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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Falafel Garden (June 6)

Yesterday had been a tired day for me. I sat in front of my computer for 8 hrs, just to prepare for my seminar presentation on Monday. And today, a nice Sunday morning, I have to drag myself to come to the lab to continue with it.

Ar~ don't you just hate that?

Ok, better post another food review of mine before I start to bury myself into the work then.

Falafel Garden

Last week, when I went to sign up in main campus, I finally decided to try an eating outlet that I have been passing through uncountered times.

This place is called Falafel Garden... just a 3 min walk from Keihan Demachiyanagi Station.

The big menu board outside easily attracted me with the colourful display of these pita bread sandwiches as well as the word "Healthy Food". I was very delighted to see the quote "Vegetarian and Vegan", which is a very rare scene you can see in a Japan's restaurant.

And so, I went in... made my order and pay...

Even though it was lunch time, the place was empty. I was hesitated about the food tastiness at first, but no harm to try.

Was thinking to sit in this little table at first... with a nice little indoor garden full of green...

But then, I decided to shift deeper into the end of the back of the restaurant. Now, this is definitely much better huh~ ;)

What a luxurious feeling to occupy this table all by my own. Kihkihkih... I love the blue and the wooden colour... made me feeling calm.

What more, I still can see the little garden in front of me. Just nice.

They even got a 1st floor that is designed into Balinese style...

After a 10 minute wait, my food finally came.

A Falafel set, for 750yen (original price was 850yen, but as I got my student card, I was offered a 100yen discount ^_^), I have a nice M size Falafel sandwich and a glass of ice chai tea.

Kihkihkih... I digged out the Falafel Ball to let you see how it looks.

The taste was nice. I espeically enjoyed the hot and tasty Falafel Ball very much. This Falafel Ball reminded me a lot of the Malaysian Deep Fried Fritters that used chickpea as main ingredient. Falafel Ball is actually a deep fried ball that made from chick-pea that mixed with spices.

The size of this lunch wasn't big... but surprisingly, I made me very full after I finished the whole thing.

As the signboard said by the shop, "The World's Oldest Natural Fast Food that Born from Middle East"... and another quote, "A Healthy Pita Bread Sandwich that born from Israel"...


And so, I tried to look for more information from internet about this Falafel's history...

Oolala~ I found an interesting article about it... titled "A History of the Mideast in the Humble Chickpea".

The author started with a simple paragraph like this :

"The last time you bit into a falafel sandwich you were probably thinking about nothing more than the warm spice and crunch of the chickpea fritters and the way they played against the soft bread, crisp vegetables and nutty tahini sauce. "

However, paragraph by paragraph, this article brought out the argument between Palestinians and Israelis about this traditional Arab food.

I enjoyed reading it. I never know there is such a complicated story behind it.

The article ended like this :

"It's a regional food, not a people food," he said. "The more I think and the more I pray for peace, the more I think it's a silly argument."

Well, I got to say I love the last 2 sentences the most.

Now, won't you go to have a read and make your own judgement? ;)

Ar~ Falafel... I would love to "kiss" you again. Muak!!!


At 4:27 AM, Blogger Reid said...

Hi fish_fish,

I love falafel, and that sandwich looks really good. It's actually one of my favorite Greek/Middle Eastern foods. Yummy! =P

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

Wow, the combination of middle eastern food and Southeast Asian interior design is kinda cool!

At 9:26 AM, Blogger mmulibra said...

What camera you own aa? Must be something small.. so handy to bring around.. even took pictures in toilet ;)

A challenge for u.. take photo of your camera and put in the blog.. hahaha

At 7:15 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

reid : I wanna try one in the US, wonder if the taste would be different from the one in Japan. Btw, like the 2 puppies, soooo cute. ^_^

kimchi jon : yap, it was kind of a special feeling.

mmulibra : You've got my answer. ;)

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