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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Small Small World

Well, I was thinking of starting a new series of my journey today, but I changed my mind. Rather, I would write something totally unrelated to neither food nor journey, as inspired by KennySia's post.

Kuching - a city in Malaysia, full of nature, and yet modernised enough to let you live comfortably. I love this city, though the swift changes of these years, kind of giving me some cultural shocks.

However, one thing remains unchange - the habits of Kuchingese like to mind other people business, which sometimes have crossed the boader line. Their curiosity somewhat like to be applied to unappropriate place.

When I just started this blog, I have pondered for quite some time what kind of form I wanna make it into. Finally, I decided to make it a safe play. A play that wouldn't hurt myself, neither my family. I know, blogsphere is a world too open to any type of homo sapiens, including those who like to throw stone when one fell into a well. It is weird, but it is true that the world's today is full of people who waiting to see some tragedies of other people.

My family is nothing rich nor famous in Kuching. Regardless of that, my movement in Kuching has never been full of freedom. People like to be a spy for free... to tell my family what I am doing. This might sound funny, but it is true. Kuching, is a "big" city, and yet, it is such a small place for me.

Let me give you a couple examples on how passionate these people were.

Story 1 :

When I was in my high school time... there was one day I was in rush to go home. I drove kind of fast. After 5 min, the moment I reached home, mum was showing me a raged face.

"Someone just gave me a phone call." Mum suddenly said.

"??" Definitely I don't have any idea what she was trying to tell me.

"That person told me you were driving very fast. More than 100km per hr, nearby the 3rd mile roundabout. Is it true?" Mum asked.

Who is that KPC? Right, I was driving quite fast, I couldn't deny that. But 100 km per hr?? That person must be a very good speed measurer for knowing the speed I had, when I myself didn't even know.

Eventually, I was forbiddened by my mum to drive more than 80km per hr for a few months.

"If I ever hear people telling me you are driving fast again, you will be forbiddened to drive the car."

Great!! KPC... you happy now?

Story 2 :

Before I went to West Malaysia for my university life. One day, a friend that went to work in Singapore called me.

"Fish Fish, you got to tell me the truth. I have something very important to ask you." I was very happy to get her phone. But was wondering at the same time what was she trying to ask me. She sound so serious.

"Rumour was saying you are going out frequently with a boy. They said he is your boyfriend wor~ Is it true?" For sure her question shocked me.

"Going out with a boy?? My boyfriend??" Muahahahhaha!!! I couldn't help but laugh at her ridiculous anxiety on such a nonsense rumour. You think my mum will allow???

Finally, I figured out who was the person they were refering too. Too bad, she is a gal. One of my girl friend who likes to wear like tomboy that time. Man~ luckily the rumour didn't go into my mum's ears. I was strictly forbiddened to "pak tor" until I finished my undergraduate. She would be in hysteria if she heard this.

Hmm... I wonder why didn't they make the story into more bombastic... "Oh... Fish Fish is with a lezbo!!" That would make the story a hotter one. :)

Ok, I'm lazy to tell the other version of the "concern" I get when I was in Kuching. I still love the city very much. But getting out from there, actually making me feel not being watched.

My daddy and mummy have been very strict to me. Even till today, they are still strict, regardless of this daughter of them getting to be qualified to be called "andatua". Kekeke... U think I am exaggerating? Haha!! Just ask my friends that are closed to me.

So away from Kuching, meaning I have my own freedom. I don't have to follow my time curfew of going home as fixed by them.

It is a very good feeling to go back to Kuching for a total relax time. Somehow, it is a funny phenomenon sometimes, when on the street...

"Oh~ fish fish, you came back to Kuching. So, how is your Japan's life? Still studying?" I actually will be greeted passionately by some "strangers". Surprised me more is how come she (yes, most of them are ladies) knows I am in Japan? It turned up they are my family's friend... or my friends' parents. It was actually a very embarassing moment as I didn't know their name, so I have to greet bad with a very general way. I may have only seen them once, but it was amazing they have very good memories.

