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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

fish fish's iPod

Yatta!! Finally got my iPod on last Saturday (18 Dec). I was still in my sweet dream when I was awaken by a door bell. But my sense was telling me... "It's here!".

Peeped to see who was outside. Kekeke... a guy dressed in delivery uniform.

"Donata desuka?" (Who is it?) fish fish just want to make a confirmation before opening the door. Have to be cautious when staying alone in Japan.

"Sumimasen... haitatsu de gozaimasu. Appuru shohin no otodoke desu." The man was answering me in a very polite form that he is sending apple's product to me.

:P Phew!! Open...

Wah!! Finally... A present I bought for myself this year. Yap, every year, I bought one present for myself. Only that this year, it is a bit expensive. Well~ I really need portable music very much after my MD walkman been flawed for omost 1 year.

This will be my birdday-cum-chrissie present. ;)

I actually could get it much earlier, but because I wanted to personalize it, the only way I can hv it tat way is by online shopping thru apple store.

This is how it looks in the front part. No different from the normal iPod. The attractive white.

But once u turn to the back. Ah ha! See... My laser name 'fish fish YONG YIE HUI' is neatly displayed on the silver chrome cover.

Here is another close up look for my name. :P

The personalization service was free of charge. I paid 44940yen (~US$432) for a 40GB iPod model, more expensive than US itself (US$399).

Frens were asking me, how to sell later since u hv persolized it? Well, frankly speaking, I've never thought bout this as it is not fish fish style to sell her things after she has used it.

And yes, now I'm listening to music from iPod while writing this post. It is good, though the base was not strong, but the 3-D effect of the music is good. :)

fish fish brand Kio Chap Mee

My mood was so good tat morning after got my iPod. Somehow, I miss Kuching's food at tat time... Hungry! So, decided to make a modified famous Kuching's Tomato Mee.

Dang Dang! Heee... any Kuchingian recognized this? Kekeke... Yap, it is a modified version from fish fish. I used onion (玉葱, Tamanegi), Golden Time Carrot (金時人参, Kintoki Ninjin), garlic sprout (にんにくの芽, Ninniku no Me), mushroom (Maitake, Shimeji and Eringi, these 3 are from Hokto), Namafu (生麩、wet wheat gluten) and yellow cauliflower. Oso add in some shallot and garlic chips for fragrance. For seasoning, I used a lot of ketchup and 1 table spoon of Chinese black vinegar. Then, add in some potato starch to make a thick gravy tomato soup. I used instant noodle of Nagasaki Age Saraudon (長崎揚皿うどん, not this brand though, just want to show how the saraudon looks on this link) so that I dun hv to fry the noodle by myself.

The taste?? Heee... I can say fish fish's Kio Chap Mi taste a lot better than some of the one offer back in hometown. :P Healthy and yummy!!

Oh my... I'm making myself very hungooriii now~


At 2:37 AM, Blogger mmulibra said...

Wow Ipod.. I am planning to buy Ipod for myself this year also, but I am going for 20GB as I think it should be sufficient. So any good recommendation of where to buy? How about getting the name engrave on Ipod? It looks cool with the engraving.

At 4:01 AM, Blogger Reid said...

Hi fish fish,

I just got a Ipod Mini in green. It's so cool. Love the kio chap mi that you made. Looks yummy! *slurp*

At 7:00 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, not you too. Both Baby N and Black Widow has the 40 Giggers, me, 258 Mb Creatives Sport.

See the FCC and CE sign at the back of your IPod, ta ker make a living by testing electronics products and authorize the FCC/CE chops.

Kio Chap Mee has many luxury ingredients can sell it at rm 2.50 a bowl? looks really good.

The chipped bowl boleh buang already, one day Fish Fish "fished" a 有錢的老公...then got 打不破的金飯碗.. ;) remember to chia us hoh ?

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Phan said...

Fish fish,

Kio Chap Mee looks very yummy. I like to make one too! The Golden Time carrots look colorful and cute. Do they taste better than normal carrots? I can't find any of those here. :o(

At 12:24 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Fish, fish.. so lucky .. got ipod..!!
Mee looks interesting.. and spicy..?? no..???
And ya la.. the bowl gotta go lah.. hehehee!!

At 6:23 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

mmulibra: Hey, it's good. U'll love it, I'm sure. ;) The price of 20GB n 40GB only different about 11000yen. Well, it depends on what u want though. I'm very greedy in keeping songs, so I think 40GB will suit a greedy fish like me. :P

Reid: Kekeke... fish fish would choose the green too if I buy mini iPod. Hey, tell me how u feel bout the Kio Chap Mi after u made it, ok?

Cooknengr: Ai yor~ Da Ge... tat bowl is a shell shape, so cute. I purposely get it from my lab. Now u say want to throw it away, mana boleh?? Gee.. so, I'm using thing that inspected by u be4 ar. Heee... Next time go bck want to see wat kind of songs D & N put in their iPod then. Btw, can ask u to help buy a 'casing with clip' for iPod in US for me or not? Cheaper... will pay u back the money in Kch. Can? *Pleaseeee* Oh, one more thing, my 金飯碗 is fish fish herself. Earn ur own, spend ur own... The most free thing. Btw, fish fish forgot to tell u, I join the line of ur competition with D & N... kekeke... if u get wat I mean. ;)

Phan, Yes dear, U should really try the Kio Chap Mi. I would like to hear ur opinion on this local dish of my meow meow town. Hey, I'm waiting to see ur potato salad puff too. :P The Kintoki Carrot I think can only get in Japan. Dun know how they hybrid until become like this. Very sweet, the texture not easy to be destroy even cooked for long long time. Very red colour. Japanese like to call the food 'Kintoki', cause it's like a Golden time when eating these food. They got Kintoki Sweet Potato too. ;)

Mrs Tweety: The Mee is sweet n spicy. U should try it. Even got Kio Chap Kuay Tiaw and Bee Hoon. The Kuey Tiaw one very nice too. I hv never seen this yet in other places. Or maybe they do hv, just that I dun know. Heh! the bowl will remain stay with me. Kekeke...

At 6:24 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Mrs Tweety: Oops... sorry... the mee should be sweet and sour.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

mmulibra: Aiyar~ sorry, forgot to ans ur Q. Try this site http://www.kakaku.com/ Can get the cheapest price for buying online. But be careful, look out for the charge as well for delivery, some cheaper, some more expensive. If u want to get a laser name, the only way is thru online apple store in Japan. The site is http://store.apple.com/0120-APPLE-1/WebObjects/japanstore?family=iPod


At 7:10 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, I like that, 有志氣.
No Problem, I'll have Baby N get one for you since she's the IPod head. Plus,if you chabut, I don't rugi :)
Eh, hopefully mama fish does not find out the about competition.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

cooknengr: Phew!! Da Ge... Thanx a lot. ;) Got Baby N mel. Replied her liao. Hehe... can ask N & D to teach me more bout iPod liao. kekeke...

At 10:23 PM, Blogger Yellow Ant said...

Ehh what competition ? how come I don't know ?
fish fish,...you beat us, Both me & D have 4G iPod Mini.
we're hiau...we go for the look not the capacity... hehehe
D got the lime Green,,, I have the Pinky one.. (^_^)

At 12:12 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Yellow Ant: Kekeke... Ask your KorKor. He mentioned that in his blog. Ah~ mini iPod ar. Eddie gave the wrong info. Heee... Fish Fish is the type go more to capacity than look. Best if can hv look and capacity. :P Too greedy.


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