I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Matang Family Park (Feb 18, Pt 1)

After we came down from Kubah National Park, we spent a noon in Matang Family Park for a relaxing moment.

Bert Bert and Ann have reached the park much earlier than us. When Eddie and me reached the park, the guard was telling us our entrance fees have been settled. :P

We found Bert Bert and Ann in the park's canteen. They've somehow bought some light snacks to munch. Ann was lying down on the bench for lunch, with her sunglasses on... heee... her way of enjoying sunbathe.

Then I went to make an order for the 4 of us. Surprisingly, the price of the menu very reasonable. So, we decided to try each of them.

While waiting, we oso bought some kuih-muih. I only know the front right is called curry puff and the front left is called salad kuih. The other no idea. Among them, I like the curry puff the most though it was soggy. I usually like salad kuih using natural pandan juice, but not this one. It was made from the artificial colouring. The glutinous rice with grated coconut at the back was good too. The browny glutinous rice cake tasted the worst.

This is Malay style mee goreng. Ann enjoyed this the most. But I felt the ingredient was just mainly noodle and nothing else. Ok, I dun enjoy eating yellow mee.

This is called Mee Soup. Well, the soup taste a bit too Ajinomoto... think the savory taste was mainly from MSG. But the half cooked egg was yum yum~

The most lousy dish of the noon. Fried rice with chicken curry. I actually ordered the fried rice with egg. They gave the wrong menu. Ar~ nvm, we just take it. Strongly not recommended.

This roti canai looks like roti bom. Kekeke... first time I saw such a round roti canai. Well, taste alrite. Nothing much to comment.

And lastly, a plate of Malay style Beehoon Goreng. Mmm~~ I like this dish the most. It was not as dry as the mee goreng. And got more ingredient than the mee goreng. Anyway, for a lunch of 4 people, we spent less than RM20 in a place like this, with friendly service, I was satisfied.

All 4 of us quite bloated, and we decided to have a good splash in the water.

One the way, I spotted 2 flowers. First was this.

I think this one is supposed to be bird of paradise flower (also known as crane flower). But I'm not 100% sure, due to some unsimilar features that it has if compared to a real one. However, here's a bit about a real one. In Chinese, it is known as 天堂鳥花. In Japanese, it is called 極楽鳥花. All means the bird of paradise flower due to the resemblance to this flower. Its scientific name is Strelitzia reginae.

Strelitzia is an indigenous plant of South Africa where it grows wild in the eastern Cape. It is the city flower of Los Angeles. *iish* Lucky LA people. Yap, it is one of my favorite flower, in fact, this flower is one of my horoscope flower. (Yah~ call me a superticious fish, so what? :P) The genus is sometimes included in the banana family.

This is another fiery flower that we seen in Matang Family Park. It was Sheau Kang that told me the name of this flower many years ago. He said this is called Firecracker flower (鞭炮花). This one is different with the Firecracker flower that I've mentioned previously.

"Don't you think the flower looks like a long roll of firecraker?" He asked me back when I asked him why the name like that. Yah~ it does look like huh~

Finally, time for soaking inside cold water. SHIOK!!

Some part of the water was flowing swiftly.

In a deeper part, the water getting still. Then, it past thru the opening...

...and formed a small man-made waterfall.

Beyond the waterfall, you will be able to have a very good sight of nice combination of clear water, big stones and deep green trees under sunshine. Every inhale that I did that time, was so full of natural fragrance. It made your lung intake more fresh air. I just forgot about all the bustle life for that moment.

Pic by Ann.

Just dumped ourself inside the cold water. It made us jumped with the cold shock. After a while, our shocking brain perfectly cool down eventually.

Another pic of Ann. Nice slow movement of the water flowing.

Another pic by Ann that I like. I like the moving water in between the still stones. :)

Heee... some of my meaningless snapshot. Dead leaves on the concrete ground.

Green moss on some short wall.

Tomorrow, neither foods nor landscapes that I'll be showing. A topic that I seldom do... What?

You make the guess. Kyak kyak kyak!!

Have a peaceful April fool. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I feel like bite him off!!

Errr... I wish I can turn from a sweet meow fish into a violent Piranha this morning. To tear him into pieces!!

I failed my driving test again this morning. For the 3rd time. I was really in luck to have the same person again as yesterday. *wah wah wah!!!* I really didn't know why he has to make our life so difficult. Yesterday he said this no no, today he said that no no.

Ok, in case you all blur blur...

Fish Fish had the same examiner again for my driving test today. And all of us failed by him again.

Decided to make an appoinment for 50min lesson next week. 5500yen for 50min!! Crazy Yapun human service. But, I am now really want to own the license badly, after all the emotional tortures it has caused me.

