I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Life like... Robot

Count from 7 days ago, I realised I actually have 4/7 days work till over 3am in the morning. I broke this record by working till 4.30am "this morning". A total of 19 hrs non-stop working.

Count to 7 days ahead, I must sum up all my work and stop my research. So, within these 7 days, I will have to force myself to finish as much work as possible, which usually will require one month time for me to be able to finish them.

Everyday, I've been dealing at least 3 different types of research at one time. It is making my already big head expanding. -_-" Sometimes I really wonder, why am I involving myself in all these. STUPID!!

Angeline, when you ask me "Is it really worth what we are chasing now?" I wish I have a vivid answer for you. Unluckily, at the moment, I don't.

Geeee... I feel like a robot now. My room is just like a hotel for me. Take bath and sleep. Ah... I MISS MY BED!!

Alright, finish my babbling. Time to get back to work.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kyodai 47th Festival (Nov 25)

Yesterday, after breakfast, my lab mates and me were forbidden to eat anything.

It was our blood inspection day. Finally we had our blood collected. Looking at my own blood splashing out into 3 tubes were kinda weird.

Finally, the whole thing ended at 3.15pm.

Man~ we were starving like hungry snakes.

Could gulp down a whole calf.

The gingko trees were in their splendid gold. Weather was very nice, though cold.

Yes... it was time to heal our empty stomachs.

Woo hoo... coincidently, our university 47th University Festival was on.

Though I've been in this school for 5 years, never I joined this festival. It was my 1st time.

We went to the main ground for searching yummilicious. I was praying hard no wind would blow. Geee... imaging if suddenly all the sand flew around, what would the foods taste like. -_-"

People were busy buying and selling...

Everywhere, you could see people shouting to attract customers.

First, I bought a curry bun for 150yen.

Comment : Expensive, filling too stingy and not delicious.

This was Mirian 1st choice of the day. Tacos. Well, tasted not bad. At least much better than mine.

My second choice was an Omelette Senbei for 200yen.

Comment : This one was an interesting combination. The crunchy and salty senbei topped with nicely done omelette. The mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce enhanced the flavour of this whole thing. Nice snack I would say, but high cholesterol.

I was thirsty with the 1st 2 choices, so I bought a cup of lassi for 100yen.

Not sweet at all, but I like it. Healthy thirst quencher.

But still, I vote water as the best liquid. :P

Mirian wanted to get a Salt Yakisoba. Me too.

So, we went to the same stall for making our order.

I requested my meat portion to shift to Mirian's soba too.

She was happy with her double meat portion.

The top photo was hers. With bonito flake as topping.

While fish fish one was a vegetarian version, with green seaweed as topping.

Comment : It said Salt Yakisoba. Unluckily, it taste much more like a dry Soysauce Yakisoba to me. Taste was below average.

Hmm... 250yen on this, I would say not quite worth for the taste.

Ah well~

Karen wanted to get a Thai Curry set. She came back with a small bowl of curry and plate of rice.

She kept complaining the curry was too spicy. So I had a try on it, errrr... it was not spicy for my standard. In fact, I think this curry tasted more like a water-diluted curry. -_-"

Until this point, we concluded our foods experience with the stalls were not quite satisfying.

But, we decided to give a last try on dessert to conclude up our exploration.

Each of us decided to buy a Fried Chou Ice Cream, 150yen each.

Mirian had a vanilla. Karen had a strawberry. Fish Fish had a choco.

Voila!!! The best choice of the day. The ice cream was really great. The very crunchy and mild salty coating layer matched amazingly well with the cold and sweet filling.

Ah~ definitely strongly recommended.

In total, I spent 850yen for my whole foodfun. It was okay. At least I have came for the festival before I say bye bye to Japan.

Will be a memory for me.

Just before we left the place, we saw a few students from the art faculty draw human portrait for 100yen++.

Among them, this guy caught my attention the most. Not because he was quite cute.

It was his drawing that drew my attention a lot.

See what I mean? Geee... the picture look so alike with the real person. ^_^

If I have the time, I would ask him to draw for me as well.

But I need to rush to meet with Hui Wen, which I will post about it later.

Tata~ Have a nice weekend.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Drive in Shikoku (Pt 5, Sept 18)

Geee... today is not a good day for me at all. I got a letter from the police station in Hokkaido, and called this morning. Well, will wait until the thing is settled then I will write in here. Meanwhile, don't want to think so much now.

Bless me.

