I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Yippie!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ ^_^

Hohoho!!! Today is such an important day to my Kuishinbo~Meow. Guess what? It is 1 year old today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!! Mummy love you soooooooooo much!!! Infinity love.

I can't believe that I have been blogging for 1 year, even more unbelievable I have the endurance to continue for such long in this active mode, as fish fish has been a very impatient person in continuing thing. Like my mum said, I am always 3 Minutes Hot Chicken Shit.

For those of you that don't know, I actually started blogging because of Wena. Her mum-mum's blog was the 1st blog I encountered, before I even know what is a blog. That time, I was in a very down mood, nothing seems to go right in my life. Somehow, Wena's blog healed me a lot. The things she mentioned inside her blog, are something that I am very familiar with... yet with a lot of ongoing changing. Yeah... it is about her life in Kuching, with her grandma, mainly about foods. Somehow, those stories keep reminding me of my beloved things. Thanks Wena!! I know you have been inactive for these few months in blogging, but I am looking forward to see you blog again. ^_^

Eventually, after 4 months of silent reading on her blog, it initiated me to start my own stories, about eating in the beginning, but slowly expanded into a rojak blog, talking about a lot of things. My very early reader, who is also a very close friend of mind, Chor Wai... was the important person who gave me great encouragement and advices in improving it. Thanks dear~ I love you as always, though now you rarely come into here. Kihkihkih... but I still go kacau your Bear Bear.

Of course, I always remember how the early comments from Mrs Tweety (ok dear, I promised before I won't link you in my blog) and Pinkcocoa have gave me motivation in continuing. Their early comments made me realized there really are people out there enjoying this blog. What I feel more grateful one, they still reading my blog till today. Arigatou~ It means so much to fish fish.

Then, the first male blogger started to leave a message into my blog. He is Eddie, who I now call Da Ge ( big brother) as he is much older than me. (Oops... not really that much lar~) Unexpectedly, it has turned into such a nice friendship with him. He is really like a big brother to me (DD, you don't mind kongsi a bit hor~), something that I have yearned for years. At least he doesn't bully me like my Kakak (Muahahahaha!!! No lar~ my Kakak loves me very much too. She is the type Mouth Hard Butt Soft person. ^_^)

Today, I have many readers that not only I communicate in my blog, but also I meet in person. They are such lovely people. Indeed, blogging have earned me a lot of nice people and their valuable friendships. Here, fish fish wish to say THANK YOU, a lot of THANK YOU to all of you... from the bottom of my heart. ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA!!

Now, here is a little request from fish fish, just for this post...

It doesn't matter if you are an active or silent reader, my reader since early stage or just starting to read this blog... won't you leave some words into the comment for my little baby here?

Thank you!
Terima Kasih!
Kam Chia!
Kam Sia!
Dou Che!

(Heee... I'm using the languages I can speak to say Thank you. ^_^)


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kare vs Kari

Last week, I was into the mood for curry. So, I made 2 versions of fish fish's brand curry. Here they are...

A bowl of Malaysian style coconut milk vege curry with Japanese udon. The curry very good. I used curry powder and coconut milk powder that I brought from hometown. Ah~ a very nostalgic kind of taste. The only point for deduction, the udon was overcook, not munchy enough.

Ah well~

A couple days later, I decided to use an instant pack of retort Japanese curry to make a nice bowl of Japanese style mushroom curry with Italian spaghetti.

Yum~~~ this was such a good attempt. The sweetness of the caramelized onion brought out the nice savoury taste of the whole bowl.

Hohohoh... I am not a pro in cooking. But I think I am a good amateur in playing with my foods. What do you say? Kihkihkih...

Ok, Malaysian Japanese Udon Kari versus Japanese Italian Spaghetti Kare... which one would you choose? ;)

Suika SUI SUI ^_^

Have I told you how much I love to visit supermarket in Japan near to closing time? That was a good time for me to get some good 50% discount deal. SUMMER FRUIT!!! Muahahhahahha...

A few days ago, I was very lucky I reached the market in the right time. Just in time the staff sticking the 50% sign on the fruit. Wah~~~ I was very happy, to be the 1st one get the chance to get a nice Suika (water melon).

It was like the second he put one the sticker, the next second I put it into my cart already.

Tra la la... see this nice treasure that I found.