Uuurrgghh... my finally get to feel better heart feel like boiling up again when I talk bout it. Dun want to talk anymore.

I feel like biting...

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Kubah National Park (Feb 18, Pt 2)

>_<" I went to take my 2nd time driving test, and I failed it again. Hmmm... going to retake again tomolo, or even tomolo's tomolo... Until I pass it. Ok, that's all I can reveal for my test for the time being, I'll write a detail story on that once I can open a champagne and kanpai. Wish me luck... I really need that. Ok, continue my Kubah National Park from Pt. 1.

The 2 towers finally laid in front of us, after a slow and steady 2 h walks. The sun was very strong that time. That's where I got my sunburnt.

"Wow!! Fish Fish, that day when saw u in canteen, I was shocked to see how carchoal you are." Kan was telling me this a couple weeks ago when I had lunch with him.

Hmm... I just wonder did I look that burnt that time? Or he was just exaggerating it. *bleh~~~*

Eddie spotted this pokok malu-malu (sensitive plant). Its scientific name is Mimosa pudica, a native plant of Brazil, but is widely found in tropics of Americas, Africa and Asia. Pokok malu-malu is remarkable due to its Nyctinastic and Seismonastic movements. In the evening, Nyctinastic movements will make the leaflets fold together and the whole leaf droops downward until sunrise.

The above picture shows an undisturbed pokok malu-malu with the leaves nicely open wide.

However, after we did a light touch on the plant...

Due to its Seismonastic movement, our actions caused the leaflets to fold together and the whole leaf droop downwards temporarily.

One type of climbing plant that I found beside a small longkang (drain). Eddie was more interested with the longkang itself.

Eddie :"Fish Fish, hey, we can do water boarding down to the hill with this long longkang!"

Fish Fish :"Oh no, you're not... before u get to the downhill, your bum will blooming like flower oledi!"

This was a nice red berries tree. So red... very drooling. But... I have to quit the idea of eating it. Man~ this jungle kept challenging my appetite that day.

Oh~ see this lovely arthropod? I was trying to figure out if it is a millipedes or centipedes. Quite a long one, around 12 cm. Hmm... any of you can confirm that with me?

We had a good view at one small flat viewing point, before we made our final climb to the highest point we were allowed to reach. Even though the sun was very shiny, it didn't get rid of the thick fog.

We reached the point after a short walk up. :( It was so foggy that we didn't get to see the splendid scene from there.

Bert Bert and Ann still not yet shown up. I managed to persuade the guards to let me go beyond the gate to take some good pictures. But still, not much help, cause the fog was still there.

Anyway, thanks a lot Mr. Guards, for your kindness. Eddie, the good man, didn't want to pass the gate like cunning fish...

"Well, they said it's against the rule, so I dun want to break the rules." Hmm! He just wore on his raincoat, and sit outside the gate... silently waited for me to break the rules. *bleh~~~*

But hey, Da Ge, you did go beyond the gate later, right? Heeee...

A combination of strong sunshine and thick fog in the jungle. The last time I came, I was good luck enough to have a very clear view. It was like a very beautiful artpiece... made me falling in love with it at first sight. *sob sob* My love, I can't see you this time~

Finally, the 2 city cats caught up with us. Man~~~ they looked really tired. Ann kept saying she's very hungry, and keep asking us for food. Poor gal~ she nearly wanted to go down in half way, but Bert Bert didn't want to give up, so he dragged her up.

You should see Bert Bert that time, he was like just got a heavy splash by someone. OMG! His 男孩味!

Eddie? A piece of cake for him lar~

Big leaves plants... one of the typical feature of some rainforest plants. And yes, I love to see big leaves. Definitely so different from seeing pine trees.

We took a couple of pictures before we heading down again. It was very cloudy and quite grey... but the air so fresh.

On the way down, Ann and Bert Bert somehow started to apart from us again. The 2 of them was like running downhill.

"Bert~ dun be silly! Running down like this... Tonite you dun complain to Jie Jie you pain here pain there ar~" I warned my little cousin.

He didn't listen to me. Ok... wait and see.

Eddie and me once again started to look for something we might have missed out during the climbing up. I noticed a fun growing pattern of young shoots. They formed a mirror reflected "S". S stands for.... errr... SPIDER~, SNAKE~... woo hoo!!

And yes... we were lucky to encounter with a few big spider. I'm not really sure what kind of spider were they. However, Eddie called them "Blackwidow". Kekeke... Doreen, ur Tai Kor miss you.

It was amazing to see this nicely built big spiderweb. See the "little spider"? It was actually quite huge, about the size of my palm.

I found another smaller version spider. This was my favorite picture on that day. Now Doreen dear, how do you like this "Blackwidow" then? Specially dedicated to you. How I wish you joined us that day too.

