I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Before and after Katrina was there...

See the beautiful picture below?

I was in this beautiful city - New Orleans, one and half months ago. The moment so memoriable for me...

I would never expect, a short visit of Hurricane Katrina a few days ago destroyed the whole city...

Katrina was gone...

(Picture source from here)

With too many pains it left for this city.

It is painful... even to see the pictures...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm 48 liao~

The clock dong dong dong 12 times in the midnight...

It was a peaceful and quiet night as usual in my room.

Deep down in my heart, I whispered slowly, "Happy Birthday, Malaysia."

Yah~ my beloved land, is turning 48 year old today.

Well, still too young... Still a long way to go...

Ganbatte ne~

By the way, a ponder for your all...

We see Malaysian flags are flooding the boleh land and the blogsphere in different ways. How about in this way? For the story, read here.

The Curry Result

Well, the curries were made during our lab trip, as the "Curry Competition". I was disappointed with the result in the trip... As it was quite funny...

The green curry was cooked by our group (3 foreigners and 2 Japanese). It was the biggest pot among all the 4... in fact, the amount was 3 times more than B and 4 times more than C. A and D amount were quite similar.

My lab people tried all the 4. It turned up the D pot finished the fastest. Everyone was saying, "OISHII!!" then after that, "Ah! Karai!!" Which means, Delicious! and then Spicy!!. Yap, this green curry gave you a good savoury taste in the beginning, and a good touch of spiciness on you tongue after that.

Eventually, the 4 pots were cleaned up into our stomachs. Then, the voting for the Most Like Curry started. The 3 senseis have 3 votes, meaning they can vote for 3 choices. Where as the other people could only vote for one.

The picture tells the answer.

Result from the lab :
A. 9
B. 7
C. 6
D. 4

A, B and C each have a sensei in the group. All members in group A and C are all Japanese. Group B has only one foreigner.

D? Only students, what more with 3 foreigners.

Well, what more could I say?

Curry A, B and C actually tasted good. But in term of "curry"? "A" can considered to be a very typical curry. I like the idea of C, very creative. B, I look up look down... taste in... can't recall any element of the curry.

Hmm... I am too skeptical on the concept of "curry" in Japan.

I am very sure if the vote is to be made outside Japan... the result would be very different.

Hence, I made an online short research...

Voila!! I got my answer.

The result through the internet :
A. 2 (Milgwimper, I decided to put your vote in A)
B. 2
C. 3
D. 11

Ha!! My theory was correct.

Thanks for your voting. ^_^

By the way, during making the curry, my legs turned into something like this.

This was after 1 hr of cooking...

Can imagine how red was it 1 hr before this picture? Look like a Red Burn Fish...


Who ask me to be silly enough to wear a short pants having this real good fire grilling my legs? -_-"

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Make your choice

Ok, my dear readers,

Good morning! ^_^ It is a Monday morning here today. A busy week for me to start. Before that, kindly make your vote on these 4 curries.

A. Summer vegetables curry.

Not sweet, but not spicy too. Curry cubes were used. No coconut milk added. A lot of vegetables with a few chicken chunks.

B. Beef curry with a lot of onion

Not spicy at all, very sweet. Curry cubes were used. No coconut milk added. Beef cooked with a lot of chopped onions, carrots and potatoes. Taste more like a hased meat gravy.

C. Beef ball with cheese curry

Sweet, very mild degree of spiciness. Curry cubes were used. No coconut milk added. Beef patties were made into meatballs with cheese in the middle of the meatballs. Onions, carrots and potatoes were used.

D. Vegetables green curry with pork and fu chuk

"Very spicy" according to all the tasters. Fish Fish would say it is Malaysia's standard spiciness. Green curry powder was used. Coconut milk was added. Chunks of pork cooked with fuchuk (dry soybean sheet, in Japanese it is called yuba) and a lot of vegetables.

So, which one would you vote for? Please tell me your answer.

Thank you for participating. ^_^

Friday, August 26, 2005

牙牙学语の二 : 男朋友

Ok... today into the mood to write Mandarin again. My 1st post was about "carp". And today, it is about "boy friend". Sorry again for those that don't know how to read Mandarin. Get a translator if you want to know the content. ^_~





"阿爱,来,给我们看看你的橙, 看它有多圆多挺。" 我眨着单眼,坏蛋的往她瞧。

"你们都是衰人,这么欺负我!" 她越是娇声地埋怨,越是把她的妩媚衬托出来。









阿爱,"... ..." *晴天霹雳*


Still dare to wear a bikini?

Hot summer in Japan is a great time for sea and beach. Every year, during the summer holidays, people will be flooding the beachside.

You will be able to see all type of cute and sexy bikinis on young and hot Japanese ladies. Indeed, girls like to take the chance to exhibit their good figures in this way.

