I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Word of the year 2005

Another 2 more days, then we will bid fairwell to year 2005. It is time to have my Kanji word again for this year.

I chose 新 last year, due to a few reasons. You can take a read by clicking here.

This year, by flipping back things that have happened in 12 months...

I decided to choose . It means BUSY. It has indeed a very hectic year for me.

Here are basically what I have done (big one) in the past 12 months.

January : Celebrating new year and meeting friends.

February : Went back to Kuching, celebrate Chinese New Year.

March & April : Driving tests in Japan. Took me 5 times to finally get the license. Applied visa to USA.

May : 1st drive in Japan. Getting ready documents and preparation for attending IFT conference in USA.

June : Work hard with my research for the IFT conference.

July : Went to USA. Attended IFT conference and visited 3 universities. Seen things and met people that are priceless in my life experiences.

August & September : Summer time. Busy travelling around.

October & November : End of the fun. Worked with my research almost everyday in the lab. Started to act 100% like a "real student".

December : Did my final year presentation. Ended smooth. Now writing my thesis.

I was hoping to have 48 h per day for this year. Geee... can't imagine I actually gone through the last 3 months of it safely. I remembered a few times I was so stressed until I acted very childishly.

Really thankful for my beloved ones stayed patiently with me even when I acted strange. I would have collapsed if not because of these people supports.

I LOVE YOU ALL... you know who you are. ^_^

Ok... I have to submit my thesis by 19 January next year. (LOL... sound so far) Iish... write, write, write...

I'm going to get away from work the last day of 2005 and the first day of 2006. I heard if one works on the 1st day, he/she gonna work the whole year. NOOOOOO!!!

Be it taboo or not... definitely working the whole year is not gonna be year 2006 that I wanna it to be.

So, I've plan in my mind already.

Last day of 2005... have a good shopping.
First day of 2006... have a really good sleep at home and go to the shrine for a pray.

I will be back to my work and blogging from 2nd Jan 2006.


So, how about you? What is the Kanji word for you this year?

Fish Fish wish you all : A healthy and smooth year 2006

See you next year!! MUAK!!

"Homemade" Mushroom Pizza

This morning, I tried to make yummy pizza by using a frozen pizza. :P

Frozen foods in Japan have very good quality in term of taste, I would say. The only thing is, the ingredients that are used inside very stingy.

Imagine a whole big pizza, not more that 10 small pieces of mushroom inside. So, I tried to make this frozen pizza one rank up.

I got nice leftover yellow mushroom in my freezer. So, I just tear them into small portion and make extra topping on the pizza.

Then, put on an aluminium foil and baked in my small toaster for 8 min.

Ding!! The sound made me excited for my piece of "homemade" pizza. :P


Tra la la!!! My pizza.

The taste? Mamamia!!

The nicely caramelized cheese on the edge matched very well with the crispy burnt bread. While the inner part are very soft, chewy and the cheese went with harmony with the green peas basil sauce. The sauce was really good. I am curious how to make it now.

The yellow mushroom? Just perfect. Some part are baked dry until gave you a good crunchiness when bite on it, while other part still maintained the moisture that gave the umami of mushroom.

Hey, this is not economic pizza. This is fish fish luxurious mushroom pizza.

^_^ What a nice breakfast. Burp!!

Slurpieee Strawberry Milk

^_^ I made myself a very nutritious and good looking drink today. My mixer have been hibernated in my cupboard for a long time. Need to wake it up for once a while.

So, today with very fresh and nice looking Amao Strawberry, plus a package of milk that I bought 2 days ago and maple syrup that I received from a friend.... I decided to make my own version of strawberry milk.

May fish fish present you...



I finished it with one go.

The slightly sour strawberry with the creamy taste of the full cream milk... coordinated wisely with natural sweetness of the maple syrup that I added in.

I could feel the cells under my skin are gaining the moisture they were looking for. They were yelling "More! More!! More!!!"

Hohoho... I seriously need to do more this type of healthy drink for myself.

How about a glass of homemade drink for yourself today too? ^_^

Monday, December 26, 2005

Ginza Lion

I was meeting a friend, ST that I didn't see for a few months. We decided to have dinner at an Izakaya.

We chose Ginza Lion, one of its branch in Kyoto. A new place that I've never tried, though I've seen this Izakaya in some where else.

