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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Xes & Jane in Kyoto (Pt 1, Nov 5)

Xes and Jane were in my place from 3 Nov night until 6 Nov night. Xes is in Japan for 1 month holidays, he mailed me to ask if I wanna meet up with him and Jane.

I replied yes. And asked if they have any place to stay, and offered one.

He replied yes. So, they were here. :P

Geee... 1st time I'm so risky in letting 2 strangers staying in my place. Well, I would be 100% No if it was only Xes. However, because Jane was coming too, so I supposed it should be safe.

However, when my friends around me knew that, they scolded me terribly. They said I should have not be so friendly in this case. But hor~ a promise is a promise. I am the type that dislike to break promise. So, I convinced myself they are good people.

The funny thing is, my friends say they will standby anytime, if anything happens, just give them a call, and they will come over.

Wah~~~ sound so serious. In fact, that made me worry for a few days, whether I have made the right decision. I didn't tell my mum, because I know if she gets to know that, the reaction would be even few folds stronger.

So, the heart bumping day came. My day to worry. I have only seen them on their blogs. I know Xes is a practising lawyer. Jane is a fresh graduate who just started working this April. They are a couple. That's all I know.

They came to Kyoto quite late that night due to Jane unfinished work. Poor Jane, her workload has been very heavy and tight, and she has been quite stress with that. Working in Japan is never an easy task.

About 11pm, we finally met each other.

Hohoho... my 1st strong impression in on Jane. She is tall and fair. Nope, she didn't look like a Japanese from near. Sweet smile she has. Somehow after seeing her, I kind of believe these 2 bloggers wouldn't be any type of bad people. :P

Xes, I've always curious to see his 1-side pierce. This time I see it for real. Man.. the hole, it is consider big for my standard. :P

So, as Xes said in his blog, I was their maid for that few days.

"Yes Master?" :)

By the way, you can see a big fish there. Hey, thought you say wanna use puffer fish? ^_^

Xes was kind enough to bring me the thing I wanted from Malaysia. He gave me as omiyage. Thanks a lot. Must be quite a burden for you to bring them. That really helped a lot. Or else, I would have to ask my mum to send them to me.

I prepared dinner earlier, so they had dinner at my place that nite. We went to bed late for a rest. It has been a tired day for my study and their journey.

On Friday, I let them visit Kyoto alone. I have to go to school. Have to deal with a customer's research. By the time I finished the work, it was already more than 9.30pm. I was too exhausted, even slipped my step and fell on the floor. The blush is on my leg now. Man~ imagine that it happened in front of my customer. -_-""" *dig hole to hide*

My customer felt guilty, he realised his insist on me working overtime to finish thing for him was one of the main reason for me to have a semi-unconcious mind. :P Little did he know, I am always the clumsy type.

Friday night, I used the leftover rice to cook myself a very good bowl of porridge. Full of vegetable. Xes and Jane were eating outside. They only came back after 11pm.

Fish Fish house is a place for herbivor like me, but Xes is a carnivor. I didn't know that beforehand. So he has been having a difficulty for swallowing those vegetables. He tried his best though. Ai yar~ he should have tell me earlier. This boy has a few dislike and like in foods, so I actually quite confused on what to prepare for him as breakfast. Sorry ar, Xes. I know you dislike the breakfast that I prepared, from the leftover amount. I learnt a great lesson, always to ask next time the dislike and like, so that no food is wasted. ^_^

So, Saturday morning, after I folded up the beds, clean my kitchen partly, we ready to head out. Jane has been helping me to clean the dish too. Somehow, I have a weird habit, for washing dish, I need to maintain it until shining clean. So, I washed all over again.

I had a very bad experience when my sis was here. She mistakenly used my sponge to clean the kitchen basin to clean the dishes. After I realised that, I have to throw away all the dishes and utensils that she cleaned.

Tee hee hee... I am sure mmulibra, LiXing and Choo will still remember I asked them if they washed my dishes. Because I was worry same kind of accident happen again.

Well, I think this is the bad point of studying food science too much. :P

Anyway, we went out around noon on Saturday. I was with them too as my lab was under maintenance that day. No electricity no water. I couldn't go to work, so I took the chance to to have a weekend for relaxing.

We went to center of Kyoto.

We reached Yasaka Shrine. One of the few big shrines in Japan that is free entrance.

It was a very merry Saturday. Very nice weather, beautiful sunny day.

So in the shrine...

We saw couple getting married in Japanese style.

We saw cute little kids that aged 7, 5 and 3 yo came here to have the Shici-Go-San Ceremony (The ceremony of praying for kids aged 3, 5 and 7 yo) with their parents and grandparents.

Ah~ what a nice costume. These girls were working in the shrine that day.

Outside the shrine, there were a lot of rickshaws. Another just married couple were getting ready for a nice ride.

