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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

No Pain~ No Gain~ (Pt 3)

The Drinking and Moving

Yesterday was freaky cold, though in the morning weather forecast said it will be a nice day. Blah! No chun one (not correct at all). Today better, but still grrr... Heee... just a small trivia here I knew yesterday... the average age of Bae Yong June's fan in Japan is 46.5! Ai yar~ can't imagine the scene how these ladies are chasing Bae Youg June. Careful ladies...

Ok, continue to my WATER and SPORT parts today.


My best recommendation for dieting drink is water. Just normal drinking water. The cheapest and easiest to get drink. In fact, water diet has been a really important point for the success in my dieting. Here is one good site telling you bout why do u need to drink a lot of water. For a normal situation, it is advised one has to drink at least 2 litres or 0.5 gallons or 8 big glasses of water (each glass 250ml) each day. U can convert the units to the one u r familiar here. In fact, one of the practice for some of the supermodels are they can drink up to 8 litres of water in a day!

As for fish fish, 2 litres too few and 8 litres too much. Usually I drink 3~4 litres of water for a normal day. But in a heavy working day, which means I do a lot of movement and sports, I will consume up to more than 6 litres of water. This is not included my other fluid supplements thru my food intakes and other form of drinks. Yah~ u can say I am a 'water pail'. Heee... tat's wat my frens call me. I can drink whole bottle of 1 litre drinking water in one go. I dun know why, I guess my body has just so getting use in asking for water.

Heee... let me tell u in details how do I drink water and other fluids for 1 day usually.

In a hot summer day, I wake up and gulp 2 glasses of pipe water (Pipe water in my area is safe to drink. If ur area water hygiene is not convincing, make sure u boil it before u drink). Then, I boil water to get a glass of luke warm water, and add a tablespoon of honey into it, to make myself a glass of warm honey drink. Ok, some of u might be asking, "Fish Fish, didn't u say no sugars for dieting?" Yap, i did say. But this is something different. In fact, a glass of honey drink is an essential thing for me in the morning. Why? Well, u see, after ur body didn't take any sugar or carbohydrate from evening till morning, that is a long hour where ur body are very lack of sugar. Sugar is the only form where u brain can get the nutrient. So, honey, not only a great form of quick sugar supply, in fact honey is oso a great substance for beauty caring. ;) Now using luke warm water is good. Honey is not easy to dissolve in normal cool water, but melt easily in luke warm water. But do not melt honey in boiling water! The high temperature will destroy the nutrition value in honey. Must remember this. Ok, so before my breakfast, I have had 750ml of water.

During breakfast, I usually drink a bowl of miso soup. That give me 250ml of fluid. After breakfast, I drink 2 more glasses of water. 500ml. Then I cycle to school. I am an easily sweat type person. So, even a 15min cycling can make me loss quite an amount of water. So usually the first thing when I reach my lab, I drink another 300ml of water. During lunch, I oso will have another bowl of soup with after lunch water. This provides me 500ml of water. We usually walk for 5 min to the canteen to take our lunch, including climbing 5 levels of staircase instead of using lift. This short moving time give me some calories down. ;) From after lunch till evening time, I usually consume 1 glass of water per hr at least. So, I consume at least 1.2 L of water. Then I will off to my dinner, and yes, that will be another 700mL of fluid intake by soup and water.

1-2hr after my dinner, I usually take 1.5h to 2h to do sport. The sport part I will explain more later. During my sport time, I can consume 1~2 litres of water. Depending how much water hv lost from my body. I feel thirsty easily. So whenever I feel thirsty, I will drink water. I end up my whole day with another 2 glasses of water, with 1-2 multi vitamins tablets, though there has been saying that it is not healthy to drink too much water at nite. :P The multi vitamins tablets are very important for me, as during dieting plan, I might not gaining essential vitamins that I need for my body.