I am a great fan on spicy fried potato. The picture in the menu looked good, so I ordered one to try. My disappointment, it didn't reach my expectation. Not the spiciness and crispiness that I was looking for. I would still vote the one in Hub as the best one. As you could see in my 1st post, 2nd post and 3rd post on Hub... I never skipped its spicy fried potato. :P Don't believe it, can ask Obachan, she tried it before with me. ;) But for 480yen with such a big bucket, I would say it was not a bad choice.

Next, was an order by ST. Beef steak with stewed Chinese cabbage, too bad it was not an authentic Japanese beef, should be a product from Australia, as American beef is not allowed to be imported into Japan yet. I didn't try the steak, so no comment on it. ST said it was good, finished it all. As for me, I tried the nicely stewed Chinese cabbage. I like it, very soft. Once swallow, it has already melted in my mouth.

The green vege that decorating the steak is called Mizuna, a typical Kyoto vegetable in Japan. It is not easily to find good Mizuna outside Kyoto. This vege is always served as Japanese style salad, with Japanese style salad dressing.

This plate was for 1100yen.

The next dish was Smoked Mackerel (it is called Saba in Japanese) with Rolled Thick Egg. ST said the smoked mackerel was good. Well, I've never encountered with smoked salmon in Japan before. 1st time hearing smoked mackerel instead of the very typical smoked salmon.

The egg was ok. Not much special about it. A very good Rolled Thick Egg should be more fluffy and have the volume that giving your tongue a very soft yet juicy touch. This one was a bit more on the dry side and the texture was harder than I expected. Forgot the price.

4th dish was a modification from Italian cuisine. Japanese style mushroom and mizuna spaghetti, 880yen. It has been quite a while I didn't eat Japanese style spaghetti, and I was glad I ordered it. The spaghetti was not too soft nor hard, just right for me. I like spaghetti cooked in Japanese style, more healthy. But I wouldn't resist a good creamy spaghetti as well. :P

ST comment on this dish was "Like eating noodle".

Haha!! Hello my dear, of course it is noodle. That's why it is called Italian noodle. Right? ;)

We were already full with the 4th dish, but my eyes was attempted by this final dish. So, I decided to order one as after meal "dessert".

Yap, a non-sweet dessert.

It is silky tofu with fresh yuba wrapping. Interesting way of presenting it. We dipped in Japanese style citrus sauce and swallowed the whole thing. It was fun to eat one piece in one bite. My mouth is small, so the whole thing was bulking in my mouth before I able to swallow them.

It was good with the sauce. The tofu inside was not bad, but the Yuba was not as good as I expected. I suspected it was rehydrated Yuba instead of fresh Yuba. The texture was too much different. Ah well... 4 small pieces like this was for 600yen. Yap, yuba is an expensive dish in Japan. Especially in Kyoto, it is classified as branded food.

Well, a very enjoyable dinner. Ginza Lion is not a bad place for gathering. It was nice to meet up with you again ST. Hope to see you again soon.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve Dinner

It has been 6 months I didn't meet up with my host family. Finally, after my presentation was just over, I received a postcard from them. They invited me to join their Christmas eve.

They have been wondering what have happened to me for such a long time disappear.

It was a very nice gathering. Feel really warm to have a Christmas eve with them in this very hectic period of mine.

Ok... let see what we (they) had on that night.

Huge piece of drumstick for each person except me.

Haha... why chicken and not turkey? Well, you see, in Japan, it is extremely difficult to have turkey commonly. So, they have thought about the idea. changing turkey into chicken. Both are birds, so similarity is better than nothing. So, in Japan, eating a big portion of grilled drumstick in Christmas eve has been a tradition for them.

Nope, it has nothing to do with religion... it is more like a trend in whole Japan.

This was sandwich prepared by Naoko, my host parents' youngest daugther. It has been a long time I didn't eat a well-balanced sandwich. ^_^ Ate a few pieces.

This chapche was prepared by my Okasan. She prepared a vegetarian version for me. Very nice. Another healthy plate with a lot of vinegar. Stimulate my appetite. I had a big plate of it.

Chapche is a very famous Korean food in Japan, though I heard the popularity in Korean is just ok.

They bought sliced pork and decorated it with pineapple and tomato.

