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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

CNY Eve's Eve (Feb 7, Pt 2)

After lunch, Lina (my brother's wife) suddenly came home with 2 of my favorite yum yum. Her eldest sister gave it to us.

This, in Hakka, we call it Fat Pan (meaning "expanding bun"). I love this thing. It usually is formed into 2 colours, white and pink. Commonly, some Malaysian Chinese use it for worshipping gods or ancestors. Kekeke... and when I was young, I owez waited for my mum to finish the ceremony as fast so that after our ancestors have their meal, I can just get one, clean off the joss stick ash that drop on the surface and started to munch and munch on this slightly sweet, very fluffy and yet munchy bun.

I turned up to eat 2 that day even after my lunch. *yabai'''*

Lina oso brought back a very big pot of Mei Chai Zhu Rou (梅菜猪肉). Pork that cook in long hour with a kind of salted vege. This, was another regular favorite of mine when I was in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Inside UKM campus, you only mostly have halal food (I believe all the local uni only provide halal food), and they like to cook everything with santan, including green green veggie. So, frequently, like after having campus meals for a week, even by only hearing its name would make you wanted to vomit. This was the time when all the Chinese yummilicious would come to your mind.

Luckily, outside the UKM campus, there were 3 Chinese stalls selling economic rice. Economic in sense of money and time. If you are more rajin, u can go further to have another Chinese stall. For a 3 dishes plus 1 rice of economic rice pack, with RM2.20 per pack, at least 4 days per week I would asked for Mei Chai (the vege) without the Zhu Rou (the pork). :P If I chose to eat at the stall that further away, whereby you could top the amount of food by yourself, I even sometimes just have Mei Chai rice.

This is how I do. First, get the Mei Chai until it covers the whole rice. Then scoop the soup of the Mei Chai until the whole things drown inside the soup. Kekeke... my frens owez said, "Eh sakana, your plate is enough for the fish to swim oledi u know?" (Cheh! I'm oso a fish ler, need a lot of water.)

Mummy knows I love Kueh Momo very very much. Somehow, we didn't have it this year. So, she tried to get one from the market. Ar~~~ very disappointedly, this momo tasted lousy. After putting one ball into my mouth, I decided just to forget bout it. What more, our visiting to other houses this year seem like lack of momo too. Momo~ momo~~ I need you. I didn't have you this year, you know? *sob sob*

Meeting Min Fui

That evening, I went out with my longest time gal fren - Min Fui. We have been fren since primary one. She is now a primary teacher. Stupid fish, forgot to take her pic. A very sweet gal. Not like me, noisy noisy fish. Kekeke... amazing to think how she can be fren with me until now.

She wouldn't be celebrating CNY this year, as her father past away mid last year. She decided to go to Marudi to pass her CNY instead. She used to be a primary school teacher there until last year she finally succeeded to apply back to Kuching. Min Fui was goin to meet her frens in Marudi the next day, one of her fren decided to become a nun. So, I asked her out that nite for a dinner before her departure.

We went to Huang Shang Huang (皇上皇) coffee shop, which is nearby the new audi showroom around 3rd mile area. Both of us ordered ice peppermint melon tea.

And I ordered one fried vegetarian beehoon for 2 people from Xiao Ping auntie's stall.

The 2 gals just sip sip peppermint, munch munch beehoon and blah blah on all sorts of things. Have been a long time I didn't gather with her like this. Our meetings for the past few years have owez been a very rush one. But now she is back to Kuching, I know next time if I go back to Kuching, where can I look for her oledi.

See you again next time dear~ Take care.


At 8:50 PM, Blogger MunKit said...

i don take pork.. but i like mui choi.. so my mom always cooks mui choi chicken.. it's nice though.. and fantastic if you add some dry chili in it.. yummy :)

At 9:25 PM, Blogger Saffron said...

Heheh, I love kao yuk, the best part's the fatty bits, but the most I can handle is half fat half lean. Granny likes to remind me that animal fat (esp pork) is very bad for health, but hey, at least it's not deep fried. *grins*

At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello there fish fish :) thanks for dropping by my site and come back soon. Your site makes me so hungry and I've just eaten lunch!! NooooooOOoooooOOo! *laughs*

At 11:00 PM, Blogger Wilson said...

