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Monday, November 14, 2005

Xes & Jane in Kyoto (Pt 2, Nov 6)

On sunday, it was a long rainy day. I was thinking to go with Xes and Jane for a walk around Uji only. Then later let them go by their own to Nara.

Unexpectedly, we spent the whole day in Uji. They decided to give up on Nara for Uji. :P

Tee hee hee.. this prove how good place Uji is. ;)

It was a pleasurable day. I turned up to discover a few new things. Shame on me who has been staying here for almost 4 years. -_-"

Ok... let me guide you around Uji. The best maccha's place (maccha = green tea powder) in Japan. Am fish fish lucky or not? ^_^

I past through this shop almost every day. Seeing the old man making his hand-made maccha soba. However, I have never went inside to have a taste on it... Until this day.

Each of us ordered a maccha zaru soba, recommended by the owner.

Man~~~ one of the best soba I've ever tasted in Japan. Surprisingly, I found it just a 5 min walk from my house. Am I silly or not? Never realised how good the soba is.

The texture of hand-made definitely very different from the machine-made. The soba was sliced so thin, yet cooked into the right level of hardness. It is kind of munchy yet ran down smooth into my throat.

I think I could even go for a 2nd round without feeling satiated, though I didn't.

In a short time, we finished every bit of it. Xes was really fast one it. He finished the whole thing when the girls were on the half way...

He likes Soba a lot.

Xes and Jane also shared a plate of Nishin. Soba with Nishin seem like a famous thing in Uji. Which I only found out on that day too. *shame shame*

Xes said it is kinda sweet. But he likes it. Well, this boy has the like for sweet thing.

I didn't eat, so I couldn't make any comment on this taste.

Here is Xes left a nice comment on the guest book.

Then, it was Jane's turn.

The lady owner came to greet us. Pretty lady, even though she is 70 yo already. You can see her skin is smooth. We asked her what did she eat to keep such a good skin...

"Hohohoh... Beer!" As simple as that. She told us she seldom eat thing. But beer is a must.

Haha... I see. Regardless of so much beer she galloped, she is thin. Ah~ some people are just gifted with the beauty.

She talked to us for a while, and suddenly she suggested to make a bowl of thick green tea for Xes to try.

Even came with a small piece of Yokan, Japanese sweet cake.

Yah~ I know... Xes is a lucky guy to have this service. In fact, you should see his green green teeth after he finished the whole bowl. :P

We have our energy after that. It was time to see around Uji.

I've been taking the opportunity to try to practice my photographing skill on human actions. My Kakak said my skill in taking human portrait is suck. Hmm!! Let me polish it more.

So, the couple didn't realised I took the chance to use them as my models. :P No worry~ you two gonna be satisfied with the coming pieces I'm goin to show. ^_^

See? Good or not?

We saw this cute dog. Soooo adorable. So tame. Name Haru chan. See how it tried to be spoilt by Xes and Jane? ^_^ I wish I could kidnap it home. *iish*

We came to this stone. Beside it got a booth for stamping. It is an anual activity in Uji in spring and autumn. But I've never tried it before. So, since we are going to walk around, we thought we might just try to collect some of the stamping.

Instead of starting from No.1, we actually have No.23 as our 1st stamp. In fact, there are a total of 23 stamps for you to complete the whole hiking tour.

Here, we collect our 2nd stamp. We knew we wouldn't be able to collect all of them, as it was the last day, and it would end at 4pm. Collect a few would be nice enough.

After getting the 3rd stamp, we walked up to a staircase, heading to the 4th stamp.

Surprised to see we were led to a natural path. Gosh! How come I never know there is such a nice place near my house for hiking. Argh~ weather is getting colder, I am too busy now, don't think I'll be able to have the time to explore it again.

After we walked through a very muddy path, due to the rain, my boots looked terrible. My leg kinda painful too.

*yesh* Fish Fish didn't realise she would have to go through such a path, and so she actually wore a pair of boots, with skirt to go out that day. Ha!!!

Finally, we reached the 4th stamp. A temple on the hill. It is said that if one reached to the top, the life will be extended for 5 years.

So we climbed, doesn't matter if it is true or not...

Nice little compound. It is a very peaceful place. The air is cooling. However, we didn't have time to stay long as we wanted to rush for getting the last stamp before the time was over.

So, we got out from there and walked along Uji river again. We were heading to the nice old suspension birdge. Xes and Jane wanted to see it.

Haha!! A quiz for you...

Did Xes carry Jane all the way from one end to another end of this bridge?

a. I strongly believe yes. The Power of true love.
b. Definitely not. Where he got such an energy.

