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Monday, September 05, 2005

Nagoya Kishimen (Aug 8)

It was a hot afternoon. I used 18kippu to go to Nagoya. I was going to meet mmulibra for the 1st time, after we have known each other for quite a few months through our blogs. Heee... yap yap, another blogger's meet.

I still remember I made such a comment about his blog... "The pictures melt my heart." ^_^

Coincidencely, he was my senior in UKM. Just that we never met before, as he went out of UKM, I went in. So you see... how fate likes to play on people.

Anyway, this wagamama fish fish made a request when he asked me if I wanna have a dinner together.

OF COURSE!! I want KISHIMEN... Nagoya Kishimen.

I told him in my cmail.

Little did I know he actually have no idea that kishimen in Nagoya is famous.

We finally met each other. By his description...

"I am wearing a RED shirt"

So hor~ I kept looking for a RED shirt guy. NONE.

Finally, I saw one guy with SLIGHT REDDISH ORANGE T-shirt. A TALL Guy. When I looked at his face, I'm very sure it is him, as I've seen his vague picture in his blog.

*Ok, once again I am confirmed guys don't have a sense when trying to describe a colour* -_-"

Don't believe me... give them Deep Green, Neon Green, Light Green, Emerald Green... They will give you one single answer... "GREEN".

Heee... I smiled at him. He smiled at me. Voila!

"I've asked my friend about the Kishimen, after you mailed me you wanna try it." He said.

-_-" Oops... giving a friend a task again... blame to my urge for good food. Gomenne~

^_^ Thank you for taking all the trouble.

So, we ended in Kishimen no Yoshida... a shop in the Nagoya station area that only specialized in KISHIMEN. Woo hoo~~~ I was excited.


We pondered at the menu for quite some time. Finally...

mmulibra had a bowl of Hot Miso Tempura Kishimen.

Nagoya Miso is a very unique miso. Strong taste... Somehow, it is famous in Nagoya for making different kind of soup noodles with this miso. It is a very thick type of soup, more like a gravy. I has a sip on it... Very UNIQUE! It would take some time for a person to get used to it I would say.

Anyway, I challenged this miso soup again next time... with another famous food in Nagoya, which I'll post in later day. ^_^

fish fish chose a bowl of Cold Sesame Vinegar Kishimen.

I love mine. It was a great taste.

The kishimen is freshly made every morning, with only 3 ingredients : High quality wheat flour, salt and water.

The kishimen was much thicker than usual machine-made kishimen. It was very chewy. Match perfectly with the original home-made sesame vinegar sauce that have been let matured for 1 month.

Oh yes... I deeply enjoyed the whole bowl till the last slurp. It was a great selection for a hot summer day.

Guess what? It was a treat from mmulibra. :P I am spoilt.

Gochisosamadeshita. ^_^

Hohoho~~~ the two full stomachs... Walking slowly back to mmulibra's room. Yap, I was staying a night at his place....

with... another 2 Malaysians which joined us later that night.

For what?? ;)

The answer will be revealed in the next post.


At 8:07 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Since I lived in Nagoya when I did foreign exchange to Japan, I'm very fond of aka miso. I really hate it when I get white miso at resturants because it's not strong enough! When you drink/eat miso you should feel a surge of energy, like when you drink coffee!

My favorite nagoya dish is misonikomi udon. I like every miso dish though. The saltier the better!

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Acrix said...

Galz are more precise when describing colors i suppose :P kishimen looks like thick yang chun mian. Feel like slurping some noodle after looking at those photos!

At 9:02 PM, Blogger domesticgoddess said...

每次来这里就免不了要流口水... makes me hungry!!!

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Nightraveller said...

Eh hem, sounds like something is going on here...good luck, fish fish! ;p

At 9:41 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, all the male readers found out tall and hamdsome mmulibra get a chance to treat cute Fish Fish to an excellent meal of Kishimen...of course 氣死men loh.

At 3:10 PM, Blogger MrsT said...

Wow..!! staying overnite..FF..??? ahem, ahem..!! up to something naughty.. hehehhehee!!!
Nagoya kishimen is very interesting..i have to try it.. the next time. i have a chance eh..??

At 9:26 PM, Blogger Julie said...

hoho.. i like cookengineer punya 氣死men.. =p

i would like to try the kishimen one day.. ^^

At 1:34 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

alex : Heee... I'm the other way round as I've been in Kyoto, get used to the light white miso. The 1st time I tried the strong aka miso... cultural shock. But slowly, I think I like it more and more. Misonikomi udon?? ;) Wait for my report ar~

acrix : I would say it it more like our thick Pan Mee. Did you slurp any mayo instant noodle after that? :P

domesticgoddess : Oops... Dui Bu Qi ar~

nightraveller : You are right!! Smart!! See my next post for the answer. Muahahha!!!

cooknengr : I love you humour. Muak! Btw hor~ I'm more than happy if my male readers want to chia me makan. Girls also more than welcome. You know I am hooked easily by "food". Oops!!

mrst : Sure. If you go to Nagoya, I call my Nagoyan friends to chia you on my behalf. ;) They chia, me pay, you eat, ok? ^_^

julie : Yap... you should try it dear.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

haven;t stocked up my mayo yet~ and lately din eat that much cup noodle coz got mum around! Hehe~


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