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Sunday, February 06, 2005

One day in Kota Kinabalu (Pt 1, Feb 4)

Omataseshimashita! Finally, Fish Fish 1st pics post from Malaysia. :P Report bout my 1 day trip in KK. ;) There will be 2 posts for this one. Then the following up will be all from Kuching. Ah ha!

MH51, the flight that brought me from Osaka to Kota Kinabalu. Departed from Osaka 1130 on 4th Feb.

This was the vegetarian lunch that I had on the flight. Requested earlier for the food and the seat when I booked my ticket. Well, this was not a bad one. Especially like the tofu egg steak. Nicely done. Ok... I was hungry that time. :P

I love the entertainment system in this flight. It was the 1st time I experienced a personal entertainment system. Meaning that I have more than 10 movies to choose... I can watch any of them by doing pause, fast forwarding, rewinding blah blah blah... Not even to mention bout music entertainment. Oso got many games for you to play.

I watched 2 movies in the flight.

1st, Taxi from America. I've watched Taxi 1 and 2 from France, and I love both of them. This time, the American 'Taxi' were using hot chicks as main casts. I like the main actress... she was very cool~ And the 4 hot Brazillian bank robbers... Mmm~~ even gals would like to see figures like that. Kekeke... see the above pic for the proof. :P

The next one I watched was Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow. This was another nice movies. Ok... I like action movies. Anything connected with speed or fiction can really thrill me.

On the way, the flight flew thru the Philippines.

Then the blue lagoon islands around the Sabah... It was very pretty to see from the top. Hmm~~ how I wish I can go to one of them by myself that time. (Ok... I m a fish that can't swim... in fact, I was nearly drown 3 times when I was young... but still I love beautiful and clean sea...)

Finally... the captain told us Mount Kinabalu was on the left. Man~~ so glad I was on the left side that time. It was amazing to see Mount Kinabalu for the first time... I have owez wanted to climb up to the top. After seeing it with my own eyes, I told myself, I'm going to do that when I graduated.

Reached KK International Airport around 1600. My cousin, Andy came to fetch me. He rented a car for one day. A small Kancil with manual gear. One day for RM60. I drove the car... he be my direction guide.

We found an apartment style hotel called Hotel Promenade. For a twin bed, with kitchen and bathroom... it was RM78. Reasonable prize. Just tat a bit old. But good enough to have a comfortable sleep.

See the kitchen? We didn't use it actually. The left side guy is my cousin, Andy. A very quiet and shy boy.

After we had a short break, Andy brought me to a Philippino Market.

The market has a lot of stalls selling seafoods.

These were the ready to choose choices. Kekeke... I became the focus when I started to click my cam button here and there. But all very coorperative... They even asked me to take some of the pics on the food of their stalls. :P I must have been treated like an alien there. *blush*

Grilling fresh fish...

Oso, many people were busy buying 'economic rice' for dinner.

It seemed like a common trend to sell grilled chicken wings like this in KK. Uurrgghh~ a bit too burnt, don't you all think so?

This market was just beside the sea. The sunset scene was not bad from here.

It was fun to see the market. But it was a bit too dirty and smelly... I didn't buy anything from the market due to hygiene conciousness.

Except this rambutan.

Andy bought 1kg for me. Only for RM2. The owner let me choose the one that I wanted. :P But I only had 1 rambutan only... no time to eat. The other... I let Andy eat them slowly. Sorry ar~ Andy... really wanted to eat, but then can't have too many... too heaty.

The market was actually have a lot of cheap vegetables and fruits to buy. Visiting this place actually remind me of Sunday Market so much. Must do one post for that when my stay in Kuching then.

One interesting thing I found selling here was the banana buds. Never seen in Kuching with so many and big one at one go. Even for Andy, it was the first time he saw it in KK. I've never eaten banana flowers actually, wonder how would it taste.

These are called the terap by the local. I'm not sure what do we call it in English. A very sweet yellowish or whitish fruit inside. But very heaty too if you eat a lot.

We then headed to Universiti Malaysia Sabah(UMS), the place where Andy is studying now.

He introduced me this chained bakery shop called Multi Bake. He likes this bakery shop. Got a lot of branched in KK. I tried a few things from there. A treat by Andy. The garlic bread was good. But somehow I felt thirsty after the bread. I guess UMSers should be very familiar with this shop. :)

Andy bought a big bottle of water for me then from this place. Another common chained supermarket in KK, called Likas Mart. This one was just beside the Multi Back. Andy told me this Likas Mart is just something like Everise in Kuching.

Tomorrow... I'm going to bring you all to see the nite time UMS.

Meanwhile, hope you enjoyed the first post from Malaysia.



At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi fish fish,
I have been reading and enjoying your blog. Thought I should come out and drop a note to wish you and your family Happy Chinese New Year! Enjoy your trip back home and look forward to reading your adventures.


At 1:18 AM, Blogger mmulibra said...


