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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Climb Kitadake (Pt 2, Aug 10)

The next morning, we woke up at around 3.00am. Try to climb to the peak earlier before the sunrise. My FM had headache. She decided to give up climbing to the top with us, as she afraid she most probably would not make it. So, we let her slept in the hut.

The other 4 of us were the few that started such early. Actually, to the top, it was only about 45 min from the hut. However, we worried with our pace, it might take longer than that. Didn't want to rush ourselves too much for the climb.

It was a very foggy morning. Even worse than yesterday evening. The visibility was very low. We hardly couldn't even see anything a little further than us. As my torchlight is a LED type, it gave a good sight for short distance. However, the normal yellow light torchlight hardly helped much for this early morning climbing.

We didn't really know how long we have climbed. All we knew were the wind was very strong, even could blow a slim young lady away easily. Tee hee hee... fish fish is too heavy to be blown away. :P There was certain part we walked out of the trail, as we couldn't really traced the proper trail with such a thick fog.

The strong wind and damn cold weather made the process of inhale-exhale a hard task. We were at the point more than 3100m by that time. Natural oxygen was kind of limited. mmulibra brought oxygen till the hut. Unluckily, he forgot to bring it along during the final stage climbing. He was having a great difficulty in breathing when we almost at the top. Almost till a point of suffocation. Plus, he hurt his leg earlier, which worsen the condition.

We decided to stop at one of the small platform for mmulibra to recover. He was shivering as he didn't bring enough thick cloth with him. The strong wind made the cold weather even more terrible. We tried to surround him so that the cold wind wouldn't attack him directly.

After a short while, a father and a son reached to our point too. He stopped at the same point as us for a short rest, as it would be too early to climb to the top with nothing to be seen. Too dark. However, the father and son decided to check for the real trail. Unexpectedly, he screamed back to tell us the correct trail. Very touch.

By this time, mmulibra could at least breath normally already. However, we were trying to wait for the wind to get weaker and the day to get brighter. We heard the father kept screaming "Yaa hoo~~~ Are you all ok?~~~" from far. It was a very warm feeling for him to worry so much for us. We kept responding that "We are alright. Don't worry~~~"

Eventually, he decided to make a U-turn to see how we were doing. After confirmed that 4 of us were alright, we went back to the top again to be with his son. Such a good Samaritan. *Thank you*

Even though mmulibra was kind of risky for him to continue climbing, he didn't want to give up. All of us wished so much to reached the top, regardless we wouldn't be able to see anything there except white fog.

We finally continued again...

Wah~~~ KITADAKE!! 3193m. We reached!!!

The feeling was great. It was like "YES!! WE DONE IT!!"

It was a different feeling than the time I reached the top of Mount Fuji. Both I would say great experiences, but I like Kitadake more... maybe because of the process of climbing was more challenging. More things to see too.

It is so Japanese even on the top of mountain in Japan. The little Jizo is there to guard the peak. I decided to pray hard for the smooth trip to go down the mountain later. mmulibra and Ray also did.

We didn't stay there for a long time as nothing much to see. Too foggy. After a short photo session, we decided to go back to the hut.

On the way down, we met more and more people that climbing up. It was a contrast to see our relaxing faces with their strenuous conditions. It was our turn to say "Ganbatte" to the climbers.

Soon, we saw our huts.

Weather was still very bad. My FM was enjoying her nice sleep inside her sleeping bed.

We woke her up. After for quite some time, we decided that there would be nothing much we could do with the bad day.

So, we decided to go down after a simple breakfast.

Argh~ on the way down, we were so near to see a beautiful Mount Fuji. See the blur image of the mountain in the picture? That was Mount Fuji.

It was not our luck. But can see partly better than see nothing.

Good! After a nice sleep, My FM was totally ready for going down. She was much excited to do it, as she finally can get out from this mountain, that gave her so much unforgetable memory.

So, down and down we went...

The scenery was much better now. At least the fog had gone away. No sunrise, no Mount Fuji, at least we still have the beautiful green.

Didn't know how many flower fields that we past through.

However, when we reached this flat land in the middle of mountain... we knew we were out of the yesterday trail. We were kind of slanted to another path. Too late to turn back.

This was the path we walk down till the lake with the camp site. Not a tough walk though till this point, except it was kind of slippery due to falling rain.

Beside the lake, there was a construction going on. Seem like another new hut was building up there. We were thinking to have a rest inside the building while waiting for the rain to get milder. Too bad, we were chased out by the staffs there.

However, they allowed us to stay under another small roof before we moved.

We were so glad to see this signboard that saying go to the right would bring us down to our starting point. Little did we realise the tough has yet to come. -_-"

Get what I mean? The trail was steep most of the time. We climbed down many wooden staircases. Some part, we even have to hold on grass to support us from rolling down.

The going down was much tougher than going up. A rainy day and slippery ground made it worse.

We didn't really know how long we have walked down. However, all of us were kind of exhausted. There was not much pushing on My FM already as everyone was too tired to deal on their ownselves.

mmulibra luggage was too heavy. It was kind of difficult for him to balance himself in certain slopes. He fell a few times. The most terrible time he twisted his leg. But still, he endured the pain and made his greatest effort to finish the path.

fish fish pants got a big hole due to a hard scratch by the stone. I only knew it after I went down. ai yar~ Still can wear, nevermind.

It was nice to see a few kinds of mushroom. Too bad, look so delicous, and yet can only see , no touch. *sob sob*

Our energy was spent till the limit.

But we know we musn't stop until we get till the starting point.

Phew!!! We finally get out of the mountain. How glad it was to see the bridge nicely laid in front of us with such a good weather.

If only we had such a good weather at the peak. Bah~

Ah~ nice weather. Perfect time to have a camp. But we were not going to stay there longer. We need to move to the next point.

So, we rushed down to car park area with this bus. My final glimpse on this beautiful and yet mysterious place.

Finally, we were back to the civilization.

What would be better than to have a bowl of nice hand-made-soba and warm bath to clean the 2-day terrible smell away??

Stomach Pan Pan... Body Xiang Xiang...

mmmm~~~ I love it.

Yes, we are ready for Yamanashi!! ;)

Tata~ Kitadake.


At 12:27 AM, Blogger Lrong said...

Omedetou!! The soba looks good!

At 7:09 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, should have known "工場重地,閒人免進 ..tsk tsk tsk..

At 12:12 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

lrong : Yap, the soba was good, especially we were starving.

cooknengr : Not me who went in first. Our fault, I admit. :P

At 2:34 AM, Blogger Chen said...

Too bad u can't see the clear view of the beautiful Mt Fuji.. but as u say, can see partly is always better than seeing nothing :P

Yes, I agree with u on the saying "The going down was much tougher than going up.".. Lotsa times, become I climb up or go up any steep surfaces, I always consider whether I can come down later on or not? Cos going up is one thing, and how to come down is another thing... I don't want to end up rolling down later on.

At 12:06 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

chen : Haha!! I had the same worry too. I was keep saying to myslef, "How am I going to go down then?" when I see the slope. *wipe cold sweat.


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