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Friday, August 12, 2005

Fish Fish in USA (Pt 8, July 18)

WARNING : SOME PARTS ARE 18-SX. Scroll down at your own risk.

Fish Fish is back to the civilization. It was great to be away for a while from the dull concrete buildings. Hohoho... my mind is still full with the beautiful scenery on the mountain.

Ok, sorry for the delay, here was an evening fun I had after my oral presentation that noon.

After having a good shower and changed into my favorable short pants and spaghetti stripes, off I went to the famous Bourbon Street with my sensei.

I noticed this type of ladder is very common in US. I have seen in uncountered times in the movies, but not a real one. It was kind of "fresh feeling" for fish fish to spot this kind of emergency ladder in real. ^_^

Somehow, my mind started to imagine the "boy" sneakers up to the "girl's" room through the ladder just to bid a good night with a kiss to his beloved through the window, before the "father" appears just right before the kissing and yelled, "YOU BETTER GET LOST FROM HERE AS FAST BEFORE I SHOOT YOUR BUTTS WITH MY GUN!!"

*myak!* That father, why you come out and spoil my daydreaming.

*iish* I didn't notice this trend until my sensei told me.

Yap, there are many strip bars in the Bourbon Street. We even saw one hot girl was wearing a super miniskirt that exposed half of her curved butt and a mini bikini bra that almost showed her full E-cup breast. Her waist might be only 20 inch. No kidding.

I then faced to my sensei and asked, "Sensei!! Did you see what I see???"

"Yah! Shocking!" I bet he did.

Also got a few shops that selling fancy inner wear. Ok, the right one? I might wear if I am 8kg less than now.

But the red one??? Geee... I might as well get naked, more comfortable.

We didn't really decide the place to eat. We just try our luck.

Somehow, we spotted this Seaport Cafe & Bar, seem like a nice one from outside, so we walked in. We were really glad we chose a right one. ^_^ What a good sense fish fish had. *shame shame*

The interior design was quite nice. Very relaxing environment for having a slow time meal.

I wanted a Southern US sweet. So, I ordered this Hush Puppy. Heee... this is not the Hush Puppies for "foot", but this is the Hush Puppies for "food". ^_^ Traditionally, it is served with fried catfish. Hush puppies are actually small balls of fried dough made from cornmeal.

Oh~ I simply think this is lovely. Very crunchy outside, very nice taste inside. Something very simple, yet attracted fish fish alot. Wanna something Southern US? Must try this. ^_^

My sensei ordered an appertizer as his main dish. This was stuffed mushroom with crab meat.

According to sensei, this was a splendid dish. Very yummy. In fact, he was full after this small bowl.

Meanwhile, fish fish... *eh hem*

Had a big plate of this spinach and vege raw pasta. Oh~ my mood was so good that evening. Eventually, I finished the whole plate as well as the hush puppies. *BURP!!* Shiawase~

Yes... all the foods for that night was great.

Indeed, I love the service and the environment there too. The guy that served us was good. What more with nice live music as the background... wah~ romantic till can making me weak...

One big problem... I WAS WITH MY SENSEI, and not some drooling cute guy. Bah~ -_-"

But hor~ thanks I was with my sensei... it was a treat by him for my hard work. He said I deserved it. ^_^ I guess, not too bad sometimes to eat with sensei huh~ Tee hee hee...

Contact :
Seaport Cajun Cafe and Bar
Location : 424 Bourbon Street
Telephone : 504-568-0981

During our dinner, there was a mini street parade with loud music. I rushed out just to take the picture...

On way back to Seaport, there were actually many people already if compared to the earlier empty street... More and more different music could be heard from all directions.

See the people at the balcony? Ever wonder what they were doing? The answer will be revealed later in this post. ^_^

Anyway, after the dinner, my sensei and me had a leisure walk along the street.

The night life of Bourbon Street is colourful and bright. You can see people on the street have different mood... they swing their mood along with the street... melting themselves into the enchanting music.

Just walk along the street, I'm sure there will a place that definitely suit you taste... your cup of music.

Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country... you name it, they have it...

I just used the chance for hearing a bit from here and there... while using the time to do some window shopping in those fancy souvenir shops.

Hohoho... this was a great street performance. I would say one of the best I have seen so far in New Orleans.

Why was he so great? He did nothing. Your heard me. He just stay still in those very hard to balance position for minutes... If fish fish, sure she will fall like a flat fish already within a minute.

Ok, time to reveal the doubt for the balcony people...

They are throwing beads for FREE to the people walking on the street... with only one condition.


Kihkihkih... just flips your shirt and show your tits... you will get a lot of these beads for free.

Ai yar~ a lot of beer belly guys did that... weeee~~~ you should see the amount of beeds they collected.

"PAP!" Suddenly one golden beads with crawfish pendant was thrown to me. I collected it up... and hang it on my neck. Geee... whoever that person was... TQ for this free beads without even fish fish have to flip hers up. Tee hee hee...

Did fish fish flip? Definitely not...

If I have such figure... I may...

But only in my boyfriend's front. Provided he buys a lot of beads for me later. Muahahahahha...

I love Bourbon Street.



At 3:38 AM, Blogger xes said...


At 7:19 AM, Anonymous allen wong said...

Keep it to yourself, xes. >.>

I can't imagine eating hush puppies at a restaurant with a romantic setting. Still it sounded tasty.


At 8:46 AM, Anonymous milgwimper said...

Fish Fish,

Your hush puppies and pasta look so good! I am glad you had a nice dinner. You were not with someone you can get romantic with, but at least Sensei was nice company and paid for dinner! :D I'm glad you had fun on Burbon street, and way to go in getting the beads!

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Big BoK said...

I've always thought that New Orleans had too much parades celebrating this and that.
The beads.. yes.. it's weird isn't it..??? but then .. alot of ppl are partying.. and from outta town.. so they do .. do crazy stuff.
Love the food pictures.. :)
As for the lingerie.. well.. wearing something like that is quite provocative.. rather than not wearing anything.. i guess.. no..??

At 9:04 PM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

Thanks Fish, I'm leaving for New Orleans tomorrow. I will continue to read your blog from there... interesting to read New Orleans travel commentary live from Japan.. kekeke

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Primrose said...

Wah seh! Bourbon street = naughty street, eh? Very very interesting. Especially the bead story. So how many...err...flips did your sensei see? Hehe!

At 6:40 AM, Blogger min said...

fantastic place...enjoy yourself:)

At 9:27 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

So it;s a tradition in New Orlean to flash tits in exchange for beads? And now only i knoe why the puppy u showed previously got such much beads :P

At 8:52 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, most people get 水土不服when travelling but Lousianna Water turned Fish Fish into a sexy diva with wild imagination....even have a imginary boyfriend. Did you take a few gallon of the New Orlean pipe water back to Japan with ya.

At 11:41 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

xes : -_-"

allen wong : Where would be a proper place to eat Hush Puppies then har?

milgwimper : ^_^ Yap, it was a nice treat

big bok : The beads are weird, but kind of interesting. :P

evil jungle prince : Hey Jonny, have a nice and safe trip ok. ^_^ My US post will be only updated again tomorrow. Today only a very short post on Kangkung. Tee hee hee...

primrose : -_-" I don't think those big belly tits turn him on. Hahhahahah...

min : ^_^ I did.

acrix : Now you see the point. ;)

cooknengr : Mummy fish have give her command to fish fish must mix the Japan's water and US's water to drink together to avoid Sui Tu Bu Fu. :P


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