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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New Year 2nd Day


Last year, I bought my very 1st fukubukuro (福袋)(a grab bag; a “mystery package" during New Year that containing a variety of articles supposedly worth more in total than the purchase price) with Sylvia in Tokyo. I bought one too for Wai Wai and Sylvia bought one for Li Qing. It turned up both I bought for myself and Wai Wai got 'heart shape' whereas the one chose by Sylvia dun have. :P

This year, Sylvia and I decided to grab a better one in a more high class departmental store. We chose Takashimaya (高島屋) in Kyoto.

We reached there 10.10am. Just about the time the entrances opened. See the crowds waiting for the door to open? I wonder how early people started waiting that day.

Then the door opened in 5min time. Gosh! The crowd suddenly were moving very fast. I think Takashimaya opened all the entrances for that day. Even the place I was waiting got 5 entrances. Even though very crowded, still people kind of following the Q.

Sylvia and I finally get ourselves into the building. Staffs were lining up in 2 sides to greet customers that going upstair. See the blocking line? To avoid people from half-way slipped into the Q. Everywhere we heard the staffs shouting : "Welcome! Happy New Year! Good Morning!". If I work in these places, I guarantee in less than a day, I will loss all my voice.

We wanted to look for jewellery again this year. So, we just did our Fukubukuro hunting in this ground floor. See the crowd that oso looking for the same thing as we did?

I was thinking to buy one Made in Japan jewellery fukubukuro. I chose Noema. (Sorry, can't find its homepage.) Bought the 5000yen (RM180) one. Got 3000yen, 10000yen and 20000yen too.

As for Sylvia, she bought Michel Klein 10000yen Fukubukuro.

This is a pic of 'Elevator Gal'. In the high class deparmental in Japan, they usually hire pretty gals to operate the elevators. According to my fren, these gals actually oso being called OL (Office Lady), and the paying oso equal to OL. I'm not sure how true it is.

We didn't hv anything more to buy, so we decided to go to the base floor for food. :P

We saw this Midarashi dango (みだらし団子), very appealing. So we bought 1 set (5 sticks), 400yen. The sauce for normal taste very nice (left), black sugar one a bit too sweet (rite), get satiated easily... so so for the dango itself.

This Kobe Kitanosaka Kushikatsu (神戸 北野坂 串かつ) stall in the fresh food section oso attracted us.

People were like buying 10, 20 sticks... Sylvia and me? Each of us only bought 3 sticks. :P Katsu Katsu... eat katsu... can katsu... Kekeke... (the word Katsu actually oso means 'win' in Japanese). I like the Nagaimo (長芋)(Japanese yam) katsu. It was something new to me. Think next time I'll try to make one by myself. ;)

I get myself another 2 food fukubukuros.

The smallest one: Noema accessories. Medium: Foucher Paris chocolate and biscuits (1050yen). The biggest one: Senbei (煎餅) from forgot what brand. But the senbei fukubukuro was the hittest (1575yen). I managed to get the last one but I didn't know Sylvia wanted one as well... Only when she came to the counter than I knew, felt so guilty... Try to sell mine to her but she didn't want cause she said Fukubukuro is depended on luck. She said it was just not her luck to get it. Ok... better believe this. And fish fish will remember next time grab anything I want in 2 sets... so that when next time even if Sylvia didn't want, can put back oso not late. Kekeke...

We didn't see other Fukubukuro senbei anymore...

This was what I got inside the Noema Fukubukuro. It was a nice deal actually. 2 rings, 2 pairs of earrings and a necklace. Ai yar~ another 'heart shape' for this year... But how come fish fish never get a 'real heart' for herself?

Lunch in Lim's Place

Then, we rushed to Lim's place for a lunch. He invited us to go for steamboat. Haven't seen him for more than 1 year.

They oso prepared mee goreng (fried noodle).

And nasi goreng (fried rice). Ai yar~ Malaysian foods. :P I ate the noodle with a lot of chili sauce. Shiawase~

We oso had a very colourful Kimchi Miso Steamboat.


Lim's little baby, Koyuki (kekeke... the father named her 葉雪, literally means Leaf Snow, it seems like they tend to call her Koyuki... and she seems to recognise that name more). Goin be 1 yo in 18 Jan. Can oledi stand and walk. Smart gal.

Hmmm... must be having a sweet dream that time.

When omost the time for dessert. Koyuki woke up. Sylvia and me bought this Maroon Roll Cake. The cake itself was very good. But got alcohol inside, so Koyuki couldn't eat it. She can only take Mr. Donut that brought by David and his gf.

