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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Weekends in Hamamatsu (3 Oct, Pt 2)

Ki! Ki!

Hee... Ki in Japanese means Tree. I miss my Kiki, my family dog tat died 2 years ago. So, decided to used its name for title today. Yap, as u can see... goin to post a lot talking bout tree today. ;) Continue posting about the Hamanako Hanahaku.

Oh, btw, fish fish started another blog in Xanga. Actually my main purpose there was to put comments for the blogs I read. But hv to register. So since I hv it, might as well use it once a while. Hee... named it kuishinbo_meow. Ok, so u can see even the title was not really meant for a blog. Got to change the name somehow then when I got a good one. :P Well, I will not be blogging as much for tat blog. It is a place to see an emotional and wagamama fish fish. ;) Interested? Go and see then. :P

I dun know wat tree is this. But I love it. Been kind of curious bout it since long time ago the 1st time I saw it. I asked my Japanese frens, non of them know the name. But one of them said, something connected with Kitsune (Fox) as the plant looks like fox face. Hmm... hey, anyone of u got clue for me, so tat I can find the info myself? Thanks.

Yeah! 2 characters for the expo. Papafla n Mamafla (Father Flower and Mother Flower). Aren't they cute. :)

Now, I heard about Baobab tree (Adansonia digitata) the 1st time when my lab secretary told me she wanted to go to Madagascar so much just to c the tree. Since then, I want to c too. Wanted to know wat is so special bout this tree.

Glad today I finally see one. This one was from Australia. Very small. :P

We saw a big baobab tree cut there too. See the size of the 2 gals compare to the tree? Hee... wait till u see this one. Wat amazed me the most is such a big tree, actually very light. As the density of the tree very low. Hmmm... this baobao is telling people tat "I looks very hard outside, but I am very soft inside". :P

Got one world's biggest foliage plant there, Gunnera Manicata. The one shown here, not big. According to the people around, it stopped growing in August... Hmm, seem the weather of Japan doesn't suit it.

They showed an attached pic of real big size of this Giant Rhubarb. Hee... I wish I can under big leaves like this too.

This is called Araucaria araucana. It has a nice common name, Monkey Puzzle Tree. :P I guess the monkey must be very confused when it climbs this tree. Ouch ouch! According to wat explained in the expo, it is one the world's biggest bonsai. A native of Chile and Argentina. Aiyah~ Chile is really attracting me... It seems like a good place with a lot of rare stuffs. Must go and see one day.

We were lucky enough to see a jurassic tree too. Yap, this tree exist from the time of jurassic period. This was the first time they show it outside of Australia (I hope I didn't remember the wrong country. If I did, please correct me.), the place where they first found the tree with the dinasour fossils.

It's autumn. A time for chrysanthemum. A emperial symbol in Japan. In the expo, many many nice christ was there. I love this white christ. Very pure.

And this colourful red and yellow christ. A combination of hot and bright.

This was one of my favorite too. See all the small small cactus pots? I wonder how much time they hv to spent to arrange all this. Amazing.

Here is another close look of the cactus. Lovely little pots. My sis will love this.

We saw this love ring made from flower plant. Heee... each gal took turn to 'cheese' with the tree. I like this one by Yuko. Isn't she so sweet?

The expo was showing Claude Monet's house n garden too. My favorite impressionist. Too many people line up for the house. We got not much time cause Naomi need to rush back home. So, we skipped the house and went to a small part of the garden only.

This is one of the typical Monet drawing scene. The water lily. :)

Ok, the gals went to the vegetation part be4 we off for flowers n indoor exhibitions and food, of course. :P

Version one: FF's hand with long red lady's finger.

Version two: Yuko's hand with big dark green veggie leaf.

Version three: Naomi's hand with huge long heavy gourd.

Which is ur favorite version? :P

I'm ciao. ;)


At 9:33 AM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

Coooool, I love plants and flowers. I sure like the yellow kitsune-things. By the way, were the gourds alive or already cut?

At 9:01 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Jonny: Yap, the gourds were all alive. Tat's why they need the net to suppose its weight hang in the air. Got very long and thin one too, deep green colour, didn't put on the post. If u want the pic, can mail me n let me know. :)

At 11:02 PM, Blogger obachan said...

Hi fishfish,
Great pics (and cute girls!!)
The yellow ones are called “fokkusu feisu” in Japanese, which probably is “fox face” put into Katakana. They’re said to have Japanese names: Tsuno-nasu or Kitsune-nasu, but looks like fokkusu feisu is more popularly used among florists and flower arrangement instructors. I’m not sure if they are actually called “fox face” in English speaking countries. “Solanum mammosum” is its scientific name.

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Autumn in Japan is so beautiful.
That yellow "fox face", I have seen them at the florist during Chinese New Year. I cannot remember what they are called in Mandarin but they are suppose to be auspicious.
I like the pink lady's fingers! Do they taste like the normal green lady's fingers?


At 11:46 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Obachan: Phew! Thanks a lot. Hee... now I can get more info I want bout this fox face. Too bad they r not for eating, look so much like a yummy succulent fruit. :P

ST: Too bad I oso dun know whether the lady's finger taste good or not. They were not for sell, just for exhibition. Ai yah~ must find one to try one day, then tell u if they taste good. But I hv tried long green lady's finger, even longer than this red one, in Sibu. Not old at all, very yummy. :)


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