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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Aichi Expo 2005 (Pt 2, Sept 2)

Life is becoming very busy for me. Furthermore, this coming 2.5 months will become more and more busy for me. I've been working in my lab for at least 12 hr per day. Heeee... sooner, I think I might as well move my bed and pillow over here. :P

Ok, since I have 1 hr of waiting time now, I better update my blog. I miss my meow meow so much. I miss reading other people blogs as well. :(

Continue with my Aichi Expo report.

Yuko and me were wondering around for about 1 hr before we finally chose the worst choice. We gave up on looking good food as we were too tired and couldn't get what we really want. So, we just wanna a place to sit down and fill up our stomach. We went into a Chinese restaurant for ramen. Urgh!!

She got a bowl of Cha Chan Men. The taste was just so so. It looked better than it tasted. She couldn't really finish the whole thing as it was too much for her.

As for fish fish, my eyes could eat more than my stomach.

I saw this fried rice looking good...

But then, I was curious to try this bowl of ramen too.

And so, I ordered this bowl of ramen set which attached a mini plate of fried rice above. 1200yen, expensive!!

The taste? I think my fried rice taste much better than this fried rice. The ramen, typical not-so-yummy canteen food.

In fact, it took me quite an effort to finally "swallowed" the whole thing. I felt kinda sick after the 2 big plates of thing.

The only good thing was, we get to sit down for a nice rest, before we continued on.

New Zealand... I was impressed with this pavilion by how they displayed the beautiful sceneries of this country throught small continuing photos. Indeed, it is a very beautiful country. I need to go there one day. This Kiwi land.

Then, we went to Australia pavilion. It was quite fun too. I like the mascot. So cute. I have yet to see a real platipus. But, Yuko and me got a very good deal. We saw a nice cup printed with the platipus mascot that sold for 75% discount, the girl each got one for themselves. ;)

When we got out from the pavilion... Woohoo!! We bumped into another robot guard. When the kids got too near to it, it will kept saying "You are too near to me. Please keep a distance." Tee hee hee... it reminded me of someone's phrase.

Does this look familiar to our Malaysian fellows?

Yap yap... how would fish fish tour be a complete without visiting her own land. ^_~

This... is Malaysia pavilion. It's quite nice actually. Especially love the man-made cave. Reminded me of my trip to those lovely caves back home.

The theme of this pavilion was "Truly Natural. Infinitely Harmonious."
The interior was trying to showed the development of biotechnology in Malaysia.

"MALAYSIA BOLEH"!! Tee hee hee... I'm sure people are more familiar with this bolehland phrase.

But what did Malaysia Boleh connect with the roti canai picture?

Ah~ you see... A piece of roti Chanai for 800yen. Boleh tak boleh?

The selling was really good. Yuko and me were looking at each other and thinking... these people were crazy.

Yap, Yuko had 30yen nice nice roti canai in Malaysia, so to see a roti canai for 800yen instead really shocked her.

I assumed the 800yen was included the performance fee for this huh~

Ah well... wait till I go back Malaysia, see how many pieces of roti canai I can swallow with that 800yen. :P

Cambodia was another nice pavilion in South East Asia zone. Particularly like a scale replica of Angkor Wat. Really wish one day I can go there. In fact, apart from Thailand, Singapore and Brunei, I have never been to other countries in South East Asia. Must go one day.

We were thinking to rush to see the mammoth... too bad, it has closed for this monkey performance. :(

The performance was kind of dull. The rule of not allowing audiences to watch the show in spacious walking path was really stoopid and didn't make any sense at all. Furthermore, we met with a barbaric Ojisan. Yark!

We watched half way and decided to move to see something else. Just didn't worth to watch it.

How we glad we made the right choice.

Though we didn't get any ticket to watch the Toyota performance... but we were lucky at the last minute to see the display corner. It was opened for public during that last hour. Definitely better than nothing.

In fact, I got so excited to see this one... until I didn't even notice there was a robot wearing Kimono displayed beside it. Only after Yuko showed me in her photos later then I realised I totally missed out the robot. I guess car is far more attractive to me than robot. :P

I got even more excited when I see this for real. i-unit!! It was really cool. This single-passenger futuristic vehicle developed from the concept “Mobility Extending Human Ability”.

First, I saw it standing like this...

Then suddenly, with a very smooth movement, it changed into a more carlike shape.

Geee... I really want!! See the green illuminescent? I just love it. So cool.

*Ok, enuf for day dreaming*

All the attraction closed 1 hr earlier than the gate closing time. Urgh~ How I wish their system are like the one in Tokyo Disney Resort. Ah well~

By the time we got out the gate... another long tiring moment...

Struggling to get back to PS's place. Yuko decided to stayed in PS's place too after we asked permission from PS. (Oops, see how wagamama fish fish was. :P)

It was over 11pm when we finally reached PS's dorm. Poor girl, awaken by us to open the door for us. (Domo arigatou gozaimashita!)

The three of us were too tired to talk much.

I'm very tired too now. I've been working for 17 hrs. Time to go home. Tata~


At 5:19 PM, Blogger Eddie said...

i didnt go to Aichi expo. I heard from many people that the queue was unbearable for some pavillions.
The picture of the future car ( from Toyota ?) was really nice..
About the barbaric Ojisan, Ai Ling and I met a bunch during the Gion Matsuri !. I read somewhere, they call them Obattalion = obasan + battallion

At 7:30 PM, Blogger JoeC said...

yo, hahahaha, brilliant comment on the roti canai bit there, you must see that this is imported-air flown roti canai lo, so must be expensive ler....caves eh? yeah, without the bats and much safer. Great coverage on the expo...it is like a cultural exhibit rite? Cheers!

At 8:52 PM, Blogger mmulibra said...

Haha Eddie,

That was the word u taught us when we met up..


At 2:56 AM, Blogger Julie said...

waaaa.. the nz one very nice! =)~

At 7:11 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, we'll remember you said you want to show case eating 800 yean worth of Roti Canai...

At 9:30 AM, Blogger humblewarrior said...

I-unit looks like a lean-mean battle machine. Is it possible to get more info from you about that thing?

At 4:30 PM, Blogger obachan said...

I-unit is just too COOL!

At 12:19 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

eddie : Yap, some of the pavilions so popular. I don't think the way they deal with the queue was pro. Hey, thanks for the Obattalion, learn a new word. But then, is that for expressing Ojisan or Obasan??

cameljoe : Hahhaha... air flown roti canai. I miss Mulu cave so much. Must go again one day. Btw, the expo was a good place to see different culture though.

julie : V^_^V A friend told me Lord of the Ring was shot there.

cooknengr : Errrr... you not really taking it serious, do you???

humblewarrior : Not too sure about it. But how about this link? http://www.toyota.co.jp/en/news/04/1203_1e.html

obachan : Kakkoii ne~ Hoshii na~~~ Demo, okane nai. :(


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