Hohoho!! Should I be happy my face is not easily forgotten?

Now you know why my post seldom put "grey" or "weird" things? Not that I dun have my unhappy and sad moments... just that I don't tend to put them in here much. Except when it is something that I was really frustrated, providing I don't reveal the whole thing.

Months ago, a long time friend of mine, took the thing in this blog too serious... that she wrote "Thanks for stepping into my life before" as ending for our very long time friendship. What can I say? It was extremely painful for me. But that was her choice.

*iish* Better stop liao~


At 10:32 PM, Blogger 5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Awww...fish fish, I seldom see you blog like this. I guess you must have been very much affected. I feel for Kenny too. Hope I don't come to face that one day. Because Penang is even smaller than Kuching, horrors!

At 11:58 PM, Blogger cynical-idealist said...

I guess that coz Kuching is so small, everyone either knows everyone, or knows someone who knows someone, and people just cannot mind their own business, esp the older generation.

I hope that things will get better now that times are changing.

At 12:54 AM, Anonymous Guan said...

Lols. cheer up fish. I am too from Kepochi City.. oops i mean Kuching City. Same like what you been through, stalkers and kepochis around. I can't protect my own privacy and I end up moving my blog from one place to another. Total of 6 times. Eventually got fed up with it and no more blogging for me.

At 1:46 AM, Blogger Lrong said...

I think, same-same everywhere... one burp or one fart only ah, every donkey in town knows who just by the sound of it...

At 2:43 AM, Anonymous moo_t said...

5xmom, Penang is "big" compare to kuching, I mean the population. When there is less people, news tend to travel in light speed.

And not to forget, if Kuching has LOTS of tol, traffics jams, crappy municipal councils, etc, people will be less KPC. ;)

At 5:47 AM, Blogger Wilson said...

In Kuching, if you just walk into a coffe shop, everyone will stare at you like you are some weirdo or checking out who you are or if you got gf with you, then they start gossip.

" Wha!! So fat kid got beautiful gf!!! Must be the money loh!!!!".

Kuching ppl also have the problem of only knowing someone for the bad things they do only.

Hopefully, things will change for the better.

At 7:14 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, I won't tell mommy fish you were doing 105 kmph crossing the double yellow line at a blind corner :)

I am glad we grew up in a 讓他們講個夠 family, so we are already 厚臉皮, if we beh song, D's 拳頭解決 also can.

As for your friend,小氣鬼 should grow up, friend like that 沒有也罷...don't worry about her.

At 7:48 AM, Blogger mmulibra said...

Blog is like kopitiam la, sometimes need to close shop for awhile.. let all the regular KPCs forget about you for awhile.. then you can open back your shop to new fresh customers.. trust me, it worked for me ;-)

At 9:36 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

Hmm i experience the scenario as in story 1 but a bit different is that my mum din really scold me but just urge me not to drive that fast~ Kpc is everywhere in BsB and luckily now in KL, no one really knoe me and i can do watever i like without worries~

At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, my family are thick face, mind our own business. I was the "topic" too when growing up in Sarawak, no matter what city or town, the population is so small, people have nothing to do, no connection with outside world, I can see why people are keh poh. Well, my way of dealing with them was keep on what i was doing, even more extreme!!! So they have more to talk about. Wherelse, my parents just listened to kpc and forget, they sometimes came and asked me what i did, i gave my reason. Then they rested their case. Blackwidow

At 8:27 PM, Anonymous tarinetree said...

hi, why all kuchinians suffered from all these ?? I hv been following yr blog for sometime and yr writing has never failed to entice my taste bug. DO hope you dont be taken over by all these unhappiness..btw,any recommendation food that must eat in KK Town, I will be climbing KK next week, appreciate if you enlighten this Singapore fren here...thanks.

At 9:52 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Dear FF,
I know where you are coming from. If only you knew what i go thru' with my blog.. with the ppl in this town.. you can peng san for me. And prolly bitch slap every single one of them for me.