Now, this year, especially these few days... there has been a hit report about a scandalous action at these beachsides. The victims, of course are these young girls. There has been guys walking around the beach crowds, taking photograph or video in a hidden way for selling purposes. Some of them are even belonged to a special group.

The ironic fact - there is actually no clear law in Japan that can enforce a law on these dirty acts, unless if the "victims" take a sue on it.

The worse... some of these camera and video recorder actually can see through the bikinis. Meaning... the girls are going to be some "AV" actress innocently.

Urgh~~~ I hate this!!! It makes my blood boiling...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

One day with Dr. Martz

Dr. Martz that I met on my way back to Japan came to Kyoto in one nice Sunday during his around 10-day short stay in Osaka.

So, I be his one-day guide. ^_^

Educational Molecular Visualization is his specialty. So, some of you might be wondering what that is? Well, I can tell you it is a very interesting field. If you are interested to know more, please jump over to his website, proteinexplorer.org and molviz.org. I hope you have some nice learning and good fun with it. Also, he owns another website that showed his parents' works. Those who love pottery, must not miss this martzpots.org.

Here was our one-day in Kyoto.

We met at 10.30am. He was very punctual.

First, we went to a very old fresh market in Kyoto, called Nishiki Ichiba which has a few hundred years of history.

Today, it has turned into a famous place for local to do some Kyoto-style shopping and tourists to experience a daily life culture in Kyoto. It is also a place for searching some fun foodstuffs. However, the price in this area can be "pretty" too.

The picture above showed Dr. Matrz standing in front of a shop specialized in Japanese pickles. Kyoto, is a city famous with all kinds of pickles... you could even try one by one... until you get the one you like. However by then, you might need a big glass of water. Tee hee hee...

Then, we walked along the Kamogawa river to go to Gion area. Another famous traditional Kyoto street. The Gion is famous for its Gion Matsuri in summer, one of three famous ceremonies in Kyoto. Rain started to fall heavily from here.

We were looking for lunch in that area when a lady was distributing some notice for attracting more customers...

We (fish fish) decided to give it a try.

It is a family style Japanese restaurant, name Ebisen (海老泉). It is located in the north of Gion. Well, I couldn't find any detailed info about this place, however the contact number of this shop is +81-75-551-5328.

The owner's son caught a lot of stag beetle (kuwagata mushi) the day before, and he was selling the beetles in front of the shop.

This was Dr. Martz's set lunch... with a plate of assorted vege tempura, a small bowl of sashimi, otsukurimono, grated Japanese yam, pickle, miso soup with a bowl of nice red rice that has a blending of 14 types of healthy grains inside it.

It was a very reasonable nice choice. All for 1575yen.

Fish Fish chose a vegetarian set lunch. I required an upgrade of the white rice into the red rice. Mine didn't have the sashimi and the Japanese yam.

But Dr. Martz was very kind enough to let me share the Japanese yam. ^_^

We both love the red rice. It was great. According to the owner, this is the one and only shop that you can find in Kyoto that offer this rice.

It was a nice food cultural shock for Dr. Martz with the Japanese yam.

"Mmmm~~~ I've never tasted anything like this." Tee hee hee... I would say, to experience Japanese food cultural, please challenge the Japanese yam. ;)

The owner aka chef for the shop. Such a nice but quiet guy. He has a very friendly and talkative wife. Her service was great with her always smiling face. She was so delighted to know that I am from Malaysia, as to do backpacking in Malaysia has been her favorite thing to do.

I was indeed surprised when she greeted me with, "Apa khabar?" Hohoho...

Nice place, good food, warm service... definitely a place recommended by fish fish.

With 2 bloated tummies... we continued to burn our calories with some more walk.

We past through Yasaka Shrine. There was some kind of praying ceremony going on. It is a norm to see ceremony going here and there all the year long in Kyoto, as there are hundreds of temples in this city. Yasaka Shrine is one of the famous one. Entry is free of charge.

Something similar with Chinese cultural, Japanese also have the "Bad Luck Ages". One would need to come to the shrine to clear this bad luck away with the age written on this banner.

By walking past the shrine, we reached the route that led us up to our destination for the day. This route was again something very Japanese. You will see all kind of shops aligned at 2 sides of the walking path. A good time to take your walk slowly while you are doing window shopping.

We stopped in a shop selling the famous Kyoto's souvenir called Yatsuhashi. You will see Yatsuhashi selling in every corner of Kyoto city. Some of them are the seasonal limited flavours.

The shop where we visited, Nishio Yatsuhashi, was the place of origin for this Japanese sweet.

Dr. Martz bought me a pack of peach flavour. Yum Yum~ ^_^

The famous slope... Ninenzaka. The tourists number for that day was counted as few. During the peak season, you will only see heads when you goes up this slope.