Housing estate where Lim is staying.

A few members went back earlier. So a group photo of leftover.

Left to right: Lim, Qing Yan (Lim's wife), Koyuki, David (from Taiwan. Another David from Malaysia went away early), Tutu (David's gf who is having holidays in Japan) and Sylvia.

All of us were quite surprised to see David bringing his gf. This guy ar... quiet quiet gave us a shock. But Tutu is a very sweet gal. Kekeke... David must hv been feeling very sweet inside his heart. :P

Tired day. But nice. At least a refreshment for me before I start my life in lab again. :(



At 5:14 AM, Blogger coolclare said...

haha same b'day as me also...like the name leaf snow...very gloomy...hehe

At 7:05 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, some day Fish Fish will fish out a fish with a big heart...then we'll have to take you out of the competition :)

At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, the mystery bag is a creative marketing gimmick. I kinda like the idea of buying a mystery gift for myself that is value-for-money as well. I wonder why is it that Takashimaya in S'pore doesn't sell fukubukuros?


At 5:47 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

coolclare: Hello~ welcome here. Just dropped by in your blog too. Nice. Will go back later. Now need rush to main campus. Hope to see you again here. :)

cooknengr: Kekeke... Da Ge... most likely you are going to be the 1st one that out of the competition. :P Fish Fish very tahan lasak when come to 'competition'. ;)

Julia: My Taiwanese fren told me they hv this in the Japanese departmental stores in Taipei. Hmm... maybe the Japanese depato (short term for departmental store) in Singapore and Malaysia should consider the fukubukuro there too. It will be a boom I believe. :P

At 10:02 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hey fishfish
Sorry havent had time to read your post ar. Can only look at pics. I like the necklace! The Japanese duty-free store in Sydney has fukubukuro too but a little too expensive for me to buy :p

The departo actually dont mind you taking photos in there? Last time I was in Taiwan, I was trying to take the interior design and architecture of the 101 Tower but the security approached on my first pics and told me to stop and deleted the photos. Aiya. Ever since then I get very scared of taking photos of restaurants, shops etc....

Koyuki is kawaii~ Koyuki means "little snow" right?

Okie. I am going to go look at the rest of the post i have missed. Unfortunately I only have time for pics :( gomene~

At 10:04 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

oh forgot to mention, Australia also have similar thing like fukubukuro. They call it lucky dip. I havent seen it in big department store though. Saw them at some of the fashion stores (not chained one) and smaller shops. ;-)

At 12:29 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Dear Pinkcocoa... busy busy for the starting of a new year ar~ Heee... fish fish oso just look at pics only when got not enough time. No problem dear... no need to gomen. ;)

There was one time I took the pic in depato... then a senior staff came to me ask me what I want to do with the pic... what is my purpose... Kekeke... I told him... for my blog.

"Help you to do free promotion. Do you want the url? I can give you, but it is in English." I said.

"..." The man.

Anyway, ever since then, whenever I took pics in depato or anywhere else, I'll ask first...

"May I take pics please?"
Usually the answer would be yes after they know I actually wanted to put on the internet. :P

So next time just tell then you want to make free promotion for them... Ganbatte! ;)

Yap, koyuki... little snow.

Lucky dip? Hmm... is it for special season or in random?

At 3:49 AM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey... Fish, fish.. :)
Your post makes me think back about all the food i had ..and was able to get.. when i was back home.. like in Daimaru.. and in Tokyo.. Takashimaya.. and of course on most streets in tokyo. How i envy you ... !! Where i am.. nothing that interesting at all.. :(
So sad hor..??!!??

At 5:16 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Dear Mrs Tweety, well... one thing I envy bout you the most, you have ur family be with you all the time. And fish fish... hv to fight alone here ler... Heee... think it is human nature to envy on what people hv that we don't. ;)

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Great photos fishfish. I had no idea about fukubukuro and I guess most Western tourists wouldn't have any idea either!

There are some stories in Sydney which have lucky dip bags but think they are more gimmicky things for children/young teenagers.

I really liked your photos in the food halls. Mmm... fond memories. I took a lot of photos one day in Osaka Hankyuu depaato (I think?!?) and then security stopped us and said photos weren't allowed... so then we started taking some secretly :) Sometimes we would ask though, and yes, there were usually quite happy to comply.

At 11:35 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

AugGloop: Heee... fish fish never been to Osaka Hankyu depato actually before. Past by many times, but never went inside. But I love the underground food section of Japanese depato. So many fun I can hv. Kekeke... I wonder the banning of photographing, was it becoz scare 'spy'??


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