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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Aichi Expo 2005 (Pt 1, Sept 2)

Phew!!! Photobucket is back to normal. ^_^

After a nice sleep yesterday night, I decided to have a totally good day today, as I told to myself. Not worth to let something pull down your mood. :)

Ok, time to really update my blog. When the photos are not functioning, I'm too lazy to do a proper post. :P

Here you are. Omatase.

Expo 2005 Aichi Japan ended on 25 September 2005.

I went there on a sunny Friday in early September with Yuko. The sweet and lovely Japanese friend of mine. Since our friendship is built 4 years ago... I've been very treasure this friendsip. She was also the only Japanese friend so far that have homestay with me in Kuching. Still remember how mum "fed" her made her face green green. Tee hee hee...

Anyway, for every year, ever since she has back to Hamamatsu, I would met her at least once a year. Either I went to Hamamatsu, or she came to Kyoto.

But this year, our first meet was somewhere in between... Nagoya.

That morning, she went directly to Aichi Expo, whereas I stayed overnight the day before in a new Malaysian friend's place, PS. Thanks so much to mmulibra for introducing PS to me. I was indeed very surprised she let me to stay overnight at her place when mmulibra asked her through phone even though before this we have never met before. It was indeed very pleasure to get to know PS. ^_^

I'll talk more about her in my next post.

Meanwhile, here is the Aichi Expo 1st report.

The ticket into this world festival, with Morizo and Kiccoro as the mascots. Instead of paying 4600yen, Yuko bought this with special price, 4000yen. ^_^Save 600yen for ice cream.

We were there quite late. Actually Yuko took the earliest train from Hamamatsu, but still she could only reached the venue about 8.30am.

The gate actually opened at 9.00am. But I believe even as early as 6am, there are many people lining up already.

See the number of heads in front of us? Everyone have to pass through a security check... with limited numbers of entrances, too many people... it was quite a mess. Some Kiasu ones even cut the line. Shameless. By the time Yuko and me finally get throught the gate, it was 9.30am already.

In fact, we came to realise later in the homepage, there were more than 168000 visitors flood the expo that day. -_-"""

Once entered, we rushed to the Toyota and Hitachi pavilions, though we know it is very unlikely we will get any ticket for it with our time.

As expected. In fact, though it was only 9.30am, there were already people starting to line up to waiting for the 2nd time ticket distribution of the day. That means 4.5 hrs to just wait for getting the ticket.

Bah!! Forget about it.

As for Hitachi, the ticket have all been distributed, to enter without ticket, we could only start to line up at 5pm evening, 1st come 1st serve. Forget about this one too.

Yuko wanna go to the Germany pavilion, so we walked a long way to that zone.

Yah~ we saw the Germany pavilion alright, from outside. But the waiting time was 120min. Too wasting time. So, we decided to give up on this one too. By the time we gave up this one, that one... it already wasted more than 1 hr of our time.

So, our conclusion was... just went into which ever that no need to waste time line up.

The first one was France pavilion that next to the Germany pavilion. We just waited for 5 min before our turn to go inside. These were nothing much in the display area.

However, we waited for another 15 min to go into the theatre part. We were led into a room, with all the wall were actually theatre. So, we watched short documentary all over the wall. Even the ceiling. Kind of interesting. I like the concept of the documentary... Nature, Human, Pollution, War... the messages inside. Some of the scenes made me feel kind a sour.

Our next pavilion was Spain. One of the part that I like the most. The tiles that built the outer wall of this pavilion. In fact, all these were brought from Spain, and fix into each other one by one like making a Lego model. Geee... if only I could bring one of these home. :P

Another thing that attracted me a lot in the Spain pavilion. There were a lot of small holes on the wall in one of the few rooms. We saw people kept peeping on it... so that attracted fish fish's curiosity.

Once peep, got attracted. There were many drawing by great artist from the past. Yuko and me were busy peeping one by one, till a point where I got the idea to take a picture from the hole.

oo la la~~~ see the picture above?? ^_^ Nice nice ler~

Yuko followed my step too. The two were like children got a big candy.

We then went to Croatia pavilion. We waited for more than 30 min just to go inside. Then we were led into this mysterious room. We walked across a wooden bridge with white salt beneath it. Then we went into another platform. And the gate was locked.

Hmm... this was getting more interesting...

Out of sudden, the platform was getting higher and higher...

And it finally stop. Now we were like on 2nd floor looking down at 1st floor.

Then everything started...

Guess what? It was actually another type of theatre. We were a kite, then flew all over Croatia beautiful nature, nice smiling people, unique Croatian buildings...


In fact, after the trip, one again I stregnthen my own will that I must go to Croatia one day.

