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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

下田插秧啦~ (June 18, Pt 2)

After the paddy planting, it was time for the picnic session.

Some guys were preparing outdoor yakisoba on the spot for the picnic. He got very nervous and he saw I took his picture. :P Relax guy, I won't eat you. (This was before the picnic...you will know why later.)

The moment he added the sauce into the noodle... my stomach was really hungry already. Can't wait until we could really eat. Felt like the time past extremely slow that time.

Man~ really happy to see the first batch of cooked yakisoba was ready. But it was not for ours. It was for the other table.

Eventually, ours came. However, we couldn't eat first...

We must wait for the big crowd to all turned up. Also, listen to those boring speech...

My sensei was the head of the year for this society... I always love his speech cause he finish everything he wanted to say within 5 min. Never too long winded...

That's my sensei, the guy with the blue shirt. The picture showing 1/2 of the members that turned up on that day. The other half took longer time to arrive.

Though it was a very sunny day... the nice shade given by this big tree above our head was something very pleasant.

Finally... we could start our eating session...

However... this was the part that make me felt very frustrated.

Guess what? I was surprised the plate of yakisoba which was supposed to be in one table only, was share among 2 tables. In very short time, the plate was all emptied. I think I had 2 sips only.

This is only part of it... it continued with...

Do you see this nice big bowl of asparagus with mayonnaise? This was not ours... it belongs to the other table. Guess what, our table amount was only 1/3 of this amount. Imagine, more than 10 of us have to share a very small plate of asparagus...

It was one of the most delicious asparagus I have even eaten... So sweet, and so fresh and young. And I only had 1/2 stick. Which make me getting more pissed off whenever I think of the unfair distribution of those people in charge. What more my sensei is the head of this year, really too don't give face to him. (Ok, I only swallow this mad gas into my own stomach only).

This was another unfair treatment. This load of sausage was for other table. Ours? Also only 1/3. I don't understand why the other table when the amount of people almost same as ours... they have so much foods than ours... I hate unfair treatment. (Though I don't eat this, it still heated up my temper.)

Even Mirian after I showed her the pictures, she was so shock to see the different of the portion of the food. I don't tell Yapunis, meaningless...

The only quite fair distribution was this plate of assorted fried and grilled plate. Nah~ I don't take any of this, all meat.

We also have a very small ball of raw slice onion with soysauce. The onion was very sweet... too bad, the portion was too stingy. Ah well~~~ as expected.

Each table have 2 packs of junk food. This was in another table. Didn't take a picture on my table one. But I can tell you, our table snack was finished in very fast time. Food amount too little, if not finish in short minutes that would be strange.

I was really hungry. All the food didn't help at all. Our table food clear off the fastest. I had to drink 1.5 mug of this black beer to cure my hunger. Which made me kind of dizzy because of taking alcohol with empty stomach.

No one in my table seem to compain about that at all. So, without a single word, I went to the yakisoba place, asked for more noodle.

In a hint, "Could I have more yakisoba please. It was strange... how come the 2 tables in our place have only one plate of noodle." I think they know my meaning behind it, they said ok. Only after waited for 30 min... the noodle finally done for us. *terrible!!!* They gave the noodle to the other group first before that. If not because of my sensei... I think I would give them a good punch already. This was the 1st time I wanna give people a good punch because of food.

So, I stared at them *in a fierce way*... Which they sensed that. And came over to say sorry... and asked me to bring our plate over. Guess what? The noodle given was only 1/3 plate full. Better than zero. I was even too hungry for a fight already.

The moment I put the noodle on the table... everyone quickly get their chopsticks to scoop the noodle. FUNNY!! When I didn't bring the noodle, everyone seem to be so ladies and gentlemen... In fact, deep inside they were damn hungry. I just don't understand was it sooooooooo difficult to voice out??? I am really tired of this attitude of Yapunis sometimes. Need to think deep twice if I really wanna stay here for more.

Ah~ I'll just look for food in other place then. Get mad on this "weird head" people would only make my life span shorter.

Really glad the event finally over.

My group members.

Well, apart from the food. It was actually quite a nice event. But I would rate it as the worst food experience I ever had.

I think you guys never really see me with such a piss off post on food like this huh.

Ah~~~ now you see.

Heee... fish fish can be extremely fierce when someone step on her fish tail.

Now, do you think this is my smile? *myak*


At 3:34 AM, Blogger mmulibra said...

Colgate or Darlie advertisement?