One doubt about this spider... was that the old shell of the spider, or the empty shell of its prey? Do spider change shell like cicada??

Snake!!! We wouldn't be able to see this very precious moment if not because of Eddie. TQ so much! Yes... once again, he managed to spot this very rare scene. I was so excited... Errr... should say, Eddie, Ann and me were so excited. But Bert Bert quite worried for us. This poor little snake was in a hard task to finish up its meal while keep a very high awareness with these 3 weird Homo sapiens. It was actually the first time I witness how a snake eats its prey in live show in a real nature.


The snake was very thin and flat, but long. At least 70cm from head to tail. I named it "tape snake". :P

This was another close up look of its face expression. Wasn't it cute? Like giving you a ^O^ smile. Click here to see a series of picture of the swallowing process in Eddie's page.

Besides this, we were oso managed to see salamander (a type of amphibia), too bad, it moved away too fast for us to take a photo.

If you are thinking to explore the park in the night time too, maybe it would be a good idea to stay overnite here. I think I will do that in the future, bring my mummy. Kekeke...

Interested? Check here for the charges.

A warning signboard. For what you shouldn't do inside the park.

Just remember... "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos" :)

The road to the next stop, Matang Family Park.

Bye bye~ Kubah.

Another Earthquake Stroke Indonesia!


I'm so frustrated with blogger.com today. Having a difficulty with it. My typing for this post just gone with the wind. >:( &%$#@

Ok, will have to retype. Gonna make it shorter.

I have been wondering when the Kantou (関東) area earthquake going to come, especially in Tokyo. Have been learning things about earthquake from TV documentaries... Yes, it has been a hit topic in Japan recently on how to predict earthquake, what should ones do when earthquake happens and what would happen to Tokyo if earthquake happens.

"Mummy, earthquake might happen in Tokyo anytime from now... scary to think bout it." I said that to my mum on Sunday.

Unexpectedly, this morning, the earthquake news that shocked me first was a 8.7 magnitude earthquake in Northern Sumatra. Please go to Jeffooi's blog for more links for further readings.

How to predict an earthquake? I learnt 3 simple ways... from the TV.

1. Earthquake Clouds (EQC)

Earthquake Prediction Homepage is a good site to learn about what is EQC, explaining the theory and model, as well as predicting earthquake from images and photos of clouds.

Below are the EQCs that were observed during a few past earthquakes.

Example 1 : Afghanistan earthquake in 1 Jan 1998. (source)

Example 2 : Northern California earthquake in 31 Aug 1994. (source)

Example 3 : Niigata earthquake in 7 Sept 2004, this EQC was observed in 1 Sept 2004, after calculation, predicted the seismic centre would be in Niigata. (source)

2. Animals

If you spotted your pets abnormally acted violently, trying to escape from house, didn't follow your command at all... Please suspect something is going wrong with the earth. Your pers can feel it very strongly. Even the fish in your tank, might get together in big crowd, and only swim in a certain direction.

Wild birds and fishes will give unusual signs too. In fact, in Chiba, the fishermen has been reporting to the media that rare fishes have been going into their net effortlessly since these few months, including some very deepsea fish.

In fact, the average circle of big earthquake in Kantou area is 127 year. It has been past 151 years since the last one, and still, the very tensed pushing to each other plates were not moving yet. The longer the plates stay, the more terrible the earthquake will be.

3. Radio Wave

Remote control of your TV or radio suddenly out of service without reasons. The freezer giving out unusual noise. Your electrical appliances on automatically even when the switch was off (can be observed for area that is located 4-50km from the seismic centre).

Or even, when the hands of your clock moving in an irregular tempo, suddenly stop, suddenly speed up.

So, start to enjoy looking up the sky more from now. Appreciate the nature around you. You never know if one day you will notice the unusual changing in them... giving you a great hint.


Sunday, March 27, 2005

Kubah National Park (Feb 18, Pt 1)

We had a great time climbing up in Kubah National Park. Eddie had posted about the trip, while fish fish is just going to do it now. :P Please go there to have a vote for his pictures competition with his little sis. A thing he likes to do in his blog. ;) This time, the competition title is "Blackwidow~". Woooo~~~

Kekeke... I hope the series changed your view that fish fish not only just know how to makan, makan n makan. :P

Pic by Ann.

The entrance gate into this 2230 hectares place. Misty morning.

It was gazetted in 1989 and only opened to the public in 1995. However, fish fish first visit to this place was 1991. ;) That time, it was still very under maintenance. And yes, I remember I failed my first walk to the top that time. :( *sob sob*

This yellow flower tree is a very easily to be spotted plant in a rain tropical forest. This kind of HUGE leaves trees are something hard to be seen in 4 seasons country like Japan.

