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Friday, May 20, 2005

Odaigahara (May 4, Pt 4)

Not into the mood of doing my own blog yesterday. Been jumping from blog to blog... like a dreamy lamb. . . -_-"

I'm going to meet Obachan this evening. ^_^ It has been 4 months since the 1st time we met in Osaka. Today, she is going to meet me in Kyoto, for a dinner at Hub, my favorite English Pub in Kyoto. Can't wait to see her soon. Genki kana~

Ok, time to write about my last post for the Odaigahara. :P

The trekking made our 4 stomachs grumbling. We just chose one of the canteen in that area to settle our hunger.

Patrick ordered a bowl of Japanese curry rice. Exactly Japanese.... SWEET! I don't like sweet Japanese curry, I only eat spicy Japanese curry.

This was the menu Angel and me ordered - Ramen. The original taste was nothing, too so so indeed. But after we added some seasonings inside, it tasted better, though it was still so so.

Typical not-yummies canteen food in places like this.

We then decided we better get downhill earlier, as we wanted to take an ofuro in some nice Onsen Place.

Somehow, a signboard led us into a shotcut... dangerous route! -_-"

For a total of 13 km... I can't even shut my eyes for a short while. The "S" road just kept going on and on... with the width of the road only enough for 1 car (in fact, it is a 2-way lane), and we could see trace of fallen stones from the hills bloked some part of the road. The fenced part was to protect cars from falling down the steeped cliff.

And we had many 90 degree turns that we must depended on the prepared mirror at the road side to aware if any car coming from the opposite direction.

Though the road was tough, the mountainous scenery was something worth to be aprreciated. I was too busy with the road and driving, not my luck to enjoy the scences. The purple flowers are wild Fuji no Ki. Charming blooms!

See how the fence and the scene were collaborated for people who like challenging drive? Everywhere just so green.

Finally, we arrived this Kodokoro Onsen (小処温泉, Little Place Onsen) safely. Thanks goodness. It was not a light responsibility when you drove 1st time in such a hilly and narrow road in other country with 3 passengers. Safety was number 1 for that day.

This Onsen is at a very secluded region in Japan. But the facilities were adequate. The entrance fee was 500yen per person.

Ah~ we really need a good soaking into a natural alkaline hotspring for healing our exhausted body.

Patrick went into the Male Ofuro alone, where the 3 girls headed to the Female Ofuro.

The picture above showed a corner of the Rotenburo (露天風呂, Open Space Ofuro). I just love Rotenburo, it is one of my most favorite activitiy whenever I'm travelling in Japan.

One thing spoilt the mood, there were too many people. Ah well~ this is an unavoided phenomenon in Japan during a public holiday.

It healed one naturally with the Onsen water and the greenery laid in front. The fresh air even had a taste of sweetness.

Kekeke... the refreshed 3 Musketeers.

On the way home, Patrick car sick syndrome worsen. He couldn't even argue back the three gals when we teased him.

I sensed the seriousness, so I drove much faster to get out from the mountainous area.

The last and longest tunnel we past through that nite, among the 20 tunnels. It was more than 2 km.

We reached the Nara city finally, 40 min earlier than scheduled by the car navigation system. Patrick decided to take train from Nara station back to Kyoto. In fact, he felt much better once he got on the train.

The three girls decided to have dinner around the area. After pondering for quite some times, we finally decided just to eat in a Nagoya style restaurant with a convenient parking space.

Angel ordered this pork rice. Well, the picture in the menu looked more attractive than the real food that was served.

Sylvia had a Set of Tempura Rice with Soba.

Mine was a full set of Vegetables Tempura Rice with Soba, Steamed Egg and Salad. They actually didn't has the Vegetable Tempura as menu, but they decided to prepare one for me under my special request. The tempura was good, the rice was good... but the too stingy portion of the tempura sauce in the bowl spoilt the whole thing. Too bad~ And the portion was too big for me... Greedy fish, her eyes could eat more than her stomach. But still, I finished everything. It is just not my style to waste food.

Angel took train from Nara station back to her dormitory. She only reached at midnight.

From Nara, Sylvia and me headed back to my apartment in Kyoto to end the driving trip.

It was very tiring, but it was fun.

I think I'm going to rent a car again in summer. ^_^


At 11:07 PM, Blogger Patrick Leong said...

the curry rice was horrible. i think it's the worst curry rice i have ever eaten in japan. if you look at the picture, you can tell it is starch curry rather than curry rice. oohh...when you mentioned about car sick, i start to feel dizzy again. tough journey but 'otsukare' for driving us to odaigahara. thanks fish.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Mango Tan said...

No only Japan. But Europe and America and Australia's curry rice taste the same.

Got so many dim-sum at there... *saliva flowing*

At 11:06 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

*sweating* Imagine Fish Fish driving like Takumi down the hill area~ So at the onsen, do u still have a towel wrap around u, or everyone is naked? Hmm, really love the tunnel pict! I like the feel of passing thro tunnel~

At 4:58 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. FF,
I hate driving on winding road too.. :) You are very brave.. coz' i know in japan . the roads can be kinda narrow.. :)
Too bad the food donch taste as good as it looked.. :(

At 5:07 PM, Blogger Wilson said...

Heard that Japanese people actually declared that they invented curry. Poor Indians!!

At 10:28 PM, Blogger Lrong said...

Onsen? Love it immediately. But, took me almost eighteen years to even begin to try tasting the Japanese curry... initially, yakky... but just found one shop which is actually not that bad...

At 11:17 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

patrick leong : You are welcome. ^_^ Btw, I oso think the curry looked terrible. Think seikyo canteen one tasted much better than it.

mango tan : Hmm... I've never tried any Europe, America and Australia's curry actually. I don't think it is an original food in those countries, right?

acrix : Kekeke... I wish I am Takumi. :P The onsen, definitely all naked. YOU SEE EVERYTHING!! Kihkihkih..

mrst : Yap, very narrow road. Especially in Kyoto, some place ridiculously narrow. -_-" Traffic very jam somemore... with too many traffic lights.

wilson : o_O Where did you actually hear that??? Definitely NOT japanese that invented curry!

lrong : Good spicy Japanese curry is really GOOD!! But usually, I make my own Japanese curry, taste much better than the restaurant one. *shameless fish*

At 7:09 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, all naked ah...好肉麻喔.

At 3:15 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

cooknengr : 双眼好涼快wor~ Kihkihkih...

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