Hi Fish Fish, how r u? em..i was wondering why u call ur self fishfish? it is ur chinese name got "yu" inside?

At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to know that you are Hakka too. I used to live in 3rd mile back in the late 80s, that was before all these new shop lots and the caged-in hawker center.. The kueh chap stand was a typical morning scene, on my push bike ride to school. I enjoy your conversational style of writing and will be checking in soon!!


At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Julia said...

Hey fish fish, I like those white and pink steamed buns too. My mom used to buy these and they came with an orange-colored sugar dip. Yummy! But it's getting harder to find them these days. And they don't taste as good too.

At 12:01 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. FF,
I never like the Fat Pan and i donch know why either.. :(
I love .. mui choy.. my favourite.. but like you .. i donch eat the pork.. unless it's super lean.. :) And donch get me wrong.. it's not because of health reason.. i just find it gross to eat the fatty white part.. heh!! but that's just me.. i know of ppl who swears by the fatty white part.. :)
How does the kueh momo taste like..?? i donch think i ever had them either.. :(
As for your friend Min Fui, i'm glad you managed to play catch up with her.. :) Friends are so important.. and they make our life so colorful .. donch you think..?? Cheerio..!

At 6:32 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

munkit : Oh, mui choi chicken. I've never had that one. But mui choi duck very very nice too. Anyway, I only take the mui choi, so cook with any type of meat is ok with me. :P

saffron : Kekeke... my Kakak would be happy to hear someone to share the same like as her. But she can eat the kao yuk quite a lot. Hey did u know some mui choi pork, they deep fried the pork 1st before doing the dish so that the pork taste much better. ;)

-ms jumbled mind- : Thanks for dropping by too. :) Sure I will go to your site again. Heee...

Wilson : Bingo! Yap, my middle name is same sound as Yu... so frens called me Yu Hui... slowly it is evoluted become fish fish, ikan ikan, yu yu and sakana. *myak!*

Fish-Eater : Oh! Shi Kar Yin ar~ Hakka from Kuching... Kekeke, hope next time we got chance to speak in Hakka then. ;) Where are you staying now? Hey, those scenes you said was really an old time one. :) Old but nice.

Julia : Oh, Kuching still can get some good one actually. But here, we just eat like that, without the orange sugar. I had orange sugar in a restaurant before, when we ate with steamed bun with red bean paste when I was in secondary school. Do you know what kind of sugar is that?

Mrs T : Kekeke... you quite choosy in your food huh. ;) Btw, kueh momo is a biscuit look like small yellowish ball. Once you put in your mouth, a good one will just melt without even you have to munch on it. The outer part of the ball sometimes coated with powdered sugar.

At 10:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No kidding!! Shi Kar Yin. "mui choi kou yu" is as Hakka as "yon tofu", although chicken mui choi is definitely a variation, a recent one. My grandparents' specialty is "een hong (five spice)bean curb roll". Now that I live in Northern California, I do try to reproduce those Hakka dishes from memory once in a while. Interestingly, I do get more sense of satisfaction preparing Malay dishes, such as Mee Rembus with some degree of success. For some reasons ,this dish is not popular.

Chi Kar Yin (previously Fish-Eater)

At 12:39 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Chi Kar Yin aka Fish-Eater : Kekeke... I like mee rebus... maybe next time I should go to Northern California to try one of yours. ;)

At 6:05 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

Kuih mor!!!!!!!! I want kuih Mor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sob sob sob* It's my favourite of all favourite for CNY food. >.<

I didnt get to eat fatt pan this year ar. Was thinking of making it myself (first time of course) but then got lazy. :p I like the pink one. hehe

At 11:03 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Pinkcocoa : *sob sob* Fish Fish oso feel very sayang didn't have a good kueh momo. Hey, u know how to make fat pan ar? Difficult or not?

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Hi, I was wondering if you would have the recipe for kuih momo? I'm currently stuck here in Perth and am dying to bake those yummy kuih momo for Chinese New Year. Help!


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