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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Drive in Shikoku (Pt 2, Sept 17)

After Dogo Hotspring, we headed to the next destination, a destiny that made us gone through a lot of windy hilly small roads.

Welcome to Shikoku Karusuto Natinal Park, one of the 3 biggest karst area in Japan. It was supposed to be a very beautiful scenery, unfortunately too foggy.

Yuko and me walked down this long small path to catch up with the guys.

Haha!! They were too busy with photographing session, when I was just going to start.

What made me so late behind? People Got Three Urgents lor~ Kept contracting while the driving. So, nothing made me felt soooooo nice when I see the sign for it. -_-"""


I felt so light after that. It was my turn to have my nice time. ^_^

It was one of the most unexplored region I have ever been in Japan. Yet, so full of mysterious beauty. The foggy condition enhanced the degree of mystery. Too bad, not a good time to take breathtaking photos. Ah well~

Like what Choo said, "We are in alien land." Aptly described it.

Initially, before came up here, we actually planned to camp one night here. But when we were up there, all we could see was one tent only.

We didn't make earlier preparation for food nor drink, the basic requirement to survive a night. It was too secluded that no shop to buy food at all.

We strongly felt if we going to stay here, we were going to have cold spooky night with nothing to fill into our stomach. Worse, there might be news the next day reporting 5 corpses are found in this alien land.

Noooo... I wanna be a full stomach ghost. Definitely not a hungry ghost.

So, started car engine again to drive down from the other way.

Wah~~~ COW!! Yuko and me got so excited when we tought we wouldn't be seeing any in such a foggy evening.

We screamed so loud that the other three guys almost got heart attack. :P

Of course, with such a chance like that, I wanna took a picture with these cows.

Not that I've never seen any cow, but on such a secluded highland, it was my first time.

So, I tried to get near to one of the cow that nearest to the fence.

Yuko, "Ready fish fish? 3! 2!...."

*iish* Before the 1 was shouted, the cow wagged it tail slowly away.

*so bad*

I kept asking the cow to stop, but that stubborn bloke. Eventually, it went far inside the field.

Hmmppff!! Nevermind, I find another prettier one that you. *bleh~*

^_^ I found one. We got a very intimate picture. Only that when we were taking picture together, the breath of it kind of scared me. Tee hee hee...

The guys were waiting in the car for these 2 sakai ladies to finish there photos with cow.

Once went into the car, they asked "Never see cow is it?"

Then, after about 10m away from the foggy condition, we saw a big windmill.

Suddenly, it was like unbelievable happening...

Suddenly, all the fog were gone. A splendid clear view of cow head low low eat grass within the karst stone made my adrenaline running wild.

This time a whole group all came out to take photos.

Hohoho!! My debut on the car we rented this time. Nissan Wing Road. I like this car. Though only 1500cc, it was powerful and stable.

After about 20 min at the area, the fog was slowly reaching this area... we really have to get down this mountainous area before dark came.

We grabbed the chance to have a group photos before we left the place.

See the naughty Yuko? ^_^ Another nice pose of hers.

The journey of getting down to flat land was a very tough one. The fog was so thick, the road was so narrow. We have to be very cautious with car that coming too.

Don't know for how long the driving continued like that, but it was such a relief when the fog gone away after the altitude was low enough.

But then, another degree of challenge started. Very windy and narrow road, sometimes lucky to have nice tar road, but then it linked to another windy and narrow road. I couldn't remember how much round like this I repeated. All I know, the day were getting darker... we have to get out from these jungles.

To make the situation worse, mmulibra was having car sickness. I think it was because of the canned drink he had at Shikoku Karusuto.

No any type of store around for us to buy goods. No petrol station for us to fill up the getting less gasoline.

Finally we found the camp site we wanted to stay... but we could only see the sign, just the sign and nothing else. It was totally dark in front of us. We had to give up on this 2nd spot of choice.

I was kind of feeling collapse, even started feel like crying. Yes, my mind kind of messed up, after a long whole day. My mind was totally stucked to think any idea.

It was getting near 9pm. We all were starving like crazy.

"Fish Fish, why don't we go to knock at a house with light on and ask for help? They will know where is the place we can find a place for buying food." Choo suddenly suggested to me.

Ha?? Knock at people's door at this hour? "This is a crazy idea" I thought to myself. But then, after cooled down, I believed that was the only option we could do at that time. The car navigation was not smart enough in desertted place like this, we wouldn't trust it anymore. We have to trust a human.

So, we made a u turn back to a house with light on.