Have to be very fast as within next minute, these 50% suika all gone into the carts of other people. *wipe cold sweat*

This was the best cut suika of the day. I paid only 250yen for a big 1/4 cut. But the most delighted sign was this "Sweetness 12 brix value". It was the only one left with "12" during the discount time. The other were all either a 10 or 11. What a nice victory.

I cut out 1/2 of the suika nicely, without the skin. Washed my both hands thoroughly.

Then, I eat like a real kuishinbo. (Wait, I am a kuishinbo... kihkihkih...)

*chomp... chomp... chomp...*

Hohoho!!! The suika was very sui sui (pretty and nice) and sui sui (so juicy). So sweet. I even accentuated the sweetness by adding "semboi hun" (sour plum powder) that I bought back from Malaysia.

Gosh~~~ the high feeling that I got was even better than the one I had during sakuranbo. Ai yar~ really One Mountain Higher Than Another Mountain. Making the Wave by Wave attacked me. (DD, this one is for you. Kihkihkih...)

In a short while...

Now you see the last bite.

Now you don't.

Errr... I think I had too much water inside my tank.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Sakuranbo *slurp~*

Last Saturday, after the IFF in Patrick's dormitory, I went to do some shopping alone. Well, I only got a few thousands yen in my wallet, no credit card nor bank card with me that time. By the time I bought a white T-shirt, 2 CDs... I only left 1000yen. -_-"

However, the good thing was, with this very limited money left, I controlled my craving for over-shopping, which is a symptom that I will have when I am in a depressed situation with my work.

I was hunger for a good sakuranbo (Japanese cherry). So I went to Takashimaya to look for one.

Among the choices, I chosed this 2nd cheapest one. It was 699yen per pack. This is the Satonishiki (佐藤錦)species, the King of the Sakuranbo. The one from Yamagata prefecture is especially famous.

Well, this pack is a 2nd class Satonishiki, however it is still much better than a normal Japanese cherry.

As you can see here, the colour is bright red if compared to a Bing Cherry which is a deep reddish-purple. In Japan, Bing Cherry is commonly known as "American Cherry".

Well, I tried to divide the portion into 4 times, so that I could enjoy 4 days of cherrish days with my sakuranbo. ^_^

The Satonishiki was much smaller that a Bing Cherry. However, the flesh is softer and sweeter. I had a 1st class Sakurando before, it was like 8000yen per kg. Well, it was given by someone to my lab. It was one of the best fruit I have ever tasted. Full red, not a single sourness, soft and juicy flesh. It melted me.

As for this version that I bought, it had a slight sourness... but made a good balance with the sweetness.

While listening to my music... with the evening wind blowing through my room... one by one the cherry went slowly into my mouth. It was a time I felt so happiness. Couldn't help but grinned to myself everytime the cherry touched my lips.

How was my mood after that??

Ah~~~ like this picture.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

International Food Festival (June 25)

Patrick's dormitory was having an International Food Fair last Saturday. He invited me to go. The entrance was free, but each food item costed 100yen.

I went there quite early. The event was from 11am till 2pm. I reached there around 11.30am. By then, there were many people there already.

Everyone was busy hunting for their food.

The 1st stall that attracted me. Gado Gado from Indonesia. I miss this.

Epsecially this nice bowl of peanut sauce. A big peanut lover like me, impossible to resist such a temptation.

So, I paid 100yen coupon, and got a plate of nice Gado Gado. Oh~ surprisingly, the peanut sauce was brilliant. I love the saltiness inside, not as spicy and oily as the normal peanut sauce I had. Fixed perfectly to the assorted vege. Definitely a wise first choice to start the day. ^_^

Next, I spotted these nice balls. After I asked the person who made them, then I realized these were Holland style Potato Cheese Balls. Geee... I was curious to try. So I made my order for 1 set.
After waited for 10 minutes, my balls finally done.

Kihkihkih... nice balls right? ;) Ok lar~ not as big as the coconuts of Kenny... But I'm satisfied with these 2 little deep-fried balls.

In fact, I was very surprised with the very soft texture of the mashed potato outside that mixed with some kind of herb?

Once I bite on them, the whole ball was destroyed and exposed a melting cheese cube...

Mmm... the balls made me feeling high. Yum~ Yum~

My final 100yen of food was a plate of spring onion fried rice from Hong Kong.

A disappointing choice. The rice was too oily and not salty. It would turn into a very nice one if they cut down the cooking oil into half and add a little bit more salt.

