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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year :D

Dear everyone,

Happy New Year

fish fish
31 Dec 2005

Heavy Snow in Uji
Kekeke... how do you like my starting? This will be my final post for today (Gosh! 3 posts in one go). Final post for the year 2004. Will see you all again in 2005. Thank you very much for the support to Kuishinbo~Meow~ all these while.

This was a great last day for me in 2004. A very heavy snow in Uji. Never saw such a pretty snow in this place since I started to stay here omost 4 years ago. A very memoriable 31 Dec for fish fish.

Managed to take a few pics of the normal route that fish fish has for everyday to the school. The road looked so different today. I love~ it. Enjoy them. :)

The biwa (枇杷)(a loquat) tree that greets me every morning.

Close up of its leaves covered by snow.

A farm in front of my apartment. So white...

A close up of the 2 water tanks. They looked nice today.

Oh~ the car park... can't believe it's the car park that fish fish put her bicycle.

Left my bicycle at school, so walked slowly to the train station. The small path to start my route of the day.

Go down a slope. This slope today seem to be such a good sliding place for fish fish. Ai yar~ I miss snowboarding~

Then, past thru a row of shop that selling souvenir. Mostly greentea product. I love to pass this place, as I can have a good tea fragrance.

Then, past thru a very nice looking public washroom. Yap, the right side building is a washroom that newly built one year ago. Used to be a police station. Kekeke...

The guiding statue beside the wash room.

Ar~ all the roof of the houses covered by a layer of white snow. So~ romantic.

While waiting for the train, enjoying the nice white scene outside was a great feeling too.

Little Monkey 1st Debut

Kekeke... after grumbling and nagging... my brother finally mission in action. *Sigh* Luckily fish fish dun have to wait until next year to see my little nephew face. Geee... the feeling was different from seeing other babies.

The little monkey was sleeping so sweet. His sleeping look very similar to his father.

Anson with the grandma. My lovely mama. What a good pic. Too bad, the light effect not good. Hmmm... seem like my brother still need a good learn bout his new camera.

Now, this pic look more like his mother now.

Yah~ confirm... he has a sleeping look like papa, and wake up look like mama. :P

Dun believe me?

Check this then. ;)

Ah~~ finish my posts. 3 hrs. Man~ that is truly long. Shoulder stiff oledi. Got to get back home to cook my Toshikoshi soba (年越しそば) (Pass Year Wheatbuck Noodle). Yum Yum!! And enjoying a peaceful Omisoka (大晦日)(New Year Eve) by watching the 55th NHK Red and White Song Competition (第55回NHK紅白歌合戦)(5hrs, started oledi from 7pm). And tomorrow... will have a good Oshogatsu (お正月)(New Year) lunch in a fren's place. Hmmm... still thinking if I want to go to Hatsumode (初詣)(First visit to the shrine of the year).

Iyo iyo otoshi o!

Love, fish fish


At 6:11 AM, Blogger Yuen Li said...

Happy New Year!!! :)

At 8:14 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, ride your bicycle down the slope, you'll have just as much fun as snowboarding : )

Wow, cool little monkey, I like the boxing gloves.

Happy New year to Fish Fish, Ta Ker don't need New year greetings, just a Happy Birthday will do. Born on the first, 威風嗎 ? :)

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Phan said...

Fish fish,

Wow we wish we had snow here too :oP Everyone needs not go to work if it snows here as the snow makes the road unsafe hehe.

Happy New Year and we wish you "lots and lots of happiness" in 2005.

Phan and Dennis

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

Riding down a slippery slope on a bike? Now that's a recipe for broken bones for sure! :oP hehe

At 10:35 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. fish, fish.. :)
Happy new year to you too.. :)
Your nephew is so cute.. ;) and of course.. parents too lah.. :) Cheers..!

At 2:59 AM, Blogger Reid said...

Hi fish fish,

Happy New Year to you!

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi fish fish, happy new year! I've enjoyed reading your posts on Nagano. Lovely pictures of the snowy winter scenes and the monkeys in the hot springs. Lucky you! :)


At 5:31 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hiya ff
gomene~ super late greeting! but Happy New Year!!

At 7:21 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Yuen Li: Selamat Tahun Baru! :)

cooknengr: Kekeke... I know ur special bd date. So do blackwidow one. How bout NN one? Does she has a special one too? Er~ btw, bicycle sliding? Not for fish fish definitely. :P

Phan: Thank you very much. Same to you and Dennis too. I really hope this year I have the honor to try your cooking. Yum Yum!

Dennis: Kekeke... fish fish totally agree with you. :P

Mrs Tweety: Thank you! Did u have a good New Year with Mr. Tweety and Chloe? Next month I'll be able to be with my family for CNY liao. Hope the time goes fast now.

Reid: Thank you! Same to u. :)

Julia: Happy New Year! Yap, indeed I do think I am very lucky. The snowy scene and the monkey, one of the most memoriable moment for me in Japan.

pinkcocoa: Mwahhh!! Thanks dear. Nope nope, never too late for that. Sama sama ya!


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