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Friday, January 21, 2005

Kakak in Japan (Pt 10, Nov 3)

Ai yar~ Kakak in Japan has been mission in delay for a long time. Today, I'm goin to promise myself finish this series before I go back to Kuching. So, for these 2 weeks, you guy have to keep seeing fish fish mentioning Kakak, Kakak, Kakak... :P (Kakak means elder sister in Malay).

For those of you that dun know bout this series, can trackback for the series from Part 1 till Part 9.

Ok, here we go for the Part 10. ;)

Have been quite a few times I saw this shop. It is called Kaisendon Wakasemaya (海鮮丼 若狭家), a shop specialized in raw seafood rice. You can have 300 types of dishes in the menu. Well, fish fish would go in to try if she is an omnivor, too bad she's a herbivor fish. So out...

With a full stomach, we strolled around the shopping street Dotonbori 道頓堀. I wonder why the Japanese flags were put up here. Japanese usually only put the flags during special season. This pic was taken at another end of the street with less people walking around.

On this street, you will able to see people busy taking turn to take picture with this doll. He is a famous doll called Kuidaore (食い倒れ), meaning eat till you broke. A symbol in Osaka. There is a saying in Japan "Kyo no kidaore, Osaka no kuidaore" (京の着倒れ、大阪の食い倒れ) (Wear till you broke in Kyoto, eat till you broke in Osaka), showing how much the Kyoto people emphasized on good wearing and Osaka people on good eating in the old days. This Kuidaore have 8 floors. Frankly speaking, fish fish never tried the food in there yet, I think I'm goin to do that in one day.

Kakak with the Glico Neon at her back, the symbolic mark of Glico company, a very famous Japanese sweet company. My junior applied for job in the company this year... they only want one new employee in the research field... but there were 2000 applications for that. Scary huh! One of its most successful brand world wide is Pocky.

Here are the 2 "Limited in Kinki Area" products of Glico. The left one is Kobe Wine cream coated Pocky, and the right one is Green Tea Stick coated with Read Bean cream Pocky. These were the special Giant packs. One for 1050yen (RM38), with 24 sticks inside, each stick is 22cm long. My Kakak bought each one of this back home.

Kakak was amazed by the congested crowds in Shinsaibashi (心斎橋), a very famous shopping arcade in Osaka.

"Quick! Quick! I want... u show all those heads or not?!" Ai yor~ she got so excited with this. Fish Fish, in the other way round, would prefer it to be much much much less heads. :P

Since she got her 1st great karaoke experience in Jankara, she wanted me to bring her to sing again. Conincidencely, there was a newly opened Jankara there.

This new Jankara have the drink bar at the reception counter. U actually can started to take drink while you are still waiting for your turn to get your room.

After around 30 min waiting, we finally got our turn. This time, Kakak wanted to sing for 2 hrs. Ceh! Who was the one said "one hr enough liao" for the 1st time. Kekeke...

See the nice new corridor? The room was much better than the one in Kyoto too. New mar~ What more, it was all in DAM system. Good! I dun have to take time to tell them I want DAM.

Kakak was evil, before I could make my second key in for my song, she has oledi key in 5-6 songs in one go. Oh well, I can owez come again next time. As long as she was enjoying her time.

After the great karaoke time, I decided to bring her to Dotonbori to look for food. I was confused whether to bring her to crab meal in Kani Doraku(かに道楽) or fugu (河豚) (blowfish) meal in Ganko (がんこ). She chose to try fugu meal. And we ordered one Tecchiri Nabe (てっちり鍋) for her, and I ordered rice, tofu and vege tempura for myself.

>.<>:( Dumb dumb dumb!!! So guys, sorry, no pic for the review of this one. But I can tell you, Kakak was very very please with the meal. She loved the fugu. So, next time if you come to Japan, dun forget to try one as well... best time is during the winter.

So, this was the only pic I had inside the Ganko. Well, at least a pic of my Kakak... better than nothing.



At 4:05 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

How much does it cost for the fugu meal? Erm, since fish fish is herbivor so ur gona miss out lotsa nice foods :P

At 7:05 AM, Blogger Jasmine said...

