I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Drive in Shikoku (Pt 2, Sept 17)

After Dogo Hotspring, we headed to the next destination, a destiny that made us gone through a lot of windy hilly small roads.

Welcome to Shikoku Karusuto Natinal Park, one of the 3 biggest karst area in Japan. It was supposed to be a very beautiful scenery, unfortunately too foggy.

Yuko and me walked down this long small path to catch up with the guys.

Haha!! They were too busy with photographing session, when I was just going to start.

What made me so late behind? People Got Three Urgents lor~ Kept contracting while the driving. So, nothing made me felt soooooo nice when I see the sign for it. -_-"""


I felt so light after that. It was my turn to have my nice time. ^_^

It was one of the most unexplored region I have ever been in Japan. Yet, so full of mysterious beauty. The foggy condition enhanced the degree of mystery. Too bad, not a good time to take breathtaking photos. Ah well~

Like what Choo said, "We are in alien land." Aptly described it.

Initially, before came up here, we actually planned to camp one night here. But when we were up there, all we could see was one tent only.

We didn't make earlier preparation for food nor drink, the basic requirement to survive a night. It was too secluded that no shop to buy food at all.

We strongly felt if we going to stay here, we were going to have cold spooky night with nothing to fill into our stomach. Worse, there might be news the next day reporting 5 corpses are found in this alien land.

Noooo... I wanna be a full stomach ghost. Definitely not a hungry ghost.

So, started car engine again to drive down from the other way.

Wah~~~ COW!! Yuko and me got so excited when we tought we wouldn't be seeing any in such a foggy evening.

We screamed so loud that the other three guys almost got heart attack. :P

Of course, with such a chance like that, I wanna took a picture with these cows.

Not that I've never seen any cow, but on such a secluded highland, it was my first time.

So, I tried to get near to one of the cow that nearest to the fence.

Yuko, "Ready fish fish? 3! 2!...."

*iish* Before the 1 was shouted, the cow wagged it tail slowly away.

*so bad*

I kept asking the cow to stop, but that stubborn bloke. Eventually, it went far inside the field.

Hmmppff!! Nevermind, I find another prettier one that you. *bleh~*

^_^ I found one. We got a very intimate picture. Only that when we were taking picture together, the breath of it kind of scared me. Tee hee hee...

The guys were waiting in the car for these 2 sakai ladies to finish there photos with cow.

Once went into the car, they asked "Never see cow is it?"

Then, after about 10m away from the foggy condition, we saw a big windmill.

Suddenly, it was like unbelievable happening...

Suddenly, all the fog were gone. A splendid clear view of cow head low low eat grass within the karst stone made my adrenaline running wild.

This time a whole group all came out to take photos.

Hohoho!! My debut on the car we rented this time. Nissan Wing Road. I like this car. Though only 1500cc, it was powerful and stable.

After about 20 min at the area, the fog was slowly reaching this area... we really have to get down this mountainous area before dark came.

We grabbed the chance to have a group photos before we left the place.

See the naughty Yuko? ^_^ Another nice pose of hers.

The journey of getting down to flat land was a very tough one. The fog was so thick, the road was so narrow. We have to be very cautious with car that coming too.

Don't know for how long the driving continued like that, but it was such a relief when the fog gone away after the altitude was low enough.

But then, another degree of challenge started. Very windy and narrow road, sometimes lucky to have nice tar road, but then it linked to another windy and narrow road. I couldn't remember how much round like this I repeated. All I know, the day were getting darker... we have to get out from these jungles.

To make the situation worse, mmulibra was having car sickness. I think it was because of the canned drink he had at Shikoku Karusuto.

No any type of store around for us to buy goods. No petrol station for us to fill up the getting less gasoline.

Finally we found the camp site we wanted to stay... but we could only see the sign, just the sign and nothing else. It was totally dark in front of us. We had to give up on this 2nd spot of choice.

I was kind of feeling collapse, even started feel like crying. Yes, my mind kind of messed up, after a long whole day. My mind was totally stucked to think any idea.

It was getting near 9pm. We all were starving like crazy.

"Fish Fish, why don't we go to knock at a house with light on and ask for help? They will know where is the place we can find a place for buying food." Choo suddenly suggested to me.