Soon, we finally reached the compound of our destination. Kiyomizudera, one of the most famous Buddhist Temple in Kyoto.

As this temple is located uphill, you will have a nice view of Kyoto city in a clear weather day.

I have came to this temple a few times, but never have I noticed this printed legs. ^_^ It was Dr. Martz that saw this first.

In fact, I observed a few more new things when I walked with him. He has a good observation on something that usually wouldn't be noticed by people.

The whole compound was surrounded with green trees in summer. However, once the spring comes... this whole green would turn into a breath-taking scene of full blooming sakura. Something that would make you realise why this temple is so famous. However, be prepared with the very busy crowd... There will be crazily a lot of PEOPLE.

Hohoho... Dr. Martz was appreciating the nice scene from the temple. Know what was he looking at?

Dang Dang! The tallest building in Kyoto, the Kyoto Tower. We were lucky as the weather was not foggy on that day. I guess a heavy rain did some good deal for us.

Visitors were busy with their praying events here. Usually in a Buddhist Temple... you will be able to see visitors burning joss stick. The way of praying is without clapping sound...

Just next to this Kiyomizu Temple, there is another famous little Japanese Shrine named Jishu Jinja. The most obvious different of a Buddhist temple with a Japanese shrine is that a shrine would have a special gateway called Torii as showed in this picture above. This temple is famous for "Romance" related wish. ;)

A last nice glance on Kiyomizudera before we walked down the temple.

The temple is also very famous with its water. You will see long line of visitors waiting for their turn to drink the water.

Now... what is wrong with this picture? See the yellow shirt guy? He is not supposed to put the PET bottle into the drinking scoop, as there will be other visitors who will be using the same scoop to drink. Such a rude action, so unhygiene.

Yet, another nice Japanese garden that I have not paid any attention to it before in this Kiyomizudera compound.

On the way back, we stopped by in this Japanese coffee shop, Rakusho for a nice rest. There was one menu in the shop that I have long wanted to try.

It has a nice little garden with a small pond full of big and fat carps.

Kusa warabimochi... this was the reason why I wanna come here. Warabimochi is yet another famous traditional Kyoto sweet. My top favorite among all the Kyoto sweets.

This warabimochi is blended with good quality green tea powder from Uji (:P the place where I am staying).

I LOVE THIS!! The texture was very soft and smooth. Once it went into my throat... I could fell the cooling effect of it. Lovely dish. A must try.

Another very typical Japanese summer food. This is called Hiyashi Soumen (Cold fine noodle). Just take a portion of noodle with chopstick, dip it with the cold sauce attached... slurp into you mouth, as loud as you can... Then let out a loud sound of "Ar~~~~"...

There you are, a correct way of appreciating this bowl.

However Dr. Martz and me were too shy to do so... So, we just sticked to our dull quiet way to finish this nice bowl of Soumen.

Once again... it was a great treat by Dr. Martz. Geee.. I was spoilt again. :P

Thank you so much Dr. Martz.

It was my great pleasure to get to know you.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fish Fish New Glasses

Tee hee hee... after a few weeks of fugly spectacles on my face... Finally mummy sent me a new pair of nice glasses through EMS to me.

Ai yar~ this fish mummy ar~ Scare I am not fat enough... some more attached a pack of fried cashew nut by her and 2 big bars of nutty chocolate to me. Geee... I don't wanna think about the postal fee then.

Anyway... MUM~ I LOVE YOU!!! Muak!!!

Hohoho... nice little deep blue case...


Wah~~~ nice nice... just my type of spectacles. Light, frameless... what more... BLUE~~~

See... even the lenses are BLUE~~~

Heeee... I guess the lady really knows my taste already after she has been doing glasses for me for 12 years.

Lovely choice!! Thanks.

Imagine how fish fish looks on this glasses? ;)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Tata~ USA

Update : Muak! Thanks for pointing out this big mistake, Da Ge. ^_^

After 11 days of hectic travelling, finally it was the last day (morning) for fish fish in USA. I went to Bradley International Airport by using Valley Transporter.

After collecting 4 passengers, with an original amount should be 5 people... but eventually the final one got some "problem", dropped out... we were all set to head to the airport.

Our vehicle past through acre by acre of WIDE GREEN FARMS... Something I've never seen in Japan for sure. Maybe in Hokkaido, but still the scale is nothing if compared to the one in USA.

It was a very empty road... Our journey was very smooth until the airport. One guy sitting in front of me was smiling at me. So, I smiled back.

Guess what? ;) He was actually heading to the same direction as fish fish - Osaka. Heee.. what a coincidence.

So, my journey of going home was not a lonely one under his companion. His name is Dr. Martz, a retired professor. It turned up that this was gonna be his first trip to Japan, as Osaka University was inviting him as a visiting professor for a week of lecture.

