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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Doma Doma (16 Dec)

After the Luminarie, the 4 gals decided to go to Doma Doma (土間土間), an Izakaya I heard for the 1st time actually.

Inside, it was very dark. We were led to our seats. And after we placed our order, the dishes were served kind of a quick. But strange, the drinks took much longer time to come. So, we had to wait for the drinks to come first to Kanpai (乾杯)(Cheers) before we can put our chopsticks on all those drooling foods.

Angel, Ka Li and me dun take alcohol, so ordered Fancy Navel with peach, orange and cranberry inside. Each for 490yen (RM18). Whereas Qian Qian had a glass of Cassis Soda, 450yen (RM16). The drinks were good.

We had one Mochi Chizu no Okonomiyaki (もちチーズのお好み焼き). Japanese style rice cake with cheese pancake. Recommended by Ka Li. This was good, but the gals ate it after it had cold down. Hmmm... should hv eaten it earlier. 490yen.

Qian Qian wanted a Takowasa (たこわさ), raw octopus marinated in wasabi. Well, first time I hear this kind of combination actually. I didn't eat. :P Cause raw sea thing. One for 290yen (RM11).

The 3 gals wanted to hv sashimi. So they ordered one set of Osashimi Shishunmori (お刺身四旬盛), Four Types of Seasonal Shashimi. 790yen (RM29). The gals were saying the sashimi was very fresh and yummy. From front, clockwise: Tako (octopus), bintoro (fatty tuna), torosamon (fatty salmon) and hamachi (young yellowtail).

Ka Li oso recommended Takezutsu Nankotsu Tsukune (竹筒軟骨つくね). Meat ball with gristle in a bamboo container. 390yen (RM14). She said this was very delicious. Angel tried be4 too, and same comment. Too bad, fish fish can't take. Anyway, it was interesting to see how this meat ball was presented. The meat ball is supposed to be dipped into the raw egg yolk before you eat.

Hehe... this dish was ordered by fish fish. I wanted salad, and after decision from the gals, we decided to take this Caesar Salad (チーズたっぷりシーザーサラダ). One HUGE ball for only 490yen. Got a generous portion of grilled bacon as well inside the salad. The crouton was good. Crunchy and cheesy.

We had 2 types of rice. The first one was Ishiyaki Bibinma Domadoma Fu (石焼ビビンバ土間土間風). 390yen. This Domadoma Style Hot Pebble Korean Mix Rice was one of the gals' top favorite on that nite. The rice, the ingredient and the seasoning... nothing to complain. The combination was great. It was not spicy, but very delicious. Especially the Kogeme (焦げ目, burnt rice at the bottom) can really make one addicted to it. :P Fish Fish was one of them. Kekeke...

I actually wanted to order a Tofu Steak, too bad out of stock. So, I changed to this Oboro Agedashi Tofu (おぼろ揚げだし豆腐). 390yen. This was actually deep-fried tofu that served with soysauce and topping with grated sticky Japanese yam. Well, fish fish has no problem with sticky stuff, but didn't know the 3 gals can't take sticky stuff (heee... exactly like the old time fish, but now... I can say I love~ sticky food). So, it turned up I was the one who finished omost the whole bowl. Burp!! Yummy, but a bit too big portion.

The second rice item we ordered that nite was Kankokufu Kimuchi Zousui (韓国風キムチ雑炊). Korean style kimchi mix rice soup. 390yen. This was another dish I would give 2 thumbs up. Fantastic. I can't help myself to finish the leftover. Chou oishikatta!! (Super delicious).

We oso ordered one noodle dish. It was something like udon, but in different shape, called kishimen. The dish name was Kurimu Mentai Kishimen (クリーム明太きしめん). 490yen. A kishimen cooked in creamy spicy fish egg. Yum yum!! It was creamy, and yet u can taste a mild spiciness released by the mentaiko (明太子)(spicy fish egg). The noodle itself was not the normal thin flat type noodle, but the thickness was double the normal kishimen. It was very bouncy. Change my concept actually on kishimen.

Usually, when u go to Izakaya, u will be served Tsukedashi (付け出し)(formal Japanese way of saying appetizer) and wet hot hand tower, and be charged into ur bill. We saw the table next to us was given that, but not ours. So, we asked the waiter. Hmm... seem like they hv forgotten. Luckily Ka Li found out that. Cool gal~ Anyway, no pics for that. Totally forgot that time. Instead of a Tsukedashi, it turned into Oshime (おしめ), ending meal.

For such a good meal, each of us paid only 1500yen++ (RM56). Very worth the price. I would highly recommend this place for good food, fast time and reasonable price. But the service was not reputable. Oh well~

Before we left, fish fish went to the washroom. Really glad I 'visited' it. Kekeke... sorry everyone, I know I'm not supposed to put this pic under a food post, but I think this was really amazing. Free women's napkins are provided inside the washroom in case needed. My my...