Wah, fugu ah? That's banned in US. Don't trust the americans to make it right :P.

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

Great picturs of your sis! Hope she's having fun. Are you going back to Kuching permanently?

At 9:17 PM, Blogger Saffron said...

Fuiyo...fugu. Living dangerously eh? :) A friend of mine tried it once and he said he felt his limbs tingling all night and thought he was gonna die. Sensitive bugger, he's still alive today.

At 1:39 AM, Blogger Reid said...

Hi fish fish,

Looks like you two had a fun time. Did you both have fun singing? =P When you go to M'sia, are you only going to be in Kuching? I might be in Malacca for a day or two after CNY. I like fugu too. I need to have it next time I'm in Japan.

At 4:25 AM, Blogger mmulibra said...


Going back for CNY? I am planning to go back also, booked ticket for 25th Feb.

At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmp... you must not be a strict vegetarian (or should is say non meat eater?) cuz i realise you do eat food that contains meat product like the ramen that came with broth that was made with bones and some in some other post i realise you eat food that are made with meat but just remove it (i mean hey, it came with contact with meat!)
im assuming you're doing it for health reason and not for animal rights?

At 8:20 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Acrix: Ya lor~ I really miss out a lot of very nice food... especially when I am in the lab of Foods research. But, I dun feel sayang actually. ;) The fugu hotpot was for 1780yen, roughly RM66. With only four pieces of fugu inside. The other are assorted vege. :P Good experience for my sis though.

Jasmine: Don't worry bout eating fugu in Japan. Only those who hold the license for dealing with fugu can run the business. They are very strict on that. Next time come to Japan try ar~ ;)

Jonny: Thanks, my Kakak will be very happy if she hears this. :P I only go back for 2 weeks holidays, then will have to come back to get serious into my final year liao. *sigh*

Saffron: Where did your fren have the fugu? Kekeke... wow, I must ask my Kakak then if her limbs tingling too. :P My Kakak dun scare of dying one. She eats to live... So she hentam on everything. But hor... her stomach capacity actually not even my 1/3. *oops*

Reid: Yap yap, u must try it next time. Hey, next time you come to Japan, must call me to eat eat together ar~ This time, I'll be only stop by in Kota Kinabalu for a day, then just stay in Kuching for 2 weeks. Wouldn't got time for West Malaysia. Wish I can go... Melaka is a great place... so fish fish gonna wait for ur post bout the Melaka ball chicken rice, Nyonya Dish, Portugis grilled fish and satay celup then. ;) Ooooo~~~ fish fish crazy bout satay celup.

mmulibra: Yap, going back to eat like crazy for around 2 weeks. And definitely no dieting during that period. :P How long you plan to go back? By the time u come back, will be omost time for sakura oledi. ;)

Anon: Hello~ BINGO! I'm not doing vegetarianism for religion purposes though animal rights. Mainly for health purpose, which I found it suits me. I love animals very much... but with my family all non-vegetarians... and in Japan, hardly you can practice vegetarianism easily... it's not a wise idea for me to get stubborn with my practice. So, are you a strict vegetarian?

At 9:33 AM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. fish fish,
Looks like kakak had a ball of a time.. :) I myself love Osaka alot better than Tokyo.. but i thank you for showing me things that i've never experienced in osaka myself.. even though i've been there.. and was in tokyo for a long time.. but it's different.. when you lived there.. like you do.. you know all the goodies.. and thank you for sharing it .. :) the next time .. i'm in japan.. i'm gonna go like.. ahhhh.. this one.. fish fish talk about before.. or ate before.. or come here before with her kakak.. or friends.. ;)
Love your blog.. fish fish.. !

At 3:31 PM, Blogger guy said...

pocky pocky! me want pocky poacky!

At 8:13 PM, Blogger obachan said...

Hey, I miss Jankara so much! ; )

At 9:08 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Mrs Tweety: *Imagination* "Fish Fish ate this, Fish Fish came here, Fish Fish..." Kekeke... tat's lovely Mrs Tweety.

Guy: *Fish Fish with GIANT Pocky* Yum~ Yum~

Obachan: We must go again next time ar~ ;)


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