In Bradley International Airport, once we past through the immigration... I saw this cutie. So lovely!! The guard then urged me to caress it if I wanted. ^_^ More than pleasure!! Muak... bye bye~

Bradley International Airport was nice medium size airport. Too bad, not much things for me to see and buy. I was looking for souvenir to buy back to Japan.

There seem to be some problem with our flight... as even 30 minutes before our departure, we still haven't seen our flight was stopping at the waiting gate. -_-"

Luckily, it came 20 min before the departure... and yes, we were boarding the flight in a very rush way again. Geee... I wonder why all my flight trips in USA kind of bizarre.

In the flight, I was sitting with a 300 pounds guy. Luckily there was an empty seat within us. He was smiling at me and said "Man~ I'm so glad there is only 2 of us sitting here."

Poor him... it has been a hard task for him to try to move on that seat. A very nice and friendly guy. In fact, he got very nice blue eyes like Elvis Presley.

Finally, the flight flew off... A last glimpse on the airport.

Then, when we were reaching Detroit Airport, there was a terrible storm. The airport have to be closed for a short period. It ended up we round and round in the air like a don't-know-where-to-go big bird for 40 minutes, before we actually landed safely. I almost puked that time due to the very shaky flight.

So, we rushed to have our connection to fly from Detroit to Osaka. I used 5 min to simply grab 2 packages of chocolate that stated "Made in USA" for my lab. *sigh* Regret not to buy any souvenir earlier. Heavy mar~

Then, there I off again for my final flight. The flight that led me back to Osaka.

I was actually lucky. Though our flight have been delayed about 1 hr for landing, still in time for the connection. However, there was one flight that failed to catch up with the connection. It turned up that 1/3 of the flight became empty.

We had this snack... Hmm, I didn't receive any on my way from Osaka to Detroit. Well, the snack just tasted so so. I still love the peanut snack in MAS. Yum~

Then, after 1.5 hr, our lunch was served.

Dr. Martz came to sit with me, after we realised the passenger beside me was not catched up with the connection. Tee hee hee... giving me a chance to take more food picture.

This was his lunch choice.

This was fish fish's lunch. In fact, from the name labelled, it should be a dish belonged to a lady name Vivienne Chen... And it is written AVML... which means Asian Vegetarian. I thought I ordered for WESTERN VEGETARIAN?? When I asked the crew, "Oh... they all are the same thing." -_-" Ah~ I'm too lazy to argue with him. Just chomped on this one then.

The meal was quite tasteless. Neither the rice nor the chick peas. The green veggie look unappetizing, but it turned up tasted the best. Once again, never judge a book by its cover.

Except for the salad... the fruit was terrible. The pineapple was from canned one. I don't like USA grappe. So I just had a few.

Then, I was busy chatting with Dr. Martz. He was a very nice guy to talk with. We talked about quite a few topics... which some of them really enlightened me.

I didn't know how long we have actually talking to each other... Then, he decided to move to other seat to let me have a short nap. After he moved, snack was served.

Guess what was my snack??

GRAPES again!! Urgh~ I couldn't take anymore of it. And so, I gave the whole bunch of grape to a Japanese man behind me. He was more than happy to accept it, plus his own snack.

As for fish fish? I just munched on the baby carrot like a rabbit. The carrot tasted much better... I would say, even though a little too dry. Man~ first time I felt so torture with inflight food.

After the snack... there fish fish try to hug with my Mr. Chow again... Argh~ I really miss the tight hug. So firm yet nice. Would even be much better if I'm in my own bed that time. *sigh*

I didn't know how long I have slept, but I did have a short one. Time to wake up...

The moment I opened the window lid...

My my~ what a beautiful and mysteric scene. I was very curious which position I was... but no way to know. Stupid flight... the inflight entertainment system was really suck. Urgh!!

Man~ I was very hungry. The food in the flight surprisingly to be so small portion if compared to the HUGE portion served in USA... I had to munch on my own nutritious bar to heal my hunger.

Dr. Martz came back to sit with me after I woke up.

Our dinner? Breakfast? was served. The last meal in this flight.

This was mine. Tasted worse than the previous one. I ate this just to cure my hunger. I was starving. Nope, I didn't take the pineapple and grapes.

This was Dr. Martz's "Cilantro Omelette". He loves cilantro.. turned out to be so disappointed as the omelette barely have any cilanto taste. Tee hee hee...

Ok... it was a dinner then... We finally getting really near to Osaka... The sunset was in a good time to welcome us back.

Tadaima Osaka!! I miss you, Japan.

Ah~ thanks USA... for all the memories. Good and bad... it will remain as one of the most unforgettable trip in my life.

I'll be going there again. Wait for me ar~ ;)