colours ur meal is, the better. Why? Cause every food colour is rich in different nutrition that ur body needs. If u r not sure wat food will provide u with wat kind of nutritions, rainbow foods will be a perfect practice. U won't go wrong with that. But remember, with the right amount. Not over, not too little.

As I hv mentioned earlier, I deleted carbohydrates from my diet menu, according to Atkins Diet. Which I praticed for omost 3 months before I consume back carbohydrates as usual. When I mention carbohydrate, it includes all kinds of sugars and polysaccharides. Yes, I did try to avoid as much carbohydrates as possible for the first 3 months. Ok, here are a few foods that I have been regularly consumed for my dieting programme. I try to have red, yellow, green, white and black into my meals owez. Here is an example of my rich breakfast.

Red: I group red, orange and purple foods into my red food. They are tomato, carrot, red capsicum, chili and eggplant. I consume a lot of red fruits such as ruby grapes, strawberry, citrus fruits and plums too. I didn't take pumpkin or other starchy red food as they are very rich in carborhydrate. For meat eater, meat is red food.

Yellow: Soybean has been a very important yellow food in my dieting menu. Not much to the soybean itself, but more to the soybean products. Beans are great foods, very colorful as well. The most regular soybean food that I hv been eating is natto. What is natto? It is a very authentic healthy fermented bean product of Japan. I didn't like it at first. But now, I love~ it. I even eat natto as spread for bread. I even love~ natto more and more now when I know bout how this great food can make a magic to me. The supermarket near me usually sell 3 for 70-80yen, which is awfully cheap. :P Ok, Malaysia is not easy to get natto. I think tempeh would be a great substitution. But, usually for tempeh, it is prepared in a deep fried way, the tempeh itself is good, but deep frying is a big no no. So, I would strongly recommend a different healthy way in preparing tempeh. I am not familiar with tempeh, therefore I can't recommend any good way in preparing tempeh. But I link a site for Tempeh recipes here. :) Another great point for natto is the preparation. Fast and easy. Which is very essential for a lazy fish. :P

The next yellow food that I want to introduce here is miso (味噌). It is one of the most important ingredient in Japanese culture. It has been a practice for me to have a bowl of miso soup for my breakfast. Here is a link for a few recipes by using miso, besides miso soup.

Green: It will be all types of green vegetables. From leafy types to tuber types. Such as cucumber, broccoli, spinach etc... Plus different types of mushroom. Another great diet food that I wish to mention here is konnyaku (蒟蒻). This jelly-like product that made from konnyaku yam, is a great source of fibre, with a very low content of calories. It fills up your stomach without making you worry bout the calories intake.

White: The normal white food is rice and products made from flour. These are the 2 things that I must avoid for my first 3 months diet. As a replacement, another great soybean product that I wouldn't miss is tofu. For my diet period, I didn't take deep fried tofu. Cause that would mean a lot more calories in it. So, usually I buy momen tofu (木綿豆腐)(cotton tofu or firm tofu). The reason why I like momen tofu is becoz it is higher in protein, fat and calcium comparing to soft and silken tofu. It is firm enough for me to smash the big cake of tofu into small pieces, and eat is as sushi with natto inside. Oso, I like to put tofu into my miso shiru (味噌汁)(miso soup). And another one is kouya tofu(高野豆腐). Kouya tofu is an ideal food for dieting. It has a rich content of soy saponin for increasing fat metabolism, high in mineral and dietary fibre. A very good source for amino acids.

Another favorite white food of mine... yogurt. Plain yogurt. Yogurt hv reasonable calories, with a great source of nutritions, especially for vegetarian like me. In fact, when u r extremely hungry and couldn't help to take food during ur dieting time, a small glass of sugarless yogurt will be very helpful. The yogurt actually helps to protect ur stomach wall. I usually make my own yogurt, Caspian Sea Yogurt. I got the seed from a fren. Her grandmather gave her. It has been a great interest bout this yogurt as it has been strongly related to longevity. I love Caspian Sea yogurt as it is very smooth and not as sour as usual yogurt. I am thinking of bringing back the seed to Kuching next time I go home, if u r interested to have it, please let me know then. U can oso get it online from here thru Fujicco.

Black: Final colour in food. Black... ok, that will be black sesame, seaweed and black vinegar. Black sesame, people believe it is a great thing for a healthy hair. In fact, my mum been telling me consume black sesame frequently can make ur hair shiny dark. Well, add a bit for flavoring will be great, it enhances the great taste of food. Seaweed, another big favorite of mine. Very low calories and high dietary fibre content. Wakame, konbu, hijiki, nori, are the most common seaweeds consume by me. And yes, I love sour thing. And black vinegar has been top on my list for vinegar. I add black vinegar frequently in my cooking. In fact, black vinegar has been a boom in Japan, as it is a great source for amino acids. One very simple recipe to make delicious vinegar drink. Healthy and refreshing, black vinegar with honey. Just mix 1 table spoon of black vinegar with 1 tablespoon of honey, melt in warm water. If u like to drink cold, can add some ice cube.

Ok, u hv know my rainbow food. Now it is time to tell u how do I eat. Eat slowly and bite throughly. If u r a fast eater, it is very important you try to change ur eating habit into eating slowly. This is because it takes some time for our brain to signal us that we are full. So, by biting the food many times before u swallowing it, can help to tell ur mind to remind u bout the food amount u have taken. In this way, you wouldn't tend to overeating. Usually, I bite 30 times for one portion of food I put into my mouth. 20 times biting per portion will be good enough actually. Biting the food throughly oso will help for ur food digestion.

Natto has been making me feel very energetic the whole day. I don't feel tired easily after a breakfast with natto. Caspian Sea yogurt is a great thing for avoiding constipation. Tofu give me a great filling up in my stomach. I personally love to add spicy sauce into my meal, in fact, that will help to increase ur metabolism. Try to flavour up ur foods with herbs and spices, this will help u to cut down ur salt intake as well. And of course, a big bowl of salad with green, yellow, red and orange definitely increase your appetite. And after a rich breakfast, if u feel like having something sweet, a small piece of chocolate is perfectly fine. In fact, I never skip a sweet choco dessert after my breakfast. This small piece of choco actually helped me to keep goin on for my carbohydrate less diet for 3 months. I think I released my dieting stress a lot from it. And in case u dun know, biting a chocolate, has a same effect in having a great kiss! ;) Heee... feel like having chocolate now? Wait till the day turns bright ok? That is the first challenge for a good start in diet. :P

Ok, a very long post for FOOD. Tomorrow I am goin to talk about WATER and SPORT.

Tata. ;)


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great advice girl, i'm printing this out! *hugs*

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*hugs* thanks dear. :)


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