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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Kakak in Japan (Pt 2, 30 Oct)

Welcome dinner for kakak (2)

These were the other half foods that we had for the welcome dinner.

Aso, the only Japanese gal that usually mix in this foreigner group, was a cute good cook. She prepared 2 dishes. First, a Japanese style meat loaf.

This was how the cooked meat loaf looks like. I tried the deep fried tofu and cabbage that wrapped the meat loaf. Very nice. Wa fu (和風)(Japanese style).

She oso made goma tofu (胡麻豆腐)(sesame tofu). The sesame taste was very rich, but with a little bitterness when without any seasoning. And the texture was really puri puri (ぷりぷり)(an expression in Japanese that explain a food texture like pudding). After adding a little bit of shoyu (醤油)(soy sauce), the good flavour of the whole thing was brought out. And the bitterness gone. I love~ it.

As for our host, Wang Hao, she prepared many dishes that nite. She is another good cook. These were the ingredients she used for her cooking. Magic magic on... then all these raw materials... changed into some drooling dishes. :)

First, a Chinese style pickled cucumber with dried chili and peanut as topping. The dried chili was fantastic, not spicy at all. Good tit bits to go with a cool beer. :)

Then she used sliced pork, yuba (湯葉)(soy bean piece) and cauliflower to make one Sze Chuan style mix vege dish. It was very good. The Sze Chuan spicy sauce bring out the good flavour of the mixture. My only complaint on Wang Hao cooking, a bit too salty for me. But it is just the right taste for others. Heee... i even complaint my mum's cooking too salty sometimes.

She used ninniku no ne (大蒜の根)(garlic stem) to do one simple stir fry with prawns. She just added some salt and sesame oil as seasoning. The ninniku no ne was extremely sweet.

I didn't see she prepared this. Baked chicken wings, came at 2nd last. This is her strong point dish. Her husband has been saying she makes really good baked chicken wings. And yah, I think they were good as everyone just keep having whole one except me, even after a full dinner with all the dishes.

Lastly, she took out another dish, Chinese style meat loaf, but she put smashed tofu inside this meat loaf to hv some modification. I didn't eat this as well as it has meat inside. But, this final dish has the least reduction in amount, as everyone was in a burping condition oledi tat time.

Wang Hao took out a box of Godiva that she bought in France for us as dessert. Heee... choco... of course fish fish couldn't resist it. I had one. :P

These were the members on that day...

Left to right: Wang Hao, Zhao Wei Jiang, Aso, Park, Kakak and Mirian.

Thanks gals, for the great welcome dinner for my Kakak. :)


At 9:10 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. Fish, fish.. :)
Interesting.. Sesame tofu..!! i would love to try some.. :) The baked chicken and the chinese style meat loaf.. are also my favourite..!!
It's 1am here in canada.. and i'm so hungry now.. after reading yer post..lol..!!!

At 11:45 PM, Blogger ting-aling said...

I will try to use ninniku no ne next time. Why did you not post your picture too?

At 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehe...yeah. I noticed Fish Fish always like to stand behind the camera.

And I was eating my breakfast while I was reading this post again. Hmmm...maybe things do taste better when I read your posts on food. =P Don't know....hehe...


At 5:14 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Mrs Tweety: Hee.. I hope u didn't eat anything at 1am after seeing those sesame tofu, baked chicken n meat loaf... :P

ting-aling: Try it, the ninniku no ne really sweet. Oh, I need to stand behind the camera mar... camerafish. ;)

winterx: Well dear, next time if u taste the food not so good, can watch my food posts and eat... heee... Actually fish fish oso like to watch food tv programme while eating dinner, make the food taste better psychologically. But then, my fren said when she did that, it made her tasteless food taste even mazui (not delicious). :P

At 4:59 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

wow. I desperately want to try the goma tofu!! Any chance of grabbing hold of a recipe? :p Oops, I might be asking too much. hehe. I am happy just to look at all those yummy food!

At 11:25 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Pinkcocoa: Wei dear.. no problem. I actually wanted to put the recipe on this post, but Aso kept forgetting to bring it for me. So only until yesterday I got it. Now I got excuse to put in on... :P

Here u are.

Goma Tofu

Water 7 cups
Kuzuko (葛粉) (arrowroot starch) 1 cup
Nerigoma (練り胡麻)(White Sesame paste) 1 cup

The nerigoma is sold in canned form. I'm not sure if u can get that easily in Australia.

1. Add water and kuzuko into a pot. Mix well until a white solution form, as kuzuko not really soluble in water.
2. Use the solution in step 1 to dilute the nerigoma until become watery gravy. Then add the whole thing into pot in step 1. (As the nerigoma is very difficult to be dissolve easily in the kuzuko solution, have to dilute the nerigoma first before adding into the kuzuko solution.)

3. Use weak - medium fire to heat up the solution. During the whole heating process, must keep stirring. I don't exactly know how long it is, but according to Aso, around 30 min. Then, the solution will suddenly change into a very thick and heavy gel-like paste that is very difficult to stir. Once the thickening stage starting, put more energy to stir faster, and turn off the fire.

4. Then pour the ready paste into container and put inside a refridge for half day.

5. Finally take it out when it is hardened, cut and serve with soy sauce or Japanese tsuyu.

Heee... fish fish think u can apply this recipe by using peanut paste or black sesame paste to replace the white sesame paste.

Hmm... happy trying ar pinkcocoa. Know wat? fish fish thinkng of to do one as well now. :P

At 8:47 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

thanks so much fishfish!!!
hehe i will go look for nerigoma at the asian supermarket. Maybe I should head to Japanese groceries store to see if they have that. Hmmm now I finally know what kuzu is for! Saw them at the supermarket but never know what they are. :-)

At 10:16 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hee.. u r welcome. Dun forget to show me the result ar~

At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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