Been to KK for 4 times, most of the time stayed at Hyatt KK, it's very near to the Philippino market. But it's very near to the sea, will be terrible if there is a tsunami. Aiya.. dun think of bad things for CNY hor..

Aiya how come u didnt post the food that you are eating. Should show a photo also :-)

At 4:07 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

Iz the Mas airplane an airbus or boeing? I've never been to Sabah but definitely it would be something like that as Sarawak rite? Mt Kinabalu looks so majestic :P

The apartment is near the town center or outside the town area? It looks very nice and gret for those on a budget :P Will wana visit Sabah one day! If i;m not mistaken it took abt 5 hrs or so driving from BSB to Sabah :)

At 5:50 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, banan flower bud taste : Siap Siap one.

At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi fish fish, I enjoyed your first KK post very much! Those pink fish that were neatly laid out on the frill have very big eyes leh...Anyway, keep those posts coming! :)


At 8:16 AM, Blogger ~AnGeL~ said...

hey hey... enjoying CNY?? they changed the MAS flights from osaka to M'sia right. it is a larger plane now hor.. 772?? i want rambutan...

At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like taxi 1 and 2 as well. you should watch taxi 3!
mmmmm... foooodddd....


At 2:52 PM, Blogger xes said...

wah fishfish, posting pictures of airplane food! turning into sixthseal already! hehe

At 3:12 PM, Blogger guy said...

the thing that got me hungry was those big cuttlefish. if i remember correctly, they used to put stuffing inside so when you bite it, its a mixture of chewy cuttlefish skin with soft fillings inside.
try it fish fish but just be careful.it may squirt out and make a mess out of yourself.

At 3:59 PM, Blogger ting-aling said...

Hello Fish Fish..KK seems to be a lot like the Philippines..I didn't know you cross the Philippines to get there.

At 4:45 PM, Blogger Wena said...

hey hon! u going to cookengr bash this saturday? else, we can meet up somewhere ;)

At 5:35 PM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

All the food and fruit looks soooo delicious. Very jealous. Please send some food packages to Jonny Angel. ;-)

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Yummy photos. And good on you for taking a pic of your inflight meal. Sometimes I get too embarassed--esp. when you are flying alone and you have strangers either side of you!

Funny, when I saw those chicken wings I thought YUM... such good caramelisation! I love burnt chicken wings. That way you can crunch all the bones on the wing tip. Ok, maybe it's just me...

At 8:17 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Shirley : Hello dear... Happy Rooster Year to you and your family too. :) Hey, you know what, ur name is same as my Kakak. ;)

mmulibra : I was too hungry that time, forgot to take the bread pic. But hey, my next post will be a lot of foods that I've eaten. :P Get ready to be homesick oledi or not?

Acrix : Think it should be boeing. Not so sure. Hey, Kuching is kind of different from KK. Next time you go to judge the 2 places for yourself ar~ The hotel was in town. Just besides the Pacific Ngiu Kee... BSB is Bandar Seri Begawan is it? U from there??

cooknengr : Siap Siap one ar? Then it might not fix my taste then.

Julia : Thanks dear. Hey, big eyes fish quite common in Malaysia. I think my mum used to cook this fish... either steam or used ginger and soysauce. Very nice.

~Angel~ : I've no idea what model was it. Should check. But the seats are more comfortable now. This time didn't get a backache. :P I didn't dare to eat so much rambutan.. takut nanti sorethroat.

winterx : Taxi 3?? Eeee... I want!!

xes : Hey... I've done this since few year ago. See my Taiwan trip for proof ler~

guy : Oh~ that's a good info. Sound like the meshiika in Japan. Hey, is the inner filling rice or what? I can't eat seafood ler~

ting-aling : Yap, the plane crossed the Philippines to get there. It was very pretty to see from the plane. Must go there one day. Sabah has many Philippinos.

Wena : Yap... I'm going there. We meet up there. See you then. :) Please say Happy Chinese New Year to your granny for me, ok? Thanks. Happy CNY to you and your family too. :)

Jonny : Kekeke... tropical fruits are the best for tropical fish. :P Hey... I will post all those food packages in Kuishinbo~Meow~ ;)

AugustusGloop : Actually many people like the burnt chicken part. But not good eat too much, no good for health. Heee... I guessed I'm the type that when really want to do something, I dun care what other people think as long as it is not something bad. :P

At 11:15 PM, Blogger Acrix said...

My dad works there, so been living there since young :) There;s a tall tower rite in KK :)

At 9:50 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Acrix : I c... so u must be very familiar with KK then. :)

At 7:41 AM, Blogger drstel said...

hi fishfish! everytime i visit here i feel out of breath from your jet setting...thank you so much for the lovely rosy rambutan *wink wink* did you say it causes sore throat? same word for us "takut" takot=afraid, anxious in tagalog.
looking forward to hearing more about your great adventures. salamat!
and happy new year to you too.

At 6:18 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

drstel : My pleasure dear. Heee... so happy I can capture baby rambutan breath with my rosy rambutan. :P "Takot"... now I learn another new Tagalog word. Selamat to you too. ;)


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