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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Odaigahara (May 4, Pt 3)

-_-" Another tiring day. I went to Instant Mee Memorial Hall from very early morning till evening just now. The Instant Mee's talk will post on next week. Had a very fun time, muahaha!!

But when I reached home, my heart felt guilty, I still got a lot of undone work at lab. So, I came to the lab to continue my work... until now. Head very big big... headache. Finally can finish part of the work for today. Urgh! got to bring homework back home tonite... which I very hate to do so. I always love my room as a space away from my work, but not tonite. As a compensate for the fun I had today.

Ok, back to continue my talk of "nature". :P

This was the path that we had for doing our forest "trekking". Yap, it was a piece of cake... more like a light sightseeing.

See? I told you it was an easy task. Even this "short leg" had no problem to do its jogging. Doggies in Japan too "good life". We met a few different breeds of doggies in this "forest". Japanese deeply treat their doggies like their own family. To raise a puppy or kitty at home, it costs a fortune.

My favorite picutre of the day. I love it so much that I made it into a few version. Make your vote for the one you like!! ^_^

Choice 1 : The original picture.

Choice 2 : Modified into a sepia version.

Choice 3 : Ball shape view version.

choice 4 : Cone view version.

Finally, we were almost to the top, after we spent too much time taking pictures in the jungle. :P

The best picture that I think Sylvia has taken on that day. I just love the blue blue sky. Sooooo blue~ show how good the weather was.

The final stage to the top. You need to climb this long wooden staircase. Notice that how the one-way for going up, and one-way for coming down? This is a norm that you will frequently see in Japan. They have been educated this way.

Woohoo!! A very nice view after you heee~heee~ climbing the stair.

It was almost all death trunk standing or lying on the ground all around the area of this height.

I was standing at 1695m when I took this picture. This spot is called Hidegatake. The mountain that has the highest average annual rainfall in Japan, which is 4800mm. Even is one of the highest rainfall place in the world.

Furthermore, you can even see Fujisan (富士山) from here during a very good weather day as explained by the signboard. Well, it was not our luck that day. Still, the scene was something "out of the concrete death wall".

Kekeke... Angel and Sylvia was totally into the mode of *snap! snap!*

Trekkers brought their own bentou to enjoy with the beautiful scene. *jeles* How we wished we did the same too... but we only has a small pack of peanut and a small pack of Oreo. *sigh*

But then... how about save the time for taking more commemorate pictures then. We were too noisy we made quite a lot of attention. *shame shame* but fun~ :P

After rest for quite a while, and had enough photo session... time to turn back to the starting point.

This was the effect of strong Taifu that frequently attack the place. Poor tree...

"Help me~ Help me~ I'm dying"... I could hear they whispering to me.

Just imagine if you come in the middle of night. *shudder*

Ah~ I'm ending the trekking story with this last picture. Nice? or Spooky? :P

Tomorrow... I'm going to show what we had eaten and done after that to conclude up the series.



At 12:49 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Yah... spooky... FF..!! but nice nature walk lah.. :)

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Patrick Leong said...


At 6:53 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

I like the sepia version :) Eh, the forest of death?

At 10:14 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

mrst : Yap, it was a nice walk. ^_^

patrick leong : Happy Wesak Day. :)

acrix : Partly like that.


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