I saw a notice in one restaurant's washroom before that u can ask for one from the lady's staff when u need it... But this was actually the 1st time I saw they just put in the washroom for u to use it.

Tell me, have u seen this in other countries' restaurant? If yes, please do tell me. I would love to know. ;)

p/s: fish fish did a stoopid thing... kekeke... I took one as souvenir. :P


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

Yum, the Korean dishes look soo good. But maybe not the octopus in wasabi.. yech. :-D

At 12:55 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. fish, fish.. :)
You make me more hungry now.. :P
The food look so deliciious ahhh.. i'm gonna die..hehhee!!!

At 5:01 AM, Blogger Reid said...

Hi fish fish,

The okonomiyaki looks delicious as does everything else. Too bad you didn't try the octopus. I would be interested in hearing what that tasted like.

At 10:36 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, I wonder what would kinda of wacky idea can HB come out with if you send a souvenir to sixseal.com :)

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Phan said...

Fish fish,

Well in US, we have the stick napkins machine. About 50 cents for one, I think. Right next to the stick napkins, there is a slot for buying condoms. For underaged ladies who want to buy condoms, they can pretend that they want to buy the stick napkins. For older ladies who want to buy stick napkins, they can pretend that they want to buy condoms. Phan just made a silly joke here. Sorry. Anyway this kind of machines can be found in toilets located inside universities, public buildings, shopping malls, airports and a few restaurants.

At 6:29 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Jonny: heee... fish fish totally agree with u.

Mrs. Tweety: Dun ar~ I'll be missing u a lot then. Kekeke...

Reid: oops! sorry, can't make any review on the octopus. But I would love to bring u to try one next if next time U come to Kyoto. :) Then u tell fish fish how the taste.

Cooknengr: Kekeke... u mean the 'souvenir' i took from the washroom? *eyes roll*

Phan: Hello dear, thanx for this info. Gee... in Japan, the public washrooms usually hv vending machine for buying normal napkins, oso around 50yen (US 50cents) but not the tampons. But this was the 1st time I see a napkin is provided 'free'. It's not a common trend for Japanese women to use tampon. How bout in US? I heard bout tampon is not a safe thing to use, can cause uterine cancer. Not sure how true it is. Anyway, for sure I can't find any condom vendor in ladies though. Not sure bout in the gents. Kekeke... if not, fish fish would hv herself another 'weird souvenir' again. Gee~ I like ur 'silly joke' here. Heee... seem like different generations hv different things to be shy with. Still remember how my face blushed when I 1st buy my own napkins... Remind and remind again the shopkeeper to wrap properly with paper and with black plastic bag. Till her face started to turn black. :P

At 11:02 PM, Blogger ting-aling said...

Oh I love the souvenir. I'd seen them in planes but not in a restaurant. That's admirable.

At 11:14 PM, Blogger 5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

fish fish, i always get very hungry after visiting your blog. so nice food...... hop over to mine for some 'thong yuen'today.

At 11:56 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

ting-aling: yah yah yah~ nice souvenir huh. but I've never seen in a flight neither.

5xmom: U made me so hungry back in return with the Tang Yuen ar~

At 7:04 AM, Blogger holly said...

I've seen that before at hotels and health spas. Actually, sometimes when you go to a fancy event at a hotel, like a wedding, the host will order "hospitality tree." I've only seen this once, when I was really young, at a cousin's wedding. In the ladies room, there was this basket with what looked like a topiary tree of napkins, dental floss, toothpicks, combs and other assorted things one might find they need while out for the evening, all affixed to some core in the shape of a tree. I was so amused by it, I must have stared at it forever before running out to my mom to tell her what I saw. She was hardly amused or suppressed and told me what it was. To this day, I still think that was the coolest thing!

At 8:00 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Holly: Kekeke... u know wat? U gave a great idea to fish fish... Maybe I should hv one 'christmas tree' with all these great souvenirs. :P *Knock knock fish fish's head*

At 8:40 PM, Blogger Phan said...

Fish fish,

Yup the stick napkin is called tampon hehe. Not sure whether it is harmful or not but doctors here advise women to use it to reduce their pain at their first sex. Whenever we go shopping, my dad will carry our stuffs for us and one thing he will never carry for us is the bag of napkins hehe, even though the napkins are discreetly wrapped. He said it is taboo for men.

At 1:26 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Phan: Gee~ new to know the tampon can reduce pain for tat. Hmm... My father oso exactly the same type, taboo~ on tat. But my fren's father even help to buy this 'taboo' for them. Ai yar~ different people different thinking.


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