I had quite a number of the decoration. Especially the tomato, it was almost finished by me and Anri, the little cutie in the house, my host parents' grandchild.

This is called Ohagi. A Japanese dessert that uses readbean and rice. There are 2 versions.

The 1st version is with Kinako (soybean powder). Though I am not a red bean person at all, if wanna me to choose, I prefer this version.

2nd type is this red bean outside, rice inside version.

We didn't eat any during the gathering as everyone was very full with other food.

My Okasan asked me to take home 6 of them! It was too many for me to finish alone, so I brought to school to share with other the next day.

The take-away sushi plate that ordered by my host family. It came 30 minutes late than scheduled. The road was too jammed that caused the traffic very slow that day.

Nice one. Especially the rice, have a very good balance of seasoning inside it.

I love this!! Dried persimmon that made by Naoko.

Hers was very soft. I remembered when I tried to made one too few years ago, had the taste, but the texture was too hard, even could break one's teeth.

The main fun of the night was turning this sponge cake into something beautiful.

Let me show you the decorator of the night...


^_^ Tralala!!

"Hello everyone, my name is Anri. I am 4.5 year old. I love dancing, I am doing ballad now. Oh... you see these strawberries? I arranged half of them. Do you like it? Another half is by fish fish. Heeee... I think mine look better than hers. In case you wonder why I have such a good sense in art, you see... both my father and mother are good in art... So, I guess I have the genetic inside me. ;) "

Yap, the little Anri. She is such a little darling. The time I spent with her made me really looking forward for my own nephew and niece to grow up.

I was amazed by her sense in art work. She didn't has anyone teach her how to arrange the strawberry in a very proper way, and she just did it by nature. Cool!!!

May we present you Strawberry Fresh Cream Sponge Cake by Anri and fish fish. The assignment of putting the little tree was by Anri. ^_^

Hohoho... the strawberry is really good. Winter is time for yummy and beautiful strawberry. Yum Yum!!

Nothing beat a home-made cake by ourselves.

I didn't bring any other present except this box of chocolate.

Errr... too sweet. I should have bought Godiva.

Thank you dear host family. It has been a warm night for me. Gochisosamadeshita.

See you again in February.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Yesterday was a terrible day for me. It made me very down the whole day. But then, I've prepared for the worst, to take the whole thing by myself. Well, I am just waiting for the reply, but until now, nothing. I guess the silent means the answer.

However, I feel better today. The weather kind of making me feel a bit better. Well, fish fish, you got to be tough in facing this.

The 1st thing when I woke up, I saw something white outside my opac window. So, I opened the window to see what was it.

SNOW!! OMG... the balcony frame was stacked with snow.

Once open my door... Man~ 1st time have snow even on the corridor.

My neighbourhood was covered by a white layer. Look so different.

I had to give up on using bicycle. Decided to take train to school instead.

I walked through the lonely Murasaki Shikibu.

She always sit still guiding the Uji River. Only that today she has a very white layer of clothing.

The road that I always walked through... seem to be extra quiet today. Not a single person on it... making it so white.

Even when I reached the school... the wood in front of my lab has a stroke of mystery on it. First time to see it looked like this.

1st time in 5 years in Uji, I experience such a heavy and long life snow.

Hmmm... a memory for me to remember.

Snow... Snow... Snow...

It still snowing now when I finish this post.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Muahaha! Part one is over

Phew!!! My presentation ended smooth today. Nope, I didn't take the risk to memorize everything by heart. Just half of them. Answered the Q&A session smoothly.

I could sense my sensei was satisfied with my presentation. No chance to talk to him at all yet today. Also, the other professors that judged me were impressed by the effort I used 100% Japanese. It really made me happy when they commented I did a very interesting research. ^_^

Ah~ my 3 years are not wasted.

Ok, time to put aside this Part I.

Next, to finish writing a 4 chapters thesis in 1 month to end my Part 2.

Meanwhile, I shall let myself have a nigthmare-less sleep tonight. I really need a sweet one.

Oh, before I said tata, let me show what glutton fish fish been eating today.

Hey hey, bet some of you must be missing my food post a lot.

We had a small celebrating party after that. 3 plates of these finger foods.

Not bad, not nice. I'm so tired I don't really eat much of them. Nothing much I could munch from here too...

All MEAT! -_-"

Then, we have a lovely cake for the celebration.

