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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

No Pain~ No Gain~ (Pt 4)

The Fun and The Continuing

It's World AIDS Day. With the theme “Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS”.

Hiya~ Mr. Donut 105yen sales started again till this Saturday. This month gifts got table calendar. Cute! Fish fish goin to eat at least 20 donuts again this months for the calendar. :P So, instead of having lunch in canteen, I ta pau (pack away) 4 donuts, 3 for lunch and 1 for dinner. And yes, I'm munching one curry donut now. Yummy yummy!

Finish my lab work today. Just a short one. Will be a relaxing day for me. Better finish up my last part on this No Pain~ No Gain~. Cause I'm eager to start the next series. ;)


Right... relax, the 4th element in my dieting plan. Relaxation can be in many forms. And to feel relax during ur dieting period is the key to success. Dun let ur stress accumulate, as it will sooner be a time bomb, can be exploded in anytime.

So, I do my relaxation in a few ways.

Eating. So, did I break my own rules during my first 3 months dieting? Yes, I did. Indeed, many times. Especially that time I hv to attend a few nomikai (eating and drinking party) in my lab. And the eating and drinking usually ended up late at night. I even went to lunch buffet during that time period. With all the delicacies in front of me, sadly to say, I put my hands on them. On those deep frying favorite stuff of mine. But instead of having the normal portions I usually had, I cut down the portion into 1/2 or 1/3. And I avoid all kind of carborhydrates, and used a tissue to absorb extra oil before I take the food. (:P sound silly huh... but it will help to cut down the calories intake to some extent). And I only drink water or tea. But still, my calories intake still a scary figure. But that time, I dun want to stop myself from enjoying the foods, cause I know if I do so, I will feel very down indeed.

Then u might think all my hardwork will be a total waste. Nope... I hv another concept in my dieting. "A tomorrow reset". So, after a heavy dinner, if the nite still early, I will go for an 1 h walk at least. But if it is too late, then I will do my work out in a longer time the next day. Just remember, as long as u try to burn away the extra calories straight after the nite u have been eating too much, it will set ur biological system back. Just dun let the calories keep inside ur body for more than 2 days.

Sleeping. I usually sleep for 7-8 h per day. I need a well-sleep. A few years ago, I hv terrible imsonia keep hunting me. I could only sleep 2-4 hrs everynite for a few nites continuously, as many problems has been hunting my mind to keep thinking. Even white hairs came out. But these 2 years, I learnt how to put down everything. And I don't bring all those 'damn' matters into my bed. I used to take a relationship very seriously... any kind of relationship. And I treat every relationship of mine with a very sincere heart. But thru all these years, I got hurt deeper and deeper from this so call 'good relationships' I name them myself. Then, I realised what a fool I hv been. It's owez I'm the only one that appreciate on that... I felt like a *shit*. So, now I learnt to not taking that as a matter to me. Is tat means I don't care bout relationship anymore? Nope, I still believe I will able to find a person I can love, just takes time. I still loves my family, even deeper than I was. And I still hv the courage to make new frens, and appreciate the old frens who appreciating me as well. I hv known Chun Lian only for not long ago, but she was a great fren back in Kuching that I can really see she makes fren with a true heart. :) I got Sylvia in Kyoto who spending time with me walking, eating or singing just when I need someone to be with me to release my stress. And this cute cute Wai Wai that taught me how to talk to Pi Pi at nite be4 I go into my dreamland. Pi Pi is my doll, a very cute puppy. Heee... will show to u all next time. Lucky wai wai, she has bear bear and deer... But 1 only oso good enough liao. More to more, I am really grateful that when Wai Wai buzzing me with her cmels (a kind of domestic mailing system in Japan) even when she has nothing really particle to tell me. "Morning fish fish!!"... that little phrase can really brigthen my life. She don't give me an answer "No business with u, so don't know what to write to u" . I was very very hurt to get this kind of answer from someone I has been knowing for a long time, and that I hv treated as a treasure to me. Thank you for telling me I was a shit to u. And u know wat? Fish Fish is really learning... Yes! "No business with u, so I don't contact u". So happy that I am learning a new thing. Of course, these were just the few exceptions. I am still very grateful to all those people who really treating me with a sincere heart. Thank you, deep down from the bottom of my heart. :) And I am really grateful I learn how to blog, cause I meet a lot of wonderful people here. Thank u all too. :) Like Angel, never expect I can make fren with her in this way. :P

Oops! Sound too emotion now. Better buzz off with my nonsense talk.