Ok, I'll try to end my Shikoku trip posts by end of this week. I wish I can update everyday as usual, but life have been really hectic for me. Just bear for another 3 months ok? Promise will back to an active blog as before.

Well, continue my Shikoku report from the earlier post.

After having a nice meal by seeing how Japanese served moray eel and ocean sunfish, we continued our journey.

We walked down on a very nice and shady path.

It led us to this shrine's gate in the middle of the staircase. Hmmm... didn't see any sign of shrine there.

However, the ocean view from this point was splendid. The sky and the water so blue.

Very hot though.

Eventually, at the end of the path, I saw this Hakusan Doumon. It is the biggest granite cave door in Japan that formed by the power of sea.

How big is it? Height : 16 m (10 fish fish will need to be same height as it). Width : 17 m.

It laid nicely at this stony shore.

See the contrast of my gang with the door behind? They were in fact sitting quite faraway from the cave door.

Ah~ you couldn't see clear from here... but Yuko is holding a heart shape stone on her hands. Sweet!

Going down the path was easy... but it required more effort to walk back to our car.

Yuko was kind of exhausted due to the steep walk.

"Yang~ torturing. I can't even breath properly now. My heart is beating so fast." Tee hee hee... the youngest among us, Yuko was complaining to me.

But still, she has to drag herself up.

Our spiderman of the day, Lixing, such a gentleman. Yuko walked one step, he walked one step. Giving a great support for Yuko to reach the top. ^_^

mmulibra spotted these nice spiders.

"Fish Fish, got big spiders there." He said to me when we caught up with him and Choo.

"Spider? Where?!" Yah... I am fetish in taking spider pictures. Definitely not going to miss out this chance.

Woohoo... there you are. Please tell me this one is nice. ;)

Then we moved to Ashizuri Cape. The southest part in Shikoku.

Woo hoo!

First, we walked past a long path with nice trees at 2 sides...

Then, the nice sea view revealed in front of us.

Such a nice blue sea. Too bad, I am very bad in swimming. Ok, I don't know how to swim is a better say. If not, I would take off my shoes and jump into it.

We saw there were signboards quoting "Seven Wonders of Ashizuri". We were trying to find all of them in the area, but we only managed to discover 4 of them.

Wonder 1 : The hole of hell.

Wonder 2 : Stone that have writing of Master Kobo with his nails.

Master Kobo was a famous monk in Japan.

Wonder 3 : The place for calling turtle.

It is said that Master Kobo called a turtle from this spot. Then he sat on the turtle's back and sailed through the sea safely.

Wonder 4 : The shrine's gate that failed to build up in one night by Master Kobo

Master Kobo was building this shrine's gate at one night. However, the devils pretended to sound like cock's crow. Master Kobo thought the day has turned bright and he stopped.

Ai yar~ the other 3 wonders... Anyone of you in Shikoku have any idea about it? Please tell me.

The southest lighthouse in Japan. Not big, but very nice to see in a good weather day. See the blue sky, and this white lighthouse? Nice contrast.

Well, this small lighthouse has started to operate since 1914. standing proudly above this 18m-cape.

My last glimpse on it... before we moved on to a camp site to stay for a night.

To be cont.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hair refreshed ^_^

Update : diehardx and mamabok, ok... pictures of my hair before and after is posted. Scroll down. ;) Thanks Jonny, :P the spelling is corrected.

It has been quite some time I didn't go to salon to give a good treat to my hair. So, my hair have been giving me bad days for quite some time.

So, today, I woke up so early at 8.45am. Imaging, on a Sunday morning I have to wake up so early. Especially in cold winter day.... so torturing.

Anway, managed to drag myself to the salon, Earth.

I chose my list of things to do...
Top stylist : 600yen
Hairwash : 500 yen
Straight perm : 6980 yen (as I used hot pepper coupon, they gave me this price instead of the original 14000 yen) *yay*
Cut : 2500 yen
Treament : 3500 yen

Total pay of 14080yen (around RM445).

Ha!! This is counted cheap for a salon like this in Japan. Thanks to the coupon. ^_^ A day to spoil myself and my dear hair.

Started from 10am... I sat still until 3pm. A long 5 hrs... with 5 different people took turn deal with my hair. Voila!! Finally it is done.

I like my hair so much now. Especially the spilt end all gone. The only thing is, my hair length is cut 10 cm. *painful*

And oh~ you should see my hair stylist. He is sooooo cool. My type of guy. I did take his picture though. :P

So, when you wanna a real change in mood... what would you do to make it better?

Tata~ time to work. -_-"

These are the update of the pictures I took in the salon.