It looked lovely...

It tasted lovely...

Yes, it was an orgasmic selection from the people in my lab.

The cream... man~ only bite on it can describe how good it was.

I don't even really need any cake for Christmas after this. ^_^ This one was good enough.

The only thing, I cut this cake like in a wedding with a GIRL. LOL.

Wait for my next post. Kuishinbo fish fish is back for REAL.

Tee hee hee.


Oh... one more thing. I just realised last night I couldn't fit in my pants. My waist been getting so much bigger. I SERIOUSLY NEED DIET!!! That will be for next year. :P

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Two more days

I'm going to do my thesis presentation on 20 Dec, coming Tuesday.

It will be a big challenge for me. These 2 months I've been very stressed because of it.

Finally, it is coming to the main day, which will mean the end of it soon.

See this power point slide? I made it by myself. Nice or not? ^_^ Spent my 2 hrs on it.

But this is not the only slide.

In total, I have 53 slides to present. Things that I've done for these 3 years.

35 minutes of talk, 15 minutes of Q&A session.

All in Japanese.

All need to be memorised by heart. I don't know if I'll be able to do it, but I will try my best.

Until now, I'm still not yet start memorizing it, because I still have minor correction for my slides and my speech.

Really need bless with good luck and calm mind to face the moment.

Ok... time to finish my work and start to remember those A Ka Sa Ta Na....


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

See you again, my friend

Well, I still remember the 1st time we met in Japan.

3 and half years ago...

It was in my "old lab", next to my recent lab now.

You walked into the lab suddenly, while I was doing my work.

"Yong is it?" You asked. The gentle smile.

"Yap. Ah~ you must be the new Malaysian student." I said.

We shook hands. The friendship started.

So, we finally met, after heard from my lab people you came to look for me for a few times.


Now, it has turned into the final time we met in Japan.

3 and a half days ago...

It was in my "new lab", next to my previous lab.

You walked into the lab suddenly again, while I was rushing my work.

"Nah~" You handed me a piece of paper, with Eddie's number on it. Still with the gentle smile, but with a stroke of tiredness on it.

"Ah~" I took it. "Getting ready?" I asked.

We only talked for a very short while. You were busy packing and saying farewell to a lot of people. I was very hectic in last minute rushing for dateline work.

Once again, we shook hand. Though I promised would eat dinner with you the night before you back to Malaysia for good, I didn't make it.

Sorry Patrick, I was overnight in my lab rushing for my work, forgot to even give you a call.

However, the friendship, will always remain...

So, you finally went home.

I see you come, I see you go.

Bless you all the best in chasing your new dream.

You can do it. I know.

See you in Malaysia... Chia me makan yah~ Tee hee hee.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

1212... Putttttt....

I was really looking forward for someone on my birthday, but she didn't come.

11 Dec 2005, 9.30pm

My instinct just asked me to call home.

"Mum, she out already or not? Thought you said due date is 15th this month?" I asked.

"Haha!! Not yet lar~ why so anxious?" Mum laughed.

"How come this one so late? I remember little monkey came out 2 weeks earlier."

"Ya lor~ I also don't know why she wanna come out so late." Mum said.

"I'll call you if she comes out." She said again.

Ai yar~ have to wait longer.

Let this auntie call home twice to make sure if she comes out already. Hmmm...


12 Dec 2005, 2.00am

Lina were sent to the hospital.

She was sitting on the chair. Getting ready to lie on a bed.

Wah~~~ no nurse that time.

She was still sitting on the chair. WAH~~~ Head coming out liao.



12 Dec 2005, 3.00am++

PUTTTTTT.... The 1 cm hole was expanded to 10 cm. -_-"""

She finally came out.

"Wah wah wah~~~~" Loud cry.

The little chicken finally comes out. 6.17 pounds, 0.03 pounds lighter than me.


12 Dec 2005, 9.30am

My handphone rang.

"Call non-detectable"

Must be mum. So early call at this hour?

Wait!!! *headbulb lit on* She out. Must be she finally out!!!

Without even saying hello or anything...

Once click on the receive button...

"Wei~~~ Mummy is it? Come out liao is it?" Kihkihkih... I wonder what would happen if it turned out not to be my mummy.

"Yes yes. 12 Dec 2005, 3.00am++."