Ha?? Knock at people's door at this hour? "This is a crazy idea" I thought to myself. But then, after cooled down, I believed that was the only option we could do at that time. The car navigation was not smart enough in desertted place like this, we wouldn't trust it anymore. We have to trust a human.

So, we made a u turn back to a house with light on.

Choo, Yuko and me get down the car to approach the house. *bup dup!! bup dup!!! bup dup!!!* My heart beat got so strong and messy when we finally pressed the door bell.

A middle-aged lady came out. Seem like she just finished her bath, with her pyjama on getting ready to sleep.

"Please help us, we are totally lost. We are really sorry to disturb you at this hour. But we just want to find a place to find food and a camp site." The three of us, you one sentence, I one sentence explained our situation.

"Oh!! Poor dears." This good Samaritan showed us a smile. I don't know why, but the moment I saw her smile, I felt much relief. I know the bad moment going to end soon.

"Which direction were you from?" We pointed to the direction. "Ah~~~ no wonder. There are nothing there at that direction. It is totally nothing."

"Go to the other direction, you'll see a town after you drive for about 15 min. You will find store to buy food there. I think they open until 11 or 12 at night." I felt so relieved with what she said. We were safe.

" As for camp site, there are not much here. Only a couple. One a few kilometres down there."

"We went to that one. Totally dark, and nothing there."

"Yes, it is a free camp site. Nothing but the site only. Another one will be about 10 km away from here." She added.

Seem like to camp a night today would not be a good idea at all. We were all too tired, and no good site.

So, the lady helped us to find contacts for accomodation. Amazing to see she has a lot of brochures about information around that area. Geee... I felt so ashame of myself as I always throw away this tourist informations after visited the place.

Eventually, she helped us to make a call to a hotel. We decided to book later to stay a night there.

We bow and bow and bow to the lady. She was our life saver. I would never forget this. ARIGATOU!!! Thanks Choo too, for the suggestion.

Now, we have a confirmed place to stay. The important thing was to settle our hunger.

We found a family run restaurant.

Quickly ordered our meal.

One guy chose Tonkatsu Don (Fried Pork Rice).

2 guys ordered Oyako Don (Chicken and Egg Rice).

Yuko went for Napoleon style spaghetti.

Fish Fish had a plate of dry curry.

The food were nothing fancy. All came out form the same cook. But it meant something very different to us after starving for such a long hours.

The owner gave Bufferin to mmulibra for him to kill his head's pain FOC. So nice.

Haha!!! See how exhausted all we were.

We finally reached our hotel after that. One person one room. 5500yen per head.

I must have been snoring seriously that night. Who cares! :P

Lesson learnt : Must always put food and drink inside the car. Never feel ashame to ask.

To be cont...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Drive in Shikoku (Pt 1, Sept 17)

It was a public holiday on 19 Sept, a Monday. So, we had 3 days of rest day (17-19 Sept) from school. Fish Fish, with another 4 friends - mmulibra, nightraveller, Choo and Yuko, decided to travel the whole Shikoku by car.

So, today, I'm going to start my series on Drive in Shikoku. All about the things we have done in the island, with 4 prefectures - Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime and Kochi.

Sorry ar, my traveling partners, post so late. Have to study come first mar~ :P

Btw, go here to see the Shikoku report by mmulibra. Heee... seem like he just posted it yesterday. (Eh... Mr. mmulibra, how come you also so late?)

Story starts...

On a sunny Saturday morning, we woke up very early. Departed before 6 am...

Fish Fish couldn't survive with an empty stomach, so I requested to stop at a combini to cari makan. ^_^

There we were, standing outside the combi... *chomp chomp chomp* *burp~*

Energy charged back.

Without any rest, I drove all the way from Uji until big Seto Bridge. The highway was not crowded as we departed early.

Picture by mmulibra.

The scene on the bridge was splendid. Too bad, I couldn't stop to take any picture. But thanks to mmulibra, at least I could have some nice shots from him.

It was an enjoyable moment to drive across the big bridge. Greatly felt the advanced Japan's technology along the drive.

Finally, we could stop by for a while at one of the service area to rest for a while. We didn't eat anything here as we wanted to look for something more delicious.

Saw many Hatada shops in Shikoku. Hmm... seem to be a famous shop in this island. So, decided to stop by to buy something from there.

