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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

UTAGE 2005 IN Osaka (May 1, Pt 4)

This will be my final post for the UTAGE 2005 series. For 11 days, the Expo had attracted 662,000 visitors, more than the predicted target 600,000 visitors. The 600,000th visitor was even given air ticket to go to Guam. Nice huh~ Fish Fish never have luck in all these lucky draw things.

After the NANTA performance, it was already 4pm++. We decided to go back to Pavilion 2 for the 100yen noodles.

This is the session for the 100yen noodles. Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese. As it was not peak hour time for lunch, it was considered as fast for us to get our noodles. Each "bowl" of the noodle was for 100yen. You would just have to buy the general coupon from a booth, and go to line up at whichever noodle you would like to try.

The popular booths have been Vietnamese and Chinese noodles. Japanese and Korean were pitifully empty. Well, it was logical enough. It is so easy to get Japanese and Korean noodles in Japan, why would people want to come all the way to the expo for them. Definitely not me. :P

While waiting, you could enjoy watching a few big screen on show the noodles thing in China. Hey, if you are a Noodle Lover, and you happen to go to China one day, how bout considering paying a visit to 太原 (Tai Yuan)? According to the documentary shown, Tai Yuan offers 300 types of noodle. Man~ what a noodle town.

After waited for around 15 min, I got my 1st bowl of 100yen noodle. This is called Zha Jiang Mian. Well, the noodle that was used is called 一撥麺 (1 stroke noodle). Basically, a very big chunk of kneaded dough is put in a big bowl. While one hand holding the bowl, another hand of the chef will just use his kung fu skill to "tick" out small pieces of the dough into a very big boiling pot. "Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!"

I was very disappointed with the noodle. It was not in a uniform "ticking". Some very thick, some too thin. Some short, some long. The taste was nothing to say about. The size was very stingy, only 2 sips, then it was all gone. Oh well, at least I know next time what is 1 stroke noodle all about.

Mirian went to the Vietnamese corner to get a bowl of beef pho (rice noodle). I tried a bit, not bad. But I didn't like the taste of the soup. I am not keen on Vietnamese foods as they like to use fish sauce. It tastes weird to me. Heee... and I still think the broader form of kuey tiaw in Malaysia my better cup of tea. ;)

Aso was lining up with Risa to buy 刀削麺 (Dao Xiao Mian, Knife Shave Noodle). I asked them to help me get one bowl too. It was the main purpose why I wanted so much to line up for the 100yen noodle. I have been long wanted to try this noodle since I saw in TV 2 years ago. I missed my chance when I went to Taiwan. For sure I was not gonna to miss it again this time, regardless of the super small size.

See the chef? His kung fu was even better than the 1 stroke style of the chef earlier. The hands movement was very fast and accurate. Phew! Phew! Phew! The shaved pieces flew in a very pretty way into another big boiling pot. Chinese Kung Fu... they even make it become Ghost Axe God Martial into the foods. *salute*

This was what I got for my 100yen. Another 2 sips, gone. But it taste much much better than the 1 stroke noodle. All the noodle pieces was almost in equal length and thickness. The thicker edge gave a munchy texture, while the thinner end just slipped smoothly into my mouth. *slurp~* I love this 1st time of mine. The soup itself was good too. A very nice savoury attraction. Therefore, even though the ingredient was not a generous one, I enjoyed it. I will for sure look for a real version of Dao Xiao Mian next time.

We past through a German Beer Festival. We didn't joined the group for a big mug of beer. But I would like to participate in a real Beer Festival in Germany during October if I'm going to have my future chance. Anyone of you joined a Beer Festival before?

Pavilion 6

We went to the last pavilion of the day. Pavilion 6 - The Japanese Cuisine. This pavilion exhibited festivals, markets and diverse dishes in various parts of Japan. They also got a Kuishinbo Town here. :P

A guy was wearing some kind of specially made costume to promote Mishoan (味生庵) in once of the many stalls. It seem like it is a well-known Japanese sauce in Japan, though fish fish never encoutered it. However, there was a long Q for trying the taste for free. Nah~ neither of us was interested in that.

I was much more delighted to see this long-time-no-see food. This is called Umibudo (Sea Grape). A very well-known sea plant in Okinawa prefecture. The first time I tried this was 4 years ago. The taste was salty... but what is so interesting about this seaweed is its puchi puchi texture. It was like you were breaking uncountable tiny balloon inside your mouth. The Okinawans like to eat this as a tit-bit when they are gulping mug by mug of Orion or a nice glass of Awamori.

Argh~ I feel like having a nice holidays in Okinawa now. Those tanned skin beach boys... can really make fish fish mouthwatering. Kekeke... *sukebe ikan*

When I saw this, I felt nostalgic. I miss my mum 5 flavours egg. So, eventually, I spent 100yen on this egg. Though it was boiled a long time with pork, surprisingly there was no pork taste on it. It was a very good egg. But then, definitely couldn't fight with my mommy one. ^_^

Last food search of mine there. A Japanese Manju. But with spicy vege and mushroom inside. A specialty in Nagano prefecture. The spicy taste was good, but it would be much better if it was served hot.

The other 3 gals also each bought one. Different ingredients inside.

For ending our exploration this time, Aso and Risa bought a bone attached frankfurt. They said it was very nice. Juicy and great taste. Ok, nothing much to attract me. But the shape looked cute tough. :P

Heee... here comes to the end of my UTAGE 2005 report.

Tomorrow, another new series. ^_^

Mata ne~


At 4:34 AM, Blogger 5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

That seaweed with its puchi-puchi gave me a scare at first. Thought it is some worm!

At 7:03 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish , Ghost Axe God Martial ? Ta Ker 服了你.

At 10:22 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

5xmom : Heee... it looks more like a tiny mascat for me. ;)

cooknengr : How do you like it, 我の知音人?;P

At 12:32 AM, Anonymous momof2 said...

I've been to some sort of Fun Fair in Germany all right, and nice beer is a feature in the festival. Their mug is very very big! Nice write up on the Utage! I hope I will have a chance to visit Japan! Okane ga nai :(

At 10:00 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

I've been trying to read your blog on Utage 2005 for a few days now.. but was never able to finish it.. coz' i was having a hectic week. I read halfway.. then gotta stop for various reasons.. so i'm glad i got to read the end of it tonite.. and will slowly read up the rest.. :)
Great post as usual.. :)

At 1:57 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

momof2 : I'm actually interested to join the real Beer Festival in future. Ganbatte ne~ for you wish to come to Japan. :)

mrst : Dun make yourself too exhausted ar~


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