Choo, Yuko and me get down the car to approach the house. *bup dup!! bup dup!!! bup dup!!!* My heart beat got so strong and messy when we finally pressed the door bell.

A middle-aged lady came out. Seem like she just finished her bath, with her pyjama on getting ready to sleep.

"Please help us, we are totally lost. We are really sorry to disturb you at this hour. But we just want to find a place to find food and a camp site." The three of us, you one sentence, I one sentence explained our situation.

"Oh!! Poor dears." This good Samaritan showed us a smile. I don't know why, but the moment I saw her smile, I felt much relief. I know the bad moment going to end soon.

"Which direction were you from?" We pointed to the direction. "Ah~~~ no wonder. There are nothing there at that direction. It is totally nothing."

"Go to the other direction, you'll see a town after you drive for about 15 min. You will find store to buy food there. I think they open until 11 or 12 at night." I felt so relieved with what she said. We were safe.

" As for camp site, there are not much here. Only a couple. One a few kilometres down there."

"We went to that one. Totally dark, and nothing there."

"Yes, it is a free camp site. Nothing but the site only. Another one will be about 10 km away from here." She added.

Seem like to camp a night today would not be a good idea at all. We were all too tired, and no good site.

So, the lady helped us to find contacts for accomodation. Amazing to see she has a lot of brochures about information around that area. Geee... I felt so ashame of myself as I always throw away this tourist informations after visited the place.

Eventually, she helped us to make a call to a hotel. We decided to book later to stay a night there.

We bow and bow and bow to the lady. She was our life saver. I would never forget this. ARIGATOU!!! Thanks Choo too, for the suggestion.

Now, we have a confirmed place to stay. The important thing was to settle our hunger.

We found a family run restaurant.

Quickly ordered our meal.

One guy chose Tonkatsu Don (Fried Pork Rice).

2 guys ordered Oyako Don (Chicken and Egg Rice).

Yuko went for Napoleon style spaghetti.

Fish Fish had a plate of dry curry.

The food were nothing fancy. All came out form the same cook. But it meant something very different to us after starving for such a long hours.

The owner gave Bufferin to mmulibra for him to kill his head's pain FOC. So nice.

Haha!!! See how exhausted all we were.

We finally reached our hotel after that. One person one room. 5500yen per head.

I must have been snoring seriously that night. Who cares! :P

Lesson learnt : Must always put food and drink inside the car. Never feel ashame to ask.

To be cont...


At 10:36 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

Did you step on cow poop?

At 11:23 PM, Blogger JoeC said...

weee, cowcow.... how come no fishfish photo wan.....?

At 5:03 PM, Blogger mmulibra said...

Still remember vividly where and what I puked out that day! :P

At 10:14 PM, Blogger Chen said...

Hahahhaa... Cows..
Cows are great ;) Aren't they?

However, I have never go near a cow in real life :P Although I do see cows on & off "patrolling" on the road :P ~ and all the cars have to stop or slow down to allow ways for the cows :P

Yeah.. I always stock food & drink inside my car.

At 7:46 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

No cow riding photo? Hehe~ The oyako don looks delicious! How much does that bowl cost?

At 6:15 PM, Blogger Patrick Leong said...

looks like a nice car you were driving eh ?

At 12:12 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Fish Fish, was it 陰風陣陣 at the lady's house ? May be she's a Pondan Tanuki .

At 1:18 AM, Blogger Lrong said...

Very good lesson there... I always stuff some spare 'emergency' food and water even while traveling on the shinkansen... who knows when the train kena stuck...

At 3:03 AM, Blogger fooDcrazEE said...

nice scenery and delish food too.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger timun said...

those rice...whoaa...they must be taste ichiban rite??

p/s:heya..long time no leave comment on ur blog dy...hehe...:D

At 2:17 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

dennis : Heee... I don't believe I'll get richer with it. So the answer is No.

joec : Who say no? The one that I am chasing the cow ler?

mmulibra : I still remember your pale face that time. What did you puke btw?

chen : You must go near them one day to know what I mean by there strong breath. Or was it only for high mountain cows?

acrix : They don't even let me take picture with them. Wanna ride on them? I'll kena kick far far away. *ouch*

patrick leong : Yap, the car was lovely!!

cooknengr : Nope. She's a tomboy Hu Li Jing.

lrong : You remind me I really need to have an emergency back of food in my room. Too lazy to prepare one.

foodcrazee : ^_^ Thanks.

timun : Anything when eat during empty stomach taste much better. :P


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