I bought a chou cream and a sweet potato tart. Disappointedly, not as yummy as it looked. Only taste so so I would say. Ah well, think I got the wrong choice for the try.

The road was quite jam once we got out from highway. Urgh~ so much trucks, so much traffic lights... it took a loooong time before we finally reached our first main destination.

The famous Dogo Onsen town in Ehime prefecture. One of the oldest historic place in Japan.

The 1st thing we saw was this cute little Botchan Train. Nope, this is not an exhibition item. It was still in service until today. For a 300yen, you can ride on this train to go around Matsuyama city.

Here is some facts about Botchan Trains.

The Iyo Railway Company was established on September 14th, 1887. This was the twentieth year of the Meiji Era. On October 28th of the Following year, 1888, they began transportation services between Matsuyama and Mitsu for first time in Japanese history.  
This was the first small-sized locomotive in Japan and it was imported from Kraus & Company of Germany. This locomotive with four jointed driving wheels and a water tank ran on the Matsuyama Plains for 67 years through the Meiji, the Taisho and the Showa Eras. The first locomotive finally became a Tangible Cultual Property of Ehime Prefecture on March 8th, 1968 or Showa 43.  
The world-renowned Japanese novelist, Soseki Natsume, was transferred to Matsuyama as a senior high school teacher in the 28th year of the Meiji Era(1895). He loved taking a bath in the famous Dogo Hot Spring, and often used the railway to commute to there. 
His famous novel "Botchan" published in the 39th year of the Meiji Era(1906) uniquely depicted both the Dogo Hot Spring and the railway services of those days. For this reason, these trains run by the Iyo Railway Company have enjoyed popularity under the nickname of"Botchan Trains"
. (Source from here.)

Geee... the Dogo Hot Spring station is another nice spot. Nothing big city... just the very pure and warm village way of design. I like.

We were too hungry that time. So went to the tourist information center to look for place to eat, as it was around 1.30pm already.

While we were busy asking for a nice place to eat... Yuko was busy picking up nice card of the shops at that area. A unique way to promote the shops in the town. :)

Heee... nice pose huh. Maybe they should consider Yuko to be their promoting model. :P

Anyway, we past the nice old clock with a quote "Welome to Dogo Hot Spring". The name of this clock is called Karakuri Clock.

Next to this clock, you can have a pool of hot spring water to soak your leg. In general, it is called Ashiyu (Leg's hot water).

We didn't bring any towel with us, so we gave up on giving our legs a nice soak. :(

Hungry!!... until stars started to come out from my head liao...

Phew!! Finally we found a nice place to eat. A place that next to one of the suggested restaurants, as we think this one looked better.

Oidenka. We felt so lucky it still open as the time was almost over lunch time.

Once we went in, the shop design kind of convinced me this might be a nice place.

I saw many signed card on the wall. Hmm... seem like a lot of famous people have came here before, though I only know one or two of them. :P

Anyway, we placed our order.

After about 20 min waiting, which seem like a very long time, the fastest order finally came.

It was nightraveller's set menu with udon. Well, the udon just tasted so so. I guess it was not a hand-made version.

But the sashimi was very fresh, and therefore very sweet and yummy (according to nightraveller).

The price was a good deal, I think it was for about 1000yen. Well, no way we gonna get this kind of price in Kyoto, I would be double the price.

Then, a few minutes after that, it was Yuko's order. She ordered for a Seafood Rice set.

The main focus of the set. This nice bowl of raw seafood rice. But you don't eat it just like that...

First, you beat the egg with grated Japanese yam and pour on it. Then, add in chopped green onion and grated wasabi. Then pour soysauce according to one's like. Finally put the seaweed on top as decoration.

Tralala!! Doesn't this look much more attractive? No?

In fact, I tried the rice with the yam and egg mixture. Very nice. Mmm~~~ I just love sticky healthy foodie.

After another 10 minutes, finally our rice were getting ready when the candle started to dim away. mmulibra, choo and me were ordering the same set.

When this happened, the staff started to bring other things of our set. It is a Japanese way to bring the food to you at the most appropriate timing.

