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Monday, February 21, 2005

2nd day in Kuching (Feb 6)

Hai~ Hai~ everyone,

Fish Fish back to Kyoto yesterday, and today back to lab life as usual again. Meaning that, my blog is going to be active as usual everday again. I came back with a total loss in my voice. Can't even cough properly. This is what you get if you try to stuck everything into your mouth in 2 weeks time. But no regret. :P For these coming weeks, I'm going to do a series reporting the foods and stuffs I have done in Kuching. Including the Chinese New Year series.

Old 3rd Mile Market

For my 2nd day back to Kuching, mum have dragged me to go to 3rd mile market with her. It has been an active area since my grandpa time. Today, it still as active as before, with a lot of modification in it.

This fresh market in the area is my mum every week must go place. As you can see here, the front part of the ground floor is veggies, fruits, fishes and chicken session. The veggie session used to be on the 1st floor. They have moved down, according to my mum. Now, the 1st floor is the place for selling hawker stall foods.

Outside, you can see many stalls selling fresh materials for indigenous foods. Mostly are vegetables.

At the back part of the ground floor, you will see many stalls selling pork. Any kind. You name it, they got it. The owner of the stall that my mum owez buying from... is a very rich taukeh. He earn big house and mercedes from selling pork. He is not the only example, I know a lot of hawker stalls taukeh that do earn big house and expensive car from their stalls.

On one corner of the pork area, you will see one lady selling red chicken wings. See the pic? Well, it looks much red in the pic. In reality, it's not so red. Don't be scared by the red colour... You will know how good taste it is once you have a bite on it. This stall oso sell char siew and crispy pork block. During weekends, the stall sell off all her products very fast.

In the front part of the ground floor, u will find another lady selling apan balik. My old time favorite. The owner of this stall is my neighbour. She has been selling this for a few years. I was really lucky that day, as it was the last one left. Mum wanted to by a few oso dun have anymore. While I was waiting for my apan balik to be ready, a few customers came and went away disappointedly. Kekeke... They ask auntie, "Why didn't u prepare more??" She did indeed, very big bucket, but how would she know that day was such a good selling.

Dang Dang!! My special apan balik by auntie. It was a treat from her. She made it super thin with a lot of peanut and butter for me. She knows my taste. I ate it on the spot regardless of how heaty this can be. (Now you all know why I turned up to be a silent fish back in Kyoto). :P

The taste was fabulous as owez. With a thin and crunchy layer wrapping the melting filling. Once you bite on it, all the flavour will blend so well when you chew on them slowly. Mmmm~~ my saliva coming out now even by only thinking about it.

After my mum did her fresh foods shopping, we went to Kim You Li (金有利) coffee shop, for my favorite delicacy.

See the signboard of the coffee shop? This is a common look of coffee shops in Kuching. 2 sides of the coffee shop's name owez have beer advertisement. For this one, Tiger beer, is a very common beer consume by Kuching people.

Bert bert (my little cousin) ordered a claypot noodle. I like the claypot noodle in this shop. Nicely done. The owner told us that the secret for this claypot was the noodle itself. She requires a good quality fried noodle supplier. Fish Fish oso like the soup, just to the right taste. Another good thing about claypot noodle is you can have a hot soup till the end.

However, my main purpose to this coffee shop was for this stall. It is called Ping Xiang Kueh Chap (品香粿汁).

See this bowl of black soup with many different stuffs? This is called Kueh Chap. A local delicacy well known by Kuching people. It actually use pork meat and internal organs to cook the soup base. Instead of noodle or beehoon, kueh chap, a kind of flat white pasta made from rice was used. A good bowl of Kueh Chap is not easy to prepare, as it is a great deal of process to get rid off the pork internal smell. This stall has a good one, no smelly taste. But sometimes the soup can be a bit too salty for fish fish.

I owez ordered a meatless version. With a lot of deep fried tofu and boiled egg. It was a good one on that day, the saltiness was just to the right level. Ah~~ I really miss Kueh Chap so much... so you can imagine how enjoyable I was when eating this bowl of blackie. Chou shiawase~~ It was for RM3.50.

Mum ordered a special one with a lot of intestines. This one was for RM4.

Later, we went to Hong Yuan (宏遠) at Ellis Road to do some Chinese New Year shopping.

Usually, this shop deals only bulky selling. During CNY time, it will sell CNY stuffs to public. It is a hot spot for getting CNY stuffs.

Inside the shop, it is decorated with CNY elements. We get 2 big bucket of stuffs from there.

Mum's cooking

That evening, mum cooked 2 of my favorite dishes as dinner.

One was stir fry kacang panjang (long bean) with ikan bilis. I love long bean, been really thinking bout it so much in Japan. Can't find this at all here in Japan. The sweetness of this kacang panjang was just irresistable for fish fish.

