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Friday, March 18, 2005

Jojo Cafe (Feb 16)

Tired! Feel sleepy... Tomolo still got an appointment with Yuriko, lunch! Yeah! Can meet her again... But before this, I better done this posting first.
Tried to update my blog today, but got some problem. Blogger seem not working too well these few days for me. *sigh*

Eddie updated his post on Mardi Gras party, which I posted bout it here. His one got more pics to enjoy. :)

Anyway, I rajin today... updated my sidebar. See the 2 new columns? Especially the 談情説愛, my short form for 談一種心情, 説一場愛恨. Such as 京都の客, a blog by Li Xing, a Malaysian fren that oso study in Kyoto. I enjoy his writing very much. For those who enjoy reading Mandarin article, please go to read for once... u might just attracted to it just like I do. Those 3 Chinese blogs that I link, fish fish personally like them. 双喜臨門, blog owns by a mum who gets busy around her 2 lovely twins. And words of life by hooi foon, sensible writing... beautiful pics.
Ok, too lazy to introduce the others... go to explore them urself. ;)

And now, time to follow me to go to Jojo makan makan...

Jojo Cafe, one of the places that offer dish-to-order in lunch time. Around Central Park area.Sixthseal did a dinner review on it before. Mum, grandma and me with uncle whole family came here to eat lunch after we were back from Muara Tebas.

The three cuties... Damon, Isabelle and Danny. 2 good brothers, the bodyguards of their little sis. Nice huh~

These were what we have ordered.

A bowl of fish lip soup. Nice... I treat it as a good appetizer. :P Feel nice when you had this hot hot soup in air-con place.

My all time favorite... Kangkung stir fry with belachan. Especially when you eat it hot with the white rice... Argh~ can finish a whole plate of rice just with it.

This menu was specially ordered for the kids. They love Japanese tofu very much... It was like the Japanese tofu inside this claypot almost finished all Danny and Damon.

Mum ordered one steamed salmon for grandma and uncle to try. But she complaint about this dish the most. Why? Too expensive. It was like for RM40. Well, considering Kuching standard, I would think it's overpriced.

Update : Correction!
Ok, blame it on my blur blur sleepy head last nite. Mum told me it was 鱈 (Tara in Japanese). So this fish suppose to be Cod... NOT Salmon (鮭, Sake). Kekeke... not seabass too I think (too bad ler, fish-eater~ :P). Ok, I supposed the comment by Anon was from Doreen? Anyway, really thanks to both of you to point out the mistake. Now I look back at the fish, no pinkish flesh, impossible to be salmon. *Shame shame on fish fish* Hey! But I'm eat seaweed only, remember? Forgivable. :P Muak!

This was another overpriced dish. Taste quite good, but price too spicy. One small plate for RM25.

Overall, we paid RM120 just for this lunch. Mum was complaining.

"Their price got more and more spicy each time. Robbery!"

Kekeke... I dun think she will go there again next time.

Jojo was actually not a bad place for meal. But must remember 1 thing! Remind them to 'less salt' for the dishes. Or else... they will generously give you extra service for that. This is true, as we have had meals there many times.

Well, if you dun mind paying expensive for the meal, can go and try once a while.

After reached home, I was craving for fruit so much.

Bert Bert was home too, after having great fun in Damai with Eddie and Ann. They brought Nikki along. I can't stand seasides during day time... too hot, that I'm sure will make me have migraine later on. Dun want to take the risk. I dun know why, maybe because of my thick dark hair, I tend to absorb heat very very fast.

Actually Bert Bert promised before to go with me. But instead that, he went with Eddie and Ann. I was thinking to go in the evening myself, but in the end, by the day I flew back to Japan, I still missed my chance of going to the sunsetting beach. *sob sob* Really miss observing the colour changing of the sky when the sun slowly sink down at the horizontal line. I used to go to the seaside during Form 6, just to release my stress by listening to the sea whispering... watching the evening nature beauty... *Better dun think too much now*

Found 2 of the Ling Kims that my grandma gave me that day, had ripened into the perfect degree. The red one... was my first time experience. I have never tasted it before. That was the only one available on that time. Lucky me~

When splitted the fruits... the flesh nicely laid in front of me. The flesh colour is a bit yellowish compare to the green one, but with thinner flesh volume. It is much sweeter than the green one. Very very nice. I love this red version. It was like after I had the red one, the green one kind of tasteless for me, whereby in fact the green one was actually a sweet version itself.