The ingredients inside was a generous portion though.

I need a nice thirst quencher after that. Tra la la... they have blueberry smoothies.

*gulp, gulp, gulp* Ah~~~

This was so nice. Smooth and creamy. It cleared off the oily taste of the fried rice nicely.

I was so regret I didn't take a fast action on Turkish Ice Cream. *iish* They just sold the final cup few seconds before I went to get one. So, no after-lunch dessert.

Ah well~~~

With a bloated stomach, I started to look around... and time for pictures session. ^_^

Other foods that were offered on that day...

Mongolian dumpling. Look nice, but not sure about the taste.

Vietnam style salad. Hmmm.... looks like a very healthy dish. However, I didn't want to try as I dislike fish sauce.

From Turkey, it is call "Kyofute?". The owner of the stall made the meat chunk by himself.

This one was a chicken version.

The more popular one was this beef version. The vege looks very attracting to me... unfortunately got meat, so I decided to give up on it.

However, this seem like one of the highest ranking dish for the day. Patrick bought one, and he said it was really good.

This was the stall that sold the ice cream. :(

Oo la la... does this dish look familiar to my Malaysian readers? This was actually Ayam Masak Kicap Manis (Chicken cooked with Sweet Soysauce) by a Malaysian junior in my university. Kihkihkih... another dish that got good comment from people who bought it.

100yen for 2. Nice deal huh~ ;)

This was Cambodian Deep Fried Spring Roll. A mixture of meat and potato. By the time I took this picture, the spring roll wasn't left much.

A final one... Pakistan Chicken Curry. It was a very huge pot of curry... however, it sold out in 1hr time. Patrick wanted to try one, too bad he was too late. Kesian~

Basically, the foods on that days were great. Nice price. The only complaint, the amount of the foods for selling were too limited. Even though the event was supposed to be until 2pm, all the food have been sold out by 12.30pm. After that, still a lot of people coming to look for food... seeing their disappointing face... so pity.

I bumped into Li Xing there too. It was a surprised for me. Hey buddy, forgot to tell you, you look different with the long "hige". Kihkihkih...

He was a bit late reached there. So, the only food he got to eat was the Indonesian Gado Gado. We did have a nice chat.

"Ai yar~ fish fish, long time no see. See also always the censored one. Hahhahahahahah!!!"

*so bad, tease me* *bleh~*

"You ar~ lazy bone lar~~~ I don't see any updating in your blog one."

"Hahahahha!!!" Was the response he gave me. *kek heh*

He was there for a short while only, he went away to search food in other places. Serve your right, who asked you to be a not-early-birf. Sure no worm lar~ See all these drooling pictures, make you "kek sam" or not? Kihkihkih...

After a nice meal, a nice Japanese garden outside this dormitory would be a good place for you to chat with friend.

Patrick, thanks a lot for the invitation. I enjoyed it. ^_^

Saturday, June 25, 2005

This is an auto reply...

Kihkihkih... last night when I sent an email to a friend with my handphone, the next second, a reply was received. At first, I thought it was a fail sent. However... after I read the mail, it made me laugh out so loud. Gosh!!! I was supposed to sleep the next minute, but I couldn't help but giggled in my dream.

Tell me... when you receive an auto email like this, how would you react?

Folks, this message will appear for a while until I imported your email address to my online inbox.
Spammers don't realize my dong is long enough, my sex drive is high (ask their mother), I don't need a loan, I wear real Rolex watch, pirated software is way cheaper in Malaysia...


Buahahahhahahahhaa... I never know an auto reply email can sound as "fun" as this. Though some of the sentences took me a while to understand what the "real" meaning is.

My dear friend, if you happen to see the title "Moshi mosh~" in your junkbox then. Please don't delete it ok... It's from fish fish.

^_^ Happy weekends.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Well done, boys!! ^_^

*tsk tsk tsk* The blogsphere is so flooded with PPS BASH's reports. Seem like it was really a fun one, to be able to meet each other. Personally, I love Kim's report the most so far... cause hers has lots of pictures for me to drool with. *mwah~~~* Thanks a lot babe. The picture of Kenny took with you was really veli veli sweet. Feel like giving him a baby pinch. Kihkihkih... By the way, if you wanna see more reports on that, a one stop page by mudpond is really a very helpful one. ^_^

Ok, now fish fish have a good news to tell everyone. Nothing connected to the matter above. Not about myself... but 2 boys that are closed to me. Yap, my 2 dear cousins, Jerry and Gilbert (appeared as Bert Bert many times in my past posts) have just knew they are accepted into local university finally yesterday night. In case you don't know, both of them are brothers, Jerry elder. Not twin.