Tee hee hee... Xes, you answer this question by yourself ar~ ;)

From the suspension bridge, we continued to walk uphill. We were just in time to get our final stamp, at Amagase dam.

In fact, we were the last group to get the stamp of it.

Ah well, 5/23 stamps we got. Not too bad. :P

If only I have the chance to do a proper one. But I don't think I have time to do that anymore. *sob sob*

Amagase Dam. A nice place for making your promise to your love one. Heee... I said so because one of my coursemate had his 1st kiss with the gf here... and now they are husband and wife. Hohoho!!!

In fact it is a good scene from here. You can see the beauty of Uji.

But warning, don't see the other side of the dam, there are a lot of rubbish there. :P

After we finished this, it was almost getting dark, though it was only around 4.30pm.

We need to rush to the next destination, to solve our hunger.

On the way, I couldn't stand the hurt on my legs anymore...

So, I took off my boots, and walked in bare feet with water keep soaking my stocking... made me shivering cold.

The road was kinda pricky, due to the small stones, but it was much better than wearing those boots.

A few people that past by me, looked at me like an alien. Ha!!! Gone all my lady-like image again. *tsk tsk tsk* Guess fish fish will never act like a lady properly. Better stick to my jungle girl image.

Glad we reached the maccha shop in time.

We ordered one glass of parfait, and shared among the three of us. I just had 2 sips, as I can always have this here.

In fact, I was more interested to capture the action. :P

Hohoho!!! The 2 gluttons, I've never seen people finished a parfait soooo fast. By the time I realised, the whole glass had been emptied. It was so good that Xes even finished the leftover liquid at the bottom.

This was the poor little victim. How would it expect it would end up in the 2 tummies.

This is limited edition for autumn only. I especially like the chestnut on the top. It was nice. Something that you can only get in autumn.

After this, we went to the 2nd shop to have a proper dinner.

The sushi shop that I always go. I don't remember how many thousands yen I have spent here. The only thing I know is everytime I bring people come here to eat, they are very pleased with the nice taste.

Ironically, I think I have had it too frequent until it has turned into something not so interested for me. The more interesting thing is to see the satisfied reaction of the people I brought there. Haha...

This was a new menu on conveyor belt that nite, the Wasabi Inarizushi. Not bad, I like the slightly hot wasabi leaves inside.

Man~ you should see how Xes and Jane enjoyed the food. Everytime when the food went into Xes mouth, he just couldn't help but to shake his head non-stop.

Nope, the shaking didn't mean the taste was bad. In fact, it was the other way round. I think it's his unique way of expressing good food. ^_^

Hey Xes... I think it will remind you fo this Hakodate sushi next time you go Sushi King or Genki Sushi. Tee hee hee...

Jane treated me for this meal. Thank you. Gochisosamadeshita!!!

Well, Xes has went back to Malaysia. But I think he will remember Uji for the yummilicious he had. Ha!!!

The end.

Note to Xes and Jane : I'll send you the pictures tomorrow evening.


At 4:16 AM, Blogger Acrix said...

Fish fish ur sis gona drop her jaw until the floor when she see the photo of xes + Jane + the dog. It gives the very feel like inu no eiga~ My answer is a for the quiz :)

At 6:22 AM, Blogger GRoovy ReneGade said...


Your blog is the best guidebook to Japan. Delicous!

At 6:57 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, I did not have my glasses on...on first thought it looked like the sign of a 打手鎗專賣店...with the Tanuki's overated KKC... :)

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Yuen Li said...

Two words: More Yuko! :D

At 5:47 PM, Blogger JoeC said...

wowo, another nicenice post. hmmm, have had much insights into the countryside of japan.... very eye opening. eeee, doggie very cute ler, a St Bernard? cheers then!

At 1:06 AM, Blogger MamaBoK said...

What a wonderful post again..! i love maccha noodles.. and handmade ones..! wow..!! to die for..!!
Now.. i gotta come to Japan before you go back to kuching eh..??

At 1:24 AM, Blogger Cynthia said...

Everyone tells me Japan has superb view, superb food, superb hot chicks (reviewed by my guy frieds and buddies from their Japanes porn movie collection)....

ekekeke.. anyhow, they are really nice (excluding porn) =P

At 1:50 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

acrix : Well, xes will be the one give the answer. The picture wasmy favorite too.

groovy renegade : Thanks. :)

cooknengr : -_-" You n ur dirty mind.

yuen li : Coming soon. ^_^

joec : Yap, my favorite dog.

mamabok : I still have less than 1/2 year here only. Be quick!

cynthia foo : Every country has it bright and dark site. :)


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