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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Kakak in Japan (Pt 8, Nov 2)

Conversation with mum n brother

Last nite mum called to my lab.

"Ai yor~ U know how busy I was?? Really making me omost faint~ Only now all the guests gone, I got time to call u..." Hee... mum still hv energy to tell me wat happened though, so not too bad. :P

"Wait mum... I can't catch ur point ler..." Yah... fish fish a bit confused.

"Nooh~ u see... I told u I invited around 100 people for the dinner rite. Who knows ar~ in the end more than 200 people turned up u know. Wat more strong wind and heavy rain u know. Everyone brings their spouse and children. House omost no place to stand. Made me panic. Luckily Lok Yuen taukeh hv promised me, not enough food, call him, he will cook immediately and send it over." She still in an excited pitch.

Ah~ now I got her point. Heee... she was so afraid the foods were not enough when the people turned up to be double than expected. But seem like she settled it. Good! Lok Yuen is a Kuching local hawker style restaurant that my family hv been regularly visited. Hmm... next time fish fish must do a review on this stall. It has the best Ou Jian I've ever tried.

Then, after blah blah blah... she hurriedly said "Talk to ur brother, I need to do clean up now..." Not even waiting me to say bye, changed to my brother liao. Ai~~ this mum ar~

"Oi~ hehe... u eat oledi?..." My brother style everytime he starts a conversation with this sister.

"Where got. Not even one 'red egg' ler" I answered.

"Ai Sei Men... so kesian ar~ here got many things to eat u know." He purposedly tried to make this sister Bei Song (feeling unpleasant)...

Nah~ not goin to fall into ur trap. Ha!!

"Eh... 200 people, so many ar..." I asked him.

"Not 200 people, 300++..." He corrected me.

"Eh? Mum said 200++ wor~"

"U dun listen to her. She mana tahu. She only thinks foods only the whole nite." He added. "I counted the number u know."

"U ar~ should say TQ to mama u know. If u dun hv a mama who helps to worry so much for u ar~ Ur face will green green now." Hmm, this brother, must remind him how lucky he is to hv a mum like this.

"Cheh~ I made the call for the ordering one ler~" Hmm... thick face.

Fish Fish lazy to argue more with him anymore.

"Eh, send me the pics." I said.

"How?" He asked.

"Ai yor~ got something calls internet, right?" Nonsense question.

"But memory very big wor~" He said.

"Big can resize ok. I dun care, u must send the baby pics over ar..." I insisted.

"Ah? U mean baby pics ar. I didn't take at all ler. Only the dinner pics. People all said baby too small, cannot take pics. Pantang ler~" Pantang means taboo.

*Sigh* This pantang word again.

"What pantang is this? I never heard." I said. "U must promise me send me at least one before I go back for CNY ar~" Hehe... must give him some pressure.

"Like this ar. See first..."

Anyway, I do hope he will send me the baby pics soon to let this Kakak see. Really want to see how the little monkey looks like.

Oops... hehe... dragging away from the title too much liao. Back to the title's talk. :P

Cafe Wolfgang Puck

At first, I wanted to bring my Kakak to try Pomunoki, a restaurant that is specialised in omelette rice. But it was very full, long Q on that nite. So, we decided to hv our dinner in a California cafe restaurant called Wolfgang Puck Cafe. It was kind of a funny restaurant, cause when u enter, the waiter will ask you, "Would you like to have pizza or sushi?". Heee... yap, they have one corner for Western food, and another corner for Japanese sushi. So, I'm not sure whether it is a typical style in California. Can anyone tell me? Anyway, we just want to hv something nice after a long and tiring day in USJ, so...

We were served this plate of appetizer for free. I like the crunchy cheesy big flat biscuit. But not too much on the bread. Didn't finish the whole things, big portion for 2 people to finish after we had our proper meals.

Sorry for the poor presentation of the pics. As I've said before, my flash was down.

My sis ordered beef curry. I was looking for something really 'curry'. Too bad, it taste more like a beef stew with some curry flavour inside. Not to my preference. But Kakak like it, she said the beef was soft. I think this was for around 1900yen (RM70).

I felt like having some pasta. And I love fetuccini. Too bad, they dun hv other fetuccini's dish except the Salmon White Cream Sauce Fetuccini. BIG plate, but not so big portion. :P Err~~ I would say the salmon make the pasta a bit too fishy for fish fish. And I would prefer the pasta be softer, a bit too andante for fish fish. One for 1580yen (RM58).

After disappointment from the 2 dishes, I was very looking forward for my favorite Vanilla Creme Brulee, which I had once with Sylvia, and love~ it so much. The portion was generous, only for 530yen (RM19). The nice burnt caramelized part was really good.

But this time, dun know was it becoz of I had cream based pasta, the creme was a bit too rich for me, as I had to finish omost all by my own, Kakak was not into cream stuff. Oso, the caramelized coating was not as burnt as last time, as u can see from the pic, so the bitterness that I was looking for was not as strong. :(

Oh well, they all gone into my stomach liao. Shouldn't be complaining too much.


At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe... fish fish... yeah, the plate is rather big for such a small portion of pasta... -_-
wonder why they don't use a smaller plate. =P


At 11:46 AM, Blogger Phan said...


Wolfgang puck must be from United States. Here everyone use very big dishes for food. Yup food is also very large portion.

Fish fish,

Wolfgang puck is everywhere especially inside International airports. He is also popular in Malaysia. So far, I have never been to one yet.

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wolfgang park... is "fast food" to me. mostly found in shopping mall where you order your food in front of the open kitchen counter, the "chef"(local hispanic) will fix your order, then you will pay at the cash register. nothing fancy like you show in your blog. in fact, it was served with plastic plate, plastic cup, plastic utensils.....

At 7:08 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. fish, fish.. you sure tickled me .. with your telly conversation with yer mom and brother.. ;)
As for the dishes.. they do look pretty yummy though.. :)

At 7:10 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

winterx: I've no idea my dear. Maybe to make it looks more glamour. :P Maybe Phan can answer why. Wat's ur say Phan?

Phan: Gee... thanks for the info. Didn't know bout that. Think I never care to notice tat before this. Must try to put my eyes to spot for one in Malaysia next time. I know Kuching dun have.

Anon: Hello, welcome to this blog. Dun know your name, so dun know how to greet you. :) But, which country is this fast food Wolfgang park that u mentioned? I would like to know.

At 7:13 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Mrs Tweety: Yap yap, talking to them can really make me laugh so hard sometimes. Next time Chloe will be enjoying her conversations with her parents as well. ;) Nice foods about my last nite's outgoin will be on next post. :) Very yummy foods!!


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