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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Life like... Robot

Count from 7 days ago, I realised I actually have 4/7 days work till over 3am in the morning. I broke this record by working till 4.30am "this morning". A total of 19 hrs non-stop working.

Count to 7 days ahead, I must sum up all my work and stop my research. So, within these 7 days, I will have to force myself to finish as much work as possible, which usually will require one month time for me to be able to finish them.

Everyday, I've been dealing at least 3 different types of research at one time. It is making my already big head expanding. -_-" Sometimes I really wonder, why am I involving myself in all these. STUPID!!

Angeline, when you ask me "Is it really worth what we are chasing now?" I wish I have a vivid answer for you. Unluckily, at the moment, I don't.

Geeee... I feel like a robot now. My room is just like a hotel for me. Take bath and sleep. Ah... I MISS MY BED!!

Alright, finish my babbling. Time to get back to work.



At 8:34 AM, Blogger ~AnGeL~ said...

i m also a robot! after lab work need to go home to plan for tommorow's work. Why else do u think i am up at 1.30am?? I am preparing for my presentation tomoro followed by 7 hrs non-stop dissecting mice! Why am I here in Japan? Self torture!

At 8:47 AM, Blogger Chen said...

Wah.. continue on working like this.. sure your head will grow bigger & bigger :P

How long more do u have to struggle on like this?

At 10:21 PM, Blogger JoeC said...

oie, miss fish ah, you working or studying or study work? cheers!

At 7:59 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

Bittersweet life i would say coz once u get all the jobs done, u might feel great and satisfied~ Hope nothing goes wrong with ur research :) Take care~

At 3:56 PM, Blogger Yuen Li said...

Wow... Hey, don't work too hard... Take care of yourself. :)

At 6:43 PM, Blogger MamaBoK said...

Please take care of your health.. because when you get sick.. no one there to take care of you .. not like when you are at home in Malaysia.. my dear. :)

At 8:25 PM, Blogger min said...

Girly take care!!*hugs*

At 12:47 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

~angel~ : How was the presentation gal? Eh, you got my cmail or not?

chen : The peak will be another 3 weeks. Then will be busy for another 2 more months.

joec : I'm studying. But I don't have to take exam. :P

acrix : Well, doing research without anything go wrong will be very wrong. Ha!! Confusing?

yuen li : Not work hard cannot, very urgent time liao. But I will try best to sleep well. :) Thanks.

mamabok : Ah~ your words goes deep into my heart. I miss my family sooooo much now.

min : Hug back. Thanks dear. ^_^


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