A very nice hot pot of sea bream's rice laid in front of me when I opened the wooden lid. Only that the sea bream size was very small. Anyway, I just wanted the rice, and gave the sea bream to other members. :P

I had the same set of thing as the 2 guys... except that...

A plate of vegetarian version tempura for me, as requested.

The rice was very nice. Just imagine the hot and soft rice blended with this crunchy outside juicy inside tempura. Ah~ almost melted my tongue.

All of us were very full after this nice meal.

Then, we went to see the oldest hot spring in Japan... the very famous Dogo Onsen.

Well, we only "see" the outside... as it would take a long time if we want to take a bath there.

In fact, to just go in and see, you need to pay 250yen for that.


So, fish fish just tried to spring her neck as long as possible to peep inside as much as possible...

All I saw was a counter with a lot of shoe boxes. -_-""" My Kung Fu not deep enough.

To be cont.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Bird's Nest Congee

I was looking for an empty container to fill my foodstuff. When I opened one of them, oops... I found something that I forgot. Something that I have been laid inside there for 2 years. :P

Guess what it is.

Oops!! A few pieces of bird's nest, that my mum insisted me to bring over here, regardless I told her most likely I wouldn't cook them.

Ok, if I bring this back to Kuching when I leave Japan... I am sure mum will scold me until dog blood splash head.

*shudder* Better don't take the risk.

So, I've been thinking what should I do to these pieces.

Mmm... why don't try making different dish with it. New cooking way that I have never tried before.

I decided to try on one piece. Soaked it for overnight.

Then I went to supermarket to look for a pack of instant matsutake mushroom seasoning for rice.

Here was how I prepared the dish.
1. Wash the rice a few times.
2. Add some water on it.
3. Put in cube bamboo shoot, rehydrated sliced dry Shitake mushroom, fresh white button mushroom, crispy Tanba Shimeji mushroom and sliced deep fried tofu.
4. Add in the rehydrated bird's nest.
5. Add in a pack of the Matsutake seasoning for rice.
6. Add in a few drops of Nigari and 2 table spoons of rice wine.
7. Add in instant fried shallots.
8. Press cook button.
9. Wait for it to cook.

I wanted a thick congee, so my water amount was less than usual that I would use for plain porridge.

This morning, all I have to do is unlid the rice cooker...

Tralala!!! My very first bowl of Bird's Nest Congee. Soooo nice. The bird's nest itself has a plain taste as usual. But as it is not the usual way mum cook with rock sugar with a double boil slow cooker, the texture was more chunky.

Chomp chomp chomp!!! *burp*

Ah~ a nice breakfast for starting the week. ^_^

Gee... mum will be happy to know she doesn't have to use a forcing way to make me gulp down it. :P

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A lunch with Patrick

Patrick is going to have his birthday soon. So, today fish fish chia him makan. I decided the time, and he decided the place.

I chose noon, and he chose Capricciosa.

We stopped by in Starbuck for drink. He treated me a hot cup of Chai Tea Latte.

This is his favorite, Green Fetuccini with crab meat cream sauce. One of the hit menu in Capricciosa. The hardness of fetuccini today was just right, not too hard nor soft. The cream sauce have a very nice savoury taste due to the sweetness of onion inside it. This one was a must try for people who like white sauce pasta.

A dish I tried the 1st time. I am a fan of fresh pasta. Usually I would go for vegetarian version. However, today I decided to try another type, Pappardelle with steamed chicken and broccoli white sauce. Another good choice of the day. The sauce was tasting similar as the fetuccini, but milder due to no crab meat was used inside. I love the texture of the pasta. Nice. However, the fresh pasta portion is always lesser compare to the normal regular size.

So, I decided to have an additional order...

Garlic toast with fresh tomato and basil. Mmm... this one was good. The fresh basil gave a very nice touch to the crispy garlic bread. It balanced up the oily feel of the 2 dishes above. It will make a good appetizer. However, the tomato chunk was kinda big, and I have to be very cautious when biting it. :P Looked kinda clumsy when eating it. -_-"

During the meal, Patrick actually told me this branch owned by his landlord.

Guess what? His landlord saw us when we almost finished the meal.

Then, he looked at me...

He faced to Patrick...

"Errr... this is... your wife??"

GABOOM~~~ *fish fish bang wall*

Hello~~~ Why must "Your wife??" I thought inside my heart. Though politely I keep smiling and shaking my head.