Jerry gets into Malaya University while Gilbert gets into University Technology of Malaysia. Both gets their 1st choice. Woohoo!!! Good job, boys. I know exactly how happy you guys were as I was in the same stage when I applied for my Food Science course. Almost jump high till I gonna knock the ceiling (no lar~, where can short fish jump so high).

I was so happy when mum told me about that in the phone. I called her, because I wanna have some chatting with her. Surprisingly, I got such a good news.

Muak! MUAK!! MUAKKKK!!! 3 big kisses to each of you.

Ok, let see when are the 2 of you gonna tell me this good news by your ownselves.

Anyway, this is just the very beginning... It is just going to start... Good luck!!

By the way, they only have 10 days to prepare everything, before the school starts. Hmmm... kind a rush huh~

"Mum, good!! I am going to have free place to stay next time in KL and Johor then". :PbPb

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Chili Cup Noodle

Life these lately has been a very unhealthy one for fish fish. Imbalance food, so lack of workout (chou yabai!), and sometimes even lack of sleep. I think sooner or later I'll really look like this. *shudder*

I don't skip my breakfast, though it has becoming something very simple these few weeks. Either cracker and drink, or the instant cup noodle. My room is so stocked up with different variety of instant noodles now. Think can even open a shop for that. (just kidding) But I think when I die, my body will no need any kind of preservative to preserve my body. Kihkihkih...

This morning, I ate something full of capsaicin.

Super Spicy Kimchi Flavour Chili Noodle.

A pack of additional Chili Powder was even attached for those really heavy-level spicy food eaters.

When the paper lid was unsealed, it reveal a cup of well-mixed ingedient and soup powder with the noodle. One thing special about this noodle is... chili is mixed into the dough for making the noodle. Can you see the red colour of it?

After waiting for 3 minutes, the hot-boiling water was nicely penetrated inside the noodle.

Tra la la!! May fish fish present you an aptly named "Chili Noodle".

Ah~ the taste was simply lovely. I just love the very wise taste of the chili inside the noodle. The spiciness was just nice, I don't think it is necessary for me to add more chili powder inside it. In fact, adding too much chili powder will spoil the nice savoury taste of the noodle.

In the beginning, I didn' t feel much on the spiciness, however, after a short while, the after-eating spiciness spreaded through my whole mouth. Yum~ Yum~

Oh~ what a morning with a body full of capsaicin power. ^_^ I'm a chili fish.

My working desk!

Came to the lab before 9am today. That is counted "early" for me, as I usually come in around 10am, except on Monday, because there is seminar.

However, today, we were requested by our sensei to come in before 9am.

For what? To do big moving again. *headache*

So, after the moving...

This was what happened to our desk. The guy in the picture is a sensei in my lab, who just sitting next to me. Yap, I'm the only student is the lab that is arranged to be seated beside a sensei. So, you see how naughty fish fish is, need a sensei to "spy" me. Kihkihkih...

Oh~ here is my desk for today. Geee... it was quite fun to type my thing on such a desk. However, I couldn't use it much, as after 15 min I took this picture, I have to start my lab work... which made me extremely busy until 3.30pm. I ate my lunch after that. Man~~~ tea lunch I would call it. The whole canteen was just me the only person that eating "lunch".

Well, the "desk" was for half day only.

At late noon, it was taken away. Poor thing, has been here for 40 years, finally people decided to take it away just like that, as it has no more usage inside the lab.

Ever wonder what are these pipes?? They were "pipe heaters" for winter. However, our lab stop using them since 6 years ago... so, they decided to eliminate them.

"Bye bye pipe pipe... thanks for serving this lab all these while".

Yippie!! Finally, I got my desk back.

Oh~ still my old fish's desk is the best. ^_^ Updating my blog on this date is such a happiness thing.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Wah~~~ where is my head??

Babe Kim, here you are. How do you like it. Kihkihkih...

Also, especially decidated to Peter Tan. Thumbs up for you on the Star Two. ^_^

Well, you won't mind fish fish join the line too, right? We should make a file on that, and send to all those No Action Talk Only punya "V.I.P". Let them "Butt Roll Pee Flow" in the middle of night. Muahahahahah!!!

