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Monday, November 08, 2004

Weekends in Hamamatsu (2 Oct, Pt 1)

Yuko's mama home cook breakfast

After first nite, I woke up in the morning with a very nice breakfast by Yuko's mother. Very Japanese. :)

This is called satoimo (a common small taro in Japan). Yuko's mother just boiled them with skin until soft.

This is how it looks after pealing off the skin. I never really like satoimo, as Japanese owez cook them in a sweet way, but the way Yuko's mother did it was good. Had 2 of them. :P

The buns at the back is black sugar bun with margerine filling. Yummy! I owez have a strong like towards black sugar stuffs. They hv a stronger fragrance.

This one is a very typical Japanese daily dish. It is made from okara (tofu refuse). Very rich in protein and fibre. The dish name is called unohana. I like this one very much. It was one of the best unohana tat I hv ever tried.

Now, this is a new idea dish tat I hv never been exposed to in Japan. I had shiso (perilla) and miso (Japanese soybean paste) many times, but never deep fried shiso with miso inside. The taste was brilliant.

This is oso another typical Japanese food. Umeboshi (pickled plum). This one was made by Yuko's mum by using akashiso (red perilla). I had one... Err~~ very salty n spicy.

So, basically, if u notice carefully, unohana, shiso fry n umeboshi r dishes very fit to eat with rice. And yes, I had a big bowl of rice tat morning even after a black sugar bun. :P

My throat felt thirsty after that. This okura misoshiru (okra soybean paste soup) was a good thirst quencher for me. A mild sticky effect by the okra actually give a unique mouthfeel.

I love pudding. Tried many pudding before. But this cream cheese pudding was a new one for me. Cheesy... not as sweet as normal pudding. With a stronger taste of creaminess.

Visiting Yuko's grandma

Yuko wanted to give something to her grandma. It was actually an Old Folks Day present tat she bought for her grandma. She hasn't been seeing her grandma for more than 8 months. Her grandma was very surprised to see us, but very happy.

We had this nice green tea and dessert. The purple cube is called yokan (sweet jellied redā€bean paste) and with a pack of assorted rice crackers.

Yuko's grandma oso showed me many of her handmade stuffs. Beautiful paper clay dolls.

Nice colorful frame.

These were just a small part of her art work.

And this is Yuko n her grandma with another work of hers. :)

Before we went off, Yuko's grandma had a short conversation with me.

Grandma:"Do u know how old I am now?"

FF:" Late sixties?" She is just too energetic if compare to my grandma. So I guessed she is a bit younger than my grandma.

Grandma:"Heee... u really do think so?" Her eyes shone.

FF:"Yap, grandma."

Grandma:"Tell u a secret, I'm turning 80yo soon. Shhh..." She was giggling like a child.

Shock. Man... I am sure impressed.


At 6:50 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

What's Yuko's grandma's secret for keeping her youth? :o)

At 5:10 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Dennis: "Never feel yourself are too old to do things. :)"

At 8:39 PM, Blogger obachan said...

Wow, I love deep-fried shiso very much, but never thought about deep-frying them with miso inside. Gotta give it a try!! I might mix some peanut chunks in the miso, too.

At 9:09 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Wee~~ Obachan, good idea. With peanut. Must be very crunchy then. Let me know if it is taste good then. :)


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