So, from my explanation above, u can see I easily consume 6-7 litres of water in a heavy workout day, and 4-5 litres of water in a normal summer day. In winter, my water consumption tend to be lesser, usually 3-4 litres if without a workout day. In cold season, I replace cool water with warm water. Fish fish don't like to drink water with ice. It has been a practice for me many years. I guess that is one of the reason why even in a heavy MC day, I can do my work and sport as usual. Usually in restaurant, I like to order water without ice. Heee... the most troublesome thing for me is when taking a flight. I was so tired in keep asking for water. Hmm... maybe next time I should just ask them give me the big bottle. :P

"So, we can't take other types of drink?", some of u might be asking. Nope, of course u can take other drink. Milk will be a good one. But I usually take non-fat milk with high calcium. As u see I am a vegetarian, so sources of calcium and iron are very important to me. Instead, as a substitution for my honey water, I replace it with warm honey milk. Yummy!! I only took the honey drinks in morning time. Sometimes, I do take a bit of sugar or carborhydrate in the noon when I am craving for one during my 1st 3 months dieting. However, I reject all kind of sugars and carbohydrates after 5pm. This is becoz the body metabolism starting to get much slower when evening comes, and if u take the same amount of calories as breakfast or lunch and without any workout, they r goin to end up in ur fat storage.

Fruit juice is not a good thing for dieting. High simple sugars content. Easily to be absorbed by our body. Plus, all the dietary fibre hv been taken out. Try to take whole fruit instead. It will give u a filling feel, a good source of dietary fibre and delicious! Apple is a good dieting fruit (but fish fish dun take apple, my teeth cannot stand the feeling of biting apple). Try to avoid high sugar content fruits in evening. Not soft drink for dieting too!

Alcohol, is a big NO NO if u want to lose weight. Inside alcoholic drinks, there are certain amounts of sugar content. Besides, the existance of alcohol inside ur body is going to hinder ur body metabolism work effectively.

Ok, enough for the drink. Next, sport.


Different people, different sports. Fish Fish is not a good runner, neither do I can run far nor long time. Ok, this is also a fish that dun know how to swim at all. I had 3 experiences nearly died becoz of drowning. So I am terribly scare to swim. So run or swim to lose weight, definitely out. However, I like sports that can make me sweat. And fish fish is very good in walking. I love~ walking. I walk in the land, I walk in the pool and I wish one day I can walk on the air too like an astronaut. Ai yar~ day dreaming again.

Ok, when is the best time to do sport? According to anan, a famous weekly female magazine in Japan, the best sport timing for dieting is during an empty stomach. This is because when ur stomach is empty, the fat in ur body will be released into ur blood circulation. If u target to do ur sport during that time, the fat will be effectively be burning away. Furthermore, energy expenditure from the food intake after the workout will be increasing too. 2-way benefits. :) When u do ur stretching during empty stomach time, the blood will circulate from ur stomach to ur skeletal muscle. Hee... fish fish didn't practice this. But I usually do my sport only 1-2h after my dinner. Or 1 hr before I sleep. So, I think there is some logical points inside mine too based on the facts above. :P

Best timing to do sport:
Number 1: Before dinner
Number 2: Before breakfast
Number 3: Before sleep
Number 4: Before lunch
Number 5: Before tea time (around 3pm)

Ok, everyone, now u know the best time to burn away your fat, why not starting it tomolo? ;)

So, I set my main way of sport into walking. In fact, it has been saying walking 10,000 steps per day, make u healthy and wealthy. ;) Last week Monday, I saw Che Ji Wu was in the tv for SMAP Bistro show. A famous corner of SMAPXSMAP about food. Hee... and I love~ this corner. Can see all the nice nice delicacies and famous people. Inside, when the host asked her "How do u keep such a good figure?"... Her answer was "I walk." Making fish fish so happy to hear that. Heee... she usually do brisk walk for 2 h per day, as she is not good in running. Ai yar~ after watching that programme, I do think she is very cute. Especially her smile. I dun understand why people call her the 'Tear Queen'.

Ok, here was wat fish fish did for my first 3 months of dieting plan. Monday, I usually go to do aquawalking and aquastretching for 110 min. I devide them into 3 session, with each session around 35 min. For 1 session, I start with walking for 0.5km inside the pool with 3 different patterns, roughly 20 min. Then another 15 min of stretching, with 6 different stretches. Then, I will get out from the pool for water supplements. I repeat this for another 2 sessions.

