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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Instant Ramen Museum (May 19, Pt 2)

After lunch, we were getting ready for a more exciting session, making the one and only Hand-Made My Chicken Ramen in this world. Hohoho!

This was our classroom. Can fit in about 50 students at one time. The class started around 1pm.

I got number 5. We went to our seat... Oh~ cute scarf and red appron. Lovely chicks! Guess what, they followed us home. How sweet.

We were busy tied up the scarf to our head, which supposed to cover the whole hair for hygiene purpose... However, it became more like a time for the ladies to get a pretty hair dress up...

Left to right : Mirian, Wang Hao and Chen Jie.

As for guys? One example how the scarf turned up on their heads as demonstrated by Li You. So many chicks around his head. Ha! Guess what I call him? "Chicken Man". :PbPb

Oh... finally class started.

She was our group's teacher. Oh, this lovely lady was kind of surprised when she saw me. Same reaction from me. What a coincidence.

It was because during I made My Cup Noodle, she was the ladies that attended me for my flavour and ingredients choice. In fact, she helped me to recorrect my silly mistake during My Cup Noodle making. During that time, she started a conversation with me first, which was a very delightful one.

Seem like between us, there was some kind of good knot. ^_^

Such a sweet lady, don't you think so?

The very important machine that made our Chicken Ramen comes to a success later on.

But before that...

One of the staff gave us a brief explanation on what were blended inside the sauce that used for making chicken ramen.

Kihkihkih... see Chen Jie and Mirian, undeniable they were such good students. Attention!

The many type of ingredients that were mixed inside a cup of sauce as shown in...

...this picture on the left (the yellowish liquid). The white stuff was a pack of flour.

We pour the sauce into the centre of the flour that was put inside a stainless bowl. Then, my partner, quickly mixed the 2 in circular motion to form big yellowish pieces.

Left : Then, I made the big pieces into one rough dough.

Right : My partner then press the dough flat as shown in the picture with a wooden club. This was repeated for 3 times by folding the dough into half each time before the next pressing.

Finally, the dough was ready to be press through the machine. My partner and me took turn for this.

Top : Rough dough at the beginning of the dough-smoothing process. By using hand operation on rolling the dough through the machine...

Middle : A smooth dough was slowly formed, after around 10 times repetition.

Bottom : This nice piece of dough was eventually put into a plastic bag for around 10 min of maturation.

Meet my Mexican partner, Adrian. ^_^ The teacher kept praising him for doing a very fast movement on moving the handlebar. *totally agree*

"Roll Roll Roll the Bar, Roughly Down The Sheet..." kihkihkih...

While waiting for the dough to get mature, we went back to our table to design our Chicken Ramen package.

My group was so serious, trying to make the package looked as "only one" as possible...

On the other hand, the next table were the "fast in action" group. See how relax they were? They have finished their design much earlier than the people in my group. :P

Ok, I was fast too. Don't wanna waste the time, so, here I go with my mission as the "Camera Girl".

*start to work*

Smile~ Adrian, you are on candid camera. He made the design for his sweeties. *how lovely* He got gorgeous and adorable toddlers... 2 Mexican-Japanese cuties.

Mirian and Chen Jie.

Mirian as usual with her very humour and unique way of drawing. She really got talent in that. While Chen Jie was deeply missing her child in China. She specially designed this for "her precious" who is coming to Japan to visit her soon.

Yamamoto san (left) - our very nice and lovely secretary in Agricultural Foreign Student Centre, Wang Hao (middle) - a Chinese student same lab as me and Morita sensei (right) - our gentle and helpful advisor in the Agricultural Foreign Student Centre.

Of course, how would I leave out my lovely Japanese teacher, Fukumoto sensei. I'm sure some of you have known her already from my blog. The girl (right) sat next to her is Hong Lan Xin from Taiwan. I wonder what was she curious with...

Soon, the waiting time ended. Here we continued with our 2nd stage...

Thinning process for the dough. See how serious Adrian was in doing his duty? :P

Only after that, a staff came and told us just to put the dough on the tray, it will move along when we rolled the handlebar. -_-"

So, our work became more relaxing. By the last round of the thinning process, the dough has turned into a more than 3 metres long piece of yellowish smooth sheet.

The next step was to from the noodle strips.

Left : Machine was adjusted to cutting mode for making noodle strips.

Middle : Long strip slowly formed when the handlebar was rolled.

Right : The long strips were supposed to be cut for every 20cm.

However, the end result was a full tray of uneven long and short noodles (left). *shame shame*

Then, I divided the noodle into 2 net tray with each of them exactly 100g (right).

Following that, the noodles were steamed for 10 min.

After that, we had to mix the steamed noodle with flavoring sauce.

a. Hot noodle was added with sesame oil, and a fast mixing was needed to make the stick-together noodle to be separated nicely.

b. Then, flavoring sauce was added. The noodle was "washed" shortly to make the sauce distributed evenly into the noodle.

c. Gathered the mixed noodle...

d. ... and get a pole container with my number 5 on...

e. put the noodle inside the container. This container was actually the molder to form the Chicken Ramen shape.

f. Finally, the staff gave a final adjustment to the noodle in the molder to avoid the noodle being too pressed.