There has been a few times people mistaken us as a couple, in term of girlfriend. But... Your wife?? Geee... since when this misconception turned one rank up.

However, the landlord was such a nice guy, that soon after that I forgave his mistake. :P

You see... he decided to treat each of us a dessert as service.

Wah~~~ lucky.

Patrick decided to have a nice piece of chocolate cake. Very nice, not too sweet. I especially like the way the fresh cream and chocolate sauce was presented. Such an art piece. His landlord has such a great hospitality that he served the dessert to us by himself.

I went for a white version. Raw cheese cake with rapsberry sauce.

Mmmmm~~~ this one was really yummy. 2 thumbs up. Imagine with a full stomach, I could still say it was good. The cream cheese matched very well with the sour rapsberry sauce. It was so smooth and just melt easily on my warm toungue. Can't help but to play with the smooth texture before I decided to swallow it.

We ended up having the nice dessert with a nice cup of after meal drink (for free).

I was thinking to settle the bill first before greeting thank you and goodbye to his landlord. Unexpectedly, he came to the counter to greet me first. He was surprised to see I have the point card for Capricciosa...

"Sure. I always come here for meal." I told him.

In fact, after today, this place gonna be a place I like more. ^_^

Hey hey... I think next time got blogger meeting, will just suggest this as a dining place. :P

Happy Birthday Patrick!! May this year be a better year for you.

Bless from fish fish.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

5th in 23rd

My deepest condolences to PM and his family. Shocked to know the news when I saw Wai Wai's cmail just now. Thanks for telling me dear.

I was tagged by Funky Cookies yesterday for doing a tag.

I still owe 5xmom and Asian Vegan tagging. Forgive me if I skip the both of yours, can? Need to squeeze a lot of brain juice for doing your guys tagging, since I need to recall back a lot of things. Muak! Jangan marah with fish fish yah~

Ok, before do the tagging, let me tell you what have fish fish and her lab mates done today, under our sensei's leading.

We saved a persimmon tree!!!


Errr... you see, this poor tree, got too many babies this year... the babies are too heavy until pulling the mother more and more... seem like it will break into pieces if we don't do something about it.

So, 9 of us... bring a lot of plastic bags... and there we went for our mission.

After 30 min of hard work... voila!!! The mother finally can stand nicely again.

And the babies???

Tee hee hee...

There you are. See how many there are???

Now, we have to think a way to finish them into our stomach. We are even doing experiment by using ethanol on it. ^_^

I tried one, the more mature one. Sweet!!!

Actually it was a mistake by my sensei, he thought the trees are all sour persimmon, though I told him they are actually sweet one. Anyway, we just picked all the babies on one tree to safe the mother.

Hmm... I wonder if our act were right. :P

Meme : 5th sentence in 23rd post

I don't know about this tag before this, as I have much less time to do blogs jumping. But after reading it, I think it is quite fun to do one actually.

So, here you are... My 23rd post was titled "Shared Lunch".

The 5th sentence sound It is actually a korean style pancake.

Oh!! So nostalgic. That was a very meaningful post. The sentence was actually explaining what Chijimi is.

In fact, that was the only shared lunch we done in purpose for fun at canteen. I miss that. I wonder when will I have the chance to do that again. Though it was less than 15 months ago, many things have changed.

Park have got her PhD and working as a tutor in a university in Japan.

Aso have got her Master and working with a hospital.

Mirian have finished her Master and just starting her PhD 1st year in the same lab.

Me? I'm in my final year as a student. Soon, I'll say bye bye to a student's life.

So, looking back my 23rd post, bring back a lot of sweet memories to me. The moment I shared with them. Something that will always remain in my heart.

Ah~~~ I'm going to miss Japan deeply when I leave it. *sob sob* Especially those I have my moments with.

With this, I tag my friends that I made and have met in Japan through blogging. :P

1. The Botto Angel
2. The Unfinised Dream Pursuer
3. The Kokonuggetyumyum
4. The So-Many-Name Kyoto's Guest
5. Feel Free - I was shocked to see she decided to stop blogging 2 days ago. But I hope she will come back to her blog to do the tagging one day. *bless you, dear~*

Monday, October 17, 2005

Bamyan Restaurant

-_-" I noticed myself haven't been doing a proper food review for quite some time. I wonder if my readers miss my food posts. I miss my own food posts. It seems like I didn't feed this darling kuishinbo meow of mine for quite a long time. Life have been too busy with my study, it has to come to priority these 2 months.