After we got out from it, we past through Germany pavilion again. 200min waiting time. SCARY!!

It was past noon. We actually got a ticket nearby Toyota pavilion for enter another show at 1.30pm.

So, once again the 2 girls walk for about 20 min again all the way back to the earlier zone. As the sun was burning hot that day, the walk was not pleasurable at all. I felt as I would get dehydrated anytime.

Finally, we reached to the place. It is Mountain of Dreams pavilion. After waited for 25 min, we went into the theatre with our ticket.

The theme of the theatre was something related to genetic, evolution... I would way the message was too abstract. I could understand the message with the picture and music only presentation... however, I doubt with quite a number of children that were int he theatre too.

One of the least interesting of the day, I would say.

When we got out form the theatre, it was 10 min to 2.00pm. So, Yuko and me decided to have a look at the situation of the lining for the Toyota ticket distribution.

Shock to see the number of people that are waiting under the very hot space. Even though there was roof, the air inside was very hot and the ventilation system was very poor.

The photo only showed a very small part of the people that were waiting. The exact amount were 40-50 times more than this. A few thousands I would say.

We decided to get out from there as fast, and heading to the next zone.

The middle east zone.

I didn't know Iran is very famous with its handmade Persian carpet, only after I visited this pavilion.

Man~ for a handmade carpet like this... it took 9 years to complete. As quoted in the pictere, the carpet was on sales... 50% discount. Still the price after 50% discount is equivalent to 4 Nissan March cars. :) Which one would you invest the money on?

One of the carpet that I was most impressed. Man~ this tiger look so real that I thought it was a photo. The fine art, people with this kind of talent, was too much for fish fish who has no sense in art at all. All I could do is to envy, envy and envy...

Then, in the Asia zone...

I saw the most beautiful and amazing ceiling of the day. It was so beautiful. The Sri Lanka ceiling. I took some time to gaze at the prettiness of this ceiling until my neck got tired. :P

Of course, Asia must have the biggest Asian country - China.

The very famous art in China since ancient... embroidery. The lady told me she did this all by herself. I think it actually took her about a year to finish the work. In fact, she was still doing final touch on this piece, before she could sell it.

Imagine every tiny needlework that she has put on it. By the time if fish fish finish this, either my brain will get twisted or my eyes will see nothing.

I do like to do handmade stuffs. In fact, when I was in high school... in certain time I would be into making plastic flower, beads necklace, paper swan... But, these are nothing complicated compare to the arts that I saw in the expo. The level are too high for fish fish. :P But I do know I like them. ^_^ Handmade stuffs impress me. I can feel a handmade thing is "alive" compare to things that made my machine.

Next to the China pavilion, we bought a cup of tomato juice with Mongolian salt. Mmmm... the tomato juice was so so only. I guess not good tomatoes were used. I actually just want to try how the Mongolian salt in a tomato juice. It only made me miss Mott's tomato juice that I had in USA.

Then we came to Bhutan pavilion. Just a small pavilion, but this is one of the country I wanna go the most. I wanted to go there ever since I saw it in the TV. Such a beautiful land. Untouch... so pure. Must get myself there one day before its beauty is drown by human civilization.

This is a replica of the largest ancient Buddha statue in Central Asia. Indeed, a very beautiful and peaceful piece. It is found in 1966 at the site of an ancient monastery on a Silk Road branch connecting Central Asia with India.

The replica was made with the assistance of Tajikistan's museum of national antiquities. Tajikistan, I have never heard of this Central Asian country. In fact, I learnt to know quite a few countries that I have never heard before.

By the time we finished all the countries in this common... it was almost 3pm. We were very hungry, tired and really need a rest. It was time to look for food. FOOD!!!

to be cont.


At 7:44 AM, Blogger MrsT said...

Great pictures..FF, and what an interesting write up..!

At 8:47 AM, Blogger Chen said...

Walao.. more than 168000 visitors?
Really "people mountain people sea" inside there loh :P
Cannot imagine that :D

At 9:08 AM, Blogger Cynthia said...

wow!! i like those pictures

At 10:28 PM, Blogger Julie said...

nice expo ah.. u got take pic wif the green monster ka.. hoho..

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Primrose said...

Eh, Patrick also blogged about this, right? You went with him ah?

At 10:45 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

mrst : Thank you. ^_^

chen : You know what was the highest record? More than 280000 visitors per day. People squeeze people. -_-"""

cynthia foo: Thank you. ;)

julie : Green monster, nope. But I took picture with another monster. Tee hee hee.

primrose : Yap, he went too. I only knew that when I saw his blog. I went with a Japanese friend only. ^_^


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