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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hiking in Autumn (23 Nov 04) (Part 2)

Been busy non-stop after my lunch. Dealing 4 plates of 2D-PAGE. So glad now I have 2 hrs to relax before I start my next stage work. Kekeke... very abnormal this week fish fish is so rajin (hardworking). Well, simple, coz next week I have a report to do. And next next week I'll be in Kch. :P These 2 are the very good things to drive this fish speed up in her work. *shame shame*

Ok, back to my 2nd part for the Hiking in Autumn.

Our 2nd stop was in a rest house.

The staffs inside the house were so nice. I didn't know why, but we were served free food for tea time. I guessed this credit must have owed to the organisers. Thanx!!

:P This was what we had for tea time. Kekeke... if you were looking for afternoon tea and a nice piece of cake... Then, u are goin to be disappointed.

What we had were these very typical Japanese foods. The tamago yaki (卵焼き) (Japanese omelette) was so nicely done. I had one piece of that. Even though feel like having a second, not good to eat other people portion too. :P

So, what did fish fish do? She had so much of the takuan (沢庵) (yellow pickled radish). It was one of the best takuan fish fish had ever tried before. With a plain onigiri (rice cake)... Ar~ you bet it was one of the nicest tea time fish fish had ever had too. Not in term of the food, but the whole thing... your mood, the place...

However, I was not too much into the cucumber pickled with perilla. Never really my favorite on that actually.

We even had a chance to have a nice bowl of gobo miso shiru (burdock miso soup). Fantastic. With a very generous portion of mushroom, carrot and wakame inside too. Oh~ I love this soup. The nice smell of the gobo really enhance the umami of the miso. ;)

I was so full in the end. And yes, my energy was fully recharged for the 2nd half hiking. :D

The rest house had a very nice irori (囲炉裏), a traditional Japanese hearth that is constructed on the floor. I wish one day, I will have a chance to stay overnite in a house like this. It would be wonderful to eat fragrant rice cooked in caldron and charcoal fire. *dreaming*

Love this windbell and bamboo curtain outside. Make the shiny sun turned milder.

For sure the scenery view around the rest house was splendid. No concrete buildings will disturb your free like a bird mind.

It is very rare to see burning in an open area. Hmm... I wonder what purpose was that for.

Meet my buddy after the tea time. Dun know why, it kept following us. Suddenly, I just had the mood to race with it. Man~ this chubby thing, run really fast. Finally fish fish gave up. Kekeke... Everyone was saying it likes me... Haha... I guess I do attract animals more than men... Should I be happy or sad... *sigh*

I like this pic. The shadow of a mother and a daughter. These 2 lovely ladies were from Singapore. The daughter was an one-year exchange student. Man~ her Japanese was really good. What more, very tall and slender... *envy!!* See the chubby? So busy companying us one by one.

At the end, I think its territory has reached the boundary... coz it didn't walk with us anymore... But instead, it was standing at the junction to send each of us off. Ar~~ how I wish I can own such a cutie like this. :(

We then past thru a farming area. Geee... my first time to see how soybeans were being dry. Pretty work. Hmm... but why must on the paddy field ground? Interesting.

When almost finished 4/5 of our hiking trail... We reached a nice small famous temple. Named Kanimanji (蟹満寺). There was a lovely tale behind temple.

Just a very brief one. Long long time ago, there was this very kind hearted couple. They had a lovely daughter, who deeply religious in Buddhism. One day, when this young gal saw the village people were going to eat the crabs that were caught, she bought the crabs from them and released them.

After a while, one day, the father was working in the farm. Suddenly he saw a snake wanted to eat a frog. The father wanted to help the frog, so he said to the snake, "If you let it go, I will let you marry with my daughter." Somehow, the snake seemed to understand the saying, it let go the frog and disappeared in sudden.

The father quickly went home to tell the daughter about this, and how regretted he was for doing such a promise. That nite, a man came to the house, wanted to marry the daughter. However, the father asked the man to give them 3 days for the preparation of the marriage.

After 3 days, the man came again. But this time, the father closed the door tightly. The man got so angry, that it changed back into a big snake and banging at the door furiously. The couple were so scared. The young gal quickly recited her sutra. Then, the Goddess of Mercy appeared. "Your daughter has been very kind hearted, and she deeply believed in the existance of Buddha. Don't worry, I will have you to get thru this disaster. Then, the Goddess disappeared.

In a short while, the banging sound vanished. The next morning, outside the house, it was full of broken pieces of snake body and dead crabs. Therefore, to show the appreciation to the Goddess's help, they decided to build a temple to mourn for the death snake and crabs.

Today, this temple, because of the legend, was named Kanimanji.

Typical offertory box and big rope that tied to a wishing bell in Japanese temples.