Pic by Ann.

A nice insect was there to welcome us when we went to buy entrance tickets. Eddie paid for us. Arigatou~ It has changed price. It used to be RM3 per head, regardless of what kind of visitor u are. And now, since 2 years ago, the system has changed... It is RM10 per normal adult, whereby RM5 per student. I told the person incharge we got 2 students, he believed me, without even wanted us to show our identity to proof. :) In fact, I'm telling the truth. ;)

This orchid was planted nearby the ticket counter. However, you will see a wild version on the way you go uphill.

Another planted wild plant beside the orchid. A type of pitcher plant. This species is called Nephenthes ampullaria. The link explains "Nepenthes ampullaria has very typical, coccoidal pitchers with a size of about 4 inches ( 10 cm). Also very typical (and unusual for pitcher plants) is the narrow lid, which doesn't protect the pitcher. There are many varieties in colouration - from all green over striped or spotted pitchers until complete red pitchers."

Quoted from the link too... "Also interesting is the food - only a small part are insects. The great part of food are things they dropped down into the pitchers - small animals, excrements, old leaves and flowers, ..."

It was a very common pitcher plant that can be observed inside this park. However, I couldn't see any Nepenthes mirabilis which said can oso be spotted in this park. I think it was because we didn't go into the jungle track this time. A link for this species.

Instead, we used normal tar track, as I didn't know the park has developed jungle tracks for trekking too. I only realised this when we finished going down. *grrrrrr....* Oh well~ am going to do the real trekking next time, staying overnite there... and enjoy the peaceful nite in this Borneo nature.

The above pic was one of my favorite pic that day... I like the feeling the pic was giving... it was as though Eddie was going into a mysterious misty "jungle".

Yeah!! Our journey started.

Pondok Pelai, one of the 15 small huts that were built for hikers to have a short break when you feel tired. Well, Eddie and me didn't use any of them, as it was really quite a low 'mountain'. I was told before that mountain is 2000m plus, and I've climbed a few times, but never really care to confirm bout the height. Only that day then I realised it was only 2900++ feets. Duh~ metres and feets MAKE a HUGE different. Baka fish!

Ann and Bert Bert stopped quite a lot in the Pondoks. Eddie was saying "Duh~ 2 city cats..."

So Eddie and me didn't wait for them. I like to hike with Eddie, seem like he loves nature as much as I do. He has a good observation in hidden natures. Thanks to him, I got to enjoy seeing some of the thing that I wouldn't be able to notice by myself.

It is a gifted place with rare ferns here and there. Like this giant fern tree, even taller than a banana tree.

This one, even bigger than Bert Bert...

Oso, some alien-look ferns, as named by Eddie. This kind of fern very unique, instead of grow from the root for each fern... It spreads like a 2-way fork. From each tip of the fork, another new 2-way fork will grow. Like spreading a very complicated network.

This is the shoot of this alien fern. Look like an antenna from some outerspace creatures? Kekeke...

Beside ferns, you can enjoy the scene of wild mushroom shooting up here and there, especially after nice rainy days. This mushroom likes to grow on dead tree trunk.

Whereby this cute little mushroom prefer too grow on the ground. I like this one more. Soooo adorable~

I was deeply attracted by this smooth white hard tree trunk... It can grow until very high. I was very curious why the trunk can be this smooth and white... and yet, very hard...

My doubt was solved when I saw this. Yes, the tree itself actually peel off its outer green skin, to become something white and smooth.

You could hear nice sound of water flowing downhill. The water itself was damn cold. I splashed a bit on my face... Man~ sure it awaken me till my inner bone. Cool~ so refreshing.

This is a type of wild ginger. There are many varieties of wild ginger. Some of the wild ginger shoots are commonly consumed as a nice indigenous dish. However, the strong smell of wild ginger just back fish fish off. My mummy enjoy them though. We have been staying a few years in an aborigine village, so mum learnt a lot from them on way of living. That's why mum oso a very good cook for indigenous cuisines. ;) Lucky fish~

I believe this is a type of wild pandan (screwpine) leaves. It didn't has the fragrance that is common for edible pandan leaves. And it is much more prickly that a domestic type.

Local people like to use this type of leaves to produce different type of weaving product, such as mats, baskets and containers.

We spotted this wild banana. 2 differents I spotted bout it if compared to a cultivated version. The banana bud was round and short. And the banana was more curve. Too bad, can't try on this one.

However, I personally like a wild banana. It has seeds inside, and the balance of sourness to sweetness is stronger.

I'm a jungle gal, so I love wild things. I'm crazy about any type of plants, as long as it is not poisonous. Ah~ I miss wild fruits now. >_<

To be cont... Pt 2.