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Monday, April 11, 2005

Hanami~ (Apr 9, Pt 2)

Hmm... yap, today is flowers again. No mum-mum. For those of you who wants to have a good look at some irresistable delicacies from KL, please go to Angel's place for a special long post on food food food. Thanks gal, for this special posting. ;) Warning : Don't say I didn't tell you earlier you stomach will be grumbling later on ar~

Also, wanna see more nice flowers in Spring? Please go to Ai Ling's blog. Another Malaysian student that study in Kyoto. I have only met her once, last year. Her photographing skill is surely worth a visit.

Hana yo!

Spring in Kyoto Prefecture Botanical Garden can give flower lovers great pleasure in appreciating the flora that surrounding you.

As in my Hanami~ Pt 1, this garden offers various species of sakura. On top of that, here are a few of the flower examples that you can enjoy in this park, apart from sakura.

A nice and sexy pinku pinku momo no hana (peach flower). My first time encountered it. Momo is my favorite fruit, explaining one of the reason why I'm looking forward to enjoying summer in Japan. During August, juicy and sweet huge momo will be something I always search for on the market displaying racks. ^_^

These little cobalt-blue flowers are called Muscari (Muscari armeniacum). They are also commonly known as Grape Hyacinths, due to their clusters of small, bell-shaped flowers look like clusters of upside-down grapes. For other species of Muscari, read here.

The plants are usually 6 inches tall. Heee... I tried to make them look much taller. Like a deep-blue plant forest. ;)

Spring is also a season for Tsubaki. I've posted about it slightly more detail before, for those who want further reading, please go here.

Another favorite flower of fish fish during spring. It has a very lovely name, called Yukiyanagi (雪柳, literally means snow willow). In common English name, it is known as Thunberg spirea. Scientifically, this plant is called Spiraea thunbergii.

It is a native plant in China and Japan.

Another clearer view on a fine, willowy texture of this plant. The Japanese name aptly describes it, don't you think so? Yukiyanagi flowers in spring, before their leaves grow out. This little white flowers bushy plant have a fragrance which strongly remind you... "Ar~ spring is here".

Another favorite flower of mine, Narcissus. I've posted a white and smaller flower version last month. Geee... the yellow flowers laid out nicely on their green green field.

Effect of the sunshine give the petals a very clear view. As soft and transparent as skin of a maiden. :P

This is a very common flower in Japan during spring. Nanohana (菜の花). One of the common English name is Rapeseed. Scientific name Brassica napus.

In Japan, before the plant flowers, it is one of the Spring vege that can be found either as tempura or boiled vege. I like nanohana tempura, yum yum~ Furthermore, the rapeseeds are processed to get vegetable oil, but not as mass production as in China.

Another bell-shape white flower. Well, the name of this plant is unknown by me. Just think it is cute. So, took a snapshot on it. Anyone of you would kindly provide me more info bout this flower? Thanks. :)

After an hour leisure hunting for flower in the Garden, my legs started to get painful. I was wearing high heel boots. :P

I past through this shady path...

Get my final glance on the tulip and sakura view.

Walked out from the Garden...

Dragged my painful legs thru this long long lane...

Finally jumped on the bus to get home.

But then... I didn't rest at home. I changed into a more sporty outfit... Kekeke, went for my 2nd round hanami near Uji river.

That, will be another story. ;)


At 12:58 AM, Blogger 5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

ooooooOOOOO, the flowers are sooooo beautiful. Wish I am there.

At 1:40 AM, Blogger Wilson said...

Magnificent shot on the deep-blue plant forest, seems that your photographing skills had reaches another high level. Bravo fish fish!!!

At 1:44 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

so nice~~~ wish I was there! but aiya I also suffer from hayfever so...*sob*

At 3:15 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

How i wish to be surrounded by so much flowers~ WOnderful place! Eh wearing high heel for long distance walking is kinda like a challenge eh~ bow to u! Hehe, lucky u din get sore leg~

At 3:21 AM, Blogger Yuen Li said...

Nice flowers. :) Plants are starting to bloom around here too... I particularly like cherry blossoms. :)

At 6:38 AM, Blogger timun said...

woooh..purple flower....wah.romantic romantic...

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Kenny Sia said...

WOWWWW!!! Such amazing foliage. Beats the green fat trees of Kuching anytime!

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Julia said...

I could only sigh and sigh as I looked at pic after pic of the beautiful spring flowers, fish fish. It must have been wonderful to be actually there among the blooms and under the canopies of the lovely sakuras. Thanks for the pictorial. :)

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous winterx said...

rose? don't see any around. maybe there's none where i'm at. hehe... but i feel it won't be as lovely as hanami. i prefer sakura. =)
second round, fish fish? rather active. don't you require some rest? O_o
who did you go with anyway? =P

At 2:57 PM, Blogger letti said...

ah..spring is in the air.

At 8:58 PM, Blogger mmulibra said...

Your photographs also not bad what..hehehe.. maybe can see mine also

At 2:53 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

5xmom : Indeed, they are. Different from the flowers in Malaysia.

Wilson : Thank you. \^_^/

pinkcocoa : How is your hayfever now dear? I remember last year you stop blogging for quite a time due to this. Is it a common thing in Aus to have hayfever?

acrix : My high heel is not the very sharp type one. My high heel owez the very comfortable type. But still, after a long hour, it will be getting painful.

yuen li : Is there a lot of cherry trees in UK?? I only know Washington got around 3000 sakura trees, present from Japan.

timun : Yoh~ timun, haven't seen you around for quite some time. Apa khabar?

kenny sia : Helo~ nice to see you here. Frankly speaking, green fat tree kind of arousing me actually.

Julia : Yes, to come and see for yourself is the best thing. words are just too hard to explain them.

winterx : I went with my bicycle. Kekeke...

letti : Is flowers blooming nice oledi in your place? Heard the flower blossoms are late for 10 days.

mmulibra : Wah!!! You are back in action with your blog. Banzai!!! Hey, u remembered I made a comment saying you pictures melt my heart? They still do. ;)


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