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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hectic Day...

Duh~ LELAH!!

If last month was my many-unexpected-troubles happening month...

Then, this month will be my non-stop-super-busy month.

I am very exhausted now. Argh~ I just hope all the many-procedures thing be settled soon. Feel like my head wanna explore liao~

I need to destress...

Right, I didn't cook at all for today.

Morning, a cup of instant Noodle.


Noon, went to my favorite Cafe Peace to have a very nice vegan set lunch. That indeed, gave me a very good recharge emotionally.

The middle dish, what the top of my favorite. Soy meat croquette. Brilliant!!

Then, I went to travel agency to deal with something for 4 hrs... GOSH! I never have to sit still in a travel agency for such long. What a record. Butt became numb.


Tried call Patrick to see if he was free to eat dinner with me. He ate, and he was still at school.

So, didn't know exactly what to eat... Eventually I ended up in a coveyor belt sushi shop called Musashi. All the sushi plate are for 126yen each. This shop is just opposite Kappasushi (かっぱ寿司), though all the sushi in Kappasushi only 100yen per plate... I would strongly advise you to pay 21yen more each for a much better quality sushi. The sushi in Kappasushi is... *wuek*

A new product there. A corn sashimi sushi. It was a splendid idea to cut the corn look like a real sushi. Well, the sweetness was so so... but a super healthy choice. ;)

My all time favorite. I still think Hakodate Ichiba one taste better. Well, this is good enough too. Mmm~~~ I'm fully addicted to this sticky creamy thing when it melts in my mouth. (-_-" I think I am addicted to some very Japanese food already).

Egg cake sushi. This shop has a super thick fried egg cake. It was delicious. I like to eat it with sweet sauce and pickled ginger. Sound weird? :P

Lastly, a bowl that can hardly be resisted by sweet tooth. This is called Daigaku Imo (大学いも). Literally means University Potato. Totally no idea why it is called so. Basically, it is a deep fried sweet potato that coated with caramelized sugar.

Very sweet... usually I don't eat this. But whenever I come to this shop, I just like being hypnotized... It was one of the best Daigaku Imo that I've eaten in Japan. The outer coating was the gist to the whole thing.

Won't you want a try??

Last Nite

Mum was calling my hp last nite.

"How are you my dear?" Mum asked...

It was very nice to hear her voice. But it was very weird to listen to her too polite way of greeting. Kekeke...

Yah, she missed me so much... cause I didn't call home for quite some time already. Hasn't got any suitable time lately.

"Your big sis was asking me - Mum, how come your second daughter no sound lately?"

Ha!! If I don't call home for a week, I know they are going to wonder what have happened to me... Don't worry mum... I'm ok.

"Thanks for calling, and sorry for being silent lately. I love you all. Muak!!"


At 5:09 AM, Blogger ASHTRAY said...

Good Food.

At 9:53 AM, Blogger 5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

fish fish, the tiny egg, are they quail eggs? Is it raw? Never seen this before so very curious.

At 12:36 PM, Blogger drstel said...

just turned green with envy, fish fish: great sushi, nice sweet mommy....

At 12:38 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey fish fish when ta ker went to school, I could only affort one Christmas phone call every year leh.

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous mrkiasu said...

I looked at the second picture in this post and err what is that? Ok, i know what is that, but it look very geli to me leh, as a sushi lover also i don't dare to eat. It's the look i guess, look like worm woh. Ok, i know i am siao, but really look geli what.

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

Hey the corn sashimi is so cooooool! Looks so yummy.

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Patrick Leong said...

yea sorry about yesterday. these days i am also very tired. i think i am spending too much time blogging. i need to slow down. anyway take care.

At 10:13 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Yums..!! and nice of Mother FF to call.. :)
Baby FF gotta remember to call Mother FF ok.. :)

At 2:19 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

The university potato looks very tempting! I love to eat egg sushi and for some reason they r cheaper and hence i can pop few into my mouth...haha~ Busy might be good coz i think i;m too free now and become darn lazy like a pig- everyday just sleep and eat~

At 4:12 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

astray : Arigatou~ ^_^

5xmom : Yap, they are quail egg. Japanese love quail egg, both raw and cooked, regardless the scarily high colesterol.

drstel : Agree partly with the "nice sweet mommy". sometimes she can turn into "scary fierce mommy", but still I love her. kekeke...

cooknengr : Wah~ Da Ge... once a year??? But did your family call you then?

mrkiasu : How come I look up down right left... I still dun think it looks like worm? Ha!! The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. :P

kimchi jon : Hohoho!! Same mind think alike.

patrick leong : No problem. ^_^ We eat together next time lar~

mrst : Baby FF remember mummy all the time... but sometimes not convenient to call. :P Coz I don't have a house phone.

acrix : I guarantee you will love the potato. yum~yum~ It was really nice. Hey, did you know one main sushi that determine that whether a sushi shop is a "good sushi" shop is determined on the egg sushi? Hey, when you start school, you'll hope your holidays coming soon again. Human nature!

At 6:46 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

hey Fish Fish, they did not call me, not even once a year....you are so Shingfu.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Reid said...

Hi fish_fish,

Corn sushi...and soy meat croquette? Sounds delish! =)

At 10:16 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

cooknengr : Seem like ur parents very Fang Xin on you huh. I don't think my mum could be silent that long.

reid : They were yum yum~ Especially the soy meat croquette, strongly recommended.


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