Books. I used to read a lot of books. But since in Japan, I read very few light materials. Guess the high prices have back me off. But during my trip to Taiwan, I bought 3 nice Mandarin books home. Oh my, haven't read Mandarin articles in a hard copy for a long long time. Hey, for those of u want to know bout my Taiwan trip, can read from my 1st day until final day. Books are the chicken soup for my soul. Ok, here is one of the books I hv read lately. By Amanda Zhang, called Huang Yu Ting Lei (黃魚聽雷) (Yellow Fish Listening To Thunder). I love her books, even do collection on that. This one is her first book about Foods. I finished the books in 2 days. Really great book. Recall back so many memories of mine. So, if u know how to read Chinese, this is a must not let go book. Strongly recommended. I like one of the phrase inside her book, "當我吃吃喝喝的時候,我總是快樂的。如果我不快樂,情願什麼也不吃,當我沒有進食的興致,便也失去了生之歡愉"。Yes, when fish fish is eating, she is a happy gal. ;)

Music: Fish fish wouldn't be able to survive without music. I love~ music. Wat a dull life will be without music. I used to listen to a lot of English songs in my high school. Swift to Japanese songs then. Then, changed to Mandarin songs. And now, I am not much updated to any music. I'm listening back to my old CDs that I bought here or brought from home. Ai yah~ must try to update myself with new music liao. The latest favorite of mine... by Spitz. A great single album called Masayume (正夢). A theme song of Fuji TV's drama Medaka. And the main actress inside, Mimura, is my new favorite actress. A smart gal!

Travelling... yes... this one definitely. Goin to new places, meeting people, eating new foods... Too long to talk, so better dun talk. Oh ya... one more... Dance. Especially sexy dance. :P

So, wat is ur ways in releasing stress? ;)


The final, but never the least in my dieting plan. Durability. Many people failed in their dieting because they gave up half way. The easiest time when one is giving up is during the stagnant time. U will start to wonder if ur weight wouldn't be goin down anymore. This kind of stage can continue for 1 week up to 2 months, depending on a person's body. Don't give up during this time! Just continue doing what u hv been doing. As long as u can pass thru this stage, ur weight will start to be going down again. I start to go into my stagnant period when I lost 8kg. Then took me 1 month to lose only 2 kg. However, during the month, I notice clear changes around my waist, limbs, hips and abdomen (The negative changing, :( my cup drops one size as well). Especially my waist and abdomen, was very surprised to see how big the changes can be done on me. Now, my weight went up 1kg. But that has been maintaining for 2 months. I dun put much efforts as much as I did for the 1st three months. But I am maintaining to do sports at least 3 times per week. So, though my weight didn't change much for months, I have a fitter body. Muscle line in my abdomen become clearer...

Ok, I will still be continuing my life style. Instead, next week I'm goin into another 2-month intense keeping fit (yap, I call it keep fit, cause my main purpose now is not losing wight, but with a fitter body). I am blessing myself to get another good strike. And I am blessing all of u out there who are working hard to lose weight or keep fit. It will change, if u believe and willing to do the changing.


Tomolo, new series... Kakak in Japan.

I'm off. ;)


At 12:50 AM, Blogger peanut butter said...

wait im confused, waht is the point of your posting? its cool and green.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Heee... welcome peanut butter. But ur Q are making me confuse. ;)

At 5:39 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hiya fishfish
i think one of the best way to keep going on a diet is to not think of the diet as a diet. If you know what I mean :p
once in a while indulgence is perfectly okay. hehe. It helps you to stay on the right track :) but hmmm, donuts for the whole day? are you really sure?

At 5:38 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Yap yap... i use 'keep fit' as the term now. ai yar~ the calendar lor... so hv to eat those donuts. But I'm not eating the normal donut, kind of hooked on 'crispy series'. :P

At 3:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what you called as PAIN?

At 11:09 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, your ta ker diet expert lah, I used to be a chubby pig. No donuts Fish Fish, ok just one.

Diet alone would not work, you need exercise, in addition to walking/jogging do some weight lifting, don't worry about getting bulky, you won't but you'll get tone up, unless you want to look like those Asian "skeletal" models with arms that lookd like sticks.

May be CNY2005 you can pose with Blackwidow for the Abs picture :)

At 7:15 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, I should have read part 1 -4 instead of Part 4 -1 before opening my big mouth. Good job on your diet articles. Do you monitor your heart rate during your exercise ?

At 5:38 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

cooknengr: Hee... it's ok. Yah...try to maintain my lifestyle in this way. I feel much more healthy now. Heee... abs pic with Da Jie... Err~~ with all the sports she is doing, I dun think mine is anything compare to hers. :P Sometimes I do monitor my heart rate. But not everytime. As my common sport is walking. But when I do stepclimber for 1 h, yah... I will monitor it.


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