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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mango Tree (Feb 14)

That morning, I went out after mum and Kakak went out too. Promised Lina to be back by 2pm to look after Anson, but I broke my promise, I was 30min late. I was soooooo guilty... how could I be sooooo irresponsible. By the time I reached home, mum was oledi home. Lina oledi rushed out to my brother tuition school. Surprisingly, mum didn't scold me. But that was what made fish fish even much more guilty. Felt like I was really a failure that time... Aarrgghhh~~~ promise myself never repeat this again.

Where was I? I ended up having lunch in Mango Tree... dun know somehow my bad mood drove me to go inside this building to have something to eat, all in a sudden. Bert Bert was with me... ai yar~ he should have stopped me from doing so in the 1st hand... But he just shut up his mouth. I hate Kuching's traffic more and more... even in a non-peak hr time. And all the people, dun know why they have to do their MAS ticketing at the same time (so do this stupid fish huh~), and I ended up didn't deal my air ticket again. And all the stalls I wanted to eat, closed. Aarrgghh~~~ So, somehow when I saw the sign board... me just blur blur went inside Mango Tree.

Actually, Mango Tree have owez been one of my wanted-to-taste list after read it in Wena's blog. She posted one dinner review about it. But never thought I would go just like this without any planning. :P My terrible impromptu follow mood way...

So, here is fish fish version on lunch review. ;)

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It was over lunch time. Not much people were there. The environment was decorated into a tropical style... It would be better if this restaurant is not at the roadside. Before Mango Tree, it used to be Kikyotei, a Japanese restaurant. So, they changed the place from Japanese into Thai... :P Dun think they are belonged to the same owner.

We chose to seat outside... instead of the closed air-con space. I dun enjoy air-con... it just makes my eyes sore.

We ordered 3 dishes.

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First, this Phad Thai Goong Lai Yai. Stir fry Thai Rice Noodle with Prawn. RM12 per plate. The layout of this plate was not bad... but if you expect something special about this place, I would say the taste was just pass. Taste better with the lime sprinkling though. The rice noodle was thinner than the normal kuey tiaw that one would commonly found in Kuching.

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The next one, I ordered especially for Bert Bert. I think I made a good choice on this. Gaeng Kheaw Wan Nua, basically it's green curry with sirloin beef fillet. One generous bowl like this was only RM18, which I think worth the value. Istead of the more common Tom Yam Kun that you will find in Thai food in Kuching, the Japanese are actually more famous with Thai style green curry. Among all the green curry I've tried, I like this one. It was creamy (a little bit too creamy though) and thick green curry gravy. The spiciness was just to the right degree, not too spicy until it masked the whole curry balance. I let Bert Bert finished the whole sirloin... and fish fish helped him with the gravy and egg plant inside. :P

"Jie Jie... the sirloin was very soft and nice. But hor~ one whole bowl of this just too much for me ler~ Forgot u dun take beef." However, eventually, he finished them. Good boy!

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For myself, I wanted to try Tow Hoo Tod, deep fried bean curd served with sweet and spicy sauce. RM10 per plate like this. Well, frankly speaking, I regretted to order this one. It was no good. First, the coating outside was too thick, not fried to the nice crispness... and so you feel a sense of stickiness and hard to chew kind of coating when u bite on it. The tofu itself was too hard. I would prefer they use a softer version for this type of menu, as the contrast to the crispy outer layer would be a better impact. And third, the sauce itself was a disappointment. It was more like a diluted chili sauce for fish fish.

I oso asked for steamed Thai Hou Ma Li rice for RM2 to eat with the curry gravy. The rice was just normal, but goes well with the curry.

Overall, I would say Mango Tree has its environment for a relaxing lunch. The service was nice too. However, aside from the green curry... I would just say the other that I have tried was just so so. If you want to try one for yourself, dun forget about the green curry with sirloin beef fillet. ;)

This was actually the 1st time Bert Bert tried a Thai restaurant, it was a good experience for him.

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That afternoon, mum went out with Kakak again to deal something. So fish fish good good gal stay at home to look after the babies... See? The cute LITTLE monkey and the HUGE cow baby... Kekeke... Oh~ I was a busy ai yar mummy that noon. :P


Mango Tree
Crookshank Road,
Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: (6082)235353
Fax: (6082)242290


At 10:19 PM, Blogger letti said...

aww...and bert bert looked so cute next to the baby..:)

At 12:27 AM, Blogger MunKit said...

malaysian food is still the best! :) see already my stomach gets all hungry.. jap food looks classy.. once in a while can swallow some sashimi.. but daily consumption. tak boleh :))

At 12:46 AM, Blogger mei gie said...

I LOVE green curry....really wanted to Sarawak one day...i have a few friends who live there too but they are currently in Russia...so maybe they can bring to the place you mentioned to try out the irresistible green curry :)

At 2:55 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

Agree with letti that bert bert looks so cute next to ansoN~ Well, is the rice noodle spicy? I remember dining at thailand last time where the dining table will alwayz have sugar and chili oil~ They add lotsa sugar and chili oil to their foods be4 eating :) kinda fascinated but never tried it coz i can;t take spicy foods~

At 12:08 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, Bert Bert slept with glases on, is he reaming to meet some one ?

At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Julia said...

The big baby and small baby looked so cute sleeping peacefully next to each other. :)

At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Julia said...

The big baby and small baby looked so cute sleeping peacefully next to each other. :)

At 2:16 PM, Anonymous mrkiasu said...

I think we cannot find the green curry stuff in KL loh, even got also very expensive one. But i am so far away from kuching

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous winterx said...

I have to agree, they look so cute sleeping next to each other. ^_^
Might I add, Anson is just soooooo adorable! ;)

At 2:43 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Anson look so cute..!!
Thanks for sharing the review of the food at Mango.. :) too bad the tofu wasn't good.. :( I would be disappointed too..coz' i love tofu.

At 9:32 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

letti : Kekeke... yap he is. Must tell him to read all ur comments then.

munkit : yah yah... Malaysian foods are still the best. Kanpai!!

mei gie : Hello dear~ nice to see you here. Hope you can make it to Sarawak one day. :)

acrix : The rice noodle was not spicy in Fish Fish standard (I'm very good in spicy food)... But for Acrix... I doubt. :P

cooknengr : Kekeke... da ge... I'll ask him to asnwer this question of yours then. ;) Siapa agaknya har? :P

julia : They are. ;) Peaceful 2 babies.

mrkiasu : Yah, I think KL price will be much higher.

winterx : Yap... Anson, my most adorable monkey... I just love him.

mrs t : Same same, the 2 tofu lover. Fish Fish can make nice tofu dishes... :P


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