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Monday, October 17, 2005

Bamyan Restaurant

-_-" I noticed myself haven't been doing a proper food review for quite some time. I wonder if my readers miss my food posts. I miss my own food posts. It seems like I didn't feed this darling kuishinbo meow of mine for quite a long time. Life have been too busy with my study, it has to come to priority these 2 months.

However, I heard my darling meow meow crying, "Fish Fish, move your butt to feed me! I'm starving!!!"

Oops... *muak muak* I'm doing it now. :P

Before we started our Shikoku trip in September, I went to fetch my trip's gangs one by one.

mmulibra and Yuko only reached Uji later that night.

I met up Nightraveller in Kyoto station and picked up Choo from there too, then we headed for a dinner, which by the time we finally decided where to eat and reached the restaurant, we were extremely hungry.

Bamiyan, a totally unexpected choice for the night, a chained Chinese restaurant. It just some how we past through it during driving, and so we just went it. I had Bamyan one 2 years ago with Yuko. I remembered the taste was not bad, so here was my 2nd try.

We ordered 4 dishes and 2 desserts, with drink viking ( it was for only 157yen per person).

1st dish, quoted as "Spicy Sze Chuan Mabo Tofu" (504yen).

"Oh! Spicy huh~ I want!"

Ah~ cheated. Shouldn't believe the standard of spiciness quoted my a restaurant in Japan in common. Not even when I am in a Chinese restaurant.

It tasted ok. The least delicious dish of the night. Would go very nice with hot rice, but we didn't order.

Next, the very typical Chinese food in Japan. It is just like Chinese food = Chahan.

Yap, a plate of Chinese style fried rice (504yen). This one was nice. Taste like the fried rice back home. We finished it with a very fast speed.

I like the texture of the lettecce with the fried rice. The crunchy lettuce matched very well with the fragant rice.

The 3rd menu of the night, Seefood Fried Beehoon (714yen).

This one was my top favorite of the night. I am a big fan on beehoon and kuey tiaw. Unluckily, in Japan it is not easily to get these 2 items, especially kuey tiaw.

Ah~ this beehoon did heal my sickness on missing Malaysian yum yum. Somehow, it made me wanted a nice plate of Siam beehoon so much that time. Ah well, can't ask too much.

I like the degree of hardness of this beehoon. Not too soft, just right to enjoy munching it in my mouth. The only dissatisfaction... the portion too stingy. I can finish it by myself with a portion 3 times more than it actually.

The last dish of the night, a nice plate of special sauce fried noodle. 609yen. Nice too, though not as attractive as beehoon for me.

Anyway, the three of us hentam the 4 plates in quite a short time. Heee... you can see 3 out of fours were carbohydrate dish. Well, to fill up our stomach, we kind of craving for carbohydrate. :P

We were quite full by then. But we decided to try some dessert.

A very common Chinese dessert in Japan... Annin Tofu (189yen).

Mmm... very melty texture. The taste was normal but I kind of enjoyed the texture of the annin tofu slipped down into my esophagus.

The surprise of the night, a bowl of Ogyochi (189yen). Three of us didn't have any idea what kind of dessert was this. It was our 1st encounter.

It has a very unique texture - hard to describe. The thing itself quite tasteless... but by mixing with lime, it turned into a very refreshing taste. Good to wash your stomach after oily Chinese meal.

Hmmm... Ogyochi, I'm curious to know what was the ingredient that made this "jelly". Anybody have any idea? All I know was... "Very famous in Taiwan, amazing mouthfeel healthy dessert".

In fact, this quote lead us to try it. Indeed, a good choice I would say.

Before we left, I gulped down 3 cup of hot cocoa.

Wah~ nice dinner.

In die die hungry, out full full bursting.



At 9:33 PM, Blogger JoeC said...

arrrggghhh, damn hungray la, lucky near lunch time...lucky no need to puasa...so, does it taste like the real deal? Cheers!

At 9:30 AM, Blogger Chen said...

I'm wondering how the original "Spicy Sze Chuan Mabo Tofu" tasted like.. Must be super duper hot & spicy. Btw, I just love hot & spicy dishes..

The Ogyochi looks interesting :)

At 9:52 AM, Blogger curio said...

hmm..it looks a lot like a popular singapore dessert called 'iced jelly' which is served with fruit cocktail and lime juice. Anyway, i did a search, and found that what you ate is most probably gelatine made from the seeds of the jelly fig. here's a link for u to read for yourself:

At 10:55 AM, Blogger kimfluttersby said...

your blog makes me salivate so much. looks like i have to refrain myself from reading your entries. i think i shd only read when i get back to malaysia where such food's accessible. :P

At 5:41 PM, Blogger obachan said...

I've been to Bamyan just once in Kochi last spring, but I didn't see ogyochi at that time. Must be a new dessert. Sounds good.

At 6:08 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Hello, been a lurker in your blog and I must say I truly love reading it! :) I've always wanted to go to Japan and your blog gives me an insight into the interesting food there! Btw, I tagged you for the 23/5 meme..hope you enjoy doing it!

At 12:53 AM, Blogger Julie said...

aikkks.. fishfish moi.. now ur turn kena 23/5 meme ah.. -_-"

ya ya i miss ur food review! more to come ok.. hoho..

At 1:14 AM, Blogger mmulibra said...

I missed those foods leh..

I got homecook vegetarian noodles instead.. cheh.. no review for it summore..:P

At 7:23 AM, Blogger Nightraveller said...

Ooo...nice thing to travel along with Fish Fish, u get to become one of the cast members in her stories, yippie! ;)

At 11:44 AM, Blogger MamaBoK said...

I miss your food review alot too..!
I think it is call ice jelly .. no taste without the lime... :)

At 9:34 PM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

It's good to have food again via meow meow blog!

At 11:07 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, Bamyan is a difficult word to say...may be should change it to at least... Banyam

At 3:08 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

joec :well, cannot compare to M'sia punya of course.

chen : As I know, Sze Chuan should have very strong "numb" feel because of the San Jiao. But not this one lor~

curio : Jelly fig? Never heard of that yet. :P Thanks for the link, will go to read.

kimfluttersby : Totally understand what you mean dear. I guess I miss the foods the most, beside my family. *iish*

obachan : Try it next time if you get the chance.

sue & eternity : Thanks. Done!! ^_^

julie : Ya lor~ I kena. Promise will keep my food posts coming back.

mmulibra : Eh... you reached so late mar... can't blame us ler. But can have my cooking is very precious you know. Not everyone got the chance. :P

nightraveller : Haha!! You gonna be one of the main role in my coming posts. :P :P

mamabok : Geee... another person telling me it is iced jelly. Is it called Ai Yu Bing in Mandarin for ice jelly? This one don't taste like Ai Yu Bing at all you know.

evil jungle prince : Oops... promise to do more once I am more free.

cooknengr : Banyam?? Any hidden meaning inside it? Can't see any awkward in this comment, which is very abnornal. Ha!!

At 6:29 PM, Blogger SooHK said...

All the food looks nice...


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