The girl who gave shampoo to my hair. Geee... the more I see her, the more I think she looks like Acrix. :P What do you think?

The guy who incharged in iron my hair. He was very fast, until I was kind of worry whether the end resuly will be satisfied. The 1st time I had a people dealing my hair didn't use hair clip at all. For your information, my hair is very thick and rough, it is not an easy work to deal with it.

Heee... how many of you think he is cute?

Well, he is not my cup of tea...

Tralala!!! My hair stylist. Well, as I'm not focused on doing a hair cut, his time with me was quite limited. Grrrr...

Anyway, while he was doing my hair, I couldn't help but to look at him.

Ha!! Yap... he is my type of guy (from outlook). I love the way he has the spec and moustache. Cool... somehow he reminded me very much of someone. Especially like the way he speaks. His voice is... sexy.

Anyone share the same cup of tea like me on this one? ;)

Eh hem... back to the result of the day...

See... Before (4 days before the treament) and After (right after I have the treatment)...

^_^ It is soooo smooth now.

Friday, November 18, 2005










Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Verbally raped

Yesterday was a stressed day.

I was online chatting with 2 friends, thinking to relax myself from work stress. Somehow the talk was getting twisted. It started to sound like sekuhara to me. I asked them to stop, they didn't want.

Finally, I cried. I offlined. For the 1st time, I felt like I was verbally raped. From someone I respected.

The feeling was terrible.

Ladies, have you ever had a feeling like me?

I wish to know.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Xes & Jane in Kyoto (Pt 2, Nov 6)

On sunday, it was a long rainy day. I was thinking to go with Xes and Jane for a walk around Uji only. Then later let them go by their own to Nara.

Unexpectedly, we spent the whole day in Uji. They decided to give up on Nara for Uji. :P

Tee hee hee.. this prove how good place Uji is. ;)

It was a pleasurable day. I turned up to discover a few new things. Shame on me who has been staying here for almost 4 years. -_-"

Ok... let me guide you around Uji. The best maccha's place (maccha = green tea powder) in Japan. Am fish fish lucky or not? ^_^

I past through this shop almost every day. Seeing the old man making his hand-made maccha soba. However, I have never went inside to have a taste on it... Until this day.

Each of us ordered a maccha zaru soba, recommended by the owner.

Man~~~ one of the best soba I've ever tasted in Japan. Surprisingly, I found it just a 5 min walk from my house. Am I silly or not? Never realised how good the soba is.

The texture of hand-made definitely very different from the machine-made. The soba was sliced so thin, yet cooked into the right level of hardness. It is kind of munchy yet ran down smooth into my throat.

I think I could even go for a 2nd round without feeling satiated, though I didn't.

In a short time, we finished every bit of it. Xes was really fast one it. He finished the whole thing when the girls were on the half way...

He likes Soba a lot.

Xes and Jane also shared a plate of Nishin. Soba with Nishin seem like a famous thing in Uji. Which I only found out on that day too. *shame shame*

Xes said it is kinda sweet. But he likes it. Well, this boy has the like for sweet thing.

I didn't eat, so I couldn't make any comment on this taste.

Here is Xes left a nice comment on the guest book.

Then, it was Jane's turn.

The lady owner came to greet us. Pretty lady, even though she is 70 yo already. You can see her skin is smooth. We asked her what did she eat to keep such a good skin...

"Hohohoh... Beer!" As simple as that. She told us she seldom eat thing. But beer is a must.

Haha... I see. Regardless of so much beer she galloped, she is thin. Ah~ some people are just gifted with the beauty.

She talked to us for a while, and suddenly she suggested to make a bowl of thick green tea for Xes to try.

Even came with a small piece of Yokan, Japanese sweet cake.

Yah~ I know... Xes is a lucky guy to have this service. In fact, you should see his green green teeth after he finished the whole bowl. :P

We have our energy after that. It was time to see around Uji.

I've been taking the opportunity to try to practice my photographing skill on human actions. My Kakak said my skill in taking human portrait is suck. Hmm!! Let me polish it more.

So, the couple didn't realised I took the chance to use them as my models. :P No worry~ you two gonna be satisfied with the coming pieces I'm goin to show. ^_^

See? Good or not?

We saw this cute dog. Soooo adorable. So tame. Name Haru chan. See how it tried to be spoilt by Xes and Jane? ^_^ I wish I could kidnap it home. *iish*

We came to this stone. Beside it got a booth for stamping. It is an anual activity in Uji in spring and autumn. But I've never tried it before. So, since we are going to walk around, we thought we might just try to collect some of the stamping.

