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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kyodai 47th Festival (Nov 25)

Yesterday, after breakfast, my lab mates and me were forbidden to eat anything.

It was our blood inspection day. Finally we had our blood collected. Looking at my own blood splashing out into 3 tubes were kinda weird.

Finally, the whole thing ended at 3.15pm.

Man~ we were starving like hungry snakes.

Could gulp down a whole calf.

The gingko trees were in their splendid gold. Weather was very nice, though cold.

Yes... it was time to heal our empty stomachs.

Woo hoo... coincidently, our university 47th University Festival was on.

Though I've been in this school for 5 years, never I joined this festival. It was my 1st time.

We went to the main ground for searching yummilicious. I was praying hard no wind would blow. Geee... imaging if suddenly all the sand flew around, what would the foods taste like. -_-"

People were busy buying and selling...

Everywhere, you could see people shouting to attract customers.

First, I bought a curry bun for 150yen.

Comment : Expensive, filling too stingy and not delicious.

This was Mirian 1st choice of the day. Tacos. Well, tasted not bad. At least much better than mine.

My second choice was an Omelette Senbei for 200yen.

Comment : This one was an interesting combination. The crunchy and salty senbei topped with nicely done omelette. The mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce enhanced the flavour of this whole thing. Nice snack I would say, but high cholesterol.

I was thirsty with the 1st 2 choices, so I bought a cup of lassi for 100yen.

Not sweet at all, but I like it. Healthy thirst quencher.

But still, I vote water as the best liquid. :P

Mirian wanted to get a Salt Yakisoba. Me too.

So, we went to the same stall for making our order.

I requested my meat portion to shift to Mirian's soba too.

She was happy with her double meat portion.

The top photo was hers. With bonito flake as topping.

While fish fish one was a vegetarian version, with green seaweed as topping.

Comment : It said Salt Yakisoba. Unluckily, it taste much more like a dry Soysauce Yakisoba to me. Taste was below average.

Hmm... 250yen on this, I would say not quite worth for the taste.

Ah well~

Karen wanted to get a Thai Curry set. She came back with a small bowl of curry and plate of rice.

She kept complaining the curry was too spicy. So I had a try on it, errrr... it was not spicy for my standard. In fact, I think this curry tasted more like a water-diluted curry. -_-"

Until this point, we concluded our foods experience with the stalls were not quite satisfying.

But, we decided to give a last try on dessert to conclude up our exploration.

Each of us decided to buy a Fried Chou Ice Cream, 150yen each.

Mirian had a vanilla. Karen had a strawberry. Fish Fish had a choco.

Voila!!! The best choice of the day. The ice cream was really great. The very crunchy and mild salty coating layer matched amazingly well with the cold and sweet filling.

Ah~ definitely strongly recommended.

In total, I spent 850yen for my whole foodfun. It was okay. At least I have came for the festival before I say bye bye to Japan.

Will be a memory for me.

Just before we left the place, we saw a few students from the art faculty draw human portrait for 100yen++.

Among them, this guy caught my attention the most. Not because he was quite cute.

It was his drawing that drew my attention a lot.

See what I mean? Geee... the picture look so alike with the real person. ^_^

If I have the time, I would ask him to draw for me as well.

But I need to rush to meet with Hui Wen, which I will post about it later.

Tata~ Have a nice weekend.


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

The first photo reminds me that i haven;'t been donating blood for quite some while. The curry portion is abit little and not much of material from the photo shown~ The fried ice-cream (seen before at pasar malam but never tried) and the Omelette Senbei look interesting :P My batch will be having food fair next month to raise fun for convo mag and hopefully we can dish out some nice stuff~

At 10:09 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, that Taco looks really sorry.

At 4:27 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

acrix : I donated blood once. 1st time and only time. The nurse took 450cc blood from me. After that, the world turn black and I faint. -_-"

cooknengr : Next time make one proof to me urs much better. Ha!

At 6:26 AM, Blogger Primrose said...

Is bonito flake cuttlefish flake? Reminded me of something I ate in Spore... some balls with fillings.

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

Hi Fish, I always love your comments about Japanese food stinginess and lack of spiciness. Sooooo true, ne!


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