"1212. Such a pretty figure." Ah~ smart girl, choose a very nite figure to come out.

"Yap, it is".

Woohoohoo~~~ I got a niece now. Man~ I'm auntie of 2 babies. ^_^ *Don't be jeles*

Haha... Lalalalala~~~

Welcome to our family, sweetie. BIG CHU~~~ Auntie Fish Fish LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

22 hrs

I started my work before11.00am yesterday. It continued non-stop until 6.30pm where I had 1 hr dinner with Patrick. Then continued my work overnight until now, I have just eventually "finished" it.

I've been working for a total of 22 hrs. No sleep at all.

The moment pass one of the experiment to the sensei, I was shocked.

Damn!! I was really irritated by my lab mate who supposed to teach me the experiment method, seem to not knowing what she was teaching at all. Can't believe she has been dealing with that machine for 3 years, yet everything I ask about the thing, she said "don't know".

Earlier, it was supposed to be the right thing I was doing, when I finished half of my samples on the work, which I spent hrs, she suddenly said it was wrong. I know nothing about this new experiment, so I was really very angry already she only said it was "wrong" so late, but I didn't wanna scream at her.

I said to her, "You think I still have a lot of time is it??"

Then, so I changed to the method she said is right. Guess what?? Today, my sensei said the earlier method that I was using are the one he wanted. Sheeshshhhhh!!!

My schedule, my samples all screwed up by her. My work all gone to drain for that experiment. I am really very pissed off now. I spent whole day on the work, and it was the wrong thing!! Yet, my time very limited already. Hmmm... she is making me more and more doubtful about her ability.

Hmmm... I guess asking her to help me for my presentation time will be too dangerous. I think I should seek for someone else then. It is too risky to ask her.


Ok, ignore my very scrambled writing.

I wanna go back tgo sleep now. My head and body is floating.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Winter is coming too fast -_-"

On 25-27 Nov, when Hui Wen was in Kyoto, I grabbed the chance to go for Momiji (Red Leaves Watching). Every year I would do quite a number of Momiji with friends, except this year. Simply because my schedule was too tight with my study.

It was a brilliant week, very sunny and the red leaves were at their best time.

Just less than 5 min walk from my house, I got to enjoy the beauty of red Japanese maple and golden yellow gingko along the river whenever I want. Unfortunately, only when Hui Wen came I did my first and only Momiji event in a slow mood way in Uji.

It was really delighted to hear Hui Wen said she loves Uji red leaves more than Arashiyama. ^_^

Yes, I love Uji.

The only night time Momiji that I went was with her too. We went to Kodaiji, which I've never been all this while in Japan.

Really glad I went with her. Though the red leaves in the place is nothing much special, the mirror-like pool managed to impress me a lot. The reflection of Japanese maple trees around it gave a very harmonious combination. I felt as I was sucked into the pool. Totally petrified by it.

The only day time Momiji that I went, was with Hui Wen too. We chose Tofukuji. Very people mountain people sea. Even to go in, took us 20 min to reach the entrance.

If you wanna see really good red leaves, and have limited time, I would advise you one Tofukuji is enough. I have came to this place a few times, but this was the best one I've seen. Ha!! Kakak will be very jealous if she knows how beautiful this place now.

No place with Japanese maple trees as breath taking as it. Just imagine yourself are in a wonderland surrounded by red leaves everywhere. There was even a time too much red made me felt kinda sick. :P

Geee... these nice Momiji memories of mine was just past 10 days...

But yesterday, when I got out from my room...

Oh no!!! Snow on top of the mountain.

Crazy!! Winter is coming too fast.

Urgh!! *Yes, I hate winter, except the snow and snowboarding. :P*

Ok, get back to work now. :(

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me~ ^_^

Update : Thank you everyone!! Really happy to receive birthday cards, phone calls and emails from you all, including the lovely comments you all leave in this post. It doesn't matter whether it is in time or belated greetings, I really appreciate them. ARIGATOU!! ^_^

Geeee... this is my busiest season, but today is a special day. So, I decided to do a proper long post for it.

Tralala~ I'm adding 1 year more on my age. Oops!

Well, getting older is not a bad thing... In fact, I am so blessed this year on my birthday.

1st, I got a parcel for me 2 days ago, which has a warning written on the box, "To be opened on 4th Dec 2005) - for three times. -_-"" The parcel was from D.