Ok, here are the Peter version and Kimberly version. ;)

And these, are fish fish's version. :P 5xmom, don't come in at 3am ok?

Personally, I like this one. It seems like my head had turned 180 degree. *myak*

Errrr... does this one look "scary" or "miang miang" to you??

Make your vote.

Man~ I did it during the middle of night yesterday... Luckily Sadako didn't pop out from my TV. -_-"

The Biwa Temptation

Update : Dear readers, sorry I made a confusion here. My earlier title "The Orange Temptation" wasn't meant "Orange Fruit", but the "Orange Colour" of the fruit, Biwa. Also, I've added a 4th picture for those of you that don't have the idea on how a Biwa look like inside. Yap, it is more like a peach. *muak*


I am very much spoilt these few days with a big tree outside my house. Since 2 weeks ago, I have been talking to it every morning before I went to school.

"Ohayo~~~ How are you today? ^_^ Must grow fast fast ar~ Ittekimasu!"

Then in the evening, again I will greeted it with "Tadaima". ^_^

"Did you turn sweeter today? It was a good sunny day, wasn't it?"

Hohoho!!! Finally the time has come...

Since last week, this wild loquat tree outside my apartment have been started to shine with a beautiful orange.

I was so lonely last year since it didn't bear a single fruit. To my surprise, this year it turns into a very heavy tree... with uncountable fruits.

See, it even grow until the fence beside my door. So, every morning or evening, whenever I feel like to, I will just cut pluck some for myself.

See the colour... it is such a nice ripen orange. SO FRESH!!

They are small if compared to the cultivated one.

But the sweetness and the juiciness?? Mmmm~~~ something that would give me a very high feeling. I can't help but grin to myself after I finish the whole bowl at one go.

"Gochisosamadeshita!!" *burp~*

Oh~ I'm going to be spoilt again today. Yum~ Yum~

Addition : How a peeled-biwa look like

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Fish Fish in Green Green Yukata ^_^

Acrix wrote a challenge under my comment (Duh~ another challenge! -_-")

"Lovely festival. Oh yah, heard that yatai are mostly operated by yakuza :p Wonder if that is true or not :) Galz in yukata looks very pretty and cute! FIsh Fish, when u gona show us ur yukata photo *with the face censored as expected* Haha~"

Ok, Acrix, here it is. But hor~ I don't want a BIG hug. I want a nice pack of hot and spicy nasi lemak that wrap in banana leaf. So, go to ask around where you can find a very famous nasi lemak in KL area now.

Kihkihkih... I'll be going to KL to claim my nemo and nasi lemak from you. ^_^

So, this is the picture.

GREEN YUKATA!!! Muahahahhhahhaha...

Hope nobody telling me they wanna puke looking at the green Yukata. Kihkihkih...

Green fish sure no medicine to cure already.

I think I even will be turned on by a Hulk?!?!


Friday, June 17, 2005

Agata Matsuri (Jun 5, Pt 2)

Life has becoming more and more busy for me. Somehow, it is a very fulfilling everyday. Time to my important dateline is getting nearer and nearer... -_-" Well, I really hope all my hard work will be rewarded with a worthwhile consequence.


Here is the 2nd part about Agata Matsuri 2005... the YATAI. ^_^ By the way, for those of you who wish to know more about typical Yatai's foods in a matsuri, please go to my Gion Matsuri's post.

For this one, I'll talk more about non-food Yatai.

I didn't take my dinner when I rushed down to the matsuri. First unique store that I past through was this "Dig the Beetles" yatai. Kids would try their luck trying to dig under this wooden ground for their own "beetle toys".

There were also many "lucky draw game cards" Yatai, most of them are for PS one. Well, as expected, the young boys were the most important customers.

Neither of the 2 above suit an "old" fish like me. :P

Somehow, my endurance of the hunger came to the limit when I saw this Banana Chocolate Dip Yatai. All my energy have gone already. Unluckily, I can't buy anything much with my only 250yen. So, I made a wise choice, went back to cook myself a good dinner first, before I came out again for Yatai window shopping.

Woohoo!!! I was really glad I decided to do that. After the dinner, a very full one indeed, all the food didn't seem to be attracting me much anymore. The same concept I always use when I got no money but was craving for window shopping.