Unlike Chinese, Japanese use white candles in temples.

These are the Jizo Buddhas (地蔵仏陀), guardian deities of children.

In country side, one-trail railways are very normal.

It was getting close to the evening. We past thru a rest station... Some local volenteers were making free amazake (甘酒) (a sweet drink made from fermented rice) for us. It tasted good. Sylvia love it... Ever since she tried that one, she has been mentioning to me a few times wanted to have amazake again. This drink actually kind of easy to make. Just buy sakekasu (酒粕) (sake lees), boiled with water and some ginger. When omost done, add in sugar... That's it, a very nice winter warming drink is ready.

Evening was the best time to appreciate the nice colour of red leaves.

It was getting darker, when we omost reached the station. See a small black dot in this pic? That was actually someone doing parachute. Kakkoii!! How I wish I can experience that in future.

The final river that we past. Different from the others, this one was very wide and deeper.

It was an exhausting day. But I believed everyone did has a good time as fish fish. Gosh~ the train was full with these foreigners' noisy sound. *blush* :D

Did u have a good time too from this post? ;)


At 11:49 PM, Blogger Ben said...

That hiking hut looks cool - I love that hearth!

At 12:39 AM, Blogger min said...

Hello fish fish!I love all the pictures!:):)

Do you have a store near you selling cute jap cartoon bowls, chopsticks and toys etc?You mind taking a pic of that too if you have the time that is..the range in s'pore is quite pitiful:(:(

At 1:52 AM, Blogger Thess said...

Hello there fishfish...I got here via Obachan's page

I like the leaves picture and the miso soup (one of my favorite soups)

and yes, I enjoyed this post! ^_^

I think I'll be visiting you again..have a nice day!

At 7:15 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish "... I guess I do attract animals more than men... Should I be happy or sad... *sigh*" Ai yah, so 悽慘. Fish Fish can attract cats loh, haven't you heard " 哪個貓兒不吃腥" :)

At 6:31 PM, Blogger mmulibra said...


Hehe, this blog got the least photos of food, not normal wor to see so little photos of food.. so how r u ? getting better?

At 8:24 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

BHR: Yap, you are right. I love the hearth too. :)

Min: Welcome! Thanks for dropping by. Ok, I'll keep that in mind. Next time if I go to one, will try to take pics of that. Both the high class and economical type. :) But you got to be patient for some time wor~

Thess: Hello Thess. Nice to see you here. Glad to hear that you like this post. Hey, I like your post too. The picture on the top and the side are unique. ;)

Cooknengr: Wei~ Da Ge, u ever heard 女人是猫? So if I attract cats, that means I attract women?? Yabai!! Kekeke...

mmulibra: Hello buddy, thanks, I'm on the road to recovery oledi. In fact, can say omost fully recovered liao. Kekeke... once a while not so much food to feed my readers... need time to digest ar~ :P Anyway, my Kakak in Japan is coming back soon... Wait till you see those foods~~~ Hey, how come you never post bout food in Nagoya? I'm curious... They said Nagoya chicken wing and kishimen is the best ler~

At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by :). Noel says hi to you too :)


At 11:49 PM, Blogger Acrix said...

Nice photos! I like the last entry as well :) Will wana try the amazake if possible:P

At 2:15 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Alvin: Hi Alvin~ Hi Noel~ Nice to see you 2 around. ;)

Acrix: Thanks. :) Hey, next time if I go to KL, will make one for you to try. ;)

At 2:20 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 3:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes fish fish, I enjoyed your posts very much, especially the photos of the traditional houses and beautiful countryside. :)


At 11:04 PM, Blogger G said...

fish fish ... thanks for yet another great photo blog! Nice to see the diff aspects of life in Japan through the eyes of a Msian :) Love your photos - they are so very clear ... may I know how many megapixel is your digicam set to? Thanks!

At 5:26 AM, Blogger min said...

fish fish,

I will be patient:D wahhh high end and low end~~

At 8:00 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Julia: Glad you like it. :)

G: No no no... should be through the eyes of fish fish. It doesn't represent the thinking of Malaysians in Japan. :P Btw, I'm using 5.0mp Olympus. Usually I set the mode to SQ1. Which one photo original size is about 750KB, then I resize them into 20KB before I put on my blog. :P I'm goin to print out the original size of the favorite photos I've taken then. How bout yours?

min: high end and low end? Fish Fish catch no ball ler~ Kekeke...

At 6:46 PM, Blogger G said...

Ah thanks fish fish ... 5.0mpx, cool :) Mine is as antique and outdated as me .. only a Fuji 2.4mpx, heh.

At 9:47 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hehehe.. but u still can take a good pic with that. Great! :)


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