Below are a few pictures that hv been drawn by myself for the stretching part. Hee... dun laugh with those pics ok? It took a long time for a talentless fish fish in art for finishing them. Actually I did the drawing for Hui Wen, when I tried to explain to her my stretching. And now I am sharing them with u all. ;) Sorry for the big pics, need to show clearly mar. U can drop out the dumbell if u r not get used to it. Fish fish do stretching without any dumbell actually.

This steps I showed above, are some copycats from Dukeswalk, and some modified ideas by me. And I really think his steps has been helping me a lot. In fact, because of 'walking', it changed his life from an only 500yen left guy to a man he is today. They call his walk 'B-walk' (Beauty walk). I like his motto when he is teaching his students... "Remember always to say to yourself [I am an actress/actor]". ;)

After my aqua workout, I will go to take ofuro (public bath in Japan). Soak myself half and full in the hot jacuzzi, and go home to hv a good sleep. In case u dun know, hanshinyoku (半身浴) (half body dip in hot tub) is a very good thing to practice. It has a good effect in diet and beauty. I will try to translate all the text into English bout the benefit of this hanshinyoku in future then. However, what u need to bare in mind is

1. The water should be maintain 37-38 degree celcius for summer, and can be up to 40 degree celcius in winter.

2. Correct hanshinyoku is from ur chest till ur feet.

3. Do it for 20-30 min slowly until u sweat. During the time, can soak until ur shoulder for 30 second, that get up until ur chests again.

There has been report that a 3-month hanshinyoku let the person loss 10kg. Wow! Fish fish usually only do for 10 min. I think I need to try to practice what is suggested oledi. Ai yah~ me oso learning so much when looking for info to write this No Pain~ No Gain~ :P

Then Tuesday, I usually go for 75min brisk walking around my housing area, and a 45min stretching after that at nite, just before I take my nite shower n go to sleep. I am doing 7 types of stretching when I do land walking.

Wednesday, I repeat wat I did on Monday. And Thursday I repeat wat I did on Tuesday. I make a changing in my sport so that I dun feel satiated, cause this will hinder me from doin them continuously.

Friday, I shorten my 3 sessions pool workout into 2 sessions, as I will join a 30-min aqua aerobic class too. Then in Saturday, I increase my aqua workout from 3 sessions into 4 sessions, as I have more time to spend slowly inside the sport club. Then I will go for a 20 min jacuzzi.

Sunday, either I give myself a rest, or I go for land walking like a Tuesday one. But usually, even if I can't do any walking as wat I hv planned, I will still do a 45 min stretching inside my room while watching an 1 h tv programme.

If u don't like walking, u can owez look for some other sports that u feel suit u more. But remember one important point! Do a perfect aerobic sport. Not anaerobic. For me, jogging is too anaerobic for me, as I tend to feel a great lacking in oxygen supplying when I jog. But it will be fine for those who get used to jog or run. Among the sport, I would strongly recommend u do yoga. Hee... I haven't really try any yoga course yet, maybe I should in future. One of my fren did yogurt every morning for 2 h, and she lost omost 20kg in 6 months. Amazing huh... This is because when doing yoga, u actually spend a lot of energy inside u, even though u can't see that from outside.

And yes, with all these diet, water and sport that I hv been practicing for 3 months, my weight went down 8kg in 2.5 month. And another 2 kg in 1 month. And biggest change... my body shape. Ok, I am going to touch more bout weight losing part on tomorrow's topic then, the last part for this post series.

Till then. Hope u enjoy reading this post. ;)

Fish Fish goin to dump her bicycle as school today and walk home. Phew! Dinner time.



At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Fish Fish

I love your drawings!



At 7:56 PM, Blogger ting-aling said...

Hello Fish Fish, how nice of you to visit my blog. I will link you, okey?

At 8:12 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

umami: Really? U like them. Heee... fish fish flying high now~ Thanks. :D

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Fish Fish!!! Heh think i'm too excited.
Anyways, thanks for dropping by. Reason I didn't put the url up at first cause I don't normally post any interesting reads. So I thought it was best not to tell people. =P
Really long post. But don't worry, it was a another great one.
Talking about water pail, I have a friend who's just like that. My friends and I always wondered how she could drink so much at one go. Hehe...


At 12:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Winterx, now u can tell ur fren 'Hey, I found one more water pail'. :P Btw, ur blog is good. I love it. Really. Simplicity that can trigger complexity. ;)


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