But how come teeth not white one? Hahaha.. got green stuff some more wor :P

At 6:30 AM, Anonymous killuminati said...

ff my hat is off to you got standing up for yourself! :)

cheers! not many people do that. respect!

At 6:39 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

Cool down fish fish~ It;s a such waste that u dun take the assorted fried and grilled plate, they looked pretty yummy! The smile is from the gal with a blue t-shirt + some 'strip' shirt as shown in the photo be4 the smile photo :)

At 7:30 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, we all know that's not yours...a pissed off/賭氣 Fish Fish will look like...嘴嘟嘟. May be you should post a 嘴嘟嘟 picture, then Ta Ker can decide if I should answer the 索吻嘴 with a big muak or fire up the stove and make a 湖南名菜 :紅煨魚唇 :)

remember this Hakka 山歌?

Puk Ku shong shu,
ku ku ku.
Ham gee po fon,
Fo shau bo.
Ham gee cho kung
choi(4) tu tu.

Make sure you say choi with 第四聲:)

At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Lorelei76 at gmail said...

That's not fair that your table got less food than the other tables! You and your group worked just as hard, so you SHOULD have gotten as much food as everyone else. Well, I say if you are ever in Washington DC, I will make sure that you won't go hungry :)

At 7:50 AM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

Typical Japanese situation. I understand your frustration!

At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fish Fish,

I totally understand your fustration. It was totoally unfair and I glad you stood up a little. I would have been so mad I would have bitten someone's head off. ;P :> *sigh* That was very unfair for the work your table did, and then to be slighted that way. Yeah I get angry when people do that to me or others. Hang in there and try to let steam out, dont want a cooked fish fish.


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Blackwidow said...

The last picture, it was the girl standing in middle with a tank color hat....
Ah.. thanks for sharing that picture...

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous winterx said...

that's just unfair... especially when it comes to food! isn't it ff? heheh...

oh and you should have made sure her clothes were not captured in the pic as well. makes it harder to guess. ^_^

At 10:33 PM, Blogger Julie said...

fish fish moi.. isit the slice gingers tat u mentioned which were sprinkled on top of the noodles?

ya i know ur frustration ahmoi.. if i was u i would purposely drop the food on their head when passing by =p

At 1:29 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

mmulibra : The nori of the yakisoba. :P

killuminati : Kihkihkih... concerning food, I'm very brave to voice out one. Know what? Yesterday nite, when I was having dinner in canteen, I ordered my favorite cold noodle. But the gal only gave me 1 slice tomato, which I know should be 2. So I asked her why only 1, she thought it was one. Then she went to ask her senior, then baru she knew it should be 2. See... if I don't ask, then my 1 slice of tomato gone liao ler (big slice one wor~).

acrix : All meat ler boy. Not fish fish's edible food. Ai yar~ the shirt part, forgot to censored on that. -_-"

cooknengr : Geee... Da Ge... are you hinting you wanna kiss fish's lips? :P Tell me earlier mar~ I can buy many for you in Kuching that time. How come you really all many Hakka Kuai Ko ker~ (Not fair!! I should be the Hakka gal, and not you wor~)

lorelei : Hohoho... thanks so much dear. I will jot down this important point. Washington = No starving. Thanks. ^_^

evil jungle prince : Yah~ those who been in Japan for "long term" before will know this kind of situation do happen sometimes.

Milgwimper : Almost cooked liao~ But since I let the heat out already, I'm back to the jump jump active fish. ;)

blackwidow : My pleasure gal. Glad you like it.

winterx : Ya lor~ now only I noticed that. Too easy for you all to make the guess. *sigh*

julie : Wah~~~ that's even more geng than me. Kihkihkih... Next time we go makan together, no one will dare to touch the earth on our head. Kihkihkih...

At 5:20 AM, Blogger 5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Hahaha, the smile at the end make not so geram on your behalf. Want some green tea toothpaste?

At 7:19 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

Can see some lettuce :P I can;t recall any fish being vegetarian except ya :P

At 12:19 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

5xmom : Heee... that is to mild my own anger by seeing this pic. ^_^

acrix : hey, I'm the only fish that make you unforgettable. Kihkihkih... the lettuce will have those meaty smell. *yark*

At 9:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey.. FF,
I think it is in the japanese culture.. not to voice out about anything.. is my guess.
Glad you stood up for yourself.. :)
And Eweeeks..!! the smile nice.. but eeweeek..!!

At 11:54 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Mrst : Muahahaha.... the green teeth monster is coming!!


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