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Friday, June 17, 2005

Agata Matsuri (Jun 5, Pt 2)

Life has becoming more and more busy for me. Somehow, it is a very fulfilling everyday. Time to my important dateline is getting nearer and nearer... -_-" Well, I really hope all my hard work will be rewarded with a worthwhile consequence.


Here is the 2nd part about Agata Matsuri 2005... the YATAI. ^_^ By the way, for those of you who wish to know more about typical Yatai's foods in a matsuri, please go to my Gion Matsuri's post.

For this one, I'll talk more about non-food Yatai.

I didn't take my dinner when I rushed down to the matsuri. First unique store that I past through was this "Dig the Beetles" yatai. Kids would try their luck trying to dig under this wooden ground for their own "beetle toys".

There were also many "lucky draw game cards" Yatai, most of them are for PS one. Well, as expected, the young boys were the most important customers.

Neither of the 2 above suit an "old" fish like me. :P

Somehow, my endurance of the hunger came to the limit when I saw this Banana Chocolate Dip Yatai. All my energy have gone already. Unluckily, I can't buy anything much with my only 250yen. So, I made a wise choice, went back to cook myself a good dinner first, before I came out again for Yatai window shopping.

Woohoo!!! I was really glad I decided to do that. After the dinner, a very full one indeed, all the food didn't seem to be attracting me much anymore. The same concept I always use when I got no money but was craving for window shopping.

My eyes always have more capacity that my own wallet, so I would end up buying more junk thing if I'm to shop around with an empty stomach. Kihkihkih... I wonder if many of you out there will have the same "symptom" as mine. -_-"

There I started again with my Yatai strolling.

A hotspot stall, with a lot of customer trying to break the plastic plates for a Pooh. Well, if my Kakak see this, she would definitely want to try one too. She is a fan of Pooh. Fish Fish? I'm more into Tweety and Snoopy~~~

A modified version on the Pooh game... scoop the Pooh for getting the right one that will give you a Pooh bear. Hmm... I wonder how low the chances will be.

The Pooh scooping was originated from this conventional Japanese game... "Scoop the Goldfish". Always the favorite among Japanese. I have tried once before, by using a stronger paper scoop version (they will five you a stronger one if you don't want to bring back the goldfish). It was really fun. Try it once, it is more fun that it seem to be. ;)

This Scoop game were evoluted into many versions...

Such as "Fish a Crab". Kihkihkih, the thick spectacles little boy was so fade up with the crabs in front of him, that he wanted to try the one far behind instead. Good luck!

Also, "Scoop a Little Turtle". Poor Yatai, no one seem to be interested in that. So empty.

Well, Japanese people love lucky draw, and putting this concept into a food business was something smart. He did attract many young kids to try for getting more pieces of Ika Senbei with sauce. Unfortunately, most of the draws were with only one piece. Well, that's how the Yatai trying to earn more money (cunning?).

There was a corner with a lot of foods' yatai, where the customers can eat slowly at the spaces prepared. However, I was very geli with their hygiene conditions. See how the Ah Pek with my "!!!" sign put a cigarette in between his mouth when he was cooking. Yark!

Well, a reader asked me before, "Is it true that the Yatai were mostly managed by Yakuza?" (Yakuza is the term for describing gangsters or black society in Japan). Well, I can't tell you if they are yakuza, but 90% of them are very Ah Beng and Ah Lian looking. Try to imagine the hawkers in Petaling Street, they are very similar to that.

A little information for those of you that are interested. Tattoo in Malaysia can be counted as a kind of art, especially in Sarawak, the Bumi treated it as a simbol for warrior in the older days. However, in Japan, tattoo is a symbol for "yakuza" related people. In many sentou (public bath) in Japan, you will see some fix the rule "If you have the tattoo, you are not allowed to enter". Also, normal Japanese people will try to get away from someone with his little finger being chopped off. I was told the reason why the little finger was gone. The guy caused his master mad, or he did something that against the rule, so as a punishment, this guy got to chop his own finger off in front of the master. This is counted as a "light" punishment already. *shudder*

Mainly to say, Yakuza is a road of No-Return in Japan.

This is one of my favorite corner in the matsuri every year. Cute and nice models of famous buildings in Japan...

Which are made from thousands of toothpick. ^_^ Cool huh~

I especially like this Kiyomizudera model. Simply amazing!

It was rare to see Yatai selling big piece of roasted chicken steak. The business was really good, as for 350yen only, you get nice one piece.

The Yatai that selling non-Japanese foods were added this year. This Sri Lankan Yatai have their foods sold out quite quickly.

However, the Kebab Yatai still have a big chunk of meat waiting for people interested...

Kihkihkih... this cute little Kanban Musume of the Kebab Yatai. She was so alerted, the moment I showed my camera, she started to show me her lovely smile.

Look, what did I find? A group of obosan (monk) was having fun in front of a "lucky draw" stall. One of them even smoking a cigarette. When I clicked my camera's button, another one even posed a "V" sign for me. *pengsan*

Well, what can I say, some Japanese obosan can even eat meat, drink alcohol... and most to most, get married and have family. They even need to attend university to finish their obosan course.

Geee... my first time saw this snack. Deep fried spaghetti sticks with salt and pepper sprinkle. Well, I didn't try, but it did look yummy to me. Maybe I should try to make one at home too. ^_^

The final picture for the day. The machine for making candy floss. Nostalgic!! I remembered when I was a kid, I used to ask mum to buy me a small pack of this whenever I went out shopping with her. The feeling of letting the floss melt slowly inside my mouth was a very fun thing to do.

*sigh* It has now turned into something too sweet for me.

It is still the best going to Yatai with someone else. Going alone was not as much fun. So, next time, if you going for a Yatai, make sure you have your gang to merry with you.

Tata~ have a nice weekends.


At 8:55 PM, Blogger Acrix said...

The toothpick building model looks very cool! If not mistaken, the yakuza will need to cut their last finger if they wana leave the gang~ But i wonder how true is that. ANyway, i wonder does any of them perform harakiri as punishment~

The spaghetti strip can be a very good snack i suppose with a can of beer or so...

At 9:06 PM, Blogger mmulibra said...

So cham arr... going alone..

Err, u and angel coming to Aichi Expo or not huh.. u didnt book my room yet.. I got alot of Msians coming during summer holiday.. hehe better book early

At 9:35 PM, Blogger Julie said...

my dear ahmoi.. thanks for the insightful info.. i have a clearer pic now for those festival thgy ^^

At 1:44 AM, Blogger Patrick Leong said...

oohhh i like the tortoise. my favorite pet.

At 8:11 AM, Blogger obachan said...

Gee, I've never seen deep-fried spaghetti sticks at yatai, even when I was in Kansai! Must be something new. I wonder when it'd come to Kochi...

At 10:23 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

acrix : Yap, I heard bout that too. so, leave your finger if you wanna leave Zhi Bi Gang. :PbPbPb

mmulibra : Of course going. But not now... either August or September. Got people booking you place that time already or not?

julie : ^_^ My pleasue dear.

patrick leong : Oh yah~ you pet 2 before right?

obachan : It was my first time encountered with such snack too.

At 1:00 AM, Blogger MrsT said...

Thanks for the wonderful post.. and sharing it with us.
So poor thing.. went alone..??

At 2:47 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

*bursting in laughter* zhibi gang motto is cabut when there's danger! So even if wana leave the gang no need leave finger 1~ Just run as fast as possible!

At 1:41 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

mrst : Not too lonely lar~ ^_~ But got no money that time, that one made me feel very kor lian lor~

acrix : *tsk tsk tsk* Run away from reality? :P


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