At 12:06 AM, Anonymous Mike said...

Ever heard of soap opera syndrome? No? (Well, i made it up). A long time ago there was this daytime soap opera actress (true incident) relating on a talkshow, how some people just walk up to her and call her a bitch or slut 'cos of the character she played in the soap opera, not because of who she was. Your similarity lies there. People thinks they know you thu' yoour blog. More like "Cheers" than kopitiam: "everybody knows your name." Like Kenny said: there's the real him and the blogging side of him. Sometimes the line between "feel good factor" and reality blurs.
Your mom might be somebody important to kpc for him/her to "curry flavored" to your mom to win some points.
You try to maintain your anonymity whereas you publish pics of people around you. Somehow don't you think people cannot put 2 and 2 together and figure what or who you're talking about, as you said Kuching being so small? That could be your friend's gripe.
Remember the feeling you have when you first received a feedback from someone you didn't know on your blog, or the first referral from somebody else's blog? That was great, wasn't it? Making a name for yourself now, people tend to kind they own a piece of you. Don't do a Greta Garbo number on us? (I want to be left alone?)
If there's a thing as eating the cake, and keeping it, i oso want.

At 1:54 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

5xmom : Penang is smaller in term of "place", but I think bigger than Kuching in term of people. I wonder which populations are bigger.

cynical-idealist : Yap, agree with you. I hope the thing will change too.

guan : Well, don't be defeated by them. If you think that it is right for you, just go ahead. I wonder if other cities are having the same phenomenon too?

lrong : *LOL* Good say. Burp and fart? What a description.

moo_t : Kuching traffic is getting more terrible. But for the tol thing, maybe in a few years to come?

wilson : Wha!! So fat kid got beautiful gf!!! Must be the money loh!!!!". Heee... I heard this phrase a few times. Oso "Wah! So old... the gal so tall..." blah blah blah... It is an uncomfortable thing that when you go into the coffee shop, the people will automatically stare at you huh?

cooknengr : Hello~ I didn't drive until 105 kmph lar~ Exaggerating! Well, I learnt to put down a friendship when it has too... after all these years. :)

mmulibra : Ah~ that's why you were closing your "shop" last time for a long vacation ar~ Glad you come back.

acrix : Your whole family moved to KL right?

Blackwidow : Kekeke... DD, it is quite difficult for you to not become a topic. :P Limbang was even a more kpc town for you, was it?

tarinetree : Helo~ thank you so much for the support. :) Going to KK ar? *jeles* Have a nice and safe climbing ok. Frankly speaking, I didn't try much food when I was in KK. But the food varieties are quite similar to the West Malaysia. I'll try to ask my KK's frens then, see if they have any special recommendation.

mrst : Well, I can see that from your blog dear~ Just ignore them.

mike : I can see your point of view. Well, the thing I wrote in my blog... are all the things I don't mind to disclose. The fish fish in the blog, is the fish fish in real life. But I only reveal 30% of me. The other 70%, I remain for myself. The comments and links thing used to be an important drive for me to keep on my blogging months ago. But now? Nope, it is more like a place for myself to release my own stress, a place to keep my documentation. Another thing I can say, blogging did make me see some of the real faces. It might seem to be a great lost, who knows it is actually a big win. Like a chinese idiom : "賽翁失馬,焉知非福?" :)

At 5:46 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

Nope, my dad still working in BSB~ And my mum is periodically moving between KL and BSB...

At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FF, actually silly k (sarikei) was more kpc as my dad's family was well known and I was a teenager at that moment. Hai yah. Even my uncle was "beat small report"(translate it straightly to mandarin)to my dad. Blackwidow

At 2:44 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Acrix : I see. So, only your father stay alone in BSB? Cause your sis oso in KL right?

Blackwidow : Kekeke... you better ler dear, at least your Tai Kor and sisters dun Beat Small Report ler~ Even my Kakak be the spy of my mum, see? What worse, she always say something that is not true, made my mum Gan Chiong only. *sigh*


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