They are going to tour the historic street like us. The only difference was they have people to run for them, we have to walk by our ownselves. :P

First we stopped by in a Japanese style teahouse for Warabimochi. Xes suggested with honey it would taste much better. So I requested the staff whether it is possible to have some Black Honey. Surprisingly, she kindly gave us a small cup of it.

Yap, Warabimochi with Black Honey is soooo nice. It is always my favorite way of eating.

Thanks for the suggestion, or else I wouldn't have thought to ask for the honey. ^_^

Meet Jane. She is sweet, right? ^_^

On the way to another temple, Xes spotted this weird thing.

Geee... Ojisan with a monkey doll at the back? He managed to attract a lot of attention though.

I love these sentences on the wall.

"Let us chase our dream!"

"If you always keep an angel's heart, you will encounter people with angel's smile."

These nice sentences... they were great!

We reached Kiyomizudera after a slow and steady walk.

Meet Xes. One of the main blogger in www.xes.cx. If you go to his blog, you will see a lot of information about dance party in KL's clubs. His writing is humour. I enjoy his writing a lot sometimes. Another blogger, Frank, his posts will make a lot of guys happy. Go there to see for yourself, you will know what I mean. :P

I started to read this blog during my early days of blogging. Geee... it has been 1 year, how time past.

Behind Xes is the famous Kiyomizu Temple.

It is one of the best clear view I have from here... even though I've been here for more than 10 times. The view of Kyoto from here is so mind-calming.

But, of all the times that I came here, I would say this was the only time I bumped into some famous celebrities.

A quiz for those who are staying in Japan and watch TV...

Can you figure out who are these 2 long hair ladies from the back?

Hint : They are sisters. ;)

The answer is...


Kano Sisters!!

The very mysterious Kano Sisters. There has been a lot of rumour about these 2 celebs. No idea why they are actually so rich, or how rich they are.

If you wanna know more about them, please click here.

This is the elder sister, Kano Kyoko.

This is the younger sister, Kano Mika.

Man~ 1st time I see them for real. One word... FLAMBOYANT!!

Jane was having a good recharged after she saw both of them. She likes them. Xes, on the other hand, was so blur why people around got insane with these 2 ladies.

After they gone, the Kiyomizu Temple went back to calm though still many visitors.

Beside the Kiyomizu Temple, there is this Jishujinja, the temple for romance, place to pray for a good match.

Hello Mr. Xes, the signboard said "Pat the buddha's head". What is that Dig the Nostrils action? Duh~ *San Jai, San Jai*

Jane's lovely smile when she scooped water to drink. Tee hee hee... she has been lining about 15 min just for the taste of the drink. How was it? Oishikatta?

On way back, we met a lot of fake Maikos. Yap, they are actually common people dressed in Maiko style and travel around the Kiyomizu Temple. It is a trend around this area.

Actually, Jane wanted to do this so much too, but she didn't got the time.

I am sure Jane would look splendid, a beautiful Maiko if she dressed as one.

Xes and Jane saw this guy was drawing. I joined them. Took a picture.

Man~ this guy was scary. His face seem like wanted to eat people all the time. The moment after I took this pic, he stared at me and put the handsign "no photo".

Oops... my bad. Such a pretty piece. I am a very lousy person in art. So, people that have talent in good drawing, always making me admire on them. But, definitely not this Ojisan. So kowaii!

We bought sugarless-kintsuba.

Mmm~~~ this is the best kintsuba I have ever tasted in Japan. The taste was so natural. I know where can I look for one like that again next time.

Geee... now this kind of drawing don't impress me at all. I was surprised to see this in Kyoto. My 1st time.

By the time we finished this 1st part, it was already near evening. Gosh~ we didn't even have lunch yet.

So, we went to this Issen Yoshoku in Gion area to heal our hunger.

In this shop, they only sell one type of food... and yet, it is a big hit. This food even trademark registered.

Tralala~ may I present you Issen Yoshoku.

First bite on it... Wow!! 2 thumbs up. This was great. The combination of the ingredients were splendid. It was amazing how all the ingredient get into a harmony taste with each other, and yet each have their own unique attraction.

I actually ordered a vegetarian version for mine. Mistakenly, the lady gave me one with meat, and gave mine to Xes. Poor Xes... No wonder he kept digging for meat, and none. While I kept seeing meat in my dish. So, I gave my meat to him.

Couldn't blame the lady, I think she was blur blur at the busy ordering during that time.

We headed to Osaka to find some more food.

We had Takoyaki in my favorite place. Wanaka. Nope, no picture of it here. I've posted it once here.

Glad Xes and Jane love it. ^_^

Then, we tried to look for Okonomiyaki, Chibo. Somehow we couldn't find it, and we just decided to have our dinner in a ramen shop - Shitennou.

Xes and Jane ordered Shoyu Pork Ramen.

I didn't feel like eating ramen that time, so I ordered one bowl of mentaiko rice...

...and a half boil egg.