Instead of starting from No.1, we actually have No.23 as our 1st stamp. In fact, there are a total of 23 stamps for you to complete the whole hiking tour.

Here, we collect our 2nd stamp. We knew we wouldn't be able to collect all of them, as it was the last day, and it would end at 4pm. Collect a few would be nice enough.

After getting the 3rd stamp, we walked up to a staircase, heading to the 4th stamp.

Surprised to see we were led to a natural path. Gosh! How come I never know there is such a nice place near my house for hiking. Argh~ weather is getting colder, I am too busy now, don't think I'll be able to have the time to explore it again.

After we walked through a very muddy path, due to the rain, my boots looked terrible. My leg kinda painful too.

*yesh* Fish Fish didn't realise she would have to go through such a path, and so she actually wore a pair of boots, with skirt to go out that day. Ha!!!

Finally, we reached the 4th stamp. A temple on the hill. It is said that if one reached to the top, the life will be extended for 5 years.

So we climbed, doesn't matter if it is true or not...

Nice little compound. It is a very peaceful place. The air is cooling. However, we didn't have time to stay long as we wanted to rush for getting the last stamp before the time was over.

So, we got out from there and walked along Uji river again. We were heading to the nice old suspension birdge. Xes and Jane wanted to see it.

Haha!! A quiz for you...

Did Xes carry Jane all the way from one end to another end of this bridge?

a. I strongly believe yes. The Power of true love.
b. Definitely not. Where he got such an energy.

Tee hee hee... Xes, you answer this question by yourself ar~ ;)

From the suspension bridge, we continued to walk uphill. We were just in time to get our final stamp, at Amagase dam.

In fact, we were the last group to get the stamp of it.

Ah well, 5/23 stamps we got. Not too bad. :P

If only I have the chance to do a proper one. But I don't think I have time to do that anymore. *sob sob*

Amagase Dam. A nice place for making your promise to your love one. Heee... I said so because one of my coursemate had his 1st kiss with the gf here... and now they are husband and wife. Hohoho!!!

In fact it is a good scene from here. You can see the beauty of Uji.

But warning, don't see the other side of the dam, there are a lot of rubbish there. :P

After we finished this, it was almost getting dark, though it was only around 4.30pm.

We need to rush to the next destination, to solve our hunger.

On the way, I couldn't stand the hurt on my legs anymore...

So, I took off my boots, and walked in bare feet with water keep soaking my stocking... made me shivering cold.

The road was kinda pricky, due to the small stones, but it was much better than wearing those boots.

A few people that past by me, looked at me like an alien. Ha!!! Gone all my lady-like image again. *tsk tsk tsk* Guess fish fish will never act like a lady properly. Better stick to my jungle girl image.

Glad we reached the maccha shop in time.

We ordered one glass of parfait, and shared among the three of us. I just had 2 sips, as I can always have this here.

In fact, I was more interested to capture the action. :P

Hohoho!!! The 2 gluttons, I've never seen people finished a parfait soooo fast. By the time I realised, the whole glass had been emptied. It was so good that Xes even finished the leftover liquid at the bottom.

This was the poor little victim. How would it expect it would end up in the 2 tummies.

This is limited edition for autumn only. I especially like the chestnut on the top. It was nice. Something that you can only get in autumn.

After this, we went to the 2nd shop to have a proper dinner.

The sushi shop that I always go. I don't remember how many thousands yen I have spent here. The only thing I know is everytime I bring people come here to eat, they are very pleased with the nice taste.

Ironically, I think I have had it too frequent until it has turned into something not so interested for me. The more interesting thing is to see the satisfied reaction of the people I brought there. Haha...

This was a new menu on conveyor belt that nite, the Wasabi Inarizushi. Not bad, I like the slightly hot wasabi leaves inside.

Man~ you should see how Xes and Jane enjoyed the food. Everytime when the food went into Xes mouth, he just couldn't help but to shake his head non-stop.

Nope, the shaking didn't mean the taste was bad. In fact, it was the other way round. I think it's his unique way of expressing good food. ^_^

Hey Xes... I think it will remind you fo this Hakodate sushi next time you go Sushi King or Genki Sushi. Tee hee hee...

Jane treated me for this meal. Thank you. Gochisosamadeshita!!!

Well, Xes has went back to Malaysia. But I think he will remember Uji for the yummilicious he had. Ha!!!

The end.

Note to Xes and Jane : I'll send you the pictures tomorrow evening.