However, I heard my darling meow meow crying, "Fish Fish, move your butt to feed me! I'm starving!!!"

Oops... *muak muak* I'm doing it now. :P

Before we started our Shikoku trip in September, I went to fetch my trip's gangs one by one.

mmulibra and Yuko only reached Uji later that night.

I met up Nightraveller in Kyoto station and picked up Choo from there too, then we headed for a dinner, which by the time we finally decided where to eat and reached the restaurant, we were extremely hungry.

Bamiyan, a totally unexpected choice for the night, a chained Chinese restaurant. It just some how we past through it during driving, and so we just went it. I had Bamyan one 2 years ago with Yuko. I remembered the taste was not bad, so here was my 2nd try.

We ordered 4 dishes and 2 desserts, with drink viking ( it was for only 157yen per person).

1st dish, quoted as "Spicy Sze Chuan Mabo Tofu" (504yen).

"Oh! Spicy huh~ I want!"

Ah~ cheated. Shouldn't believe the standard of spiciness quoted my a restaurant in Japan in common. Not even when I am in a Chinese restaurant.

It tasted ok. The least delicious dish of the night. Would go very nice with hot rice, but we didn't order.

Next, the very typical Chinese food in Japan. It is just like Chinese food = Chahan.

Yap, a plate of Chinese style fried rice (504yen). This one was nice. Taste like the fried rice back home. We finished it with a very fast speed.

I like the texture of the lettecce with the fried rice. The crunchy lettuce matched very well with the fragant rice.

The 3rd menu of the night, Seefood Fried Beehoon (714yen).

This one was my top favorite of the night. I am a big fan on beehoon and kuey tiaw. Unluckily, in Japan it is not easily to get these 2 items, especially kuey tiaw.

Ah~ this beehoon did heal my sickness on missing Malaysian yum yum. Somehow, it made me wanted a nice plate of Siam beehoon so much that time. Ah well, can't ask too much.

I like the degree of hardness of this beehoon. Not too soft, just right to enjoy munching it in my mouth. The only dissatisfaction... the portion too stingy. I can finish it by myself with a portion 3 times more than it actually.

The last dish of the night, a nice plate of special sauce fried noodle. 609yen. Nice too, though not as attractive as beehoon for me.

Anyway, the three of us hentam the 4 plates in quite a short time. Heee... you can see 3 out of fours were carbohydrate dish. Well, to fill up our stomach, we kind of craving for carbohydrate. :P

We were quite full by then. But we decided to try some dessert.

A very common Chinese dessert in Japan... Annin Tofu (189yen).

Mmm... very melty texture. The taste was normal but I kind of enjoyed the texture of the annin tofu slipped down into my esophagus.

The surprise of the night, a bowl of Ogyochi (189yen). Three of us didn't have any idea what kind of dessert was this. It was our 1st encounter.

It has a very unique texture - hard to describe. The thing itself quite tasteless... but by mixing with lime, it turned into a very refreshing taste. Good to wash your stomach after oily Chinese meal.

Hmmm... Ogyochi, I'm curious to know what was the ingredient that made this "jelly". Anybody have any idea? All I know was... "Very famous in Taiwan, amazing mouthfeel healthy dessert".

In fact, this quote lead us to try it. Indeed, a good choice I would say.

Before we left, I gulped down 3 cup of hot cocoa.

Wah~ nice dinner.

In die die hungry, out full full bursting.


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Instant Yakisoba

When you are very busy, usually how do you settle your hunger?

As for fish fish, the easiest way is to stock up a lot of instant cup noodles, and finish them one by one, meal by meal.

It was such a lovely sunny Sunday, and I am stucked in lab to do my work.

In between my work... the only thing I did is to eat my lunch (tea time?) and my dinner (supper?).

Hmm... just had another instant cup noodle... again. *feel sick*

Just pour hot water, let it soak for 3 min. Mix with the seasonings. Done.