Hmm... the mentaiko rice was not tasting good. I remembered I had a nice one few years ago in the same shop. Has the rice changed, or was it me? I guessed through years, with my eating experience in Japan, my palate have been altered.

However, the half boiled egg was good. The waitress made a mistake by putting the egg i ordered into Jane's bowl.

I asked them about this, and it turned up they replace me with one more.

So, Jane and Xes got half egg as free topping. ^_^

Geee... the shop has so many Chinese working there, headache.

Many Chinese visitors there too.

I had an illusion I was away from Japan that moment.

While I was having the rice... right in front of the window, a bit further down to the right...

The word CHIBO big big in front of me.

*iish* Heart bleeding!! Ah well, too late.

Poor Xes, he didn't like ramen much. I felt guilty on that.

After the meal, we were too exhausted. Time to go home.

Inside the train...

Jane was sketching on a postcard... of all the things we did today.

Dang Dang!! Jane's sketch!!


Heee... she drew fish fish with both hand full of foods. Aptly describe a glutton like me. ;)

Xes with the camera.

Jane with the Kimono, something she yearned to do, but didn't get the chance to do.

This girl is something. Not only she is good in drawing... She dances ballat, practising tea ceremony, dance salsa... Very feminine, put fish fish into shame.

I hope I get to see her dancing one day. Will I? ^_^

Xes is going to send this postcard back to his family.

Oops... no water to damp the stamp.

But, don't worry...

Alright girls, another new function for having a boyfriend. An emergency stamp licker.

Tee hee hee...

We were all very sleepy.

So, in return, this is how the boys can do with your girlfriends.

A priceless pillow!!

Ahhh~~~ see how enjoyable Xes was.

Before he had enough of it...

Ding! We reached the station.


Important note to Jane and Fish Fish : Stubborn Xes declined to go into karaoke. Not even when the 2 girls said the treat would be on them. Urgh!!

Good night.

to be cont...


At 10:15 PM, Blogger mmulibra said...

Haha what if I tell you now that I actually used that sponge to clean your dishes huh...

Opp.. better dont reveal too much.. muahaaaaaaaa

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

*Nose bleeding* Mika Kano is such a goddess (she looks better with black hair i think) :P What's a kintsuba?

At 10:20 PM, Blogger MamaBoK said...

What a wonderful post..! and wonderful time with fellow-bloggers.. !!
i come stay with you too.. yay..!!!

At 4:32 AM, Blogger Louyau-mike said...

And now ... u got to meet one of Malaysia's most popular blog idol! Oh wow ... did you get the autograph ? Did you did you? hur hur? *JK*

It's definitely a nice journey ... and i would like to praise you upon your hospitality to the folks.

Xes is really pleased with you. And oh ... you can ask your friend to reboot their standby mode now. :)

At 6:09 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish,I though I can zoom in and check you out from the reflection.

At 10:12 AM, Blogger Nightraveller said...

How does Xes and Jane know each other anyway? Another Internet love story?

But I must say, you are very kind hearted.

At 11:59 AM, Blogger xes said...

fishfish~~~ please send me all the photos!! original format please!! onegaishimasu~~

louyaumike: ehh? blog idol?? no la, where got!

nighttraveller: we met when we were in University :D

At 7:25 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Mr mmulibra, you don't mean serious on this right? Ever since you post this, I have been eating instant cup everyday. You better confirm this is only a joke!!

Acrix : Ha!! They look like new-half in real. Kintsuba is a kind of Japanese dessert that made from sweet potato. *slurp*

mamabok : Oops... In Japan cannot liao. I only have a few months left, but in Kuching you are very
welcome. ^_^

louyau-mike : Haha... famous or not is depend on personal view. For me, all bloggers are equal. :)

cooknengr : No need lar~ You have even seen the real person. Want the reflection for what?

nightraveller : That's why I'm a vegetarian fish ar~ :P Well, u got xes answer for your Q. Romantic? ;)

xes : Wait after monday. I'm busy with my seminar now. Btw, remember your promise ar~ No show my pictures to anyone without my permission. And DON'T send to that doc doc especially. He want to do jampi nanti. Onegaishimasu~~~

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Primrose said...

They looked harmless. :) And I looovveee the Kano Sister's curls.

At 4:15 AM, Blogger jane said...

fish fish~~~
Thank you again for letting us stay with you in Uji!! It was amazing!!
Now xes has left already :( :( :(
Hope I can go and visit him in Msia soon~~
Anyway, how is your study going?
Do call me when you come to Tokyo! I'll be your tour guide this time ;-)
Btw, I love your post!!

At 11:00 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, what would the artist say..if he's a Hakka ?

At 1:37 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

primrose : I prefer yours. ^_^

jane : Ok. Thank you for the sushi too. See you in Tokyo then. When are you going to Malaysia? Going to Kuching as well? :)

cookengr : Ha, I dun wanna to imagine. Your hakka never a proper one. -_-""


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