2nd, WW sent her greeting to me exactly on 12am to my hp email. And 30 min before that, she has been reminding not to open the parcel until the time is on. Know lar~ I have a good control on this one, though I've been eyeing on the parcel, making me really curious what was inside that big box.

Once the big box was opened, I got really excited. The sender sure know how to make fish fish happy like a kid receiving a lot of candies. It was like playing some kind of game, unrevealing the thing inside one by one. So fun!!

Such a nice hand-made candle. I love it. The smell is very good too, good healing item for my mind and soul.

Woohoo! Can't wait to lit it on again tonight before I go to sleep. ^_^

Also inside the parcel, 2 nice panettone. The traditional Italian cake, my first time trying it.

Among the presents in the box, I love this card the most. It touched me deep into my heart. Reading it for a few times. Such a sweet one. Thank you sooooo much D. Arigatou~

I slept like a big baby fish that night.

Then, in the morning, while I was in the toilet doing my morning natural call...

Ding Dong! (What? 8.30am in a Sunday morning? Who is the nut that dare to ring my bell so early. -_-")

But I was in the toilet, I couldn't move at all.

DING DONG!! 2nd time. By the time I done my call, rushed to the door, nobody was there already.

Grrrr.... must be some hentai guys. Urgh!!

Then, I crawled back to my warm warm fluffy bed.

A few minutes later, I heard something was dropped into my letter box. So, I went to the door to see who was there.

Geee... it turned up to be a lady, who looked like a deliveryman.

So, I opened the door...

The moment she saw me. She was so delighted.

"Ah~ you are at home. Good!!! I have a telegram for you." She said it and disappeared with he speedy run.

The word "telegram" shocked me. Telegram in my dictionary always connected with something not good. I was really worried it might be from my family.

But then, why didn't mum just call my handphone.

While I was thinking nonsense with the single word telegram, the lady ran back with a "telegram" on her hand.

Muahahaha!!! I got even more shock to see the "telegram". I made my eyes twice bigger.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you - Japanese telegram.

It was Pooh chan. ^_^ Cute or not?

Quickly, I opened the telegram inside the cylindrical container.

It melted my heart.

Know who was it from?

Yuko!!! From the very cute YUKO!!

She is sending a birthday greeting to me through telegram. How do you like it? Too bad guys, it is specially for fish fish only. Jeles or not? Tee hee hee...

I was indeed very surprised.

Thank you dear. This is another wonderful gift for me.

Too bad, my close one they are all far apart from me.

And so, with all the love that I was blessed by these people...

I lit on the candle, ate one of the Panettone. I enjoyed this Italian cake. Not too sweet, just right. Geee.. imagine the miles it taken to come into my mouth. Man~ little cake, you ended you life with such a gorgeous way.

Then, I decided to make a good brunch for myself. So, I turned this simple Mamee instant mee...

...into a gorgeous bowl of hot and spicy noodle that full of vege. ^_^

It was superb.

Another 7 hrs, this special day of mine will be over, but still the memories will be remain. It is indeed one of the most meaningful birthday for me.

Before I end this, I wanna give my special message to the woman I love the most on this day.

"I love you mum. Thanks for enduring the pain for me on this day, many many years ago. MUAaaakkkK!!"

Ah~ got to call her tonight. ^_^

Ok, got to ganbatte on my work now.


BLOG - 2005 vogue word

Ok, I got 20 min for taking my break now. Eating very munchy double chocolate donut now. Checked my email. The left over time, to update my blog a bit.

Yesterday morning, learnt to know the 2005 vogue words from TV. This is Japan, they have all the popular thing of the year... from colour, foods to even... words.

10 were chosen. 2 of them were on top of the other. Among the other 8 words, I saw the word BLOG.

Woohoo!! BLOG BANZAI!!

I'm proud to be a blogger. ^_^ How about you?

Ok, before I end my babbling for the day.

Here is a little message for the 2 blogger friends of mine.

Mr. mmulibra, well prepared for your JLPT tomorrow? Seem like you still got mood to blog. :P All the best ya~ Sleep enough. Pass chia me makan. ^_^

Huai Bin, you finish doing the deleting already? It is date line today. Ganbatte! I'm waiting for your food posts.

Everybody, have a nice weekends.

Back to work. :(