This is Japanese style yakisoba. With soy sauce, mustard mayonnaise and seaweed.

I finished it in 5 min. Well, can't say it is delicious, but at least my stomach is not grumbling now.

I miss nice balance hot meal soooo much. I miss home-cooking.


Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Dear

To someone who used to be so important to me,

Who I used to put on top of everything,

Though you will never gonna read this,

Wherever you are, whatever you do, whoever you with...

I wish you from the very bottom of my heart...


Thanks for turning me into what I am today. :)

I am really grateful for all the things I am having now.

Thanks to all those who loving me. Especially my very closed ones. I'm loving you all as much too.

p/s : Gosh... I can't believe I use the phrase "used to". Flying time is a magic. ^_^

You need to... to be a cook ;)

Alright, here is my answer for the yesterday questions. If your matching answers are 1-3, oops, you might not be able to be a good chef. How about 4-5 answers match? Ah~~~ how about start to consider change your career? Who knows you might be the next Anthony Bourdain. :P

Here are the answers.

1. Answer B

You need to like long-distance running. This shows one has a good stamina. Cook requires a long time working with his foods. Without strong stamina, no way you are gonna be a good cook.

Fish Fish answer is B. Oops, I don't do long-distance running, I do long-distance walking. ;)

2. Answer A

You need to know how to present your foods in an attractive way. So if you are not a talkative person, it is very likely you would not be able to describe your foods well.

Fish Fish answer is A. So, if you see I am very quiet with a person, it means I don't feel like talking to him/her. :)

3. Answer A

It is important to make foods colourful. A flamboyant person would know how to make his foods bright.

Fish Fish answer is A. However, in term of clothing, I am more to plain colour, not too much of flowery stuff. I love my foods to look rainbow. Tee hee hee.

4. Answer B

Dare to season your food with salt until borderline of proper dose meaning you have the challenging spirit inside you. This spirit will lead one to create foods with splendid ideas.

Fish Fish answer is none. I don't put salt direct into my foods. So, you can't find salt in my room. :P However, you see a lot of different sauces, which I sometimes like to mix them to turn them into something else. Sound like a lazy ass huh~

5. Answer A

In fact, to be a good cook, the more dates you deal with at the same time meaning you are good in dealing with your customers at the same time too. Your customers want you to be able to treat them equally, and not just focus on one.

Geee... this final question is so tacky. I bet many people would love to answer A innerly, but somehow they stick to B. No?

Eh hem... how about Fish Fish? ;) Ah~~~ I wouldn't reveal my answer here. Make your guess. :P

Happy weekends. Muak!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

So, you wanna be a cook?

I saw in a TV programme a few days ago, talking about short test to see how talented is one in certain fields.

Among them, I was attracted the most to "Talent in becoming a cook".

The test was very simple, but interesting questions. All you have to do is to make your choice for the 5 questions below.

Here you are.

1. Which kind of race do you like?
a. Short-distance run
b. Long-distance run

2. Are you a talkative person?
a. Talkative
b. Quiet

3. What kind of character are you?
a. Flamboyant
b. Plain

4. When you cook for your guest, what is your style of seasoning with salt?
a. Add salt moderately
b. Add salt until it is near to the border line of proper quantity

5. If there are 2 people expressing their like to you at the same time, what would you do?
a. Accept both
b. Accept only one

Simple enough, right? ;) Put your answer today. Tomorrow I'll tell you whether you have the talent in becoming a chef.

Ciao~ ;)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Aichi Expo 2005 (Pt 2, Sept 2)

Life is becoming very busy for me. Furthermore, this coming 2.5 months will become more and more busy for me. I've been working in my lab for at least 12 hr per day. Heeee... sooner, I think I might as well move my bed and pillow over here. :P

Ok, since I have 1 hr of waiting time now, I better update my blog. I miss my meow meow so much. I miss reading other people blogs as well. :(

Continue with my Aichi Expo report.

Yuko and me were wondering around for about 1 hr before we finally chose the worst choice. We gave up on looking good food as we were too tired and couldn't get what we really want. So, we just wanna a place to sit down and fill up our stomach. We went into a Chinese restaurant for ramen. Urgh!!

She got a bowl of Cha Chan Men. The taste was just so so. It looked better than it tasted. She couldn't really finish the whole thing as it was too much for her.

