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Friday, June 03, 2005

Late Dinner at Watami (May 29)

*Sigh* I didn't write a proper food post for quite a days huh~ :P Today, I going to show only food and nothing else.

We headed to Kyoto after sending Wai Wai's brother off at Shin Osaka station. Man~ what a tiring day for both Wai Wai and me... So much unexpected happenings, yet now think back, FUN~ :P

By the time we checked in at Kyoto Central Inn, it was already past 10pm. We didn't take dinner yet. So, I decided to bring Wai Wai and her family to have dinner at an Izakaya (Japanese-style bar). It is called Watami (和民), the place where Patrick treated me a dinner during my last year's birthday. My 1st time to Watami, was with him too and we both had a very good impression on the foods. The service was nice too.

However, the menu has changed a lot, so all the foods that we ordered for this night, were different from the previous one.

The appetizer. You will be charged for this, didn't matter if you want or not. Well, today appetizer was only so so.

The next is called Watami Salad (480yen), with sesame sauce as dressing. Very nice!! Our appetites were increased greatly after this refreshing dish. I like they used organic vege for this.

The 2nd dish was Pork Fillet Fried in Stick. I only tasted the crispy batter outside, very nicely done. And according to the comment from the other, the fillet was soft and juicy. A limited edition dish.

My favorite garlic fried rice has gone. As a replacement, they offered this Prawn and Lettuce Fried Rice. Very nice, though a bit too oily. Wai Wai's daddy love this so much, that he requested for a 2nd plate. There was a generous portion of prawn inside for 380yen. Another limited edition dish.

Among the special dishes, I wanted to try this onion ring the most. Very nice. The coating was very crispy, yet not too oily. And with a slight dip of salt, the caramelized onion sweetness was wisely accentuated. Wai Wai's brother and me particularly love this dish. It was only 280yen.

Another special dish that I wanted to try a lot was this Avocado Cream Cheese. Ok, high caloric food, but then I was craving for something creamy. So, definitely the "Forest's Butter" is my kind of choice. ;)

The creamy avocado surprisingly blended very well with the sharp taste of raw spring onion. Like the effect of mustard on a sandwich. However, the cream cheese just tasted alright.

Once again, this dish seem to be favoured by Wai Wai's brother and me. ;)

June is the season for Ayu (sweetfish), as the flesh tastes the best and nutrition value reache the highest during this season. So, it is easy to see Ayu as special dish offered in restaurant during this period.

The most popular way of eating Ayu would be a simple grill with salt, in order to present the sweetness of this fish to the best.

A sprinkle of the lemon juice gave a nice mask to the unwanted fishy taste.

Voila!! A dish that had a very good evaluation from Wai Wai's family.

(Ok, some of you might wonder, fish fish don't eat fish, how did she know?? Well, based on my teenager's time memory, and from the look of the fish, and the explanation from those who tasted, I think I would be very close to describe the taste. :P) Ok, forgive me, if I made a wrong one. ^_^

Haha!! I can tell you how good was this plate then. The noodle was stir fried in a degree of slight burnt at some part, very wise way to make the noodle delicious. What more, the topping of this Cantonese-style gravy was simply irresistible... Not too salty, not too mild. When I was eating this dish, I almost had a hallucination that I was in Malaysia.

Oh~ simply lovely dish. Muak!

This is a favorite dish of Wai Wai. Grilled Dried Horse Mackerel. Well, I have no idea how was this tasted. Wai Wai love this, but her family prefer the Ayu.

Neither fish attracted me. I am definitely a tofu person. So do Wai Wai. The 2 girls were so happily gulping down this crunchy-outside-juicy-inside tofu. It was not salty as all, and the fried was done in a good way that it was not oily too. I ate this with a small dip of salt.

Yum Yum~ Simple is just the best.

We started with a salad, we ended with a salad too. A Chinese style salad, with bean-starch vermicelli and black fungus as the main role. Well, the most disappointing dish of the night. The vermicelli was too hard. Though the sauce was quite good, it didn't make this dish turned much tastier.

Oh well, we were very bloated by the time of this dish, so I guess that somehow made this turned even less tasty.

Once again, a great treat by Wai Wai's family. Gochisosamadeshita!


Wai Wai slept at my place that nite, while her family stayed in hotel. We reached home at 1am. But by the time we finally in our dream, it was already more than 3am...

What the hell were we doing?

Girls' talk. Kihkihkih... (Dear Jie Mei Men, you know what I mean right?)


At 7:36 AM, Blogger ~AnGeL~ said...

ahem.... was the talk similar to the talk we had?

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Julia said...

Gorgeous! The food at the izakayas usually look so good. Next time I'm in Japan, I know where to go. :) That was a lot of photos, fish fish! You must have spent quite some time writing this post. Thanks for bringing us all the yummy food posts.

At 11:24 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

Grooo~ Grooo~ Grooo~ that's how my stomach sounds at 2.30am now :P And ur post is kinda tortorous for a hungry chap like me :P

At 5:45 PM, Anonymous winterx said...

food's looking yummo! not fair, you always get to eat such good ones. japan, here i come! hehe... as if... =P

At 7:05 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, did you 加油添醬的拼命車 or 只有羡慕傾聽的份兒 :)

At 10:13 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

~angel~ : Yap gal... another July 8 gal that I can talk alot with. ;)

julia : You're welcome. ^_^ I would be happy to bring you to one. Btw, always forgot to inform you, I asked my mum liao~ she said the sea coconut was bought in wet market wor~ It seems like got season when can get easily. I remember my friend got it in June last year, maybe you can try to look for one now? Good luck!

acrix : Who ask you to stay awake and make yourself hungry at this time one? :PbPb... *sigh* Young energy~

winterx : oops! :P If you really come, inform me ar~

cooknengr : 加油添醬的拼命車?? Liak bor kiu ler~ I thought you say wanna "cool" yourself for Sunday game, how come still Bo Liang Bo Juak yer~?? You not yet tell me what game is that ler~

At 5:47 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish like in Char Thai Phao :)

At 2:40 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

cooknengr : Ngai mor char tai pao ler~ Jing jing hei gia sar ar nyong hing lar ngai gong ler~ Ngai mei ar nyong hing sia lor~


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