In the fresh market, mum oso bought 2 big bunches of sweet yum stem. One bunch like this only for RM1. Be aware, dun buy a wild one, as it will make your throat very itchy. Now... how many of you know what kind of yummy food it can turn into? Eddie was thinking this was feed for pigs, until he tried one himself. :P

It turned up to be something like this. You dun need to add in msg nor sugar... the sweetness of this sweet yam stem is adequate to put people in doubt bout it sweetness. Fish Fish wish she can finish this big plate by herself... The stem itself was very soft. All the soupy gravy was from the stem itself. Mum didn't add water in it. It is like once you start, it is hard for you to stop...

Mum made 3 times of this dish for me during my stay in Kuching. Thanks mummy! You are the greatest!!


At 8:10 PM, Blogger MunKit said...

wohwah.. i like the kueh chap!! :) will definitely have to eat it

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Julia said...

The apan balik looks really good! We have something almost similiar here, but it's thicker, more like a pancake, so the crust is slightly crispy and inside is soft and chewy. We call it "mee chian kueh".

At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, I didn't taste aban balik on my last trip.. aiya!! -blackwidow

At 12:04 AM, Blogger min said...

blackie is shiokie!

At 4:12 AM, Blogger mmulibra said...

Hi FF,

I am back at KL :-)

Enjoying the foods also like you haha

Kuching market still look the same 5 years ago when I was there. Can even remember where they sell the dry fishes (ikan masin) hehe

At 4:12 AM, Blogger timun said...

wah..kueh chap....haha..i eat 1 is wif duck meat..but i believe put wat also nice to eat 1 lar...ahah..one of my favourite food...hehe...

p/s:hi fish fish..how's life??glad u dropped in my blog...very kan tong...haah...sorry for past few weeks i being a lil busy..so didn visit ur blog..:D....

At 6:42 AM, Blogger ~AnGeL~ said...

hihi... i am HOME.. eating eating.. n guess what??!! yee sang was the first food i ate, followed by seafood.. ahaha love the food... m enjoying it.. but will regret when i go back to japan... and it is so HOT here.. itchy, sweaty, sticky...but it is what i call HOME!! :)

At 9:09 AM, Blogger Saffron said...

Wor, your mee looks nice ler. Now a bit hungry liao tim, tak syok la.

*grumble grumble*

At 2:43 PM, Blogger guy said...

:O i know that shop!i eat the same vege kuey chap there too! and the mee jawa and laksa.

everything still looks the same.lol.

At 8:12 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. Fish fish,
Glad to hear that you are back in Kyoto safely.. :) Betcha miss meow meow land already..??? But donch worry.. you are nearer to home .. than i am.. :)
I miss the wet markets.. over here in Yarmouth.. we donch have wet market..! so sayang..! i like being able to point to stuff.. and buy them.. exactly the way i want them.. and exactly the way i want them to cut it...right..??
The food look so good... and so cheap..!!! unbelieveable..!!!! tat's wat i miss most... the convenience to ta pow food immediately... and the cheapyness.. !! Can't wait to go home soon.. :)

At 9:12 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

munkit : kekeke... you must. ;)

julia : I think I've heard this term before from my Perak fren, but I've never tried one. Maybe you can post one for me next time. :)

blackwidow : Your time schedule too tight... I only had once only too. Wish I have eaten more. :(

min : Kekeke... totally agree.

mmulibra : Good memory har~ Actually Kuching not much changing, except some of the roads. You enjoy yourself there ar~ But do drink a lot of water and rest. Wish I'm still at home now. :(

timun : no problem... me oso were busy for the past 2 weeks. Hey... I told you I like the music in ur blog rite? ;) Btw, I never heard Kueh Chap with duck... where did u had it?

~angel~ : Good lar gal~ what more 1 bulan... Jelosnya aku. Hey, enjoy your time ok. Eating and shopping and sleep well well at home. Kekeke...

saffron : Oops... did you had a nice bowl of mee after that?

guy : o_O They got mee jawa?? How come I dun know... Hmmm, must try next time. If only you inform fish fish earlier bout this.

mrs T : Yes, I miss meow meow land oledi. Time too short tis time. Wish I am made decision to stay longer at home. *sigh* Hey, here is the answer for your Q, hope u r able to read it here. It is "Adamu" with the Katakana is "アダム". Let me know if you still can't read ok. :)

At 9:20 PM, Blogger timun said...

oo..yeah..u told me b4..:D....btw...i had the keuy chap wif duck in penang....coz i'm a penangite:D

At 4:15 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hiya ff
Your post is making me homesick....*sob sob*

At 8:03 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

timun : ok, next time I'll remember to put in the list to try next time I go to penang. ;)

pinkcocoa : Hey dear, when will be the next time you goin back to Brunei? My uncle stays there, I went there once, a lot of yummilicious as well. Hey, are you studying in Aus?


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