Well, I didn't ate the whole two. Each save half for Bert Bert. He was so exhausted from the Damai trip, he just slept like pig on the sofa. By the time I finished my brisk walking and reached home.... he was still sleeping. *pig*

And now... I want to go home and into a BIG PIGGY. ZZzzzzzzzzz.............


At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Julia said...

Ooh, I love the lim kims so much. You've got me craving for them now. I haven't seen these around for so long. Yes, the red ones are usually sweeter. :)

Thanks for updating my link on your sidebar, fish fish. BTW, I've been having some problems commenting on Blogger sites. The comments I tried to post on your previous two entries didn't get through. I wonder if there are others with the same problem?

At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Fish Fish,
the steam fish is not salmon. It looks like Seabass to me. Yeah, seabass is $$$. I like JOJO, been there couple time. I think as for Kuching standard for clean,.... they are very DAMN CLEAN. Blackwidow

At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fool me once, shame on you
fool me twice, shame on me

it's COD for god's sake, and the reason why it's expensive is that it's usually imported frozen.

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's seabass for goodness's sake! It has the the ugly thick skin and well-rounded oily body. Cod on the other hand is typically flat with thin ugly skin and less fat. It's probably a typo from Fish-Fish and you would have thought Fish-Fish would know her family well.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger mmulibra said...


You still blogging abt ur trip in Kuching aa? I came back from my 1 month break at Malaysia wor hahaha

At 10:53 PM, Blogger letti said...

LOL..all the angmoh will die if they knew malaysians ate fish lips..LOL

At 11:35 PM, Blogger Alphonso Tan said...

The fish lips, at first glance, I thought is a shark fin soup. Looks good I see.

At 12:15 AM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

The kids are such cutie pies..!
I never had fish lips soup before.. the best part of a fish.. they say is the cheeks.. so i attack the cheeks everytime i have fish.. kkekeke! Oh.. and i love the tofu..!! i'm a tofu person.. give me tofu anytime..!! and kangkong.. with belachan..!! i'm hungry now..!

At 12:26 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Julia : You are welcome Julia. Sorry for my previous mislink. Hope the post won't have problem in commenting liao~

Blackwidow : Yah, Jojo can be considered clean actually. Thanks for the info. Have corrected. ;)

Anon : Er~ didn't write your name, but I guess it's from you too, Doreen?

Fish-eater : Kekeke... U r rite buddy, fish fish know nothing much about her family. :P *blush*

mmulibra : Okaerinasai!! Tabi wa do deshita? Tanoshikatta? Kekeke... just hope u didn't forget your yapunis ar~ Me ar, owez slow in updating one lar~ as usual. *shame shame*

letti : No no... they should imagine "Ar~ I'm kissing with so many fish lips at once." :P

alphonso : Hello~ irasshaimase! The fish lip soup actually tasted quite like the sea cucumber or shark fin soup. :)

mrs t : Smart~ it is said people know how to eat good quality fish attack the cheek first. :P Yap, they are a lovely bunch!

At 4:05 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, looking at the tickness and the dark skin the fish does look like Chilean Seabass (frozen one). However, looking at the piece of fish on the top left, the way it flake off, it does look like the texture of cod ( cod flake off in large pieces ).
Here in US Cod are usually fillets and the seabass are usially in fish steak form like your picture(seabass are large in size) I think to find out, we'll have to send N to JoJo cafe !

At 6:30 AM, Blogger Nightraveller said...

Hello Fish Fish, thanks for the recommendation. At first I was surprse coz i thought my blog is put under "romance" category, ha!
Only then after reading your introduction to the new sidebar, I am glad to be the "pioneer" in your new category.

Your blog in my link too:

I wonder where u will go for food hunting with yuriko this time :-)

At 6:17 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

cooknengr : Ok, Da Ge... ask Ann go makan the Xue Yu, n tell her to confirm with you. :P I'm waiting for ur answer then.

nightraveller : Kekeke... without the romantic title, people won't easily attracted to it mar. It's my pleasure to introduce your blog, I like it truly. Btw, how many blogs do you own actually? Macam manyak! And thanks for linking me back. :P

At 8:48 PM, Blogger mei gie said...

Your mum is right...that is a Cod fish...best to steam it (just like what you've ordered)....normally we have to pay RM50 for a slice of cod fish in the KL restaurants.

Dont worry, you are not alone cause i also cant stand the seaside in the afternoon. I will normally go during the sun set...just simply beautiful...but too bad, not so convinient to go to beaches if living in KL.

At 9:56 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

mei gie : Kanpai to the 2 scare of daytime seaside gals. Next time you come to Kuching, we go to one together. ;)


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