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Monday, January 03, 2005

Update of Sumatera Offshore Earthquake

Latest Update : The death toll from Malaysia to East Africa has climbed to nearly 155,000. Tens of thousands are still missing. The numbers are still increasing. It was said to rebuilt the damages, at least 5-10 years are needed. History cannot be rewritten. What the countries really need now are our help...

The estimated number of victims died have reached 25000 people (14:00, 28 Dec). And the number is increasing. The vice president of Indonesia announced the number of deads in the country itself will be more than 21000 people. And Sri Lanka also predicted the number will exceed 20000 people. If the situation was as predicted, the total number of victims will be more than 40000 people!!

It was really sad to know bout this fact. But even more sad that most of us can't do much. But, there is at least something that each of us can contribute at least. While we are thinking of celebrating a good New Year, why dun we donate according to our ability to help these countries as well. Each contribution might be a small number, but if everyone is willing to do that, it will become a very large sum for helping these people.

Call for donation have started around the world, I believe.

Doing donation in Japan

Japan Red Cross Society (日本赤十字社) have started the call for donation. The information is as below.

In English:

- Period: From 2004 Dec 28 (Tuesday) until 2005 Jan 31 (Monday)
- Method : Post Transfer
Name of Account : 日本赤十字社 (Japan Red Cross Society)
Number of Account : 00110-2-5606

In Japanese:

◆受付期間 平成16年12月28日(火)から平成17年1月31日(月)
◆受付方法 郵便振替 
 口座名義 日本赤十字社 
 口座番号 00110―2-5606


Doing donation in America

For those in America, you can do donation through American Red Cross.

For the moment, I am not sure how to do donation easily from each country. Therefore, I deeply appreciate if those of you who know how to do donation from other countries, please tell me the link, and I'll update them here. And please do link the 2 donation sites I put above on your blog if possible. One more person help to call for the donation, will be one more contribution to help these people. I thank you very very much for this.

p/s: Latest update, just got a comment from Santos. TQVM for this useful link for the donation. So, who ever would like to do donation in various forms, please go to Tsunami Help.

Japan, as the Kingdom of Earthquake, have really been working hard to find a better way to deal with earthquake. They know human can never stop earthquake from happening, but they believe human can predict when earthquake will happen and take all the necessary steps to minimize the lost of lifes and properties during the earthquake. e-PISCO, is a NPO that tries to avoid the danger of earthquake by exchanging information of their laboratory and citizens. Please go to the site if you want to know the Law of Prediction of the Earhquake Danger, How to Predict an Earthquake Danger and What is Atmospheric Ion. In fact, the earthquake experts in Japan have the confidence in coming years, earthquake can be predicted 100% accurate. This is something really good news.

When I saw the updating news, I felt worry to see many of the people actually don't know how to recognize the dangerous of earthquake. I am not an expert about earthquake, but I would like to share what I know about earthquake with you all here. In Japan, it is not earthquake that worry them the most, but the upcoming tsunami (津波) and fire breaks out (火事). As these are the two that cause most of the dead numbers in Japan due to earthquake. If u have any question bout earthquake, can refer to this FAQ site. Aftershocks (余震), do not equal to tsunami. I need to state this cause I saw in the news that people in the victim countries tend to get very panic whenever aftershock happened. They thought it means tsunami. Sometimes, after a serious earthquake, there might be up to hundred times aftershocks. It is ok as long as the aftershock did not cause tsunami and fire breaks out. In Japan, whenever there is an earthquake, the news will be immediately be reported to let people know whether there is going to be any tsunami and aftershocks happening, so that the people know when is the time they need to escape. It would be very nice if this kind of announcement can be practiced by the other earthquake countries.

I deeply hope that the countries around India Ocean can build up an Eartquake Warning System soon to inform each other once there is a tsunami happens because of the earthquake. It is really sad to think back, if there is such a system, there wouldn't be so many sacrificed in this time earthquake...


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