The next process was the most important step in making Chicken Ramen.

The deep frying step.

See the line of fryer? Must be very hot for the staffs. Kesian!

Woo~ here we go the frying time.

1. A big pot of boiled oil ready for the frying -in-action.

2. Four noodles were arranged in one pot.

3. "Argh~ it's killing hot!!" "Help~ help me~ I'm hardening..." I could hear my baby heart-breaking cry. *sob sob* "Be patient ar~ the process will soon be over, mummy is waiting here..."

4. And so, after 3 min frying under 160℃, 4 pretty Chicken Ramen were born. Hohoho... see the one that taken out by the staff in the picture? That was my baby. ^_^ I was so proud of it.

Each by each, my teacher carefully cooled them down.

Finally our babies were handed to us one by one.

"Congratulation! It's very pretty!" Of course! Fish Fish one bor~ The prettiest baby Chicken Ramen I call it.

Thank you very much teacher. It was a great time learning with you. ^_^

See? My baby got my name on it. Cool ler~

How do you like my design for the front? I am not a good drawer, so didn't want to Sia Suei myself with ugly things on it. -_-"

This was how it turned before my baby was swallowed by me.

Just add in hot boiling water, cap for 5 min. Voila!! A simple yet very meaningful bowl of My Chicken Ramen for fish fish.

^_^ It was the best day trip I had from the Centre.

Domo arigatou gozaimashita!


At 11:28 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Very interesting.. as usual.. FF, thanks for bringing the full action to us.. :)

At 12:44 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

So fun! From now on i;ll try to eat as many chicken ramen as possible to prevent myself from becoming a chicken :P

At 1:45 AM, Blogger babe_kl said...

very very interesting! btw, how do u managed to capture the photos whilst yr hands are also busy making the noodles?? :p

At 6:50 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, wher are we gonna open up a 手工麵攤 at 老行家 ?

btw Fish Fish's friend's have interesting names, got 整潔, 理由 and 好玩 :)

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Blackwidow said...

Takusan tanoshikukkata yo.

At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Julia said...

Wow, your excursion to the instant noodle museum was a big eye-opener! Very interesting! Thanks for bringing all the action to us. I'm curious too. How'd you manage to snap all those photos when you were busy making the noodles?

At 5:38 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

wahhh ff
I am soooooo jealous ar!!! >.< So nice, get to make nissin chicken noodles. I am just so so jealous!!! How come they dont have it here in Sydney!!!

At 9:20 PM, Blogger Wilson said...

When you come back you can open a ramen factory....And use your original packaging...just imagine your advertising slogan in Malay....."Makanlah Ramen Ayam FishFish, untuk orang yang bukan Ayam!!! Muahahahah!!!"

At 10:40 PM, Blogger 5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

fish fish
I showed my sons your blog and now everyone wants to go to Japan! Thanks for sharing the photos, otherwise, none of us will know such fun.

BTW, I love Nissin but too expensive (RM7-RM8) here in Malaysia. We only get Thailand Nissin cup and that cost RM3-RM3.50.

At 1:32 AM, Blogger Primrose said...

Wow, right from raw ingredients to a pack of instant noodles. I'm impressed!!

Yeah, I also want to ask the same question as babe_kl. How did you snap pics when you are also in class learning how to make instant noodles?

BTW, your group teacher didn't tie all her hair up also.

At 6:42 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

mrst : My pleasure. ^_^

acrix : Kihkihkih...

babe_kl, julia & primrose : For the 1st half, I do the thing first, then let my partner do the rest so I could take pictures. And for 2nd half, my group do the thing first, so when the 2nd group do their thing, I used the chance to take the pictures of them in action lor. Mistery solved. :PbPb... Btw, primrose, the ramen was meant to be for ourselves, so not worry too much on "food poisoning". Heeee...

cooknengr : You wanna go back to Kuching mer? Thought u say wanna buy an Island in Sabah and stay there. :P Btw, Da Ge even more hao wan, like this also you can think. *Fish Fish 服了Da Ge*

blackwidow : Yap yap. Demo... tadashi kotoba wa "tanoshikatta". Oboetene~

pinkcocoa : My dear, Nissin started in Japan mar~

wilson : Muahahahhaa!!! Malay version sound be "ikan ikan" ler~

5xmom : *jot down* Ok, I promise you if I happen go to Penang, will buy as omiyage for you and your toddlers. ^_^ What flavour you want?

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous momof2 said...

fish fish, very interesting museum you visited! which part of Japan are you in and what course/work are you taking in the university? *curious*

At 12:37 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

momof2 : I am in Kyoto now. I'm studying Food Science, more to using enzyme to modify proteins.


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