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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Kitadake - The departure (Aug 9)

Yee hee...

Of course mmulibra and me were up to something... we even have other 3 people to join us. ;)

Ok... I'm sure everyone of you know Fujisan, the highest mountain in Japan.

But did anyone of you have any idea what is the next highest??

The answer is : Kitadake.

We were going to climb to the top of Kitadake. As pure as that. Ha!!

Go to his post about useful Kitadake information. I'm too lazy to repeat here. I will talk about something else... something more "Ba Gua". Tee hee hee...

We started our journey before 4 am. Ray came to pick us up... mmulibra, Choo, My FM and me.

Then, we went to buy some foodstuff for our very early breakfast, as well as more energy foods for the climbing.

Ray was the driver. mmulibra was the navigator. Choo and My FM were the entertainers. Me?? Busy eating...

At first, My FM was enjoying her nice tuna bun.

"Mmmm~~~ this is soooo yummy. Good good!!" Happily, she munched those whole thing down... while busy arguing with Choo. The very Malaysian way of communication. Man~~~ so nostalgic. I've never heard this way of conversation since I came to Japan. Such an enjoyable moment for me.

Then, Ray drove up to highway... the real moment start. He sped up... to more than 120km/h.

Don't know if because he didn't have enough sleep or what... the driving journey was a very rock and roll one. We could feel very shaky and bumping at the back. Like riding on a roller coaster.

Soon... that affected My FM... Who worked part time until late night. Who didn't sleep the night before. Who just ate a big tuna bun.

"OMG!! I'm feeling terrible sick now. I think I'm gonna to puke anytime." She kept repeating the same sentence. Until the real nightmare became true.

"Stop!! I wanna puke now."

Man~~~ we all got panic. Ray is the most panic one. He drove faster to a service centre... and let My FM used a 100m running speed to reach the toilet.

I was angry with Ray because of that. "Told you just please slow down. No need to be so rush. See what happened now?" Geee... I must have sounded harsh that time.

Anyway, My FM finished her puke. All the tuna and bun wasted into the flushing bowl. A much refreshed My FM came back to us.

*wipe cold sweat*

Ah~ what a wonderful sun rise. I was praying that time, hoping this journey would be a safe and enjoyable one.

The trip continued...

Somehow... something was just going wrong. My FM puked again for the 2nd time. -_-" This time... a mixture of tuna, bun and yellowish green liquid... (Go imagine how it looked. )

This time... Ray gave up. I think he was too exhausted too. So, he asked me to take over him.

So, all there precious lifes were on my hand right now.

The journey continued...

My FM finally have a sound sleep after the 2 energy consuming pukes. She must have been deadly tired. Ray was having a little nap too. Sooner... Choo joined them.

Only mmulibra sitting beside me was talking to me once a while... just in case I might fall asleep on the long straight highway. Thank you.

Finally... we reached there before 7.20am. Just a few minutes before the bus started. Lucky!!

dang dang!! Paid 1000 yen... and the bus brought us to the climbing start point. No private vehicles were allowed to drive up there, for safety purpose.

This bus conductor aka bus guide... was giving explanation about the things around us along the way. I listened with interest.

We were getting near to go deep into the mountain foot.

Just in front of the gate... wah~~~ cool!! I want one!!!

Pitifully, My FM puking periods were attacking her again.

1st, she grabbed Choo only plastic bag to did her first puke.

Then... she grabbed mmulibra only plastic bag to puke the 2nd one.

In short 30 minutes.

Finally, the bus stopped. We were there.

Poor My FM. You should see... nothing was in her puke except a lot of yellowish green solutions... yap... the bile. *myak* I forgot to take a picture on that. Would be a great souvenir for My FM to remember.

Ray (left), My FM (middle) and Choo (right). They sure looked energetic and full of uumph to start the climbing.

A very lovely morning. I love the sky, though it is bit too bright.

We have to across this long and narrow bridge...

... with swift flowing river far down beside us. You fall down there, you gone forever.

Kitadake... here we come!!! ^_^

To be cont.


At 1:25 PM, Blogger MrsT said...

Ya.. poor friend..!! hope the rest of the trip was ok.. :)

At 2:10 AM, Blogger domesticgoddess said...

aaarh... the description of the puke!!! too much info! too much info!! :P

At 2:14 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

mrst : Well... not quite likely.

domesticgoddess : imagine fish fish saw it with her own eyes!!


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