As for fish fish, my eyes could eat more than my stomach.

I saw this fried rice looking good...

But then, I was curious to try this bowl of ramen too.

And so, I ordered this bowl of ramen set which attached a mini plate of fried rice above. 1200yen, expensive!!

The taste? I think my fried rice taste much better than this fried rice. The ramen, typical not-so-yummy canteen food.

In fact, it took me quite an effort to finally "swallowed" the whole thing. I felt kinda sick after the 2 big plates of thing.

The only good thing was, we get to sit down for a nice rest, before we continued on.

New Zealand... I was impressed with this pavilion by how they displayed the beautiful sceneries of this country throught small continuing photos. Indeed, it is a very beautiful country. I need to go there one day. This Kiwi land.

Then, we went to Australia pavilion. It was quite fun too. I like the mascot. So cute. I have yet to see a real platipus. But, Yuko and me got a very good deal. We saw a nice cup printed with the platipus mascot that sold for 75% discount, the girl each got one for themselves. ;)

When we got out from the pavilion... Woohoo!! We bumped into another robot guard. When the kids got too near to it, it will kept saying "You are too near to me. Please keep a distance." Tee hee hee... it reminded me of someone's phrase.

Does this look familiar to our Malaysian fellows?

Yap yap... how would fish fish tour be a complete without visiting her own land. ^_~

This... is Malaysia pavilion. It's quite nice actually. Especially love the man-made cave. Reminded me of my trip to those lovely caves back home.

The theme of this pavilion was "Truly Natural. Infinitely Harmonious."
The interior was trying to showed the development of biotechnology in Malaysia.

"MALAYSIA BOLEH"!! Tee hee hee... I'm sure people are more familiar with this bolehland phrase.

But what did Malaysia Boleh connect with the roti canai picture?

Ah~ you see... A piece of roti Chanai for 800yen. Boleh tak boleh?

The selling was really good. Yuko and me were looking at each other and thinking... these people were crazy.

Yap, Yuko had 30yen nice nice roti canai in Malaysia, so to see a roti canai for 800yen instead really shocked her.

I assumed the 800yen was included the performance fee for this huh~

Ah well... wait till I go back Malaysia, see how many pieces of roti canai I can swallow with that 800yen. :P

Cambodia was another nice pavilion in South East Asia zone. Particularly like a scale replica of Angkor Wat. Really wish one day I can go there. In fact, apart from Thailand, Singapore and Brunei, I have never been to other countries in South East Asia. Must go one day.

We were thinking to rush to see the mammoth... too bad, it has closed for this monkey performance. :(

The performance was kind of dull. The rule of not allowing audiences to watch the show in spacious walking path was really stoopid and didn't make any sense at all. Furthermore, we met with a barbaric Ojisan. Yark!

We watched half way and decided to move to see something else. Just didn't worth to watch it.

How we glad we made the right choice.

Though we didn't get any ticket to watch the Toyota performance... but we were lucky at the last minute to see the display corner. It was opened for public during that last hour. Definitely better than nothing.

In fact, I got so excited to see this one... until I didn't even notice there was a robot wearing Kimono displayed beside it. Only after Yuko showed me in her photos later then I realised I totally missed out the robot. I guess car is far more attractive to me than robot. :P

I got even more excited when I see this for real. i-unit!! It was really cool. This single-passenger futuristic vehicle developed from the concept “Mobility Extending Human Ability”.

First, I saw it standing like this...

Then suddenly, with a very smooth movement, it changed into a more carlike shape.

Geee... I really want!! See the green illuminescent? I just love it. So cool.

*Ok, enuf for day dreaming*

All the attraction closed 1 hr earlier than the gate closing time. Urgh~ How I wish their system are like the one in Tokyo Disney Resort. Ah well~

By the time we got out the gate... another long tiring moment...

Struggling to get back to PS's place. Yuko decided to stayed in PS's place too after we asked permission from PS. (Oops, see how wagamama fish fish was. :P)

It was over 11pm when we finally reached PS's dorm. Poor girl, awaken by us to open the door for us. (Domo arigatou gozaimashita!)

The three of us were too tired to talk much.

I'm very tired too now. I've been working for 17 hrs. Time to go home. Tata~