My eyes always have more capacity that my own wallet, so I would end up buying more junk thing if I'm to shop around with an empty stomach. Kihkihkih... I wonder if many of you out there will have the same "symptom" as mine. -_-"

There I started again with my Yatai strolling.

A hotspot stall, with a lot of customer trying to break the plastic plates for a Pooh. Well, if my Kakak see this, she would definitely want to try one too. She is a fan of Pooh. Fish Fish? I'm more into Tweety and Snoopy~~~

A modified version on the Pooh game... scoop the Pooh for getting the right one that will give you a Pooh bear. Hmm... I wonder how low the chances will be.

The Pooh scooping was originated from this conventional Japanese game... "Scoop the Goldfish". Always the favorite among Japanese. I have tried once before, by using a stronger paper scoop version (they will five you a stronger one if you don't want to bring back the goldfish). It was really fun. Try it once, it is more fun that it seem to be. ;)

This Scoop game were evoluted into many versions...

Such as "Fish a Crab". Kihkihkih, the thick spectacles little boy was so fade up with the crabs in front of him, that he wanted to try the one far behind instead. Good luck!

Also, "Scoop a Little Turtle". Poor Yatai, no one seem to be interested in that. So empty.

Well, Japanese people love lucky draw, and putting this concept into a food business was something smart. He did attract many young kids to try for getting more pieces of Ika Senbei with sauce. Unfortunately, most of the draws were with only one piece. Well, that's how the Yatai trying to earn more money (cunning?).

There was a corner with a lot of foods' yatai, where the customers can eat slowly at the spaces prepared. However, I was very geli with their hygiene conditions. See how the Ah Pek with my "!!!" sign put a cigarette in between his mouth when he was cooking. Yark!

Well, a reader asked me before, "Is it true that the Yatai were mostly managed by Yakuza?" (Yakuza is the term for describing gangsters or black society in Japan). Well, I can't tell you if they are yakuza, but 90% of them are very Ah Beng and Ah Lian looking. Try to imagine the hawkers in Petaling Street, they are very similar to that.

A little information for those of you that are interested. Tattoo in Malaysia can be counted as a kind of art, especially in Sarawak, the Bumi treated it as a simbol for warrior in the older days. However, in Japan, tattoo is a symbol for "yakuza" related people. In many sentou (public bath) in Japan, you will see some fix the rule "If you have the tattoo, you are not allowed to enter". Also, normal Japanese people will try to get away from someone with his little finger being chopped off. I was told the reason why the little finger was gone. The guy caused his master mad, or he did something that against the rule, so as a punishment, this guy got to chop his own finger off in front of the master. This is counted as a "light" punishment already. *shudder*

Mainly to say, Yakuza is a road of No-Return in Japan.

This is one of my favorite corner in the matsuri every year. Cute and nice models of famous buildings in Japan...

Which are made from thousands of toothpick. ^_^ Cool huh~

I especially like this Kiyomizudera model. Simply amazing!

It was rare to see Yatai selling big piece of roasted chicken steak. The business was really good, as for 350yen only, you get nice one piece.

The Yatai that selling non-Japanese foods were added this year. This Sri Lankan Yatai have their foods sold out quite quickly.

However, the Kebab Yatai still have a big chunk of meat waiting for people interested...

Kihkihkih... this cute little Kanban Musume of the Kebab Yatai. She was so alerted, the moment I showed my camera, she started to show me her lovely smile.

Look, what did I find? A group of obosan (monk) was having fun in front of a "lucky draw" stall. One of them even smoking a cigarette. When I clicked my camera's button, another one even posed a "V" sign for me. *pengsan*

Well, what can I say, some Japanese obosan can even eat meat, drink alcohol... and most to most, get married and have family. They even need to attend university to finish their obosan course.

Geee... my first time saw this snack. Deep fried spaghetti sticks with salt and pepper sprinkle. Well, I didn't try, but it did look yummy to me. Maybe I should try to make one at home too. ^_^

The final picture for the day. The machine for making candy floss. Nostalgic!! I remembered when I was a kid, I used to ask mum to buy me a small pack of this whenever I went out shopping with her. The feeling of letting the floss melt slowly inside my mouth was a very fun thing to do.

*sigh* It has now turned into something too sweet for me.

It is still the best going to Yatai with someone else. Going alone was not as much fun. So, next time, if you going for a Yatai, make sure you have your gang to merry with you.

Tata~ have a nice weekends.